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  • Alternate wetting and drying enhanced the yield of a triple-cropping rice paddy of the Mekong Delta

    Arai Hironori , Hosen Yasukazu , Chiem Nguyen Huu , Inubushi Kazuyuki

    Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 1-14, 2021-06-13


  • Mosquito repellent induced by wetting phenomenon of hydrophobic oil  [in Japanese]

    飯倉 寛晃 , 瀧澤 浩之

    Fragrance journal : Research & development for cosmetics, toiletries & allied industries = フレグランスジャーナル : 香粧品科学研究開発専門誌 49(6), 25-31, 2021-06

  • A fully Eulerian hybrid immersed boundary-phase field model for contact line dynamics on complex geometries

    Armin Shahmardi , Marco Edoardo Rosti , Outi Tammisola , Luca Brandt

    … We present a fully Eulerian hybrid immersed-boundary/phase-field model to simulate wetting and contact line motion over any arbitrary geometry. …

    Journal of Computational Physics (443), 110468, 2021-05-26


  • Identification of wetting agents for water conservation on deficit-irrigated hybrid bermudagrass fairways  [in Japanese]

    Schiavon Marco , Xiang Mingying , Orlinski Pawel , Forconi Alessio , Baird James H. , 池村 嘉晃 [訳]

    月刊ゴルフマネジメント 42(474), 108-113, 2021-04

  • Study on Deterioration of Concrete due to Transformation of Laumontite  [in Japanese]

    渡邊 凌 , 岩月 栄治

    … Standard specifications for concrete structures described that laumontite and its dehydration material leonhardite would need care because there was volume change between laumontite and leonhardite due to drying and wetting. … Next, cement paste containing single crystal of laumontite and mortar containing laumontite-bearing aggregates was prepared for deterioration reproduction and exposed in an environment where wetting and drying were repeated. …

    愛知工業大学研究報告 = Bulletin of Aichi Institute of Technology (56), 21-28, 2021-03-31


  • Relationships between inside moisture content and dimension of full-scale CLT under drying and wetting cycles(Part 3)Result of long-term measurement with LSB joints  [in Japanese]

    黒塚 ひとみ , 森 拓郎 , 北守 顕久 , 中谷 誠

    日本建築学会中国支部研究報告集 日本建築学会中国支部 編 44, 181-184, 2021-03-07

  • Do wetting agents influence putting green speed  [in Japanese]

    シャドックス トラビス , ウンルー ブライアン , 木村 正一 [訳]

    ゴルフ場セミナー 54(3), 106-110, 2021-03

  • Significant climate benefits from near-term climate forcer mitigation in spite of aerosol reductions

    Allen Robert J. , Horowitz Larry W , Naik Vaishali , Oshima Naga , O'Connor Fiona M. , Turnock Steven , Shim Sungbo , Le Sager Philippe , van Noije Twan , Tsigaridis Kostas , Bauer Susanne E , Sentman Lori T. , John Jasmin G , Broderick Conor , Deushi Makoto , Folberth Gerd A. , Fujimori Shinichiro , Collins William J

    … including methane) mitigation further improves air quality, with larger reductions of up to 45% for ozone pollution, while offsetting half of the wetting by mid-century (0.7% increase) and all the wetting by end-of-the-century (non-significant 0.1% increase) and leading to surface cooling of −0.15 K by mid-century and −0.50 K by end-of-the-century. …

    Environmental Research Letters 16(3), 2021-03


  • Thermocapillary effects in two-phase medium and applications to metal-silicate separation

    Ricard Yanick , Labrosse Stéphane , Terasaki Hidenori , Bercovici David

    … The role of interfacial surface tension is twofold as it explains how a small volume of liquid phase can infiltrate the grain boundaries, be distributed and absorbed in the matrix, but after complete wetting of the grains, surface tension favors the self-separation of the liquid and solid phases. …

    Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors (311), 106640, 2021-02-28


  • Computer Simulation for Sintering under the Presence of Liquid Phase by Monte Carlo Method

    Matsumoto Shuji , Matsubara Hideaki , Shimizu Masayoshi , Nomura Hiroshi

    … The basic three mechanisms in liquid phase sintering, namely (1) liquid wetting on solid surface, (2) rearrangement of solid particle by capillary force of liquid, (3) growth of solid particles by solution-reprecipitation through liquid phase (Ostwald ripening), have been introduced in the simulation. … The liquid wetting on a solid plane or solid particle surface progressed more easily as decreasing the energy between solid and liquid (γ<sub>SL</sub>). …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 62(11), 1653-1659, 2021


  • A Development of Gasoline Direct Injection Systems to Reduce PM and PN in Steady and Transient Operations  [in Japanese]

    Kato Masaaki , Nakayama Tomohiro , Katsura Takumi , Tsukamoto Takuma

    ガソリン直噴エンジンにおけるPM/PNは, 定常状態ではインジェクタチップウエット, 過渡時は燃焼室壁面各部位への燃料付着が大きな影響を与える.チップスートの増加傾向の分析手法構築と, 噴口特性の違いによるPN量の違いを解析. また, 壁面付着傾向の異なる噴霧で, 冷間・暖気後においてPNに与える影響の調査を行った.

