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  • Face Recognition System in the Laboratory Room using Omnidirectional Camera : Reduction of Processing Time  [in Japanese]

    熊澤 宏之

    電気学会研究会資料. IS 2019(1-23), 57-61, 2019-03-16

  • A Study Proposal of Method of Classifying Words with Diseases for Development of Hospitality in Health Care(Reports of Overseas Activities)  [in Japanese]

    丸山 友希夫

    … In recent years, the hospitality in health care is very important service for patients and their families who have some anxious factors with diseases. … In this paper, several methods of classifying potential anxious factors for patients and their families are examined using writing contents by Japanese users with diseases on web site of "Yahoo! Answers". …

    日本工業大学研究報告 = Report of researches, Nippon Institute of Technology 48(4), 92-93, 2019-03


  • Self-driving : The Shift from Manufacturing to Mobility Business : Disruptive Innovation brought by AI and IoT  [in Japanese]

    野辺 継男

    自動車技術 = Journal of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan 73(2), 64-70, 2019-02

  • Evaluation experiment of the Urban-Area Mitigation System for Providing Information Adapted to users  [in Japanese]

    内山 翔太 , 稲葉 弘祐 , 水野 修

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 118(417), 27-32, 2019-01-24

  • Evaluation experiment of the Urban-Area Mitigation System for Providing Information Adapted to users  [in Japanese]

    内山 翔太 , 稲葉 弘祐 , 水野 修

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 118(416), 27-32, 2019-01-24

  • Query Priming for Promoting Critical Web Search  [in Japanese]

    山本 祐輔 , 山本 岳洋

    … 結果一覧ページを何度も見直すようになる.(2) クエリプライミングによって,証拠を重視してウェブページを検索・閲覧する行動が促進される.(3)クエリプライミングの効果は被験者の学歴に依存する.本研究で得られた知見は,注意深い情報探索を活性化させる検索インタラクションの設計に寄与することが期待される.In this paper, we propose a novel method, query priming, to activate careful user information seeking during web search …

    情報処理学会論文誌データベース(TOD) 12(1), 38-52, 2019-01-16


  • Development of Web Access Literacy Scale  [in Japanese]

    山本 祐輔 , 山本 岳洋 , 大島 裕明 , 川上 浩司

    … らに,情報リテラシー関係の講義の受講経験別にウェブアクセスリテラシー尺度得点を確認したところ,統計的有意差が確認された(F(1, 525) = 8.82,p<.01).信頼性を示すクロンバックのα係数については,6つの因子は0.8以上,1因子については0.76であった.We propose a web access literacy scale to assess user ability to scrutinize web information and collect accurate information using web information access …

    情報処理学会論文誌データベース(TOD) 12(1), 24-37, 2019-01-16


  • A Portable Load Balancer with ECMP Redundancy for Container Clusters

    TAKAHASHI Kimitoshi , AIDA Kento , TANJO Tomoya , SUN Jingtao , SAGA Kazushige

    … <p>Linux container technology and clusters of the containers are expected to make web services consisting of multiple web servers and a load balancer portable, and thus realize easy migration of web services across the different cloud providers and on-premise datacenters. … This prevents service to be locked-in a single cloud provider or a single location and enables users to meet their business needs, e.g., preparing for a natural disaster. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(5), 974-987, 2019


  • Using official national web map and effect in geography learning in high school  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYASHI Taketo

    … In recent years, maps are shifting from paper media to electronic media, and topographical maps are also being used on web service. … Therefore, we practiced classes in a presentation format using official web maps of each country. … It was shown that the official web map as teaching materials fosters students' geographical perspective. …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2019s(0), 46, 2019


  • Codosseum: A Web Service for Supporting Development and Analysis of Open Source Software Projects.  [in Japanese]

    UEMURA Kyohei , NAKASAI Keitaro , OGAMI Katuya , HATA Hideaki , ICHINOSE Tomohiro , MATSUMOTO Kenichi , IIDA Hajimu

    … To tackle this problem, we are developing a Web service, Codosseum to provide preprocessed data and various visualization services. … By implementing these techniques as SaaS (software as a service), they can be used by practitioners and researchers freely and easily.</p> …

    Computer Software 36(1), 38-47, 2019


  • Research on Actual Fuel Economy of Micro Vans Using User Uploaded Refueling Data  [in Japanese]

    Sasaki Keita , Mimuro

    … In recent years, car users have been provided with a service for managing fuel economy data by posting the fuel supply and travel distance to the WEB at every refueling. …

    Transactions of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan 50(2), 557-563, 2019


  • Current Disaster Medicine in Japan and the Change Brought by Information Sharing

