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  • Spin Dynamics in Noncollinear Magnets and Its Application to Antiferromagnetic Spintronics  [in Japanese]

    有田 亮太郎

    シミュレーション = Journal of the Japan Society for Simulation Technology 39(1), 6-11, 2020-03

  • Diffusion Mechanisms of Hydrogen in Metals Explored via Path-Integral Methods  [in Japanese]

    Kimizuka Hajime , Ogata Shigenobu , Shiga Motoyuki

    <p>水素は元素のうちで最も軽く量子性が強いため,金属中に導入された場合,他の不純物原子と比べて種々の特異な性質・挙動を示す.その中の一つに水素の拡散がある.通常,軽い同位体は重いものよりも速く物質内を拡散する.しかし,これは水素の場合には必ずしも当てはまらない.実際,面心立方構造を有するパラジウム,銅,ニッケル中の水素同位体(軽水素,重水素,三重水素)の拡散係数の測定値は特異な同位体 …

    Butsuri 75(8), 484-490, 2020


  • Impacts of Seasonal Transitions of ENSO on Atmospheric River Activity over East Asia

    NAOI Moeka , KAMAE Youichi , UEDA Hiroaki , MEI Wei

    中緯度の細い水蒸気輸送帯は大気の川と呼ばれ、東アジアにしばしば重大な社会・経済的影響をもたらす。夏季東アジアにおける大気の川の活動は、先行する冬季エルニーニョの発達に大きく左右される一方で、冬季から夏季にかけてのENSOの季節的な遷移が大気の川の活動にどの程度影響するのかは、明らかになっていない。本研究では、大気再解析と高解像度大気大循環モデルによるアンサンブル実験の結果を用いて、ENSOの季節的 …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 98(3), 655-668, 2020


  • Heavy Precipitation over Southwestern Japan during the Baiu Season due to Abundant Moisture Transport from Synoptic-Scale Atmospheric Conditions

    Sugimoto Shiori

    … <p>Heavy precipitation frequently occurs over Kyushu, southwestern Japan, during the Baiu season, and abundant moisture transport is a key driving factor. … To statistically understand the intensification of moisture transport to Kyushu during the Baiu season, synoptic-scale atmospheric conditions are examined using a composite analysis of reanalysis data. …

    SOLA 16(0), 17-22, 2020


  • Light-induced anomalous Hall effect in massless Dirac fermion systems and topological insulators with dissipation

    佐藤 駿丞 , Shunsuke SATO , P Tang , M A Sentef , U De Giovannini , H Hübener , A Rubio

    … Employing the quantum Liouville equation with phenomenological dissipation, we investigate the transport properties of massless and massive Dirac fermion systems that mimics graphene and topological insulators, respectively. … We further compute the Hall transport property of the massive Dirac fermion system with an intrinsic Hall effect in order to investigate the interplay of the intrinsic topological contribution and the extrinsic light-induced population contribution. …

    New Journal of Physics 21(9), 093005, 2019-09


  • Magnetic and magneto-transport properties of Mn4N thin films by Ni substitution and their possibility of magnetic compensation

    都甲 薫 , 末益 崇 , Taro Komori , Toshiki Gushi , Akihito Anzai , Laurent Vila , Jean-Philippe Attané , Stefania Pizzini , Jan Vogel , Shinji Isogami , Kaoru TOKO , Takashi SUEMASU

    … The magnetic and magneto-transport properties of 30-nm-thick epitaxial Mn4−xNixN films (x = 0, 0.1, 0.25, and 0.5) were investigated. … Remarkably, the sign of the anomalous Hall resistivity changed in the samples between x = 0.1 and 0.25. …

    Journal of applied physics 125(21), 213902, 2019-06


  • Effects of negative ions on discharge characteristics of water plasma source for a miniature microwave discharge ion thruster

    Nakamura Kengo , Koizumi Hiroyuki , Nakano Masakatsu , Takao Yoshinori

    … On the one hand, the simulation results indicate that H2O+ is the dominant species and the negative ions have little effect on the positive ion density and transport. … On the other hand, this study confirms the axial oscillation of the OH− negative ion density, in addition to azimuthal rotation, causing plasma instability with a periodic low-frequency anomalous diffusion. … These fluctuations have an influence on electron transport across the magnetic field. …

    Physics of plasmas 26(4), 043508, 2019-04-12


  • Anomalous Ionic Transport at Interfaces in Solid-state Batteries  [in Japanese]

    高田 和典

    Ceramics Japan = セラミックス : bulletin of the Ceramic Society of Japan 54(4), 254-257, 2019-04

  • Anomalous Transport Properties in BiS2-based Superconductors LnO1−xFxBiS2 (Ln = Nd, La-Sm)

    IWASAKI Sho , KAWAI Yoshiki , TAKAHASHI Shotaro , SUDA Takaya , WANG Ying , KOSHINO Yasunori , OGURA Fumiya , SHIBAYAMA Yoshiyuki , KUROSAWA Toru , ODA Migaku , IDO Masayuki , MOMONO Naoki

    … We report the electronic properties of the layered bismuth-based sulfide superconductors NdO1−xFxBiS2 (x = 0.25, 0.4, and 0.5) and La1−ySmyO0.5F0.5BiS2 (y = 0.1–0.7), which have been studied by investigation of their transport properties and X-ray diffraction. …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 88(4), 041005-1-10, 2019-04

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  • Carrier transport property in anomalous photovoltaic effect in the mixture of ferroelectric liquid crystals and fullerene derivative  [in Japanese]

