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  • Awareness of Complications of Dental Treatment in Patients Treated with Drugs Affecting the Immune System : A Nationwide Questionnaire Survey of Dental Practitioners in Japan

    Hitomi Nishizaki , Yoshinari Morimoto , Yamada Shin-ichi , Kurita Hiroshi , Tanaka Akira , Yamaguchi Akira , Miyata Masaru , Yoshikawa Hiromasa , Yanamoto Souichi , Imai Yutaka

    … The aim of this study was to investigate the awareness and experience, among dental practitioners, of adverse events resulting from dental treatment of patients undergoing therapy with drugs that affect the immune system [angiogenesis inhibitors, biological agents, immunosuppressants, and disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs)]. … Questionnaires were sent to 2,050 dentists, of which 206 (10.1%) were completed and returned. …

    Acta Medica Okayama 75(2), 115-123, 2021-04

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  • Rejecting the Post-Westphalian Order: Rapprochement with the Anarchistic Norm

    ミラー リチャード , Richard Miller

    … However, the early 21st century has seen a rejection of the "New World Order", with movements towards a return to an anarchistic, more traditional order. … While the expectations of the liberal order were at its peak just after the collapse of the USSR and Francis Fukuyama declared "The End of History," the events of September 11, 2001 marked a sharp turn in the world's hegemonic power away from institutions and systems that provided transnational governance. …

    Hirao School of Management Review = Hirao School of Management Review (11), 25-45, 2021-03-31

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  • Factors Behind the Ibasho: Focusing on the needs and behaviors related to group adaptation  [in Japanese]

    岡本 咲来 , 古川 善也 , 増田 成美 , 上手 由香

    … In this study, we hypothesized that the psychological Ibasho, which arises in relationships with others, is a sense of unconditional affirmation of one's true self and an adaptive sense of being needed by others. … The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of individual desires and behaviors on Ibasho in order to obtain an understanding of how they functioned. …

    広島大学心理学研究 (20), 83-98, 2021-03-31

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  • Relationships between academic performance and personality traits  [in Japanese]

    安井 菜穂美 , 三浦 健 , 中村 一基 , Naomi YASUI , Takeshi MIURA , Kazuki NAKAMURA

    … The purpose of the present study is to examine the relationship between academic performance and personality traits, such as the Big Five personality inventory, and the AMAE scale. … Amae, a Japanese word, means "to depend and presume upon anotherʼs benevolence of others" is culturally unique to Japanese. … The AMAE scale constitutes 4 subscales:AMAE-Desire, AMAE-Acceptance, AMAE-Contortion, and AMAE-Rejection. …

    武庫川女子大学紀要 (68), 63-68, 2021-03-12

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  • The Relations of Explicit and Implicit Shyness with Cultural Self-Construal and Rejection Avoidance  [in Japanese]

    稲垣 勉 , 澤海 崇文 , 澄川 采加

    「対人場面において生じ,社会的不安と対人的抑制という特徴を持つ,情動的かつ行動的な症候群(相川,1991)」と定義されるシャイネス(shyness)の測定には,これまで自己報告式の尺度が広く使用されてきた。しかし,近年は自己報告によらない潜在的な測定手法であるImplicitAssociation Test(IAT)を用いた測定も盛んになっており,シャイネスにも応用されている。これまで,IATによ …

    鹿児島大学教育学部研究紀要. 教育科学編 = Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Kagoshima University. Studies in education (72), 193-200, 2021-03


  • Effect of gamification and effects of praise-seeking and rejection avoidance motivations: a moderated mediation analysis  [in Japanese]

    HAMADA Shunya

    本研究は、ゲーミフィケーションが活用されたサービスのユーザーの、サービスに対する「ロイヤリティ」の形成過程の検証を目的として、コミュニティ機能や外部 SNS 連携機能を含むゲームの仕組みが備わった学習支援サービスのユーザー調査を行った。分析の結果、サービスへの「知覚価値」による「ロイヤリティ」への正の影響(直接効果)と共に「ゲーミフィケーションへの満足」の媒介効果が確認され(部分媒介)、「ゲーミフ …

