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  • The Conjunction of International Development, Sports, and Gender  [in Japanese]

    岡田 千あき , Okada Chiaki

    … Ban Ki-moon said in 2015: "We cannot achieve our 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development without full and equal rights for half of the world's population, in law and in practice."However, the author has not previously paid attention to grasping SfD matters from gender perspectives, which may be related to the different meanings of gender bias (related to identity crisis) or the excessive attention to the other social minorities related to ethnicity, economic poverty, disaster victims or …

    大阪大学大学院人間科学研究科紀要 (47), 25-42, 2021-03-08

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  • Single-molecule imaging of GPCR signalosome in living cell  [in Japanese]

    Yanagawa Masataka

    … Biased ligands with pathway-selective activity have attracted much attention as drugs with lower side effects. … We also show a novel signalosome that regulates the signal-bias of the angiotensin signaling by AT1R, another class A GPCR. … The dual color single-molecule imaging analysis suggested that the preassembly complex regulates the signal bias in a confined region of the plasma membrane.</p> …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 94(0), 3-S25-2, 2021


  • An Extension of Semi-supervised Boosting to Multi-valued Classification Problems

    Sakai Yuta , Yasui Kazuki , Mikawa Kenta , Goto Masayuki

    … Therefore, semi supervised learning that uses not only labeled training data but also a large amount of unlabeled data for acquiring an accurate classifier has recently received attention. … In addition, the classification results when the ratio of bias data was changed are shown and discussed. …

    Total Quality Science 6(2), 60-69, 2021


  • Attentional disengagement biases in social anxiety disorder  [in Japanese]

    河原 剛 , 佐藤 裕 , 境 泉洋

    … Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a mental disorder characterized by significant fear and anxiety about social situations that may attract attention from others. … Selective attention in social anxiety is characterized by a preferential attention to external threatening stimuli. … The aim of this study is to test the influence of social anxiety on attentional disengagement bias. …

    広島大学心理学研究 (19), 129-137, 2020-03-31

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  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity tendency and attentional bias to negative words : A dot probe study in Japanese early adulthood.  [in Japanese]

    見尾谷 彩美 , 平島 太郎

    愛知淑徳大学論集. 心理学部篇 (10), 49-58, 2020-03-17


  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity tendency and attentional bias to negative words : A dot probe study in Japanese early adulthood  [in Japanese]

    見尾谷 彩美 , 平島 太郎

    愛知淑徳大学論集. 心理学部篇 (10), 49-58, 2020

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    CHEN Di , QU Weiguo , ZHAO Jiaxu , XIANG Yanhui

    … <p>The relationship between social status and consumption behavior has consistently drawn attention in consumption research. … Study 1 demonstrates that, within low-social-status groups, attention is biased toward hedonic over utilitarian products, whereas, for high-social-status groups, this difference does not occur. …

    PSYCHOLOGIA 62(3-4), 253-269, 2020


  • Tracking filament growth process in an atomic switch using conductivity measurement under constant voltage  [in Japanese]

    Koizumi Ryota , Aiba Akira , Kaneko Satoshi , Nishino Tomoaki

    <p>近年、原子スイッチの動作機構については多くの研究が行われてきたが、フィラメント成長過程は完全には明らかになっていない。そこで本研究では、Ag<sub>2</sub>Sを用いた典型的な原子スイッチにおけるイアス電圧に依らない電気伝導度の経時変化の追跡を試みた。原子スイッチの形状変化はイオン電流とオーミック伝導を仮定したシミュレーションから説明することができ、 …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2020(0), 243, 2020


  • Developing the Metacognition of Focused Attention in Subjects with High Social Anxiety Questionnaire  [in Japanese]

    Tomita Nozomi , Minamide Ayumi , Kumano Hiroaki

    社交不安においては、自己注目(自己の思考や身体感覚への過度な注意)と外部環境への注意バイアス(他者への過度な注意)という注意の問題が指摘されている。本研究は、自己注目と注意バイアスを生じさせるメタ認知的信念を測定する尺度を作成し、信頼性と妥当性を検討することを目的とした。自己注目と注意バイアスのそれぞれについて、ポジティブなメタ認知的信念とネガティブなメタ認知的信念の2因子構造を想定し、「高社交不 …

    Japanese Journal of Behavioral Medicine 25(0), 3-13, 2020

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    CHIDA Hiroyuki , TAKAHASHI Noriyuki

    … In terms of timber houses, image classification is currently widely used, but it is difficult to adapt these methodologies into actual investigations because image classification is good at qualitative damage assessment rather than quantitative ones.</p><p> Then, object detection and image segmentation have been attracting attention. … However, this database didn't work well at the step of deep learning because of the lack of images and the bias of image feature values. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 85(770), 529-538, 2020


  • Accelerating Outdoor UWB — Domestic Regulation Transition and Standardization within IEEE 802.15

    LI Huan-Bang , TAKIZAWA Kenichi , KOJIMA Fumihide

    … <p>Because of its high throughput potentiality on short-range communications and inherent superiority of high precision on ranging and localization, ultra-wideband (UWB) technology has been attracting attention continuously in research and development (R&D) as well as in commercialization. … Finally, we show with our recent research results that time bias internal a transceiver becomes important for increasing localization accuracy.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E103.A(1), 269-277, 2020


