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  • Line-Cell Conversion Model Considering Continuous Mixed Flow System and Set-up Time in Each Product  [in Japanese]

    片岡 隆之 , 森川 克己 , 高橋 勝彦

    … A number of papers have also made the academic efforts in each field. … On the other hand, a reconfigurable production line that allows the modification of the system configuration, such as facility layout, workers' assignment and machine function, is also identified as an inevitable element for realizing next generation manufacturing. …

    近畿大学次世代基盤技術研究所報告 = Annual Report of Fundamental Technology for Next Generation Research Institute, Kindai University (10), 129-137, 2019-10


  • Construction of a Connectives Dictionary for Academic Writing Assistance System  [in Japanese]

    Nishina Kikuko , Yagi Yutaka , HODOŠČEK Bor , Abekawa Takeshi

    … We aim to construct an academic writing assistance system for learners of Japanese as a second language who are tasked with writing academic papers and reports during the course of their studies. …

    Mathematical Linguistics 31(2), 160-176, 2017


  • A Practice Report of the Lecture "Secondary Science Education A" in the First Half of 2002 Academic Year : The Lessons Learned from Science Course Contents in Various Countries  [in Japanese]

    田中 賢二

    本(平成14)年度の「中等理科教育学 A」における「諸外国における科学教育の学習内容に学ぶ」授業実践を、受講生、講義内容、評価の順に、分析・考察してきた。20名の受講生の内、単位を認定できた15名の受講生自身の自己評価、自らを含む講義全体に対する講義評価、教官が行った最終評価、これら3つの評価とも評定でみれば、総てについて、ほぼ良か優に相当し、今回の授業実践はほぼ所定の成果を得たと考えたい。しかし …

    岡山大学教育実践総合センター紀要 3(1), 9-20, 2003

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