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  • Coronary Artery Spasm During Catheter Ablation Caused by the Intravenous Infusion of Isoproterenol

    Okuya Yoshiyuki , Park Jae Yoon , Garg Anuj , Moussa Issam

    … The procedure was completed and AF could not be induced after burst pacing and the administration of isoproterenol. … The diagnosis of CAS was made by urgent coronary angiography. … We identified isoproterenol as a potential cause of CAS. … Physicians should be aware of this potentially lethal side effect. …

    Internal Medicine, 2021


  • Concept of wisdom in Japan:Qualitative analysis of interviews with middle-aged and older Japanese adults  [in Japanese]

    Kasuga Ayaka , Sato Shinichi , Takahashi Masami

    <p> 本研究では,日本人の「知恵」の構成要素を明らかにすることを目的として,15人の中高年世代を対象に,「知恵」にかかわる側面を問う半構造化面接を行った.分析の結果,【具体的に問題を操作する能力】【方針を設定する力】【内的可変性】【周囲との調和性】【信念に基づく生き方】という5つのカテゴリーが抽出され,各カテゴリーには2〜8個のサブカテゴリーが設定された.海外の先行研究と比較すると, …

    Japanese Journal of Gerontology 41(4), 379-390, 2020


  • 2-10 Analysis of thermal behavior of crystal components in coal ashes under air and Ar atmospheres  [in Japanese]

    ISHIHARA Atsushi , TAKAI Kentarou , HASHIMOTO Tadanori

    … <p>The thermal behavior of ash components in bituminous coals (Upper Freeport (UF), Illinois #6 (IL) and Beulah-Zap (BZ)) under air and argon atmospheres in the range temperature of 800-1200°C was investigated using XRD and TEM measurements. … UF treated under air formed the needle-like crystals which was deduced to be mullite by transformation of andalusite because they mainly consisted of SiO<sub>2</sub> …

    Proceedings of Conference on Coal Science 57(0), 38-39, 2020


  • Collaborative Study to Validate Purity Determination by <sup>1</sup>H Quantitative NMR Spectroscopy by Using Internal Calibration Methodology

    Miura Toru , Zailer Elina , Diehl Bernd , Gallo Vito , Todisco Stefano , Ofuji Katsuya , Fujita Kazuhiro , Higano Taro , Geletneky Christian , Hausler Thomas , Singh Neeraj , Sugimoto Naoki , Yamamoto Kana , Kato Tsuyoshi , Sawa Ryuichi , Watanabe Ryuichi , Iwamoto Yoshiaki , Goda Yukihiro , Bhavaraju Sitaram , Yamazaki Taichi , Nishizaki Yuzo , Liu Yang , Bzhelyansky Anton , Amezcua Carlos , Ray Joseph

    … <p>NMR spectroscopy has recently been utilized to determine the absolute amounts of organic molecules with metrological traceability since signal intensity is directly proportional to the number of each nucleus in a molecule. … The quantitative method using <sup>1</sup>H qNMR for determining the purity or content of chemicals has been adopted into some compendial guidelines and official standards. …

    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 68(9), 868-878, 2020


  • Interdisciplinary disaster preparedness: Study abroad in Saint Kitts and Nevis

    MILBRATH Gwyneth , SNYDER Audrey , MARTIN Marcus

    … Disaster preparedness education is one approach to improving the preparedness of the health and public sector work force. … The purpose of this report is to describe one approach to improving disaster preparedness for nurses and other health professionals through the unique opportunities available through academic study abroad. …

    Health Emergency and Disaster Nursing 7(1), 55-62, 2020


  • The Spanish Flu at Camp Grant, Illinois: A military and civilian response

    STEWART Anne

    Health Emergency and Disaster Nursing 7(1), 36-38, 2020


  • Temporomandibular Joint Hypofunction Secondary to Unilateral Partial Discectomy Attenuates Degeneration in Murine Mandibular Condylar Cartilage

    Yotsuya Mamoru , Iriarte-Diaz Jose , A. Reed David

    … <p>Mechanical overloading of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) promotes both the initiation and progression of TMJ osteoarthritis (OA). … New preclinical animal models are needed for the evaluation of the molecular basis of cellular load transmission. …

    The Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College 61(1), 9-19, 2020


  • Alginate Oligosaccharide Alleviates Monocrotaline-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension via Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammation Pathways in Rats

    Feng Wenjing , Mao Yongjun , Hu Yi , An Nina , Feng Zhe , Liu Jianya , Mou Jie , Hu Ting , Guan Huashi , Zhang Dongfeng

    … The underlying pathological mechanisms of PAH are multi-factorial and multi-cellular. … The present study was undertaken to investigate the effects and potential mechanisms of AOS-mediated alleviation of pulmonary hypertension. … Pulmonary hypertension was induced in Sprague-Dawley rats by a single intraperitoneal injection of monocrotaline (MCT; …

    International Heart Journal 61(1), 160-168, 2020

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  • Applicability of Modified University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Model for Unbound Aggregate Material with Different Water Content