    Journal of Digital Games Research 14(1), 33-44, 2021


  • Bitter Taste Perception in Chickens

    Kawabata Fuminori , Tabata Shoji

    … <p>Many behavioral studies and histological analyses of the sense of taste have been conducted in chickens, as it plays an important role in the ingestion of feed. … In recent years, various taste receptors have been analyzed, and the functions of fatty acids, umami, and bitter taste receptors in chickens have become clear. … Chickens have taste buds in the palate, the base of the oral cavity, and the root of the tongue. …

    The Journal of Poultry Science, 2021


  • A 1.8-nW sub-1-V self-biased sub-bandgap reference for low-power systems

    Hu Jinlong , Liang Ke , Wang Jin , Li Guofeng

    and <i>V</i><sub>TH</sub>, a novel self-biased circuit configuration with a combination of a parasitic BJT and MOSFETs is employed to achieve a temperature-compensated sub-bandgap voltage reference with nanowatt power dispassion. … The line regulation (LR) is 0.26%/V in a supply voltage range of 0.9 V to 1.8 V at 27 ℃, and the power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) is -49 dB at 100 Hz. …

    IEICE Electronics Express, 2021


  • Robust Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Based on Noise Fuzzy Clustering Mechanism and Application to Environmental Observation Data Analysis

    HONDA Katsuhiro , UENO Masaaki , UBUKATA Seiki , NOTSU Akira

    <p>観測値行列を非負の因子行列に分解する非負値行列分解(Non-negative Matrix Factorization:NMF)は,大気中の汚染物質の発生源分析などで活用されているが,最小2乗原理に基づいた更新モデルになっていることから,ノイズ観測の影響を強く受ける欠点がある.本論文では,ノイズファジィクラスタリングにおけるノイズ除去機構をNMFに融合することにより,ロバストな非 …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 33(2), 593-599, 2021


  • Accuracy Enhancement of GNSS/INS Positioning in Dense Urban Environments with NLOS Signal Rejection based on Geometric Model  [in Japanese]

    Takayama Yoji , Urakubo Takateru , Tominaga Takaki , Tamaki Hisashi

    … <p>In this paper, we propose a NLOS (Non-Line-Of-Sight) signal rejection method to improve the positioning accuracy of integrated GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and INS (Inertial Navigation System) system for a vehicle in dense urban environments. …

    Transactions of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers 34(2), 37-46, 2021


  • A case of isolated total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage type IIa: a dilated coronary sinus was the key finding to determine the fetal diagnosis  [in Japanese]

    YAMAZAKI Asako , DOI Shigeharu , KAWATAKI Motoyoshi

    <p>総肺静脈還流異常(Total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage: TAPVD)は胎児診断が最も難しい先天異常のひとつであるが,病型によっては出生後すぐに手術をすることが児の予後に大きく関わることが知られており,胎児診断が非常に重要である.今回,胎児スクリーニングで冠状静脈洞拡大をきっかけにTAPVD type Ⅱa型の診断に至った症例を経験し …

    Choonpa Igaku 48(3), 127-132, 2021


  • Controlling Cell Dynamics by Cell-surface Modification  [in Japanese]

    Higuchi Yuriko , Takafuji Yoshimasa

    … The surface manipulation of living cells represents a powerful tool for controlling cell behaviors in the body, such as enhancement of cell-cell interactions, targeted delivery of cells, and protection from immunological rejection. … Functional groups, including amines, thiols, and carbonyls, offer excellent opportunities for chemical modification through the formation of covalent bonds with exogenous molecules. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 141(5), 661-665, 2021


  • A Context to Inhibit Superior Legitimization of the Concerned Party in an NIMBY Problem: Presentation of Future Generations in "Who & Why Game" Focusing on a High-Level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility  [in Japanese]

