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  • Functional involvement of nucleus tractus solitarii neurons projecting to the parabrachial nucleus in trigeminal neuropathic pain

    Okada Shinji , Katagiri Ayano , Saito Hiroto , Lee Jun , Ohara Kinuyo , Iinuma Toshimitsu , Iwata Koichi

    … This study investigated functional involvement in dorsal paratrigeminal nucleus (dPa5) and nucleus tractus solitarii (NTS) neurons projecting to the parabrachial nucleus (PBN) after trigeminal nerve injury. … The present findings suggest that enhanced noxious inputs from the NTS to the PBN after trigeminal nerve injury modulates PBN neuron activity, which accompanies the affective components of orofacial neuropathic pain.</p> …

    Journal of Oral Science 61(2), 370-378, 2019

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  • Role of yone and deshoo in the Construction of Social Actions : From an Epistemic and Affective Point of View

    ナズキアン 富美子 , Fumiko NAZIKIAN

    ニューヨーク・コロンビア大日本語話者が頻繁に相手に同意・確認を求めたり表明したりしながらインターアクションを行うことは多くの研究で指摘されている。同意・確認表明はインターアクションにおいて引き込みを促す機能であるが,そのメカニズは十分に解明されているとは言えない。本研究では文末に使用される「よね」と「でしょう」に焦点を当て,認識的観点から両者の意味的違いを分析し,さらにその違いが実際の自然会話にお …

    国立国語研究所論集 (16), 35-50, 2018-10

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  • Radio as a Medium for Empathy Based Inter-Regional Community Development : An Action Research Approach  [in Japanese]

    長津 結一郎 , 髙坂 葉月 , 中村 美亜 , 尾本 章

    … Empathy for local issues, as felt by the radio host, emerged as an important factor influencing listener involvement. … Through this research, the potentiality of radio was demonstrated as an affective medium for interregional community development. …

    芸術工学研究 (26/27), 65-78, 2018-01-22

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  • Involvement of the nitrergic system in the proconvulsant effect of social isolation stress in male mice

    Imran Khan Muhammad , Nikoui Vahid , Ahmad Jamal , Ahmad Bashir , Dehpour Ahmad-Reza

    … We aimed to evaluate if 4 weeks of SIS is capable of decreasing seizure threshold along with altering affective and neuroendocrine responses in isolated conditioned (IC) animals in comparison with socially conditioned (SC) animals. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO3-1-25, 2018


  • The analysis of anxiety- and depression-related behaviors in neuropathic pain of mice - possible involvement of brain inflammation

    Hisaoka-Nakashima Kazue , Tomimura Yoshiaki , Yoshii Toshiki , Zhang Fang Fang , Nakamura Yoki , Liu Keyue , Nishibori Masahiro , Nakata Yoshihiro , Morioka Norimitsu

    … <p><b>Back ground</b>: Several reports have demonstrated a frequent association of chronic pain in humans with affective disorders, such as anxiety and depression. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO2-2-15, 2018


  • Delineating the neural basis of cognitive and affective empathy in adult women during a novel facial assessment and observation task  [in Japanese]

    Yamaguchi Ryousuke , Miyamoto Reiko

    <p>共感は, 認知的共感と情動的共感に分類され, それぞれが補足し合って共感機能を担っている。本研究では, 同一刺激だが異なる教示条件を用いて, 認知的共感と情動的共感の神経基盤の相違点を明らかにすることを目的とした。右利きの健常成人女性16名を対象に快感情が喚起される顔写真を見る条件 (情動的共感) と, 提示された人の感情を想像する条件 (認知的共感) を施行中の脳活動を, 機能 …

    Japanese Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology 46(6), 567-577, 2018

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  • Relationship between parenting stress and family functioning recognized by mothers of young children with asthma  [in Japanese]

    Hashi Shinobu

    <p> 【目的】喘息をもつ幼児の母親が認識する育児ストレスと家族機能および社会的背景との関連を明らかにする.</p><p> 【方法】病院, クリニック, 自助グループにて, 喘息または喘息性気管支炎をもつ未就学児の母親に自記式質問紙への回答, 回答後の郵送を依頼した. 調査内容は, 基本属性, 喘息の状態, 家族機能, 育児ストレスであった.</p> …

    Nihon Shoni Arerugi Gakkaishi. The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology 32(2), 241-248, 2018

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  • The Influence of Affective Traits and Psychological Independence on the Learning Motivation of our Undergraduates : Assuming Involvement of Habitual Sports Activities  [in Japanese]

    水落 文夫 , 田中 輝海 , 金野 潤 , 竹内 雅明 , 菅野 慎太郎 , 佐藤 秀明

    桜文論叢 93, 203-225, 2017-02

  • How Reading Motivation Enhancement Is Related to Reading Fluency : An Analysis in 10-Minute Extensive Reading

    SHIRONO Hiroshi

    … One is to investigate if written feedback has effects on affective factors (reading motivation) and cognitive factors (reading speed, reading comprehension and accumulated words read). … The recipients of the motivation enhancing involvement improved the relationship with the instructors, developed appreciation for reading, improved the reading speed and increased the total number of words read. …

    名古屋学院大学論集. 言語・文化篇 = Journal of Nagoya Gakuin University 28(1), 69-84, 2016

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  • Effect of GBR12909 on affective behavior: Distinguishing motivational behavior from antidepressant-like and addiction-like behavior using the runway model of intracranial self-stimulation

