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  • Assessing the link between endorsing attitudes justifying partner abuse and reproductive health care utilization among women in Lao PDR

    Manivong Dasavanh , Rahman Mosiur , Nakamura Keiko , Seino Kaoruko

    … Evidence from developing countries on the association between women's endorsement of attitudes justifying partner abuse and their use of reproductive health services is suggestive but inconclusive. … This study uses a nationally representative dataset from Lao PDR to provide strong evidence for the relationship between women's endorsement of attitudes justifying partner abuse and use of reproductive health services.</p><p><b>Methods:</b> …

    Journal of Rural Medicine 13(2), 124-133, 2018

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  • Core factors promoting a continuum of care for maternal, newborn, and child health in Japan

    Akashi Hidechika , Ishioka Miwa , Hagiwara Akiko , Akashi Rumiko , Osanai Yasuyo

    … <p>Providing a continuum of care (CoC) is important strategy for improving maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH). …

    BioScience Trends 12(1), 1-6, 2018

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  • A case of uterine rupture at 34 weeks' gestation prior to labor onset after laparoscopic myomectomy  [in Japanese]

    Watanabe Michiko , Miyauchi Akito , Suzuki Kohnosuke , Honda Michiko , Nakagawa Junko , Ando Kazumichi

    … Recently, the use of laparoscopic myomectomy (LM) is increasing. … Antenatal follow-up at another clinic was uneventful until she presented with intense and abrupt abdominal pain and vomiting at 34 weeks of pregnancy. … The infant was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit because of the low birth weight. …


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  • Developing the Japanese "HUG (Help-Understanding-Guidance) Your Baby" program  [in Japanese]

    IIDA Mariko , SHIMPUKU Yoko , TANIMOTO Kimie , MATSUNAGA Mayumi , HORIUCHI Shigeko

    <p>HUG(Help-Understanding-Guidance)Your Baby育児支援プログラム(以下HUGプログラム)は米国,ノースカロライナ州のファミリーナースプラクティショナーであるJan Tedder氏により開発されたプログラムである。このHUGプログラムは,新生児を家族に迎えたばかりの両親に分かりやすく新生児の行動を説明し,育児のスキルを伝え,両親が児の行動を正しく …

    Journal of Japan Academy of Midwifery 31(2), 187-194, 2017

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  • Undernutrition among children under 5 years of age in Yemen: Role of adequate childcare provided by adults under conditions of food insecurity

    Al-Sobaihi Saber , Nakamura Keiko , Kizuki Masashi

    … The impact of childcare including leaving children alone, putting older children into labor force, and the use of antenatal care while pregnant on child undernutrition was assessed and adjusted for food consumption by children, household composition, demographic and educational background of caretakers, and household wealth.</p><p><b>Results:</b> …

    Journal of Rural Medicine 11(2), 47-57, 2016

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  • The Effect of Home-Based Records on Maternal and Child Health Knowledge and Practices in Indonesia: Meta—analyses from the Indonesian Demographic and Health Surveys

    Baequni , Nakamura Yasuhide , Badriah Fase

    … <b>Objectives</b><BR>  The objective of the study was to analyze the effects of home-based records on pregnancy, delivery, and child health care in Indonesia.<BR><b>Methods </b><BR>  The data were obtained from women who had children under 5 years old at the time of the collection of the 2002, 2007, and 2012 Indonesia Demographic and Health Surveys. …

    Kokusai Hoken Iryo (Journal of International Health) 31(2), 87-97, 2016


  • Factors affecting maternal healthcare utilization in Afghanistan: secondary analysis of Afghanistan Health Survey 2012

    Muhammad Shuaib Shahram , Hamajima Nobuyuki , Reyer Joshua A.

