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  • Korean Constitutional Court and Democracy

    KOKUBUN Noriko

    … From the viewpoint of its organization, the Korean Constitutional Court has nine judges who passed the exam for the legal profession. … From the viewpoint of its function, unlike the German Constitutional Court, the Constitutional Court of Korea has no authority for abstract normative control, and concrete normative control is done only for laws. … On the other hand, since the Constitutional Court's decision has the power to invalidate the law, it still has a significant influence on legislation. …

    Nagoya University Asian Law Bulletin (5), 35-51, 2020-03-31

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  • Implementation and Analysis of Multi-Generation Co-Creation Project Management in Fukushima Reconstruction.  [in Japanese]

    NAKANO Kentaro , LEE Kwangho , NAGAI Yuji , ONODA Hiroshi , MATSUOKA Shunji

    … In addition, it takes 30 to 40 years to deal with the accident, which requires long-term efforts and decision-making across generations. … In this research, we analyze project continuity from the viewpoint of P2M, with the aim of realizing social innovation, which is a long-term strategy, through initiatives such as the Future Session at the Fukushima Study Group. …

    Proceedings of International Association of P2M 2020.Spring(0), 161-170, 2020


  • Proposal of a Planning Method of Upgradable Product Service System Design:(Planning Method Considering the Temporal Change of Environmental, Economic, and Consumer Dissatisfaction Perspectives)  [in Japanese]

    YAMADA Shuho , OYASHIKI Kohei , YAMADA Tetsuo , INOUE Masato

    … Previously proposed method derives upgrade plan from the viewpoint of functional improvement without considering environmental and economic aspects which strongly relate to sustainability. …



  • The influence of game situation information on the decision making of baseball catchers when required to give directions on a play  [in Japanese]

    KIKUMASA Syunpei , KOKUBU Masahiro

    … The present study aimed to examine the influence of game situation information, such as inning and score, on the decision making of baseball catchers in a situation requiring directions to teammates on a play. … Collegiate baseball catchers (n = 10) watched a series of video images, recorded from the catcher's viewpoint, showing a simulated sacrifice bunt to the pitcher with no outs and a runner at first base. …

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences) 65(0), 237-252, 2020


  • A modular design strategy considering sustainability and supplier selection

    INOUE Masato , YAMADA Shuho , MIYAJIMA Shogo , ISHII Katsuhide , HASEBE Rina , AOYAMA Kazuhiro , YAMADA Tetsuo , BRACKE Stefan

    … This study proposes a modular design and a strategic evaluation method based on the viewpoint of supply chain management considering sustainability and supplier selection simultaneously. …

    Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing 14(2), JAMDSM0023-JAMDSM0023, 2020


  • A proposal on stability improvement of resource matching in crowdsourced manufacturing  [in Japanese]

    CHIDA Takafumi , KAIHARA Toshiya , FUJII Nobutada , KOKURYO Daisuke

    … So, it is important to evaluate property of crowdsourced manufacturing system with computational simulations and discuss politely among the participants before decision of the design of crowdsourced manufacturing system. … In the future, we will examine resource matching methods from the viewpoint of the strategyproofness concept in market design theory, and evaluate them in various scenarios and in real manufacturing environment to clarify which situation is appropriate for crowdsourced manufacturing.</p> …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(881), 19-00205-19-00205, 2020


  • Bayesian deep learning: A model-based interpretable approach

    Matsubara Takashi

    … Hence, it does not specify the mechanism and reasons for its decision making. … This paper introduces another viewpoint, namely Bayesian deep learning. … Subsequently, it is possible to explore deep learning with respect to the confidence of its decision making via uncertainty quantification of the output and detect wrong decision-making or anomalous inputs. …

    Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, IEICE 11(1), 16-35, 2020


  • Why Do People Do Art and Sports? : From the Viewpoint of Affective Decision-Making  [in Japanese]

    横山 勝彦

    文化経済学 16(2), 10-12, 2019-09

  • Effects of city sustainability education using a case method : Changes in students' consciousness for three years in Ogaki Kita Senior High School  [in Japanese]

    長村 真帆 , 森 宏一郎

    … Students were required to depict causal diagrams, carry out analyses on the diagrams and make a decision on the choice of future scenarios from the viewpoint of the protagonist in a case story. …

    国立大学法人滋賀大学研究推進機構環境総合研究センター研究年報 = Science for environment & sustainable society 16(1), 23-34, 2019-08


  • Predicting the decision making chemicals used for bacterial growth

    天笠 俊之 , イン ベイウェン , Kazuha Ashino , Kenta Sugano , Toshiyuki AMAGASA , Beiwen YING

    … To identify the decision making factors related to growth among the 13 chemicals, big datasets linking the growth parameters to the chemical combinations were subjected to decision tree learning. … Instead, the top decision making chemicals in relation to the growth rate and saturated density were ammonium and ferric ions, respectively. …