    NONAMI Hiroshi , OHTOMO Shoji , SAKAMOTO Go , TASHIRO Yutaka , AOKI Toshiaki

    … This can be an irrational judgement because the enhancement of the public good that NIMBY facilities can achieve may be undermined by the rejection of the concerned party (e.g., local residents). … Such a context will inhibit the superiority of legitimacy of a certain concerned party and increase the legitimacy of a government agency to balance the interests of the parties. …

    Japanese Journal of Risk Analysis 30(3), 161-175, 2021


  • A Simple and Compact Planar Balun with Slit Ground

    SUGA Ryosuke , OSHIMA Kazuto , UWANO Tomoki

    … <p>In this paper, a planar balun having simple and compact features with slit ground was proposed. … The operating frequency can be designed by the length and position of the defected ground slits. … The 20 dB bandwidth of the common mode rejection ratio of the measuring balun was over 90%.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics, 2021


  • Association between Stalking-Related Behavior after Facing Rejection and Communication Skills: Testing Hypothesized Model Using <i>Urami</i> as Mediator  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Takuro

    and communication skills. … As variables related to SRB, three factors were investigated: the frequency of SRB, the persistency of SRB and the variation of types of SRB exhibited. … As variables of communication skills, six factors were investigated: expressivity, assertiveness, decipherer ability, other acceptance, self-control, and regulation of interpersonal relationships. …

    The Japanese Journal of Criminal Psychology 58(2), 19-33, 2021


  • Comparison between Variance and Edge Methods for Measuring Image Resolution Properties in Digital Mammography  [in Japanese]

    Matsubayashi Yukiko , Hamano Mizuki , Ishii Rie , Kitagawa Kaoru , Ishii Mie , Sanada Taizo , Yoshida Akira

    … <p>We studied the image resolution properties in digital mammography using the variance and edge response function methods. … The associated measurements were made using a polymethylmethacrylate phantom of 0–40 mm thickness while maintaining the incident dose to the detector constant, as well as with and without using the phantom but by varying the level of exposure to the detector. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 77(2), 182-190, 2021


  • Regenerative therapy in pediatric tracheal disorder  [in Japanese]

    Kawami Akio , Fuchimoto Yasushi

    <p>気道再建の方法は現在までに様々な報告がなされている. これらにおいて1)自家異所性組織, 2)組織工学気管, 3)同種気管, などが移植に用いられている. 有効性を示す実験結果はいくつかあるものの, 臨床的にも確立された方法, ことに小児気道狭窄に対する治療法として満足する結果を得たものはない. 本総説では気道修復に関するこれまでの試みと将来展望を述べる. 我々はミニブタを利用し …

    Organ Biology 28(1), 52-58, 2021


  • A Differential on Chip Oscillator with 1.47-μs Startup Time and 3.3-ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient of Frequency

    ZHANG Guoqiang , CAO Lingjin , YAYAMA Kosuke , KATSUSHIMA Akio , MIKI Takahiro

    … <p>A differential on chip oscillator (OCO) is proposed in this paper for low supply voltage, high frequency accuracy and fast startup. … The differential architecture helps the OCO achieve a good power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) without using a regulator so as to make the OCO suitable for a low power supply voltage of 1.38V. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E104.A(2), 499-505, 2021


  • Long-Term Outcomes of Cadaveric Lobar Lung Transplantation: An Important Surgical Option

    Inci Ilhan , Schuurmans Mace M. , Caviezel Claudio , Hillinger Sven , Opitz Isabelle , Schneiter Didier , Weder Walter

    … Controversial short- and long-term outcomes following L-LTx have been reported compared to full-sized lung transplantation (F-LTx). … This study reports long-term outcomes after L-LTx.</p><p>Methods: We reviewed patients undergoing lung transplantation (LTx) between 2000 and 2016. … The decision to perform L-LTx was made based mainly on donor–recipient height discrepancy and visual assessment of donor lungs. …

    Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 2021


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