  • Development of an Attention Bias Modification (ABM) Software Application for Anxious Individuals  [in Japanese]

    上田 紋佳 , 澤山 郁夫

    近年,不安症患者にみられる注意バイアスの減少を直接ターゲットとする注意バイアス修正法(ABM)と呼ばれる新しい治療法に関する研究が盛んに行われている。その中でも特に,インターネットやスマートフォンなどのアプリを利用して自宅でABMを実施させる研究が進んでいる。本研究の目的はモバイルデバイスでABMが利用できるアプリを開発することであった。予備調査によって,高不安者にとってのネガティブ語および中性語 …

    研究集録 (173), 11-22, 2020


  • Failure-enhanced evacuation training using a VR-based disaster simulator : A comparative experiment with simulated evacuees

    Mitsuhara Hiroyuki , Tanimura Chie , Nemoto Junko , Shishibori Masami

    … Evacuation training using a virtual reality (VR)-based disaster simulator that provides a highly immersive simulated evacuation experience (SEE) has attracted significant attention. … Our model aims to purposefully induce participants to succumb to conformity bias and fail to evacuate during the first SEE because inactive evacuees (i.e., people who are not evacuating speedily or not starting their evacuation) are simulated in a VR-based disaster simulator. …

    Procedia Computer Science (159), 1670-1679, 2019-10-14


  • Multidimensional Item Response Theory Model for Performance Assessment  [in Japanese]

    八木 嵩大 , 宇都 雅輝 , Shudai YAGI , Masaki UTO

    近年,受験者の実践的かつ高次な能力を測定する手法の一つとしてパフォーマンス評価が注目されている.しかし,パフォーマンス評価では,得られる能力測定値が評価者の特性に依存する問題が指摘されてきた.この問題を解決する手法の一つとして,評価者特性を考慮して受験者の能力を推定できる項目反応モデルが多数提案され,その有効性が示されている.他方で,これらのモデルは測定対象の能力に一次元性を仮定する.しかし,高次 …

    電子情報通信学会論文誌. D, 情報・システム J102-D(10), 708-720, 2019-10-01


  • The influence of attentional bias of social anxiety on anxiety in public speaking situations  [in Japanese]

    松本 美涼 , 藤原 裕弥 , 尾形 明子

    … The current study sought to investigate the relationship between the focus of attention and state anxiety during a public speaking situation involving social anxiety . … The high anthropophobic tendency and high narcissistic personality group (HH group) was predicted to exhibit increased anxiety with self-focused attention and other-focused attention. …

    広島大学心理学研究 (18), 149-158, 2019-03-31

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  • Mechanistic Insights into Photochemical Reactions on CH3NH3PbBr3 Perovskite Nanoparticles from Single-Particle Photoluminescence Spectroscopy

    Kimura Yuki , Karimata Izuru , Kobori Yasuhiro , Tachikawa Takashi

    … Metal halide perovskites have attracted considerable attention in applications such as photovoltaic cells and light-emitting diodes. … Single-particle spectroelectrochemical techniques were further employed to explore the possible origin of the effective charge trap states and the reversibility of redox events under electrical bias. …

    ChemNanoMat 5(3), 340-345, 2019-03


  • Collaborative open science as a way to reproducibility and new insights in primate cognition research  [in Japanese]

    ManyPrimates , BERAN Michael J. , BOHN Manuel , CASPAR Kai R. , FICHTEL Claudia , FORSTERLING Marlene , GREBE Nicholas M. , HERNANDEZ-AGUILAR R. Adriana , KWOK Sze Chai , LLORENTE Miquel , MOTES-RODRIGO Alba , PROCTOR Darby , SANCHEZ-AMARO Alejandro , SIMPSON Elizabeth A. , SZABELSKA Anna , TAYLOR Derry , MESCHT Jolene van der , VOLTER Christoph J. , WATZEK Julia

    … Further, the species that were studied varied widely in how much research attention they received, partly because a small number of test sites contributed most of the studies. … Publication bias, questionable research practices, and a lack of replication attempts may exacerbate these problems. …

    JAPANESE PSYCHOLOGICAL REVIEW 62(3), 205-220, 2019


  • The effect of attention bias modification towards positive stimuli for socially anxious individual's approach-avoidance tendency to facial expressions.  [in Japanese]

    Kurashige Tsuyoshi , Tanaka Tsunehiko

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 83(0), 3B-030-3B-030, 2019


  • Autism tendencies, Anxiety tendencies, Depression tendencies and Attention Bias in University Students  [in Japanese]

    Tooyama Himiko , Takada Kohji , Saneyoshi Ayako

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 83(0), 2C-053-2C-053, 2019


  • Effects of Oxytocin on Chimpanzee Social Attention  [in Japanese]

    Brooks James , Kano Fumihiro , Yamamoto Shinya

    … <p>The role of oxytocin has gained significant attention for its role in regulating social behaviour. … tendency to cooperate and support one's own group, while at the same time increasing antagonism towards and bias against those perceived as outgroup. … A trend was found suggesting differences in social attention as a result of oxytocin administration, and further analyses will be conducted to reveal the precise effects of oxytocin on chimpanzee social gaze.</p> …

    Primate Research Supplement 35(0), 63-64, 2019


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