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  • ULTIMATE STRENGTH OF CONCRETE FILLED SQUARE STEEL TUBULAR BEAM-COLUMNS:Required conditions for attainment of full plastic moment and framework and issues of strength design  [in Japanese]

    KIDO Masae , TSUDA Keigo , HARAGUCHI Masayuki

    … Introduction</b></p><p> The objective of this study is to propose the axial load ratio <i>n<sub>y</sub></i>-slenderness ratio <sub>s</sub>λ<sub>1</sub> … In this study, the strengths of concrete filled steel square tubular beam-columns are obtained by an analytical work, and the required conditions are proposed. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (769), 415-425, 2020-03



    TAKAHASHI Susumu

    … After the revision of AIJ Standard in 2010, wing walls and spandrel walls are recommended to be cast monolithically so as to resist seismic load. … In this research, elastic shear stiffness of columns with wing walls and beams with spandrel walls is theoretically investigated based on the equilibrium of external work and internal work.</p><p> As a result, the coefficient for shear deformation, which is 1.2 for a rectangular section as widely known, is obtained. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (769), 367-372, 2020-03


  • Body cooling effects of immersion of the forearms in high-concentration artificial carbonic acid water at 25°C

    Tanaka Yuuki , Nagano Hisaho , Taimura Akihiro

    … After starting the experiment, the subjects were asked to rest on an exercise bike for 5 min and then pedal for 20 min. The exercise load was set to reach 50% of each subject's presumed maximum oxygen intake at 5 min after starting exercise. … Immersion of the forearms in stirred CO2 water at 25 °C could be useful as a preventive measure against heat stroke from summer work or exercise. …

    Journal of physiological anthropology (39), 2, 2020-02-04



    KIDO Masae , TSUDA Keigo

    … and axial load ratio <i>n<sub>y</sub></i> … An approximate formula for estimating the amplification factors is presented on the basis of the buckling load proposed by the second author.</p><p> </p><p> <b>2. … Analytical work</b></p><p> The sub-assemblage frame shown in Fig. 2 is analysed, taking the geometric nonlinear effect into consideration. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (767), 151-157, 2020-01


  • Lifetime modelling for mechanical equipment by utilizing time-series data based-on the damage-based survival analysis (A trial for applying the model to the equipment in a chemical plant)  [in Japanese]

    UEKI Yosuke , AMAKAWA Hiroaki , NUMATA Ippei , SANDO Atsuki , NAKASHIMA Makoto

    … <p>A variety of health assessment technologies for mechanical systems utilizing time-series sensor data has been developed and are recently being applied to the maintenance work as a solution to the predictive maintenance. … In the present study, authors suggested a load history-based methodology for identifying a descriptive and stochastic model of the useful life of mechanical systems to realize the predictive maintenance under constraints of sensing conditions. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese), 2020


  • Influence of Work Posture due to Palm Rejection on Mental Workload caused by Handwriting  [in Japanese]

    NISHIMURA Takahiro , HIRAKAWA Jun , DOI Kouki , FUJIMOTO Hiroshi

    … <p>This study aimed to evaluate the influence of the work posture due to palm rejection on the mental workload caused by handwriting using a stylus. … We conducted an experiment, in which the work posture due to palm rejection and the screen tilt angle were evaluated using the input time and the NASA task load index. …

    Transactions of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering 19(2), 199-206, 2020


  • Mechanical behavior of high strength bolted patch plate assembled under tensil load  [in Japanese]

    Kamino Takuya , Yamaguchi Takashi , Ogasawara Teruo , Uchida Daisuke , Moriyama Hitoshi , Amitani Takeo

    … However, the repair work is often carried out under dead load and also conducted by one side depending on working space and the corrosion extent. … In this study, the experiment and FEM analysis is carried out to confirm the effect of preload such as dead load on the mechanical behavior of one / both side repaired member. … In result, Preload and eccentric bending moment of one-side repair decrease yield strength and load sharing ratio of patch plate after yield limit state. …

    Journal of Structural Engineering, A 66A(0), 466-474, 2020


  • Proposal of fatigue durability evaluation method for PC slabs  [in Japanese]

    Gotou Shungo , Nagatani Toshihiko , Homma Atsushi , Hirano Katsuhiko

    … <p>The standard for slabs to be replaced by slab replacement work is to use precast PC slabs in consideration of construction conditions, quality, and maintainability. …

    Journal of Structural Engineering, A 66A(0), 762-773, 2020


  • Consolidation Deformation Characteristics of Hachirogata Clay Ground  [in Japanese]

    Kanayama Motohei , Takahashi Nagato , Yamamoto Kiyohito , Muto Yoshiko , Kurashima Eiichi

    … <p>In this work, to evaluate the deformation characteristics of Hachirogata clay, soil tests such as one dimensional consolidation test and so on were conducted. … Furthermore, as a result of analyzing the secondary consolidation behavior in which the strain progresses under a constant load, it was found that Hachirogata clay has high secondary consolidation rate. …

    Journal of the Clay Science Society of Japan (in Japanese) 59(1), 10-17, 2020


  • Assessment of thermal exposure level among construction workers in UAE using WBGT, HSI and TWL indices

    AHMED Hafiz Omer , BINDEKHAIN Jawahir Abdelaziz , ALSHUWEIHI Meera Ibrahim , YUNIS Mohamed Abdikarim , MATAR Nour Rashid

    … <p>The study aimed to assess the heat stress of the construction workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), using Wet Bulb Globe temperature (WBGT) index, whereas also computing Heat stress index (HSI), and Thermal Work Limit (TWL) for comparison. … According to HSI, only fit acclimatized young workers can tolerate work in this site, and workers should be selected by medical examination. …

