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  • An Outline of Teacher Education at University of Education Zurich : In the Case of Physical Education Department  [in Japanese]

    菅家 礼子 , 小川 宏

    福島大学総合教育研究センター紀要 = Bulletin of Center for Research and Development of Education, Fukushima University (27), 57-64, 2019-09


  • Teacher Education for the Diversity of the Children : In the Case of Zurich University of Teacher Education  [in Japanese]

    中山 あおい

    … QUIMS (Qualität in multikulturellen Schulen) program has been introduced at the multicultural schools in Zurich since 2007. … Not only the school is supported financially by the government, but also teachers are supported and advised by educational experts from such as Zurich University of Teacher Education. …

    大阪教育大学紀要. 第4部門, 教育科学 = Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University 64(2), 59-67, 2016-02

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  • An outline of teacher education at University of Education Zurich (Padagogische Hochschule Zurich) in Switzerland  [in Japanese]

    生田 周二 , 柴本 枝美


    Bulletin of Center for Educational Research and Development (20), 251-257, 2011-03


  • Correlation between Heinrich Hanselmann and the establishment of the Heilpadagogische Seminar Zurich : through Heinrich Hanselmann's ideas about Heilpadagogen Teacher Training  [in Japanese]

    TOMINAGA Mitsuaki

    ハインリッヒ・ハンゼルマン(Heinrich Hanselmann:1885〜1960)は,二度の世界大戦を挟み,スイスのみならずドイツ語圏の治療教育(Heilpadagogik)をリードし,第二次世界大戦後は,国際治療教育協会等の活動を通して,世界の障害児教育の復興に力を尽くした人物である。本研究では,このハンゼルマンの治療教育思想を解明する一過程として,設立期のチューリッヒ治療教育セミナーに対 …

    Research Journal of Educational Methods 34(0), 61-72, 2009


  • Support for Teachers at the Science Museum in Switzerland : A Case Study of the Technorama Science Center, Zurich  [in Japanese]

    MIZOBE Kazushige , FUJII Hiroki , NOGAMI Tomoyuki

    … The purpose of this study is to investigate how the Technorama Science Center in Switzerland supports teachers in terms of the development of a teacher education program using science museums and centers. … As a result, it was suggested that guidebooks, leaflets, and worksheets for teachers at Technorama Science Center helped to increase the number of visitors. …

    Journal of Science Education in Japan 31(4), 421-431, 2007

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  • An Overview of the 21st Internationa Conference on Eectrical Contacts (ICEC 2002)  [in Japanese]

    INOUE Hiroshi , SAWA Koichiro , TAMAI Terutaka , HASEGAWA Makoto , UENO Takahiro , SAKAGUCHI Osamu , ISHIDA Hiroyuki , TANIGUCHI Masanari , TAKAGI Tasuku


    IEICE technical report. EMD 102(566), 1-8, 2003-01-10

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