    Transactions of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan 52(6), 1167-1172, 2021



    KAWAMURA Shoichi , SHIMAMOTO Keisuke , KAWAGOE Takeshi

    <p> 岩石の強度低下速度を検討するために,自然に風化した来待砂岩の物性値の測定と,来待砂岩の供試体を用いた強制劣化試験を実施した.掘削後約100年経過したのり面から,ボーリングコアを採取して,超音波伝播速度と色彩値を測定し,各測定値と深度・風化時間との関係を得た.また,乾湿繰返しおよび乾湿凍結融解繰返し試験を40サイクルまで実施したところ,特に超音波伝播速度において,サイクルに伴う顕 …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. C (Geosphere Engineering) 77(4), 348-359, 2021


  • Investigation of Bonding Mechanism for Cu-Powder Contained Solderable Epoxy-Solder Composites

    Youn Hee Jun , Kim Sangil , Kim Jong-Min , Yim Byung-Seung

    … To identify the possibility and strengthening effect for the SESC joints by added Cu powder, two types of wetting tests using planar and line type metallization formed test boards, and a microhardness evaluation were performed. … The Cu-SESC showed appropriate wetting and spreading properties. …



  • Behavior of hazardous metal(loid)s release from excavated marine sedimentary rock under atmospheric exposure with drying-wetting cycles

    Yoshida Yuto , Sakanakura Hirofumi , Miura Toshihiko , Katoh Masahiko

    … This study investigated the influences of alteration surface structure of excavated rock induced by atmospheric exposure with drying-wetting cycles on the release of hazardous metal(loid)s. … The atmospheric exposure with the drying-wetting cycles caused the particle size reduction, but not carbonation. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 9(7), 363-368, 2021


  • Modeling Hysteresis of Water–NAPL–Air Suction–Saturation Relationship in Porous Media

    Puligadda Lohit Krishna Pranav , Kikumoto Mamoru

    … This effective suction is incorporated in a unique s–S relationship defined by the van Genuchten's equation to obtain a delayed variation in the degrees of saturation caused due to hysteresis during wetting and drying scanning paths. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 9(8), 387-393, 2021


  • Forecasting of leaf blast using the dielectric leaf wetness sensor  [in Japanese]

    SUGAWARA Naoto , KOBAYASHI Takashi , HASE Shu

    … The wetness period measured by the leaf wetting sensor was considered to be applicable to agriculture field sites because the estimation accuracy of the prediction of leaf blast occurrence was high. … In rice, the wetting period evaluated at the threshold of 0.300V in permittivity was better than the threshold of 0.284V recommended by METER Group, Inc. to evaluate the occurrence of leaf blast. …

    Climate in Biosphere 21(0), 74-80, 2021


  • Research on Test Methods of Promote Local Corrosion (Pitting Corrosion)  [in Japanese]

    Kabeya Kohei , Nakaoka Toyoto , Yamashita Hiroshi , Matsuda Hideki

    <p>塗装鋼材の耐用期間の推定のために,孔食に代表されるような局部腐食を再現し,鋼材厚みを減少させる事に重点を置いた促進腐食試験について検討した.鋼板表面の温度,NaCl量,乾湿の発生を変動させる事で,短時間で著しい孔食を得る条件を検討した.短時間で乾湿を繰返し発生させ,更に適切量のNaClを試験の過程で局所的に濃縮させる事で,短期間で孔食の再現と成長が可能であると明らかにした.< …

    Zairyo-to-Kankyo 70(4), 117-121, 2021


  • Studies on Soft Interfacial Membranes: Macro to Micro, Static to Dynamic, and Interface to Line  [in Japanese]

    Aratono Makoto

    … The wetting at air/water surfaces and line tension were also mentioned. …

    MEMBRANE 46(5), 248-253, 2021


  • A chair-side plasma treatment system for rapidly enhancing the surface hydrophilicity of titanium dental implants in clinical operations

    Dong Yuqing , Long Li , Zhang Peng , Yu Deping , Wen Yana , Zheng Zheng , Wu Jie , Chen Wenchuan

    … Surface hydrophilicity was evaluated by measurement of the water contact angle and the defined wetting time. … A marked improvement of hydrophilicity was demonstrated by a decrease in the water contact angle of the treated implant to 0° and wetting of the whole surface within 3 s of water contact. …

    Journal of Oral Science 63(4), 334-340, 2021


  • The effect of surface wetting on the friction of porous materials  [in Japanese]

    SATO Motohiro , HIRATSUKA Ken'ichi

    <p>It is commonly experienced that wet surfaces sometimes show higher friction force than dry surfaces. In this research, friction force between melamine foam sponge and polytetrafluoroethylene …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2021.27(0), 11E11, 2021


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