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  • Facile Synthesis of Zinc Titanate Nanotubes via Reaction-byproduct Etching

    Liu Jiangyang , Nagashima Kazuki , Yoshida Hideto , Hosomi Takuro , Takahashi Tsunaki , Zhang Guozhu , Kanai Masaki , He Yong , Yanagida Takeshi

    … shell layer plays crucial roles in the nanotube formation as a support layer to maintain their structure during etching and as a permeable layer for HCl and Zn ions in their diffusion processes.</p> …

    Chemistry Letters 49(10), 1220-1223, 2020


  • Analysis of Complexation Interactions between Metal Ions and Drugs under Pseudo-physiological pH Conditions by a High-throughput Screening Method Using a Solid-phase Extraction Cartridge

    MORIIWA Yukiko , SUZUKI Naoko , SHOJI Atsushi , YANAGIDA Akio

    <p>A high-throughput screening method for the complexation between metal ions and drugs was established by combining solid-phase extraction (SPE) using a nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) modified sil …

    Analytical Sciences 36(6), 709-715, 2020


  • Negative Regulation of the Mis17-Mis6 Centromere Complex by mRNA Decay Pathway and EKC/KEOPS Complex in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

    Xingya Xu , Norihiko Nakazawa , Li Wang , Orie Arakawa , Mitsuhiro Yanagida

    … Deposition of the centromere-specific histone H3 variant, spCENP-A/Cnp1, is vital for the formation of centromere-specific chromatin and the Mis17-Mis6 complex of the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe is required for this deposition. … Therefore, the EKC/KEOPS complex may inhibit Mis17-Mis6 complex formation or centromeric localization. …

    G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 9(6), 1815-1823, 2019-06-05


  • Fission Yeast CENP-C (Cnp3) Plays a Role in Restricting the Site of CENP-A Accumulation

    Michiko Suma , Teppei Kitagawa , Yukiko Nakase , Norihiko Nakazawa , Mitsuhiro Yanagida , Tomohiro Matsumoto

    … A chromosome with an additional centromere undergoes successive rounds of anaphase bridge formation and breakage, or triggers a cell cycle arrest imposed by DNA damage and replication checkpoints. … From these results, we infer the role of Cnp3 in restricting the site of accumulation of Cnp1 and thus to prevent formation of de novo centromeres. …

    G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 8(8), 2723-2733, 2018-06-20


  • Analysis of radiophotoluminescence center formation mechanism in Ag-doped phosphate glasses

    Kawamoto Hiroki , Fujimoto Yutaka , Koshimizu Masanori , Okada Go , Yanagida Takayuki , Asai Keisuke

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 57(6), 062401-062401, 2018-05-02


  • Nanostructure formation in semiconductor surfaces by MeV cluster bombardment  [in Japanese]

    Tsuchida Hidetsugu , Nitta Noriko , Murase Ryu , Yanagida Yusuke , Okumura Yuya

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 73.1(0), 644-644, 2018


  • Development of new T cell function test using imaging flow cytometer  [in Japanese]

    Oka Yuma , Morita Eri , Miwa Keiko , Miyamoto Yoshiaki , Yoshida Tomokazu , Yanagida Masatoshi

    … Theoretically, IS formation within a short time. … We examined various conditions that determined the induction of IS formation and detection of the formed IS. … As a result, we induced IS formation and detected it in monoclonal T cells. … Furthermore, the IS formation rate correlated with the results of the existing cytokine flow cytometry assay. …

    Cytometry Research 28(1), 25-30, 2018

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  • Material Design of Metal Oxide Nanowires and Their Promises

    Yanagida Takeshi

    … We have succeeded to fabricate a well-defined single crystalline metal oxide nanowire by controlling precisely formation environments. …

    Proceedings of International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences (IEICES) (3), 17-18, 2017-10-19

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  • Suppression of Dendrite Formation by Using a Hydrogel Separator for Zinc Alkaline Battery

    SAITO Makoto , NISHIMURA Takashi , YANAGIDA Daisuke , SATOH Shinichi , NISHIUMI Kengo , AKUTA Ryo , OKAMOTO Kouichiro

    … It suppressed the zinc dendrite formation and resultant internal short circuit. …

    Electrochemistry 85(10), 637-639, 2017


  • Experimental and numerical investigation of a pulsatile flow field in an S-shaped exhaust pipe of an automotive engine

    OKI Junichi , IKEGUCHI Masafumi , OGATA Yoichi , NISHIDA Keiya , YAMAMOTO Ryo , NAKAMURA Kazuhiro , YANAGIDA Haruna , YOKOHATA Hideaki

    … The numerical simulation gives qualitative results in comparison with the experimental data though there is some deviation, and shows the cause of the Lyne-type vortex formation in the second bend. … Details of the Lyne-type vortex formation are discussed by considering the driving forces of the secondary flow.</p> …

    Journal of Fluid Science and Technology 12(2), JFST0014-JFST0014, 2017


  • Fabrication of Single Crystalline Metal Oxide Nanowires Based on Spatial Selectivity of Molecules  [in Japanese]

    YANAGIDA Takeshi , NAGASHIMA Kazuki

    … As the basis of such fundamental science, we focus on (1) formation technology of highly crystalline nanowires, (2) evaluation technology of single nanowire physical properties, and (3) control of spatial nanowire positions. …

