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  • Efficacy and Complications of Emergent Transcatheter Arterial Embolization for the Management of Intractable Uterine Bleeding

    Emi Motegi , Kiyoshi Hasegawa , Shoko Ochiai , Mariko Watanabe , Kazumi Tada , Susumu Miyashita , Satoshi Obayashi , Kensuke Inamura , Hiroaki Ikeda , Yasukazu Shioyama , Yasushi Kaji , Ichio Fukasawa

    … Four of patients had 6 pregnancies in total:3 full-term live births, 2 missed abortions, and 1 artificial abortion. …

    Dokkyo Journal of Medical Sciences 47(1), 15-25, 2020-03-25


  • Childbirth in Early Tokugawa Japan : Testimony from the Diary of Yamamoto Heizaemon  [in Japanese]

    横田 冬彦

    … Research on childbirth in early modern Japan has so far relied on findings of early twentieth-century ethnographic surveys in addition to documents relating to late Tokugawa population policies outlawing abortions and infanticide. …

    史林 = The Journal of history 103(2), 265-303, 2020-03

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  • A Brief History of the Population Policy of Post-war Japan  [in Japanese]

    HIROSIMA Kiyosi

    … The first period from 1945 to 1959 was the period of so-called over-population when the policies were implemented based on the legislation of Eugenic Protection Law where abortions were legally permitted and favored over contraception to protect the mothers' health and eugenics, which is based on the idea of counter-selection. …

    Japanese Journal of Health and Human Ecology 86(5), 231-241, 2020


  • A case of sigmoid-vaginal fistula treated by laparoscopic surgery  [in Japanese]

    MATSUMOTO Yuuki , KOBAYASHI Hironao , NAKATSUMA Kyoko , SUNADA Masumi , SASAKI Shoko , FUJIMOTO Mariko , TANAKA Takahiro , UENO Tomonari

    <p>大腸憩室炎による結腸腟瘻は本邦ではまれであり,治療報告例は少ない.今回われわれは,S状結腸憩室炎による結腸腟瘻に対して腹腔鏡下手術により根治手術を施行したため報告する.症例は53歳,4妊1産(帝王切開),中期中絶を含む3回の人工妊娠中絶歴がある.高度肥満,糖尿病,高血圧を合併しており,約2年前に保存的に治癒したS状結腸憩室炎の既往がある.1年前から続く便状帯下を主訴に近医より当科 …


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  • Latent Infection with <i>Leptospira</i> Serovar Hardjo and Reproductive Performance in a Dairy Farm in Hokkaido, Japan  [in Japanese]

    MUROYA Takenori , AOKI Takahiro

    <p>牛は<i>Leptospira interrogans</i> 血清型Hardjo及び<i>Leptospira borgpeteresentii</i> 血清型Hardjo(<i>L</i>. Hardjo)の維持宿主となることが報告されている.近年,<i>L</i>. Hardjo …

    Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association 73(2), 91-95, 2020

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  • National survey of prevalence and prognosis of thanatophoric dysplasia in Japan

    Sawai Hideaki , Oka Kaname , Ushioda Mariko , Nishimura Gen , Omori Takashi , Numahe Hironao , Kosugi Shinji

    … Of the 73 cases, 15 were abortions, four were stillbirths, 51 were live births, and three had unknown details. …

    Pediatrics International 61(8), 748-753, 2019-08

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  • An exploratory survey on a questionnaire about 2026 hinoeuma birth to students  [in Japanese]

    大見 広規 , マーティン メドウズ , Hiroki OHMI , Martin Meadows

    1906,1966年には,丙午の迷信に従い,出生率や出生性比など,人口動態統計に大きな変化が起こった。次の丙午年は2026年,今から8年後であり,子どもを出産する女性の年齢が30歳前後であることを勘案すると,本学の学生が相当する年齢層となる。学生を対象に,丙午出産についての意識調査を実施し,2026年の人口動態統計の傾向を予測した。回収率は15.4%と低く,特に男性での回収数が少なかった。丙午迷信 …

    紀要 = Bulletin of Nayoro City University 13, 67-72, 2019-03


  • Can medical personnel who make a prenatal diagnosis or perform selective abortions articulate an appropriate response to the stabbing incident involving disabled individuals in Sagamihara?  [in Japanese]

    中井 祐一郎 , 比名 朋子

    医学哲学医学倫理 = Annals of the Japanese Association for Philosophical and Ethical Researches of Medicine (37), 70-77, 2019

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  • Impaired endometrial function and unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss

    Kuroda Keiji

    … <p>Couples with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) cannot achieve a live birth due to repeated sporadic abortions or undetected causes of RPL on routine examinations. …

    Hypertension Research in Pregnancy 7(1), 16-21, 2019


  • Induced Abortion, Birth Control Methods, and Breast Cancer Risk: A Case-Control Study in China

    Yuan Xuelian , Yi Fang , Hou Can , Lee Hui , Zhong Xiaorong , Tao Ping , Li Hui , Xu Zhuping , Li Jiayuan

    … Multivariate logistic regression analyses showed that having a history of medical abortions, ≥3 surgical abortions, or both medical and surgical abortions was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in post-menopausal women (odds ratio [OR] 2.48; …

    Journal of Epidemiology 29(5), 173-179, 2019

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  • A case of Caesarean section scarred pregnancy and oligohydramnios due to Potter’s syndrome  [in Japanese]

