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  • 高周波能動素子における基板結合の評価とモデリング (集積回路)

    東 直矢 , 永田 真

    MOSFETの基板結合強度モデルを抵抗メッシュネットワークとMOSFET素子のバックゲート結合により広帯域で表現可能であることを確認した.65nm CMOSプロセスにおいて,基板ドレイン間と基板ゲート間の結合強度を測定するための,2ポートのSパラメータ測定用のテストレイアウトを作成した.基板結合や周囲環境を含んだ等価回路モデルを作成し解析を行った結果,8 GHzまでの伝達特性において最大の誤差で6 …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 113(112), 125-128, 2013-07-04

  • Equivalent Circuit Representation of Silicon Substrate Coupling of Passive and Active RF Components

    AZUMA Naoya , NAGATA Makoto

    … Substrate coupling of radio frequency (RF) components is represented by equivalent circuits unifying a resistive mesh network with lumped capacitors in connection with the backside of device models. … Two-port S-parameter test structures are used to characterize the strength of substrate coupling of resistors, capacitors, inductors, and MOSFETs in a 65nm CMOS technology with different geometries and dimensions. …

    IEICE transactions on electronics 96(6), 875-883, 2013-06-01

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  • Transfer Matrix Modeling of Synthetic-Jet Actuators


    … Transfer matrix (TM) models are developed in this paper for varies types of synthetic jet (or zero-net mass-flux) actuators used in active flow control applications. … The analysis and design of a synthetic-jet actuator is greatly simplified by the use of the transfer matrix method, which treats the synthetic-jet actuator as a two-port network with input and output ports. …

    Journal of Fluid Science and Technology 7(2), 209-223, 2012


  • Extended Adler's injection locked Q factor formula for general one- and two-port active device oscillators

    Ohira Takashi

    … We extend it to arbitrary circuit topology, and take into account not only resonator but the entire network. … differs if we change the port of injection or the active device's property. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 7(19), 1486-1492, 2010

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  • グラウンド非共通回路におけるSパラメータの2ポート測定法

    船戸 是宏 , 和田 修己 , Paoletti Umberto [他] , 久門 尚史

    GND端子間にインピーダンスが存在し,GNDが非共通である2端子対回路に対し,フローティング状態のままネットワークアナライザによるSパラメータ測定を行うために,差動プローブによる電圧検出系を介した測定法を提案した.この測定法を既知の受動素子を載せたGND非共通なプリント回路基板に対して適用し,直接同軸ケーブルを接続した2ポート測定をした場合と比較した.発生したコモンモード電流はフェライトコアを用い …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告. EMCJ, 環境電磁工学 107(226), 1-6, 2007-09-14


  • Noise Parameters Computation of Microwave Devices Using Genetic Algorithms(Active Circuits & Antenna, <Special Section>Recent Technologies of Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Devices Focusing on Miniaturization and Advancement in Performance with Their Applications)

    CHEN Han Yu , HUANG Guo Wei , CHEN Kun Ming , CHANG Chun Yen

    … In this letter, a new computation method for the noise parameters of a linear noisy two-port network is introduced. …

    IEICE transactions on electronics E88-C(7), 1382-1384, 2005-07-01


  • 発振器のスペクトル拡がりに基づく線形受動回路網のQファクタの定式化

    大平 孝

    1ポートあるいは2ポートの能動デバイスおよび受動回路網からなる発振器のスペクトル拡がりの表現式をデバイス雑音と線形回路方程式から導出する.受動回路部分のQファクタをZ行列も用いてどのように定義すべきかを解析的に示す.定式化の結果,1)デバイスから発生するRF雑音が発振周波数近傍で鋭利に選択され線形増幅されてスペクトル拡がりを引き起こす,2)スペクトル拡がりは発振周波数を中心として上下両側波帯に対称 …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告. MW, マイクロ波 104(462), 61-66, 2004-11-25


  • 発振器のスペクトル拡がりに基づく線形受動回路網のQファクタの定式化

    大平 孝

    1ポートあるいは2ポートの能動デバイスおよび受動回路網からなる発振器のスペクトル拡がりの表現式をデバイス雑音と線形回路方程式から導出する.受動回路部分のQファクタをZ行列も用いてどのように定義すべきかを解析的に示す.定式化の結果,1)デバイスから発生するRF雑音が発振周波数近傍で鋭利に選択され線形増幅されてスペクトル拡がりを引き起こす,2)スペクトル拡がりは発振周波数を中心として上下両側波帯に対称 …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告. ED, 電子デバイス 104(460), 61-66, 2004-11-25


  • トランジスタミューテータを用いた高周波バイカッド回路の一構成

    重広 孝則 , 大野 貴彦

    … The mutator is an active two-port linear network for transforming one type of nonlinear network element into another type. …

    広島工業大学研究紀要 (34), 15-21, 2000-02


  • ナコンシータマラートの拡大政策:1811-1839年


    … It was an important hub of Siamese trade-network and a port-polity which maintained the highest administrative rank in Siamese local administration since the Ayutthaya period.After the fall of Ayutthaya, the new Siamese dynasties of Thonburi and Ratanakosin, fundamentally kept the system of trade and former administrative practices of Ayutthaya intact. … However, in the last two decades of the eighteenth century, Nakhon Sii Thammarat confronted various new political and economic conditions. …

    東洋学報 / The Toyo Gakuho 80(4), 544-572, 1999-03


  • Stability Conditions of Two Port Networks Considering Load Conditions

    MIWA Yoshihiro

    … The purpose of this letter is to investigate the stability conditions of the active two port networks having some restrictions on load and source terminations, and then they have been obtained. …

    IEICE transactions on electronics 81(6), 953-958, 1998-06-25


  • 幕末期から第2次大戦に至るわが国都市システムの発展過程

    森川 洋

    … Accordingly, the hierarchical structure of two strata can be recognized in the urban system in those days : national urban system due to the triple centers and the regional and local urban systems in clan territories. … The latter usually consisted of smaller areas with castle towns as a center than in the present prefectural areas.<BR>Since the Meiji Restauration in 1868 the free economic competition has become active among cities or towns. …

    地學雜誌 106(1), 10-30, 1997

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  • Stability of Terminated Two Port Networks

    MIWA Yoshihiro

    … The purpose of this letter is to investigate the stability of the active two port networks having some restrictions on load and source terminations, and the stability conditions having two inequalities have been obtained. …

    IEICE transactions on electronics 79(8), 1171-1176, 1996-08-25

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  • Source Localization with Network Inversion Using an Answer-in Weights Scheme

    OGAWA Takehiko , KAMEYAMA Keisuke , KUC Roman , KOSUGI Yukio

    … A new neural network for locating a source by integrating data from a number of sensors is considered. … The network gives a solution for inverse problems using a back-propagation algorithm with the architecture to get the solution in the inter-layer weights in a coded form. … Three different physical quantities are applied to the network, since the scheme has three independent ports; …

    IEICE transactions on information and systems 79(5), 608-619, 1996-05-25

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  • Stability conditions of terminated two-port networks


    … The stability of a terminated two-port network is investigated, and the stability conditions with only one inequality are obtained. … Furthermore, the stability conditions with two inequalities, which are in the same form as those for the passive terminations known at the present time, are also obtained. …

    IEICE Trans. Electron. E77-C(9), 1528-1531, 1994


  • Stability of an active two port network in terms of S parameters

    MIWA Y.

    … The stability conditions and stability factors of terminated active two port networks are investigated. … They are expressed with the S parameters of active devices and the radii and centers of the circles defined by source and load terminations. …

    IEICE Trans. Electron. E77-C(3), 498-509, 1994