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  • Pathogenesis of Anti–PIT-1 Antibody Syndrome: PIT-1 Presentation by HLA Class I on Anterior Pituitary Cells

    Kanie Keitaro , Bando Hironori , Iguchi Genzo , Muguruma Keiko , Matsumoto Ryusaku , Hidaka-Takeno Ryoko , Okimura Yasuhiko , Yamamoto Masaaki , Fujita Yasunori , Fukuoka Hidenori , Yoshida Kenichi , Suda Kentaro , Nishizawa Hitoshi , Ogawa Wataru , Takahashi Yutaka

    … Although PIT-1–reactive cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) have been speculated to recognize anterior pituitary cells and to cause the injury in the pathogenesis of the syndrome, it remains unclear whether endogenous PIT-1 protein is processed through the proteolytic pathway and presented as an antigen on anterior pituitary cells. …

    Journal of the Endocrine Society 3(11), 1969-1978, 2019-11-01


  • Roles of Extracellular HSPs as Biomarkers in Immune Surveillance and Immune Evasion

    Taha Eman A. , Ono Kisho , Eguchi Takanori

    … ex-HSP and membrane-surface HSP (mHSP) play immunostimulatory roles recognized by CD91+ scavenger receptor expressed by endothelial cells-1 (SREC-1)+ Toll-like receptors (TLRs)+ antigen-presenting cells, leading to antigen cross-presentation and T cell cross-priming, as well as by CD94+ natural killer cells, leading to tumor cytolysis. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(18), E4588, 2019-09-17


  • The immunoproteasome and thymoproteasome  [in Japanese]

    荒田 義之 , 渡邊 綾香 , 村田 茂穂

    臨床免疫・アレルギー科 = Clinical immunology & allergology 71(4), 441-447, 2019-04

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  • Antigen delivery targeted to tumor-associated macrophages overcomes tumor immune resistance

    Muraoka Daisuke , Seo Naohiro , Hayashi Tae , Tahara Yoshiro , Fujii Keisuke , Tawara Isao , Miyahara Yoshihiro , Okamori Kana , Yagita Hideo , Imoto Seiya , Yamaguchi Rui , Komura Mitsuhiro , Miyano Satoru , Goto Masahiro , Sawada Shin-ichi , Asai Akira , Ikeda Hiroaki , Akiyoshi Kazunari , Harada Naozumi , Shiku Hiroshi

    … We identified antigen presentation by CD11b+F4/80+ tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) as a key factor correlated with immune resistance. … In the resistant tumors, TAMs remained inactive and did not exert antigen-presenting activity. …

    Journal of Clinical Investigation 129(3), 1278-1294, 2019-03-01


  • The Mucosal Immune System for Vaccine Development  [in Japanese]

    Yoshihara Shintaro , Kiyono Hiroshi

    … mucosal immunocompetent cells and commensal microbiota, which form "Mucosal multi-ecosystem" for handling numerous numbers of foreign antigens.</p><p>For the initiation of antigen-specific immune responses, nasopharyngeal- and gut-associated lymphoid tissues (NALT and GALT, respectively) equipped with the antigen sampling, -processing and -presentation system are immunologically organized inductive sites for the generation of antigen-specific T cells and B …

    Nihon Bika Gakkai Kaishi (Japanese Journal of Rhinology) 58(4), 635-642, 2019


  • Nobiletin Enhances Induction of Antigen-Specific Immune Responses in BALB/c Mice Immunized with Ovalbumin

    NAKAMOTO Akiko , MITANI Mami , URAYAMA Kana , MAKI Akari , NAKAMOTO Mariko , SHUTO Emi , NII Yoshitaka , SAKAI Tohru

    … The antibody response to the thymus-independent antigen 2,4,6-trinitrophenyl-Ficoll was not different in the control and nobiletin groups, suggesting that nobiletin does not directly stimulate antibody production. … An in vitro study showed that treatment with nobiletin enhanced the ability of antigen presentation of bone marrow-derived dendritic cells. …

    Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 65(3), 278-282, 2019

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  • Sudachitin, polymethoxyflavone from <i>Citrus sudachi</i>, enhances antigen-specific cellular and humoral immune responses in BALB/c mice

    Mitani Mami , Minatogawa Yuki , Nakamoto Akiko , Nakamoto Mariko , Shuto Emi , Nii Yoshitaka , Sakai Tohru

    … The antibody response to the thymus-independent antigen 2,4,6-trinitrophenyl Ficoll was not different in the control and sudachitin groups, suggesting that sudachitin does not directly stimulate antibody production. … study showed that treatment of sudachitin enhanced the ability of antigen presentation in bone marrow-derived dendritic cells. …

    Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 64(2), 158-163, 2019


  • Bermuda grass pollen allergen implicated in clinically relevant cross-reactivity to multiple grains: A case report

    Lee Jihye , Kang Young Joong

    … Therefore, an unexpected episode may occur due to exposure to a previously sensitized antigen or cross-reaction in the occupational environment, even if the direct trigger has been removed. … Accordingly, it is difficult to diagnosis and treat such cases and ensure avoidance of potential triggers.</p><p><b>Case presentation</b>: An adult male patient developed anaphylaxis following exposure to grass antigens while replacing and burying sewer pipes at a theme park. …

    Journal of Occupational Health 61(1), 128-134, 2019

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  • Trogocytosis-mediated antigen presentation by basophils  [in Japanese]

    三宅 健介 , 山西 吉典 , 烏山 一

    臨床免疫・アレルギー科 = Clinical immunology & allergology 70(6), 623-630, 2018-12

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  • Selective DNAM-1 expression on small peritoneal macrophages contributes to CD4+ T cell costimulation

    Takenaka Eri , Van Vo Anh , Yamashita-Kanemaru Yumi , Shibuya Akira , Shibuya Kazuko , 渋谷 彰 , 渋谷 和子

    … Although antigen uptake and processing were comparable between WT and DNAM-1-deficient SPMs, deficiency of DNAM-1 on SPMs or blockade of DNAM-1 and its ligand interaction impaired CD4+ T cells priming by SPMs. … We propose that SPMs are functionally distinct from LPMs, and DNAM-1 plays a costimulatory role in antigen presentation by SPMs. …

    Scientific reports (8), 15180, 2018-10


  • Identification of an HLA class I allele closely involved in the auto-antigen presentation in acquired aplastic anemia  [in Japanese]

    材木 義隆 , Zaimoku Yoshitaka

    第16回 高安賞優秀論文賞受賞Blood 129 巻21号2908-2916 頁 2017 年5月掲載 Yoshitaka Zaimoku

    金沢大学十全医学会雑誌 = Journal of the Juzen Medical Society 127(2), 43-46, 2018-07

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  • RS3PE syndrome developing during the course of probable toxic shock syndrome: a case report

    Kyotani Moe , Kenzaka Tsuneaki , Nishio Ryo , Akita Hozuka

    … Case presentation: An 85-year-old man visited our department with a rash that had appeared 2 days earlier and a fever that had developed on the day of his visit. … reference value ≤ 38.3 pg/mL) levels were elevated, and human leukocyte antigen-A2 was detected. …

    BMC Infectious Diseases (18), 174, 2018-04-13



    SAITO Hideka , ABE Yoshifusa , UJIIE Gakuto , WATANABE Yoshitaka , SOGA Takashi , UMEDA Yoh

    … Serological tests revealed the presence of human neutrophil antigen-1a and -1b, leading to the diagnosis of autoimmune neutropenia. … Herein, we describe this rare disease presentation of autoimmune neutropenia in an infant. …

    Journal of The Showa University Society 78(5), 531-536, 2018

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  • Microglia express gamma-interferon-inducible lysosomal thiol reductase in the brains of Alzheimer's disease and Nasu-Hakola disease

