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  • Hunting as Minor Subsistence in Taiwanese Aboriginal Taromak  [in Japanese]

    Yijung LIN , MITSUHASHI Toshio

    本研究では,台湾原住民タロマク族が現在も暮らしの中で実践している狩猟について,自然を利用するだけの活動にとどまらず,精神的・文化的な意味で自然と深く関わってきた「遊び仕事」の観点から考察する。<br> 調査では,タロマク族の30〜70代の猟師経験者から,狩りの技術やプロセス,禁忌・儀礼,自然観など,狩猟活動の諸側面について聞き取りを実施し,伝統的狩猟文化の実相について探求した。その結果 …

    Bulletin of Japanese Society for the Science of Design 65(3), 3_23-3_32, 2019


  • An Animic Regime Subjugated : The Pu Sae Na Sae Spirit Cult in Chiang Mai

    Shigeharu Tanabe , 田辺 繁治

    … detected in South East Asia, especially inNorthern Thailand, are that such unique metamorphic relations are extendedbetween humans and non-humans of various kinds including spirits, souls,cannibal ogres, and aborigines.This study analyses the complicated processes involved in the propitiationof the ancestor spirits of the aboriginal Lawa through sacrificing abuffalo, cooking, communal eating, and spirit possession by mediums in thePu Sae Ña Sae spirit cult held annually in the forest of Chiang …

    国立民族学博物館研究報告 = Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology 43(3), 391-442, 2019

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  • <研究ノート> アルバータ州における教育政策の転換への提言 : 『教育の新たな息吹:アルバータ市民との対話(Inspiring Education : A Dialogue with Albertans)』に着目して  [in Japanese]

    下村 智子 , SHIMOMURA Tomoko

    … 的・文化的・社会的背景を持つ市民との対話を行い、その結果に基づき2030年の「教育を受けたアルバータ市民(successfully educated Albertan)」として、「思考し続ける市民(Engaged Thinker)」「道徳的な市民(Ethical Citizen)」「企業家精神を持った市民(Entrepreneurial Spirit)」という3つの市民像とそのような市民を育成するための原理として「機会」「公平性」「市民性」「選択」「多様性」そして「卓越性」が構築された。 …

    三重大学教養教育機構研究紀要 (1), 29-36, 2016-03-31


  • A Study on the Textiles Patterns of Atayal Tribe in Taiwan

    Tseng Chi-Shoung , Wang Po-Hsun , Huang Kuo-Pin




  • The Original Form of "Eating Manner" and "Sacrifice" : In the Case of "Iomante" Ceremony of Ainu that Regard Animals as the Main Cultural Objects  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Yoshiyuki

    spirit. … The Ainu, aboriginal people in Hokkaido, had been occupied in hunting animals. … The animals for the Ainu are not only the food but deified spirit. …

    Journal of Lifology 13(0), 96-109, 2008


  • An Ethnological Note on the British Solomons III  [in Japanese]

    Ito Seizi

    … The natives showed great interest in guns, or iron goods brought by the white merchants, for the aboriginal society did not exist without tribal wars, or head-huntings. … General tendency of their beliefs in the other world is as follows: A few days after one's death, his spirit flies to the volcano, Patu-kio at Simbo, an isolated island on the southwest of the Western Solomons (cf. …

    Shigaku 39(3), 121-148, 1967-02

  • The Cult of the Jaguar God in Tropical America

    MIYAGAWA Zenzo

    … by the English speaking Carib tribes.<BR>In my view, the inhabitants of the jungles came to enshrine a jaguar because they wished to suppress the evil spirit of jaguar, who attacked the people and gave much damage to them. …

    Annals of The Tohoku Geographycal Asocciation 16(1), 1-6, 1964


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