    Hyomen Kagaku 38(7), 351-356, 2017


  • Clinicopathological features of cryptococcal lymphadenitis and a review of literature

    Kawamoto Keisuke , Sone Hirohito , Sugita Yasuo , Seto Masao , Ohshima Koichi , Miyoshi Hiroaki , Suzuki Takaharu , Muto Reiji , Yamada Kyohei , Yanagida Eriko , Koshino Mayuko , Sasaki Yuya , Takizawa Jun

    … Although gelatinous lesions and numerous fungal cocci were observed in the two HIV patients, the granuloma formation was small. … Gelatinous formation and granuloma formation were observed in the HTLV-1 carrier. … In previous reports, granuloma formation, epithelioid cells, and necrotic lesions were observed in most cases. …

    Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hematopathology 57(1), 26-30, 2017

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  • Case Study of "Project-based Learning" by University-Local Government Agreement on Collaborations : From the view of Students' Career Formation in the Product Development Processes  [in Japanese]

    Yanagida Junko

    2008年教育審議会答申「学士課程の再構築に向けて」では、学士課程が目指す学習成果として「学士力」を掲げ、「学士力」に含まれる能力を次の4種類例示している。(1)専攻する特定の専門分野における基本的な知識の体系的理解、(2)コミュニケーションスキルや論理的思考力などの汎用的技能、(3)自己管理力やチームワークなどの態度・志向性、(4)知識・技能を活用することによる課題解決力、である。筆者は2007 …

    Journal of Tokyo University of Information Sciences 19(2), 1-24, 2016-03-01

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    YANAGIDA Ryozo

    … reduced to origin, it's possible to assume 6 prototypes of the formation in the city in a pioneering period in Hokkaido.<br> The aim of this study is to search for the planning principle of an urban formation to study about 6 prototypes of the formation in the city in a pioneering period in Hokkaido.<br> In conclusion, I was able to obtain seven following planning principles.<br> 1)The view of land :they made get a bird's-eye view of an area from a hill with a view, …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 81(725), 1515-1523, 2016


  • Formation of Nano-Microstructured Aluminum Alloy Film Using Thermal Spray Gun with Ultra Rapid Cooling

    Shin Yoshio , Ohmori Yasuhiro , Morimoto Toshiharu , Kumai Takashi , Yanagida Akira

    A new thermal spray gun for nitrogen gas cooling and mist cooling has been developed. Aluminum-magnesium alloy films prepared by nitrogen gas cooling using the thermal spray gun had a partial nano mic …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 57(4), 488-493, 2016


  • Invited Talk : Nano Devices of Single Crystalline Nanowires  [in Japanese]

    YANAGIDA Takeshi


    Technical report of IEICE. SDM 114(443), 51-56, 2015-02-05

  • Invited Talk : Nano Devices of Single Crystalline Nanowires  [in Japanese]

    YANAGIDA Takeshi


    IEICE technical report. Electron devices 114(442), 51-56, 2015-02-05

  • A Case of Angina Bullosa Haemorrhagica Found Out during Tracheal Intubation  [in Japanese]

    HAYASHI Kazuhiro , YANAGIDA Kyoko , YAMAKAWA Naoko , ISHIKAWA Asako , ISHIJIMA Mamiko , KITAHARA Junichiro

    Angina bullosa haemorrhagica(以下ABH)は血液異常や水疱性疾患のような全身疾患とは無関係に,突然口腔内に血疱を生じる疾患である.典型例では血疱出現の後,自壊し治癒するため臨床上問題となることは少ない.しかし血疱により気道閉塞した症例も報告されており,麻酔管理においては慎重を要する.今回術中にABHが発見され,慎重な抜管およびICUでの経過観察により問題なく全身管理でき …


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  • Idiopathic Retroperitoneal Perforation of the Descending Colon with Retroperitoneal Emphysema  [in Japanese]

    TOYOSHIMA Yujiro , INAGAKI Mitsuhiro , OKADA Naoki , YANAGIDA Naoyuki , AKABANE Hiromitsu , NAKANO Shiro , SATO Keisuke

    症例は79歳,男性.2013年10月に左下肢痛が出現し,その後,背部痛を自覚したため,当院へ救急搬送された.その後,体動困難になり精査目的に整形外科に入院した.入院3日目の腹部CTでは,後腹膜腔に膿瘍形成があり,同側の腸骨筋から脊柱起立筋筋膜表面へと連続する広範な気腫を認めた.膿瘍形成部の下行結腸には,以前より虚血性腸炎を指摘されていたため,下行結腸虚血性腸炎の後腹膜穿孔による後腹膜膿瘍および気腫 …

    Nihon Rinsho Geka Gakkai Zasshi (Journal of Japan Surgical Association) 76(1), 74-78, 2015

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  • Stress Strain Curve Prediction of Single Crystal Using Sachs Deformation Texture Model Combined with Dislocation Theory  [in Japanese]

    MORIMOTO Toshiharu , YOSHIDA Fuyuki , KUSUMOTO Yuji , YANAGIDA Akira

    … Finally, we showed a calculation example of the Sachs deformation model to explain low-angle boundary formation. …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity 55(637), 137-142, 2014


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