    Kondo Yuji , Ichikawa Manabu , Kondo Hisayoshi , Koido Yuichi , Otomo Yasuhiro

    … Additionally, it is possible to compile the number of predictive and serious patients per disaster hospital and to display it as a WEB service via the geographic information system (GIS). …

    Journal of Disaster Research 14(2), 292-302, 2019


  • Study on Traffic Behavior Characteristics Focusing on Transportation Service and Personal and Household Attributes Using Web Questionnaire Survey in Tokyo Metropolitan Area  [in Japanese]

    ISHII Ryoji , MOHRI Yuichi , AONO Sadayasu

    … <tt>本研究では,そのような枠組みを前提とした知見を得るため,交通行動と関係のある多様な要因を明らかにする.具体的には,東京都市圏において </tt>WEB <tt>アンケート調査を実施し,集計分析および統計モデル分析により交通行動に影響を与える要因を把握する.分析結果より,外出有無やトリップ数は,性年齢だけでなく,交通サービス条件や世帯構成,就業形態,年収等の要因に大きな影響を受け …

    JSTE Journal of Traffic Engineering 5(2), B_49-B_58, 2019


  • Cultural Barriers in the Treatment of Dyslipidemia: A Survey of Japanese Physician Attitudes

    Yamashita Shizuya , Masuda Daisaku , Arai Hidenori , Matsuzawa Yuji

    … <p><b>Aims</b><b>: </b>To gain a more accurate understanding of the current real-world management of dyslipidemia in Japan, an online survey was conducted in a variety of physicians from five medical fields.</p><p><b>Methods</b><b>: </b>A web-based survey with online questionnaire was designed, and members of an on-line information service for physicians were invited to participate. …

    Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis 26(2), 154-169, 2019


  • Medical Image Processing in Clinical Extended Reality (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality) and Automatic Segmentation of The Internal Organs Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning  [in Japanese]

    SUGIMOTO Maki , TANIGUCHI Naoji , SHINJO Kenichi

    … In recent years, clinical XR application enables to build using inexpensive 3D reconstruction software and web service. …

    Medical Imaging Technology 37(1), 22-27, 2019


  • Development of Open Model-based Collaboration Tool and Application on Nano-Satellite Project

    NAMBU Yohsuke , MIURA Masashi , YOSHIZAWA Ryosuke , HAGIHARA Toshishige , KIMURA Shunsuke , YUMIYAMA Akira , IGARASHI Satoru

    … <p>Recently, products and service have become more and more complex, and have been desired to be released rapidly. … This research aims to develop a web application including its methodology to realize open model-based collaboration (Open MBC), which is a framework to support efficient and collaborative development of complex systems. … This paper describes the concept of Open MBC, concrete processes, and the features of the web application. …



  • Research Report : The Second Year of “#ON THE NIGHT OF AUGUST 31st”:The Potential Shown by a Public Media Campaign  [in Japanese]

    Tani Takuo

    … Part of the project, a TV program Heart Net TV + TV FOR THE SAKE OF LIVING #ON THE NIGHT OF AUGUST 31st won the Web Factual Prize and the President of the Italian Republic Special Prize at the Prix Italia, one of the most prestigious international contests in the broadcasting circle, in September 2018.The campaign was held this summer, too, where Heart Net TV played a central role. … It seems the project demonstrated one form of "solution journalism" implemented by NHK that strives to serve as "public service media." …

    The NHK Monthly Report on Broadcast Research 68(12), 62-69, 2019


  • Customization of product, service, and product/service system: what and how to design

    HARA Tatsunori , SAKAO Tomohiko , FUKUSHIMA Ryo

    … Despite Product/Service Systems (PSSs) having developed substantially in industry and academia for the last two decades, no scientific review of PSS customization has been published. … In particular, distinct design models and methods were individually examined, with a special focus on service aspects, in terms of what to design and how to design it. … The population of papers included in the review was those included in the Web of Science. …

    Mechanical Engineering Reviews 6(1), 18-00184-18-00184, 2019


  • On-Demand Generalization of Road Networks Based on Facility Search Results

    YAMAMOTO Daisuke , MURASE Masaki , TAKAHASHI Naohisa

    … However, in the case of facility search in a web map service, for example, a "restaurant guide map," a road generalization mechanism can be more effective if it depends not only on the stroke length but also on the facility search results. … Moreover, a sufficiently fast response speed is achieved for practical use in web map services. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(1), 93-103, 2019


  • A Semantic Management Method of Simulation Models in GNSS Distributed Simulation Environment

    FAN Guo-chao , HU Chun-sheng , ZHENG Xue-en , XU Cheng-dong

    … For meeting management demand of GDSE and improving the model retrieval efficiency, the characteristics of service simulation model are analysed firstly. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(1), 85-92, 2019


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