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  • Effects of Office Environment Design on Expectations for Communication:- Examining the Mediating Psychological Factors -  [in Japanese]

    ISHIKAWA Atsuo , KUSUMI Takashi

    … <p>Prior studies suggest that an office environment is associated with communication-related psychological factors, including emotional state, impressions of personality, and psychological distance. … We developed a hypothetical model where three psychological factors are assumed to mediate the relationship between the office environment design and expectations for effective communication. …

    Transactions of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering 19(2), 135-143, 2020


  • Proposal and Evaluation of Visual Analytics Interface for Time-Series Data Based on Trajectory Representation

    TAKAMI Rei , TAKAMA Yasufumi

    … <p>This paper proposes a visual analytics (VA) interface for time-series data so that it can solve the problems arising from the property of time-series data: a collision between interaction and animation on the temporal aspect, collision of interaction between the temporal and spatial aspects, and the trade-off of exploration accuracy, efficiency, and scalability between different visualization methods. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E103.D(1), 142-151, 2020


  • Psychological and Physiological Effects of Visible Light Communication Using Versatile CSK Code Patterns

    SHIMADA Takamasa , KONNO Noriko , YOKOI Atsuya , MIYAHO Noriharu

    … <p>Visible light communication (VLC) will play a wide variety of important roles in future communication services. … This study evaluates the feasibility of visible light communication providing added value by measuring arousal, rest, visual attraction, task performance, capacity of working memory, and response for the CSK codes. … Green- and blue-offset CSK are thought to be suitable for wireless communication environments in hospitals. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E103.A(1), 278-286, 2020


  • SPATIAL CONFIGURATION OF ALLEYS ON COVERED WATERCOURSES IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS OF THE SHIBUYA RIVER BASIN:A reevaluation of residual spaces in Tokyo from the viewpoints of spatial configuration and actual use  [in Japanese]

    SAITO Naoki , TATSUMI Yuichi , ALMAZÁN Jorge

    … This paper focuses on the covered watercourses in the Shibuya River basin as a study case of a high-density urban area where residual spaces could be re-evaluated.<br> Discussions about transitional spaces between the public and private and its importance in urban design has been going on since the 1960s. … Spatial typologies of public - private boundaries were obtained by focusing on visual continuity and access from the alleys. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (757), 713-723, 2019-03


  • Art and Communication : An Alternative Introduction to Anthropology of Arts  [in Japanese]

    池田 光穂 , Ikeda Mitsuho , イケダ ミツホ

    この論考は、「芸術」を普通の人間たちの営為であることを再認し、芸術家と称する人たちやその人たちを支える市場による独占から奪還することを目的に書かれたものである。具体的には、芸術―ここでは視覚表象芸術が主となる―を、普通の人間たちの営為とするために文化人類学という学問を手がかりにして、芸術作品じしんが主張する美の概念について批判的に考察し、さらに美というものを人間に対する呼びかけと応答という観点から …

    Co*Design (4), 1-20, 2019-02-28

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  • SCRATCH3-ROS:A Scratch3 ROS Client for Rapid Developing and Prototyping of Robot Programming Front-End Interfaces

    Affonso Guilherme de Campos , Okada Kei , Inaba Masayuki

    … <p>In this research we develop an extension to connect the visual programming language Scratch with ROS enabled robots, allowing rapid development and prototyping of front-end interfaces intended for robot programming at a WYSIWYG manner. … This is a powerful tool for making use of human annotation in higher level reasoning and workflow design for real world task execution and custom optimization. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2A1-M08, 2019


  • Attentive Sequences Recurrent Network for Social Relation Recognition from Video

    LV Jinna , WU Bin , ZHANG Yunlei , XIAO Yunpeng

    … First, in order to explore multiple clues, we design a Multiple Feature Attention (MFA) mechanism to fuse multiple visual features (i.e. image, motion, body, and face). … Second, we design a sequence recurrent network based on Global and Local Attention (GLA) mechanism. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(12), 2568-2576, 2019


  • Wireless Power Transfer in the Radiative Near-Field Using a Novel Reconfigurable Holographic Metasurface Aperture

    LUO Wenyu

    … The states of metamaterial elements, formed by tunable meander line resonators, is determined using holographic design principles, in which the interference pattern of reference mode and the desired radiated field pattern leads to the required phase distribution over the surface of the aperture. … The three-dimensional position information of mobile point sources is determined by machine visual localization, which can be used to obtain the aperture field. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E102.A(12), 1928-1931, 2019


  • 3C06 A Trial for Countermeasures against Students' Sabotage in Group Work:Class Practice of Visual Communication Design II  [in Japanese]

    WATANABE Isao , SUZUKI Yasuhiro , TSUCHIDA Kunihiro

    Proceedings of Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Engineering Education 2019(0), 344-345, 2019


  • Challenge and Strategies in Implementing Pharmaceutical Care by Community Pharmacists::Text Data Analysis of a Questionnaire Survey  [in Japanese]

    Tominaga Yoshiko , Uchikura Takeshi , Abe Shinya , Goto Teruaki , Muramatsu Muneto , Morioka Masahiro , Horiguchi Michiko , Mochizuki Mayumi