    Scientific Reports (9), 7251, 2019-05


  • From the Viewpoint of Pharmacotherapy : What we can do by pharmacotherapy to attain recovery  [in Japanese]

    渡邊 衡一郎

    精神医学 = Clinical psychiatry 61(4), 365-373, 2019-04

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  • Parent-child between the conflicts in adolescent career decision making recollecting by college student reinterpreting parent-child between the conflicts by role-playing  [in Japanese]

    白濵 あかね , 榊原 有紀 , 古川 依里香 , 古賀 聡

    … The first purpose of this study was to explore parent-child between the conflicts in adolescent career decision making, through episode parent and child talk about the university entrance exam. … The first purpose of this study was to explore apperception about parent-child between the conflicts in adolescent career decision making by role-playing about parent-child communication in adolescent career decision making. …

    九州大学総合臨床心理研究 (10), 1-6, 2019-03-27


  • A Study on the Early Thought of S. Beer: The Background of Operational Research and Cybernetics Thought  [in Japanese]

    河井 延晃

    … As a result, he wrote "Decision and Control." However, in addition to his experience in practical management, his thought was influenced by various philosophers. … His work prepared the ground for the viewpoint leading to the cybernetics methodology and provided a practical and interdisciplinary approach. …

    実践女子大学生活科学部紀要 = Bulletin of Jissen Women's University Faculty of Human Life Sciences (56), 99-111, 2019-03-09


  • The Governance Structure of Private Higher Education Institutions in China  [in Japanese]

    夏 藝 , 當間 政義

    … As a result of examining these, we will discuss about the theory of corporate governance in business administration from the viewpoint of how the governance structure that the management of the private school is similar to the management of the enterprise(private enterprise). …

    和光経済 = The bulletin of the Faculty of Economics and Business Management, Wako University 51(2), 1-10, 2019-02


  • Support of Home-visit Nurses to Coordinate the Appropriate Social Resources for Middle-aged Terminal Cancer Patients at Home  [in Japanese]

    Kojima Sakiko , Arimoto Azusa , Ito Eriko , Shiratani Kae , Tadaka Etsuko

    … The data were collected using semi-structured interviews as qualitative descriptive design and analyzed from the viewpoint of the experience and support of home-visit nurses. …

    Journal of Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing 22(2), 39-49, 2019


  • Establishment of novel targeted alpha-radionuclide medicine  [in Japanese]

    Kaneda Kazuko , Fukuda Mitsuhiro , Kanai Yoshikatsu , Hatazawaj Jun , Nakano Takashi , Fukase Koichi , Shinohara Atsushi , Zhang Zijian , Shirakami Norifumi , Watabe Tadashi , Shimoyama Atsushi , Manabey Yoshiyuki , Kabayama Kazuya , Toyoshima Atsushi , Yoshimura Takashi

    … From this viewpoint, decision of targeting molecule was most important.</p><p>We selected LAT1 as molecular target. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 92(0), 3-P-109, 2019


  • Consciousness Analysis on Travel Behavior and Intention of People inMainland China

    TANAKA Kota , OKAMOTO Naohisa , XUE Yang , PEI Zhongdi , XIA Qi , CUI Yan

    … Therefore, based on the Web questionnaires conducted in mainland China, this study clarifies the travel viewpoint difference between people with Japan visiting travel experiences and the people without. … This "outside" influence could also be a key point on their travel decision making.</p> …

    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 13(0), 716-732, 2019



    IEDA Hitoshi , IWAMORI Kazuki

    … This study firstly reviewed the historical change of expressway bus operation and its designed roles, secondly surveyed the development of expressway bus-stops with respect to its characteristics and analyzed from economic viewpoint, thirdly mapped the spatial distribution of expressway bus-stops by region and discussed the regional disparity or biases observed in the maps from political and social decision making viewpoint. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3 (Infrastructure Planning and Management) 75(5), I_719-I_730, 2019



    Miura Hiromichi , Inomata Ryou

    … The proposed methodology uses a simple MU-HRA method, in which human error probabilities (HEPs) are products of coefficients determined by decision trees and HEPs from single unit HRA. … Thus, it is possible to create an interunit CCF having a different viewpoint from the intra-unit CCF to be newly added to MUPRA. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 2139, 2019


  • A Rough Set Theory Based Categorization System for Patent Publications with Machine Translation  [in Japanese]

    Kurematsu Masaki

    … <p>One of the methods of utilizing patent publications, which are intellectual property information, is to classify them from their own viewpoint and grasp trends. … The proposed system makes decision rules based on Rough Set Theory from categorized patents. … To solve it, I make decision rules from translated patents by machine translation system. …

    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 35(0), 778-783, 2019


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