    Industrial Health 58(2), 170-181, 2020


  • Pay the Piper: DDoS Mitigation Technique to Deter Financially-Motivated Attackers

    SASAKI Takayuki , HERNANDEZ GAÑÁN Carlos , YOSHIOKA Katsunari , VAN EETEN Michel , MATSUMOTO Tsutomu

    … Some mitigation techniques against L7 DDoS, e.g., IP blacklisting and load balancing using a content delivery network, have been proposed; … To perform a DDoS attack, attackers must mine cryptocurrency as a proof-of-work (PoW), and the victims then obtain a solution to the PoW. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E103.B(4), 389-404, 2020


  • Cognition-Based Delay Analysis to Determine the Average Minimum Time Limit for Wireless Sensor Communications


    … <p>End-to-end delay, aiming to realize how much time it will take for a traffic load generated by a Mobile Node (MN) to reach Sink Node (SN), is a principal objective of most new trends in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). … In this paper, we take network load and transmission delay issues into account in estimating the Average Minimum Time Limit (AMTL) needed for a health operating cognitive WSN. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E103.D(4), 789-795, 2020


  • A Study on Fatigue Life Improvement of Welded Joints using Elongated Bead Welding with Low Transformation Temperature Welding Material  [in Japanese]

    MATSUZAKI Takuya , YAJIMA Hiroshi , MURAKAWA Hidekazu , MA Ninshu , TSUTSUMI Seiichiro , HIRAOKA Kazuo , OSAWA Naoki , OKADA Koichi , TANINO Tadakazu , SHIGA Chiaki

    … welding material was applied, (2) The work load and time of elongated bead welding on site welding, (3) The fatigue life enhancing effect of two elongated bead welding joints using different L. …

    Journal of High Pressure Institute of Japan 58(1), 22-38, 2020


  • Baropodometric evaluation of foot load distribution during gait in the group of professionally active nurses

    Kołcz Anna , Główka Natalia , Kowal Mateusz , Paprocka-Borowicz Małgorzata

    … Prolonged standing postural balance distributions, functional deficits and pain may affect the symmetry of the load on the feet. … The study aimed to assess the distribution of foot load during gait among nurses.</p><p><b>Methods</b>: The sample of this prospective and observational study consisted of 37 female nurses with mean age of 39 years. …

    Journal of Occupational Health 62(1), n/a, 2020


  • Influence of Total Knee Arthroplasty Design on Gait Kinetic Parameters  [in Japanese]

    KURIHARA Yasushi , OHSUGI Hironori , MATSUDA Tadamitsu , TOSAKA Tomonari , ENDO Yuki , FUJIHIRA Tomoya , TSUNEIZUMI Yoshikazu , TSUKEOKA Tadashi

    … [Results] The postoperative peak negative knee extensor power during load response was higher in patients with Journey II than in those with Persona. … [Conclusion] The results of this study reflect part of the design concept of the Journey II, which is thought to have resulted in high shock absorbing ability by knee extensor muscles during load response in the early postoperative period after TKA.</p> …

    Rigakuryoho Kagaku 35(1), 53-56, 2020


  • RESEARCH ON ENVIRONMENTAL LOAD GIVEN BY MAINTENANCE WORK:−Focusing on the work of LCCM demonstration house−  [in Japanese]

    YAGI Shotaro , FUJIMURA Yuhei , SEIKE Tsuyoshi , KIM Yongsun , ISOBE Takayuki

    … <p>The number of maintenance work increases as the life span of buildings become longer. …

    AIJ Journal of Technology and Design 26(62), 49-54, 2020


  • Development of Assist Suit for Squat Lifting Support Considering Gait and Quantitative Evaluation by Three-Dimensional Motion Analysis

    Kashima Masashi , Arakawa Hirokazu , Kimura Seigo , Nishihama Rie , Yokoyama Kazuya , Kikutani Isao , Nakamura Taro

    … On the other hand, squat lifting is not commonly used because it requires deep bending of knees to lift an object, leading to a larger work load. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 32(1), 209-219, 2020


  • Spatial meshing theory of involute spiroid gear drive with line contact

    HU Yong , GUO Jinzhou , ZHANG Xuecheng , YU Lijuan

    … <p>In the paper, spatial meshing theory of involute spiroid gear drive with line contact (ISGDWLC), which is a new type of worm drive with large ratio, crossed axes and high load capacity, is presented completely for the further researches of load capacity, wear and efficiency. … At present, a prototype has been established according to the above work.</p> …

    Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing 14(1), JAMDSM0013-JAMDSM0013, 2020


  • Femtosecond Laser Trimming of CVD-Diamond Coated Punch for Fine Embossing

    Aizawa Tatsuhiko , Shiratori Tomomi , Yoshino Tomoaki , Inohara Tadahiko

    … The applied load to stroke relation, the plastic strain distribution and the phase mapping as well as the shear droop were compared between two diamond-coated punches to investigate the effect of laser-trimming on the quality of embossed product.</p> …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 61(2), 244-250, 2020


  • RANS and LES Simulations at Partial Load in Francis Turbines: Three Dimensional Topology and Dynamic Behaviour of Inter Blade Vortices

    Doussot F , Balarac G , Brammer J , Laurant Y , Métais O

    … The analysis showed that vortices can be generated due to poor inlet adaptation at part load, however other vortices can also be due to a local backflow in the runner. … This article is presenting a part of the work presented at the 29th IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, Kyoto, 2018 [1], and presents another vortex topology and a comparison of LES results of several operating conditions. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 13(1), 12-20, 2020


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