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  • Chronology of anthropedogenesis in the Omiya tableland, Japan, based on a ^<14>C age profile of humic acid

    WAKABAYASHI Shokichi , MATSUZAKI Hiroyuki , MIYAIRI Yosuke , ASANO Maki , TAMURA Kenji

    … To clarify the chronology of this anthropedogenesis, carbon-14 (^<14>C) age profiles were estimated using humic acid fractions from three pedons: an anthropogenic soil, an undressed Andosol, and a Fluvisol. … However, the age of charcoal in the lower part of the anthropogenic soil horizons indicated that the initiation of anthropedogenesis occurred later than the late 13th century. … This feature was interpreted as a sign of ^<14>C activity equilibrium throughout anthropedogenesis. …

    Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 58(6), 737-749, 2012-12-01

    DOI  References (47)

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