    … The study found that 54.0% of mothers used antenatal care (ANC) at least one time, and 47.4% of births were assisted by skilled birth attendants (SBA). … Adjusted OR of ANC use was 2.74 (95% CI, 2.08–3.60) for urban residency, 1.69 (95% CI, 1.26–2.27) for primary education relative to no education, 3.94 (95% CI, 3.51–4.42) for knowledge on danger signs of pregnancy, and 1.78 (95% CI, 1.47–2.15) for television and radio relative to no exposure. …

    Nagoya Journal of Medical Science 77(4), 595-607, 2015-11

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  • Factors influencing contraceptive use among women in Afghanistan: secondary analysis of Afghanistan Health Survey 2012

    Ahmad Kamran Osmani , Reyer Joshua A. , Ahmad Reshad Osmani , Hamajima Nobuyuki

    … The increase in contraceptive use in Afghanistan has been frustratingly slow from 7.0% in 2003 to 11.3% in 2012. … Data on contraceptive use and influencing factors were obtained from Afghanistan Health Survey (AHS) 2012, which had been collected through interview-led questionnaire from 13,654 current married women aged 12–49 years. … Odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) of contraceptive use were estimated by logistic regression analysis. …

    Nagoya Journal of Medical Science 77(4), 551-561, 2015-11

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  • Determinants of utilisation of antenatal care and skilled birth attendant at delivery in South West Shoa Zone, Ethiopia: a cross sectional study.

    Wilunda Calistus , Quaglio Gianluca , Putoto Giovanni , Takahashi Risa , Calia Federico , Abebe Desalegn , Manenti Fabio , Dalla Riva Donata , Betrán Ana Pilar , Atzori Andrea

    … Attendance of at least four antenatal care (ANC) visits and delivery by a skilled birth attendant (SBA) are important in preventing maternal deaths. … Understanding the reasons behind the poor use of these services is important in designing strategies to address the problem. …

    Reproductive health (12), 2015-08-25


  • Inequalities in Use of Antenatal Care and Its Service Components in India

    Munuswamy Suresh , Nakamura Keiko , Seino Kaoruko , Kizuki Masashi

    … This study was performed to evaluate the use of individual components of antenatal care (ANC) services by pregnant women across India in addition to counting of ANC visits and then analyze differences according to state, socioeconomic condition, and access to health care services. … Differences in these outcomes according to 29 states, socioeconomic conditions, and access to health care services were examined. …

    Journal of Rural Medicine 9(1), 10-19, 2014

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    Chiang Chifa , Labeeb Shokria Adly , Higuchi Michiyo , Mohamed Asmaa Ghareeb , Aoyama Atsuko

    … This cross-sectional study examined potential demand-side barriers to women's use of basic health services in rural southern Egypt (Upper Egypt). … Face-to-face interviews with a structured questionnaire were carried out on 205 currently-married women, inquiring about their use of health facilities: regular antenatal care (ANC) during the last pregnancy and medical treatment services when they suffered from common illness. …

    Nagoya Journal of Medical Science 75(3-4), 225-231, 2013-08

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    … This research investigated the association between the household status of women and their use of maternal health services in rural Egypt. … Older ages at first marriage and higher education levels showed significant positive associations with the three outcome variables—regular antenatal care (ANC), deliveries attended by skilled health professionals, and deliveries at heath facilities—of the use of maternal health services. …

    Nagoya Journal of Medical Science 74(3-4), 233-240, 2012-08

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  • Development of a short version of wealth index and its application in research on maternal health knowledge and behavior  [in Japanese]

    Yanagisawa Satoko , Soyano Ayako , Igarashi Hisato , Hang Vuthy , Oum Sophal , Ura Midori

    <B>目的</B> : 開発途上国においては、家庭の収入を測定することは非常に困難である。家財所有を数えるwealth indexは収入の代替指標として用いられるが、質問項目が多いのが難点である。我々は、カンボジア農村に適応可能なwealth index短縮版を作成し、母親の知識および行動との関連を検討した。<BR><B>方法</B> : …

    Kokusai Hoken Iryo (Journal of International Health) 27(2), 141-149, 2012


  • Is Maternal and Child Health Handbook effective? : Meta-Analysis of the Effects of MCH Handbook