    Satoh Jun-ichi , Kino Yoshihiro , Yanaizu Motoaki , Ishida Tsuyoshi , Saito Yuko

    … <p>Gamma-interferon-inducible lysosomal thiol reductase (GILT), expressed in antigen-presenting cells (APCs), facilitates the reduction of disulfide bonds of endocytosed proteins in the endocytic pathway and they are further processed for presentation of immunogenic peptides loaded on major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II. …

    Intractable & Rare Diseases Research 7(4), 251-257, 2018


  • Nonclinical safety evaluation of T-cell based immunotherapies  [in Japanese]

    MACLACHLAN Timothy K.

    … This presentation will review the field of adoptive T cell therapies, with a particular focus on chimeric antigen receptor T cells, highlight experimentally-verified and theoretical safety concerns for such therapies, and review current thinking concerning non-clinical safety assessment approaches for such therapies.</p> …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 45.1(0), SL1, 2018


  • A solitary nodular angiosarcoma of the temporal scalp : A case report  [in Japanese]

    KITAJIMA Mayako , KISHI Akiko , YOSHIDA Aki , OHARA Kuniaki , HAYASHI Nobukazu , TAKAHASHI Akira

    … <p>A 66-year-old man was referred to our hospital with a pale reddish and tender nodule on his temporal scalp, which was first identified 2 months prior to his presentation. … Immunostaining showed that the tumor cells were positive for CD31, Factor VIII-related antigen, and D2-40 stains. …

    Skin Cancer 33(1), 40-44, 2018

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  • A Case of Seasonal Fluctuation of Carcinoembryonic Antigen During the Postoperative Follow-up of Lung Cancer  [in Japanese]

    Nakahashi Kenta , Oizumi Hiroyuki , Kato Hirohisa , Suzuki Jun , Hamada Akira , Watarai Hikaru

    … </i></b>Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is an important tumor marker for the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of many malignant tumors. … </i></b>It is important to take the presentation of such rare cases into consideration.</p> …

    Haigan 58(1), 46-49, 2018

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  • Modifying Antigen-Encapsulating Liposomes with KALA Facilitates MHC Class I Antigen Presentation and Enhances Anti-tumor Effects

    Miura Naoya , Akita Hidetaka , Tateshita Naho , Nakamura Takashi , Harashima Hideyoshi

    Molecular therapy 25(4), 1003-1013, 2017-04-05

  • Identification of amino acids in antigen-binding site of class II HLA proteins independently associated with hepatitis B vaccine response

    Sakai Aiko , Noguchi Emiko , Fukushima Takashi , Tagawa Manabu , Iwabuchi Atsushi , Kita Masaki , Kakisaka Keisuke , Miyasaka Akio , Takikawa Yasuhiro , Sumazaki Ryo , 野口 惠美子 , 福島 敬 , 田川 学 , 岩淵 敦

    … Background & aimsGenetic factors in class II human leukocyte antigen (HLA) have been reported to be associated with inter-individual variation in hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine response. … These amino acids were located in antigen-binding pocket 4 of HLA-DR and pocket 1 of HLA-DP, respectively, which are important structures for selective binding of antigenic peptides. …

    Vaccine 35(4), 703-710, 2017-01


  • The priming of seminal fluid induces tolerogenic dendritic cells in allogeneic mating mice resulting in increase of paternal antigen-specific Treg cells  [in Japanese]

    Ushijima Akemi , Shima Tomoko , Inada Kumiko , Nakashima Akitoshi , Yoshino Osamu , Saito Shigeru

    … We have reported that paternal antigen specific Treg was increased after the priming of seminal fluid in allogeneic mating mice. … Antigen specific regulatory T cells are induced after antigen presentation by tolerogenic dendritic cells (DC). …

    Reproductive Immunology and Biology 32(0), 13-20, 2017

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