    Lin Tianshu , Ishikawa Tatsuya , Luo Bin

    Transportation research record 2673(3), 439-449, 2019-03


  • Development of psychological wisdom scale for Japanese people  [in Japanese]

    Kasuga Ayaka , Sato Shinichi , Takahashi Masami

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 83(0), 2D-072-2D-072, 2019


  • Grain size distribution of surge-type turbidity currents and their bedforms in flume experiments  [in Japanese]

    Fujita Kazunori , Kwang Jeffrey , Naito Kensuke , Parker Gary , Izumi Norihiro , Naruse Hajime , Yokokawa Miwa , Mori Isamu , Yagi Shu , Yoshida Souki , Mizutani Nobuaki , Fernandez Roberto , Czapiga Matt , Berens John


    Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Japan 2019(0), 471, 2019


  • Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Store Location Using the Gini Coefficient  [in Japanese]

    Morioka Wataru , Okabe Atsuyuki , Sadahiro Yukio

    <p>店の出店や閉店の戦略をたてる立地マーケティングにおいて,地域の店の盛衰状況動向を分析することは基本的な分析である.そこで,本研究では,盛衰動向状況の基礎的分析として,ジニ係数を活用した地域内の店舗立地集中度測定法を提案する.その方法は,基本的にジニ係数を踏襲しているが,新たに,順序統計量を用いて店舗の空間偏在度を統計的に検定する方法と,ジニ係数を求める際に用いるローレンツ曲線を活 …

    Journal of the Japan Statistical Society, Japanese Issue 49(1), 115-131, 2019


  • Polyurea Microcapsules with Different Phase Change Material for Thermochromic Smart Displays

    Park Sangki , Cho Yujang , Park Sanghyun , Oh MinSun , Kim Daeeun , Lim Gyuntaek , Park Jong-Jin

    … <p>Thermochromic microcapsules with two kinds of phase change materials that can change color with gradient under 70 °C were prepared. …

    Chemistry Letters 48(11), 1343-1346, 2019


  • Kinematic analysis of dance-based exergaming: effect of song pace on center of mass and joint mobility

    Ofori Ernest Kwesi , Subramaniam Savitha , Wang Shuaijie , Bhatt Tanvi

    … [Participants and Methods] Fifteen young adults participated in one session of dance-based exergaming assessment using segments from Kinect 'Just Dance 3' consisting of slow-, medium-, and fast-paced songs. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 31(9), 708-716, 2019

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  • Dear Thai Sisters: Propaganda, Fashion, and the Corporeal Nation under Phibunsongkhram

    Thepboriruk Kanjana Hubik

    … In post-1932 Siam, kingly bodies no longer wielded the semantic and social potency necessary to inhabit the whole of a nation. … This study examines previously neglected propaganda materials the Phibunsongkhram regime produced in 1941 to recruit women for nation building, specifically, the texts supplementing Cultural Mandate 10 addressed to the "Thai Sisters." I argue that with the Thai Sisters texts, the regime relocated modernization and nation building from male royal bodies onto the bodies of women. …

    Southeast Asian Studies 8(2), 233-258, 2019

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  • High-Performance End-to-End Integrity Verification on Big Data Transfer

    JUNG Eun-Sung , LIU Si , KETTIMUTHU Rajkumar , CHUNG Sungwook

    … <p>The scale of scientific data generated by experimental facilities and simulations in high-performance computing facilities has been proliferating with the emergence of IoT-based big data. … In many cases, this data must be transmitted rapidly and reliably to remote facilities for storage, analysis, or sharing, for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(8), 1478-1488, 2019


  • Mathematical Modeling of Multiphase Flow in Steel Continuous Casting

    Yang Hyunjin , Vanka Surya P. , Thomas Brian G.

    … <p>This paper reviews multiphase flow models for continuous casting of steel from classical models to recent methods. … Example applications of each model are presented from previous literature, illustrating typical results and accuracy that can be obtained. … The objective of this paper is to guide readers to choose an appropriate multiphase flow model for their application. …

    ISIJ International 59(6), 956-972, 2019


  • <b>Typhoons Affecting Japan 1860-1899</b>  [in Japanese]

    GROSSMAN Michael , ZAIKI Masumi , MIKAMI Takehiko , YOSHIMURA Minoru

    … While Japan has a long history of written records, the systematic collection of modern instrumental weather data did not begin until the late 1870's and even then, only at limited locations. … Examination of historical documents and early instrumental weather observations makes it possible to reconstruct a time series of typhoons affecting Japan in the second half of the 19<sup>th</sup> …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2019s(0), 77, 2019


  • Ergometer cycling improves the ambulatory function and cardiovascular fitness of stroke patients—a randomized controlled trial

    Ofori Ernest Kwesi , Frimpong Emmanuel , Ademiluyi Adeolu , Olawale Olajide Ayinla

    … [Purpose] The aim of this study was to assess the effects of ergometer cycling on the ambulatory function and cardiovascular fitness of patients with stroke in the sub-acute phase. … Assessments of participants' functional ambulatory category, ambulatory velocity, 6-minute walk test, heart rate and blood pressure were conducted at baseline and at the end of the 8-week intervention. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 31(3), 211-216, 2019

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