    Esumi Satoru , Sagara Hidenori , Nakamoto Akihiko , Kawasaki Yoichi , Gomita Yutaka , Sendo Toshiaki

    … Objective: To elucidate the involvement of dopamine uptake inhibition in motivated behavior and the difference in experimental characteristics between closely related experimental models, we investigated the effects of the dopamine uptake inhibitor GBR12909 in the runway ICSS model, in the forced swimming test (FST), and on conditioned place preference (CPP). …

    Behavioural Brain Research (243), 313-321, 2013-04-15


  • A Practical Case Study of Panel Evaluations for Vehicle Design Development

    KOYAMA Noboru , YAMASHITA Mikio , YOSHIDA Satoshi

    In prior research (Reference 1), I surveyed and compared several aspects of the panel evaluation system in today's Japanese, American and European automotive industries, including the operation of the …

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 12(2), 349-354, 2013


  • Transition of Structure and Business Area of Design Organization, and Design Management for Japanese Electric Manufacturers

    KITANI Yoji , FUJITO Mikio , SAKAMOTO Kazuko , KAWARABAYASHI Keiichiro

    … (Especially the expansion for initial stage of upstream was larger) Furthermore, it was characterized as a conceptual portion for technological area or a level of involvement for initial stage of technological area was principally increased. …

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 12(2), 285-290, 2013


  • Role of Kansei Experience for the Active Use of ICT among the Elderly

    HASHIZUME Ayako , KUROSU Masaaki

    … In the diagram, such factors as the motivation for using mobile phone, the active involvement to the communication and the mobile phone literacy were regarded as three principal components. …

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 12(2), 111-117, 2013


  • The relationships among occupational and organizational commitment, human relations in the workplace, and well-being in nurses  [in Japanese]

    Sawada Tadayuki

    … This study examined the relationship among human relations in the workplace, job involvement, affective commitment and continuance commitment with occupational and organizational commitment, and well-being. … Path analysis showed that human relations in the workplace directly influenced job involvement and affective commitment both to the occupation and to the organization. …

    The Japanese journal of psychology 84(5), 468-476, 2013


  • Relationship between caregiving-related daily hassles and tendency of neglect in the family caregivers of elderly  [in Japanese]

    Kirino Masafumi , Nakashima Nozomi , Matsumoto Keiko , Lee Ji-hee , Okabe Kazumitsu , Nakajima Kazuo

    本研究は,高齢者虐待の予防に向けた基礎資料を得ることをねらいに,在宅で高齢者を介護する家族を対象に,彼らの性差を考慮した上で,介護関連デイリー・ハッスルと介護放任傾向の関連性について検討することを目的とした。調査は,訪問看護ステーションを利用する家族介護者705名を対象とし,調査項目は要介護者の属性,家族介護者の属性,介護関連デイリー・ハッスル,介護放任傾向を使用した。回収された283名のデータの …

    The Journal of Japan Academy of Health Sciences 15(2), 71-80, 2012

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  • Place Attachment of Fans and Sports Spectator Behavior in Professional Sports

    NINOMIYA Hiroaki

    … Place attachment is a concept that explains the emotional or affective bonds between a person and a particular place. … Three spectator types were identified by involvement level: high - medium - low involvement spectators. … The findings of analysis for the three subgroups include the following: high involvement spectators have place identity, and place dependence that is higher than medium and low involvement spectators. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Sports Industry 20(1), 97-107, 2010


  • Educational approaches which address the affective domain in education for physical therapist  [in Japanese]

    Kataoka Shin-ichiro , Aso Emi , Nakano Tadashi , Nakamata Emi

    Journal of Kansai University of Welfare Sciences (14), 187-201, 2010

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  • Consumer Awareness and Information Search Behavior for Small Factory-made Cheese  [in Japanese]

    Wakabayashi Katsufumi

    本稿の目的は,工房製チーズの消費者購買意思決定過程の特徴を明らかにし,その広告コミュニケーションのあり方を提示することである.分析の結果,次の点が明らかとなった.まず,工房製チーズの認知過程は,再生によるケースがごくわずかで,ほとんどが再認によって認知されていること,なかでも再認後にカテゴリ・ニーズが喚起されるケース(衝動買い)が40%前後を占めていることが特徴として挙げられた.このことから,認知 …

    Agricultural Information Research 18(1), 8-16, 2009

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  • Do volunteer teaching assistants recruited from native speakers help to increase the effectiveness of language teaching?

    Azuma Yoko , 東 陽子

    本論は、著者が1995年から海外の大学の日本語教育現場に導入した母語話者ボランティアTAの活用に関して、その有効性を言語習得論の立場から検証し、考察を加えたものである。その結果、クラス内におけるTAの参加は、学習者のアフェクティプフィルターを下げ、発話力及び総合的な算出力を高める効果がある事が判った。さらに、学習者とTA間のインターラクションは、学習者の文化及び社会-の関心を増強させると共に、学習 …

    Bulletin of International Student Center, The University of the Ryukyus (5), 35-50, 2008-03


  • A study of family functioning in hikikomori (social withdrawal)

    Koshiba Yoriko

    … The seven subcategories of the FAD [Problem Solving (PS), Communication (CM), Roles (RL), Affective Responsiveness (AR), Affective Involvement (AI), Behavior Control (BC) and General Functioning (GF)] were analyzed by a multiple comparison test. …

    Journal of health sciences, Hiroshima University 6(2), 95-101, 2007-09

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