    FURUYA Natsumi , HASEGAWA Junichi , UWAJIMA Kaori , MIURA Ayako , KURASAKI Akiko , KONDO Haruhiro , SUZUKI Nao

    26歳,5妊2産(3回自然流産,1回帝王切開,1回帝王切開後経腟分娩).妊娠9週,帝王切開瘢痕部妊娠の疑いがあったが,前医の診察では最終的にその可能性は低いと判断され,妊娠を継続していた.妊娠19週,胎児発育は週数相当であったが,羊水量がほとんどなく当院へ紹介となった.自覚症状はなかったが,超音波検査で,胎盤は前回帝王切開瘢痕部に付着していた.腟内に破水所見はなく,腹腔内の液体貯留もなかったが,羊 …

    Choonpa Igaku 46(2), 191-195, 2019

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  • Schmallenberg virus induces apoptosis in Vero cell line via extrinsic and intrinsic pathways in a time and dose dependent manner

    AKSOY Emel , AZKUR Ahmet Kursat

    … <p>Schmallenberg virus (SBV), discovered in 2011 in Germany, is associated with clinical manifestations of fever, diarrhea, reduced milk yield, abortions and congenital malformations in ruminants. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 81(2), 204-212, 2019

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  • Support network for women through recurrent abortions and perinatal stage  [in Japanese]

    三木 有希 , 中野 有美 , 杉浦 真弓

    最新精神医学 23(1), 59-63, 2018-01

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  • Clinical pharmacology consultation and outcomes associated with pregnancy exposure to pregnancy-contraindicated therapy

    Erdeljic Turk Viktorija , Mercep Iveta , Makar- Ausperger Ksenija , Radacic Aumiler Matea , Likic Robert , Cegec Ivana , Kraljickovic Iva

    … Normal fetal outcomes were reported in 95/134(71%), spontaneous abortions in 9/134 (7%), artificial abortions in 21/134(16%), stillbirth in 1/134(1%), and malformations in 4/9 (4%) pregnancies. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO3-12-32, 2018



    Georgewill Udeme O , Alozie Corelius , Georgewill Owunari A

    … carrying their pregnancies to term with the delivery of normal healthy pups.</p><p>DISCUSSION</p><p>The findings of this current research, suggest a delayed toxic effect of crude oil on the offsprings of parent rats exposed chronically to crude oil and may in part explain the observation of increased frequencies of miscarriages, abortions, low birth weight and high infant morbidity and mortality amongst the inhabitants of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, a region that has been experiencing massive crude oil exploration.</p> …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO2-10-9, 2018


  • Comparison of the Frequency of Angioedema Attack, before and during Pregnancy, in a Patient with Type I Hereditary Angioedema

    Satomura Atsushi , Fujita Takayuki , Nakayama Tomohiro

    … However, she subsequently required abortions due to frequent angioedema episodes that occurred during her three subsequent pregnancies. …

    Internal Medicine 57(5), 751-755, 2018

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  • A Study of the Changes in the View of Fetal Life Seen in Memorial Services for Aborted Babies  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 由利子

    … At the post-Second World War period, the number of abortions rapidly increased, and memorial services for aborted babies were performed intermittently by medical workers involved in abortions. …

    国立歴史民俗博物館研究報告 = Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History 205, 157-209, 2017-03

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  • <i>"The Discussions of 'Therapeutic Abortion Law' in Iran" </i>  [in Japanese]

    HOSOYA Sachiko

    <p> 本稿では、シーア派12エマーム派を国教とするイランで「治療的人工妊娠中絶法」(2005年)が成立した背景とともに、この法の成立過程で重視された論点を整理し、成立後の変化を概観することで、中東イスラーム諸国の生命倫理をめぐる議論の一つを紹介する。それまで母親の生命を救う以外の人工妊娠中絶に厳罰を科していたイランで、この法の成立は大きな制度的転換点となった。その背景には、不法の人工 …

    Bioethics 27(1), 72-78, 2017


  • Aborted fetal sizes of Thoroughbred horses in Hidaka, Japan, between 2005 and 2015

    MURASE Harutaka , MIYAZAWA Masaki , HARADA Takehiro , OZAWA Midori , SATO Fumio , HADA Tetsuro

    … In this study, 2,195 fetuses from 2,137 abortions during 11 seasons were examined to determine the causes of abortion, and fetal size dimensions (crown rump length and body weight) were measured. … Of all abortions, 94.3% occurred between 181–360 days of pregnancy, and the gestational ages at abortion were different based on the causes. … Fetal sizes in viral abortions were considerably larger than those due to other reasons. …

    Journal of Equine Science 28(2), 47-53, 2017

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  • Pregnancy Management Utilizing Measurements of Plasma Progesterone and Estradiol Concentrations During Late Pregnancy in Thoroughbred Mares that Underwent Colic Surgery  [in Japanese]

    SATOH Masato , HIGUCHI Tohru , INOUE Satoshi , GOTOH Tadahiro , MURASE Harutaka , NAMBO Yasuo

    <p>サラブレッド妊娠馬の血中プロジェステロン(P<sub>4</sub>)及びエストラジオール(E<sub>2</sub>)濃度は,胎盤炎等による流産の前に変動することが知られている.本研究では妊娠後期に実施された腸管手術9症例について術後管理とあわせて血中P<sub>4</sub>とE<sub>2& …

    Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association 70(1), 37-43, 2017


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