    Baequni , Nakamura Yasuhide

    … After the final selection, we identified only 5 documents with 43 question items in Indonesia (1999 and 2001), Bangladesh (2003), the Philippines (2009) and Cambodia (2010).<BR><B>Results:</B><BR>The relationship between MCHH and pregnancy care revealed that mothers who used MCHH during pregnancy had higher level of knowledge (OR 1.44, 95% CI: 1.22-1.70) than whose did not use MCHH during pregnancy. …

    Kokusai Hoken Iryo (Journal of International Health) 27(2), 121-127, 2012


  • A study of the factors affecting prenatal consultation of women living in a rural region of Morocco  [in Japanese]

    Shintani Sumiyo

    <B>目的</B><br>妊産婦死亡率が高いモロッコ王国では、その改善に向けた取り組みの一環として妊婦健診の普及が進められている。しかし農村部での受診率は低いままであるのが現状である。その理由はある程度考えられるものの、具体的な要因は明らかではない。そこで本研究では、当国一農村地域に住む女性たちの妊婦健診受診行動を規定する要因を検討することを目的とした。< …

    Kokusai Hoken Iryo (Journal of International Health) 26(4), 295-304, 2011


  • Ultrasound Evaluation of Fetal Brain Dysfunction Based on Behavioral Pattern  [in Japanese]

    MOROKUMA Seiichi

    … However, to date, no generalized antenatal screening system for fetal CNS function has been developed and validated. … However, use of this screening system is problematic for typical clinical practice. … An attempt was also made to initiate an antenatal screening system to discriminate those fetuses with compromised CNS function from the general population. …

    日本産科婦人科學會雜誌 62(12), 2459-2466, 2010-12-01

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  • Development, Field Testing and Potential Benefits of a Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Handbook In Bangladesh  [in Japanese]

    BHUIYAN Shafi Ullah

    …  In many countries, maternal and child health (MCH) handbooks help ensure the quality and continuity of health care for mothers and children. … In Bangladesh the main health communication tools currently in use, such as treatment cards, immunization cards, and antenatal and postnatal cards, support only one-way communication. …

    Kokusai Hoken Iryo (Journal of International Health) 24(2), 73-76, 2009


  • Improved Perinatal Health through Qualified Antenatal Care in Urban Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    NGY Mean-Heng , NAKAMURA Keiko , OHNISHI Mayumi , KIZUKI Masashi , SUYAMA Satoshi , SEINO Kaoruko , INOSE Tomoko , UMEZAKI Masahiro , WATANABE Masafumi , TAKANO Takehito

    … Objectives: The aim of this study is to examine the utilities of antenatal care with comprehensive health education qualified in Phnom Penh for the health of mothers and infants during perinatal and postpartum periods. … Participating in antenatal care with comprehensive health education at least three times was regarded as the use of “qualified antenatal care” …

    Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine 12(5), 193-201, 2007-09-01

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  • Introducing a Maternal Child Health Handbook in the Province of Dajabón, Dominican Republic: Prospects and Issues from the Perspectives of Sustainability and Replicability  [in Japanese]

    SHIMIZU Ikuko

    <b>方法・目的</b><br>ドミニカ共和国の北西、ハイチ国境沿いに位置するダハボン州において、保健省ダハボン州事務所と米州開発銀行(IDB)ジャパンプログラムは、母子保健向上パイロットプロジェクトの主要ツールとして母子健康手帳(以下、母子手帳)を導入した。本稿では、筆者がIDBコンサルタントとして本プロジェクトに携わった経験を基に、母子手帳の普及活動と結果を …

    Kokusai Hoken Iryo (Journal of International Health) 22(3), 153-161, 2007


  • Increased Utilization of Maternal Health Services by Mothers Using the Maternal and Child Health Handbook in Indonesia

    KUSUMAYATI Agustin , NAKAMURA Yasuhide

    … Multiple logistic regression analyses were carried out to estimate the net effects of the MCHH on mother's use of maternal health services.<br><b>Results</b><br>After controlling for other influencing factors, utilization of MCHH was found to be associated with better maternal knowledge regarding antenatal care (ANC), tetanus toxoid (TT) immunization and skilled birth attendance. …

    Kokusai Hoken Iryo (Journal of International Health) 22(3), 143-151, 2007


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