    Mori Yuki , Funahashi Masahiro , Seki Athushi

    … Hole transport characteristics of mixtures were almost same as those of the pure compound 1. …

    Proceedings of Japanese Liquid Crystal Society Annual meeting 2019(0), PB62, 2019


  • Predictions of Plasma Behavior Due to Pellet Injection for Future Thailand Tokamak

    PROMPING Jiraporn , WISITSORASAK Apiwat , CHATTHONG Boonyarit , SANGAROON Siriyaporn , PICHA Roppon , FUKUYAMA Atsushi

    … In the core area, the anomalous transport is computed by either the theory-based current diffusive ballooning mode (CDBM) model or the Multi-Mode-95 (MMM95) model. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 14(0), 3403154-3403154, 2019


  • Transport Properties of the Room Temperature Ferromagnetic Topological Insulator MnTe/(Bi<sub>1-x</sub>Sb<sub>x</sub>)<sub>2</sub>Te<sub>3</sub>  [in Japanese]

    Takashiro T. , Hasegawa S. , Akiyama R. , Kibirev I. A. , Matetskiy A. V. , Toyama H. , Nakanishi R. , Hiwatari K. , Zotov A. V. , Saranin A. A.

    <p>強磁性のトポロジカル絶縁体(TI)では、表面ディラックバンドのディラック点でギャップが開き、そこにフェルミ準位(<i>E</i><sub>F</sub>)が位置すると試料端に無散逸なカイラルエッジ伝導が期待される(量子異常ホール効果:QAHE)。我々は試料の<i>E</i><sub>F</s …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2019(0), 3Ha01S, 2019


  • Comparisons of the Plasma Performance of Future Thailand Tokamak using Various External Heating Schemes

    BUARUK Suphachok , MAKMOOL Thanaphan , PROMPING Jiraporn , ONJUN Thawatchai , SANGAROON Siriyaporn , WISITSORASAK Apiwat , GARCIA Jeronimo , CHATTHONG Boonyarit

    … The code consists of a 1D transport solver with general 2D magnetic equilibria, and includes several heat, particle and impurities transport models as well as heat, particle and momentum sources. … In this work, a combination of a mixed Bohm/gyro-Bohm anomalous transport model and an NCLASS neoclassical transport model are used to calculate plasma core diffusivities. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 14(0), 3403153-3403153, 2019


  • Modeling of Heat Pulse Propagation During TESPEL Injection into the LHD Plasma

    SERGEEV Vladimir Yu. , DNESTROVSKIY Alexei Yu. , FROLOV Vasiliy E. , PUSTOVITOV Vladimir D. , TAMURA Naoki

    … <p>Anomalous transport is a paradigm for analysis of both Power Balance (PB) and Heat Pulse Propagation (HPP) in magnetically confined plasmas including so called non-local transport (NLT) phenomena (core heating as a reaction on the edge cooling). … First results of numerical modeling of the electron heat transport by the ASTRA code confirm the viability of this approach.</p> …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 14(0), 3402121-3402121, 2019


  • Anomalous Moisture Transport and Oceanic Evaporation during a Torrential Rainfall Event over Western Japan in Early July 2018

    Sekizawa Shion , Miyasaka Takafumi , Nakamura Hisashi , Shimpo Akihiko , Takemura Kazuto , Maeda Shuhei

    … Linear decompositions of the anomalous moisture flux and surface latent heat flux anomalies applied to the high-resolution data reveal that the intensified speed of the low-level southerlies was the primary factor for the pronounced enhancement of both the moisture transport into the heavy rainfall region, especially in its western portion, and evaporation around the Kuroshio into the southerlies. …

    SOLA 15A(0), 25-30, 2019


  • Helium line emission spectroscopy in recombining detached plasmas

    Kajita Shin , Suzuki Kensuke , Tanaka Hirohiko , Ohno Noriyasu

    … The influence of the transport of metastable atoms is also discussed. … Additionally, anomalous characteristics of the LIR method were revealed in hydrogen helium mixture plasmas when the temperature was in the range of 1–4 eV. …

    Physics of Plasmas 25(6), 063303, 2018-06-15


  • Evaluation of Optoelectronic Properties of Perovskite Solar Cell by Microwave Spectroscopy  [in Japanese]

    Saeki Akinori


    Journal of The Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan 81(4), 338-343, 2018


  • Precise transport measurements of the quantum anomalous Hall effect in Cr-doped (Bi,Sb)2Te3 magnetic topological insulator  [in Japanese]

    Okazaki Y. , Kawasaki M. , Tokura Y. , Kaneko N. -H. , Oe T. , Kawamura M. , Yoshimi R. , Nakamura S. , Takada S. , Mogi M. , Takahashi K. S. , Tsukazaki A.

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 73.2(0), 749-749, 2018


  • Research of anomalous fast ions transport using fast ions profile control in a helical plasma  [in Japanese]

    Azegami Akira , Yamaguchi Hiroyuki , Fujiwara Yutaka , Kamio Shuji , Nagaoka Ken'ichi , Osakabe Masaki , Isobe Mitsutaka , Ogawa Kunihiro , Yamamoto Satoshi , Nagasaki Kazunobu , Seki Ryosuke , Nuga Hideo

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 73.1(0), 829-829, 2018


  • Anomalous transport phenomena with time-fractional derivatives  [in Japanese]

    Machida Manabu

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 73.1(0), 2817-2817, 2018


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