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  • Hypnotherapy in the field of Psychiatric Treatment  [in Japanese]

    渡邉 直樹

    催眠と科学 = Science of hypnotics 29(1), 15-18, 2014

  • The present state of body psychotherapy and its developments as systems approach  [in Japanese]

    葛西 俊治


    札幌学院大学人文学会紀要 (93), 59-82, 2013-02


  • Abreaction through free versicle technique  [in Japanese]

    YAMANE Hiroshi

    作業療法 = The Journal of Japanese Occupational Therapy Association 30(4), 402-410, 2011-08-15

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  • Study of a Patient with Anorexia Nervosa : Pathogenesis in Current Theories of Trauma  [in Japanese]

    KIHIRA Shogo , NISHIMOTO Yukihiro , TAKASAKI Yoshinori

    子どもの心とからだ : 日本小児心身医学会雑誌 : journal of Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Pediatrics 9(1), 55-62, 2000-06-01

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  • Abreaction during Systematic Desensitization under Hypnosis for Food Allergy  [in Japanese]

    Ishimoto Junko , Matsuoka Yoichi , Aoki Hiroyuki , Teshima Hideki , Nakagawa Tetsuya

    … We report a food allergy patient with successful desensitization under hypnosis after abreaction of her fear and anger toward her ex-husband in relation to the food allergies. … After this abreaction she was able to move on to further steps in the desensitization program. … Abreaction also seemed to decrease this patient's allergic reactions, and to cause a change of her attitudes toward reality. …

    Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine 34(4), 329-333, 1994

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  • Abreaction on recovery from propofol anaesthesia


    Anaesthesia 44, 364, 1989

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  • A Hypothetical Construction of Psychological Coordinates of Behavior  [in Japanese]

    FUKAYA Sumio , MUKAI Atsuko

    … Regarding the accomodatory aspect of behavior -regulation, we discriminate Accomodatory Expanding (+z), where behaviors are expanded into the anticipatory transformation of the regulation-level on the whole or into the emotional explosion for the abreaction against the assimilatory aspect, from Accomodatory Reducing (-z), where behaviors are reduced into the anticipatory organization of the individual levels or into the emotional enclosure for the protection against the assimilating. …

    International Christian University publications. I-A, Educational studies (23), p131-152, 1980-03


  • On the Integration of Psychosomatic Treatments(Indications and Limitations of Various Therapeutic Methods in Psychosomatic Treatments)  [in Japanese]

    Ikemi Yujiro

    … can, for example, be very useful in promoting insightive processes (as in psychoanalysis) by actively stimulating abreaction through somatopsychic techniques.Another important principle is the general clinical effectiveness of patients' …

    Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine 19(2), 90-98, 1979

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  • The Treatment of Hysterical Blindness by Behavior Therapy  [in Japanese]

    Ohno Yoshiteru , Takeya Tsutomu , Akagi Minoru

    … by suggestion, systematic desensitization, etc., should be used for the elimination of the symptom.2) In case that the original anxiety-evoking situation is still present, therapeutic methods such as systematic desensitization, assertive response, autogenic training, abreaction, the environmental manipulative procedures, etc., should be used to decrease anxiety in addition to the elimination of symptoms.3) In case that social conditions, such as other people's attitudes after the appearance of the symptom, act as a positive reinforcer, …

    Journal of Japanese Psychosomatic Society 14(3), 192-198, 1974-06-01

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  • 臨床医学における暗示療法(PSDの精神療法(第5回日本精神身体医学会総会より)特別講義)  [in Japanese]

    前田 重治

    … 1) Direct Suggestion of Symptom-disappearance 2) Direct Suggestion of Disappearance of Attitudes underlying Symptoms 3) Hypnotic Abreaction 4) Induced Hallucinations of Improvement 5) Therapeutic Substitute Symptom Formation, 6) Systematic Desensitization 7) Autosuggestion(Autogenic Training) and 8) Hypnoanalysis We have developed a wider view of suggestion which is not limited solelv to hypnosis, but includes other psychotherapeutic methods, particularly psychoanalysis, existential analysis and Zen. …

    Journal of Japanese Psychosomatic Society 4(5), 282-287, 1964-10-01

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