    … <p><b>Objective: </b>To clarify challenges and strategies to execute pharmaceutical care by community pharmacists and obtain pragmatic implications for further improvement.<br><b>Design: </b>Cross-sectional study..<br><b>Methods: </b>We conducted a nationwide internet-based questionnaire survey about pharmaceutical care by the Japanese community pharmacists in June and July 2016. …

    Iyakuhin Johogaku 21(2), 57-69, 2019


  • Cross-Domain Deep Feature Combination for Bird Species Classification with Audio-Visual Data

    BOLD Naranchimeg , ZHANG Chao , AKASHI Takuya

    … In this paper, we present a study on classifying bird species by exploiting the combination of both visual (images) and audio (sounds) data using CNN, which has been sparsely treated so far. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(10), 2033-2042, 2019


  • An approach to share food experiences using a visual dialogue method  [in Japanese]

    Kuramochi Ayumi , Wakabayashi Naoki , Anzai Toshinori

    <p>本調査は視覚的対話手法を用いて、対象者の家庭料理に関する思い出を記述者と共有することを試みた。落書きコミュニケーションによって、対象者の食体験を記述者と共有することに加え、一枚のイラストとして表現することを見据えた下書きの共有をおこなうことを目的とした。そこで、落書きコミュニケーションで得た情報からイラストとして食体験を再現できるよう、6つの項目で構成された対話のプロセスを仮説と …



  • Visualization of Experience by Visual Dialogue Method and Analysis of Experience Impression Map  [in Japanese]


    <p>本研究では,動物園等の展示施設において,図的表現による視覚的対話手法を用い,来園者の印象の変化を視覚化し,その傾向を多角的に分析するための手法の開発を目的としている. 今回は、横浜市金沢動物園で「わくわく動物園マップ」というワークショップを開催し、観覧ルートに沿った気持ちの変化を捉えるとともに、2種類のマップを作成することで体験の視覚化を行った。 来館者の印象の程度と、2種類のマ …



  • Enhancing design ability of local government officials  [in Japanese]

    Mizuuchi Tomohide

    <p>人口減少や産業構造の変化に伴い、複雑な地域課題が山積する今日の自治体において、自治体職員に求められる能力も変化してきている。とりわけ、創造的な課題解決力や住民との円滑なコミュニケーション力が求められるようになってきた。しかし、そうした「デザイン力」を習得している自治体職員は少なく、自治体内部で職員自らがデザイン力を身に付けられる機会が必要とされている。同時に、自治体職員が自ら制作 …



  • Multisensory Integration: Effect of lighting, sound and ambient scenting to support workers' activities in the presentation room

    YANAGAWA Mai , YOSHINAGA Haruyuki , TAKAHASHI Izumi , ENOMOTO Seiya , SAKAMOTO Takashi , KATO Toshikazu

    … This study looks at the nature of crossmodal interactions between visual, auditory and olfactory modalities which occur in the same time and space in endeavor to find out the optimal combinations of lighting, sound and ambient scenting to psychologically support different activities in the presentation room. …

    International Symposium on Affective Science and Engineering ISASE2019(0), 1-4, 2019


  • Design and verification of universal evaluation system for single event effect sensitivity measurement in very-large-scale integrated circuits

    Xu Liewei , Cai Chang , Liu Tianqi , Ke Lingyun , Yu Jun , Wu Chang

    … based visual control interface for real-time communication. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 16(10), 20190196-20190196, 2019


  • Co-Saliency Detection via Local Prediction and Global Refinement

    WANG Jun , HU Lei , LI Ning , TIAN Chang , ZHANG Zhaofeng , ZENG Mingyong , LUO Zhangkai , GUAN Huaping

    … Previous works simply design low level handcrafted features or extract deep features based on image patches for co-saliency calculation, which neglect the entire object perception properties. … Besides, they also neglect the problem of visual similar region's mismatching when designing co-saliency calculation model. … To overcome the adverse effects of visual similar regions' …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E102.A(4), 654-664, 2019


  • Foreground Enlargement of Spherical Images Using a Spring Model

    YU An-shui , HARA Kenji , INOUE Kohei , URAHAMA Kiichi

    … <p>In this paper, we propose a method for enhancing the visibility of omnidirectional spherical images by enlarging the foreground and compressing the background without provoking a sense of visual incompatibility by using a simplified spring model.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E102.A(2), 486-489, 2019


  • Integrating design thinking with sustainability science : a Research through Design approach (SPECIAL FEATURE : Integrated Knowledge Generation for Transformations towards Sustainability from Local to Global Scales)

    Maher Ray , Maher Melanie , Mann Samuel , McAlpine Clive A.

    Sustainability science : official journal of the Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science 13(6), 1565-1587, 2018-11

  • Overcoming barriers to sustainability by combining conceptual, visual, and networking systems

    Maher Ray , Maher Melanie , McAlpine Clive A. , Mann Samuel , Seabrook Leonie

    Sustainability science : official journal of the Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science 13(5), 1357-1373, 2018-09

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