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  • Use of Human Cell/Tissue for Medical Research : Its Ethical and Legal Basis  [in Japanese]

    MACHINO Saku

    … In order to promote this kind of study in proper way, we should make clear and explicit rules, considering the existing laws, such as Act Concerning Dissection and Preservation of a Dead Body (1949), and Act Concerning Organ Transplantation (1997). …

    Regulatory Science of Medical Products 6(1), 65-70, 2016

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  • Recent controversies concerning the definition of death in the USA  [in Japanese]

    KODAMA Satoshi

    … The broad consensus on the definition of death which the Uniform Determination of Death Act of 1981 had created in the US seems to have weakened in recent years. … With the consensus in Japan on brain-death criteria far more fragile than that in the US, and with the upcoming revision of the Organ Transplantation Act in sight, questions concerning the definition of death should be carefully examined. …

    Bioethics 18(1), 39-46, 2008

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  • Electroencephalography and clinical course in patients with suspected brain death.  [in Japanese]

    Okuchi Kazuo , Norimoto Kazunobu , Matsuyama Takeshi , Nakamura Tatsuya , Murao Yoshinori , Hoshida Toru

    … We treated many cases of suspected brain death (SBD), but little attention was paid to the problem of this diagnosis until passage of The Japanese Organ Transplantation Act. … Precise analysis must be made concerning SBD for accurate BD diagnosis. …

    Nihon Kyukyu Igakukai Zasshi 13(6), 320-328, 2002


  • Questionnaire surveys of university students concerning brain death and organ transplantation : (1) A comparison of survey result in 1992 and 1997  [in Japanese]

    IKEGAMI Junko , HIROOKA Hiroyuki

    … Questionnaire surveys were carried out to investigate the change on consciousness of students for brain death and organ transplantation during 5 years from 1992 to 1997. … The results showed that, many students did not wish to start the organ transplantation act without prudent consideration, although they approved establishment of the organ transplantation act. …

    Bioethics 9(1), 95-100, 1999

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  • The will of the donor, the family and the society  [in Japanese]

    TARUI Masayoshi

    … In Japan the organ transplantation act was enacted in October 1997. … One question concerns the requisite for organ removal from the donor, namely who has the right to permit it, the donor himself, his family or the society. …

    Bioethics 8(1), 41-46, 1998

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  • A proposal regarding the issue of brain death and organ transplantation  [in Japanese]

    ITO Yukio

    … In Japan futile debate concerning brain death and organ transplantion have been going on for years. … It is based on the anaimous conclusion of the Provisional Commission on Brain Death and Organ Transplantation, as stated in its Final Report : "We find it hard to find a reason to object if persons who, while they are alive, strongly desired to donate their organs, do so after they fell into this type of irreversible state". …

    Bioethics 7(1), 75-79, 1997

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  • Advanced Medical Technology and Bioethical Problems Concerning Human Birth  [in Japanese]

    OHSHIMA Tohru

    … The problem concerning artificial fertilization is the separation of human reproduction from sexual act based on the personality of a married couple. …

    University extension journal of Kanazawa University 12, 1-12, 1992-03-31

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