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  • Characteristics of the SR Motor with Auxiliary Windings and Permanent Magnets in Generating Mode  [in Japanese]

    Hasegawa Yu , Nakamura Kenji , Ichinokura Osamu

    …   In a previous paper, we proposed a novel switched reluctance (SR) motor which has low-priced, easily-obtainable ferrite magnets and auxiliary windings fed by constant current on the stator yoke. …

    Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan 37(1), 12-15, 2013


  • Magnetic Circuit for the Magnetic Actuator and Electrical Generator by Means of Magnetostriction Alloy

    SAKON Takuo , YAGI Ryosuke , NOOR Mohamad , MUZZAKIR Ahmad , KAMIYA Osamu , HOSOKAWA Tomohiro , SASAKI Kenta

    … The material of the yoke of the circuit was 99.99% pure Iron (Fe) and two coils were used for AC magnetic flux density. … This generator is considered to be useful for the generator for the sensors or auxiliary lights of motorcars and trains. …

    International Journal of the Society of Materials Engineering for Resources 18(2), 38-43, 2012


  • SR Motor having Permanent Magnets and Windings in Stator Yoke  [in Japanese]

    Hasegawa Y. , Nakamura K. , Ichinokura O.

    … This paper presents a novel SR motor that has auxiliary windings and permanent magnets in the stator yoke. …

    Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan 36(3), 245-248, 2012


  • 1P1-L10 Evaluation of Step Surmounting Capability of Wheelchair With Specially Designed Casters  [in Japanese]


    … The swing type caster has a link between a yoke and a wheel axle. … The lever type caster has a lever with a caster wheel and an auxiliary wheel. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2009(0), _1P1-L10_1-_1P1-L10_4, 2009


  • Excitation Characteristics of a Single Sheet Tester for the 2-D Magnetic Properties  [in Japanese]

    MIMURA Hiroyuki , NAKANO Masanori , FUJIWARA Koji

    電気学会研究会資料. MAG, マグネティックス研究会 2002(184), 23-27, 2002-12-09

    References (4)

  • A 30 MeV Betatron:(I) Design and Characteristics of the Magnet

    MIWA Mitsuo , SEKI Seiji , MIYANO Kazumasa , KURIYAMA Katsumi , YAMANOUCHI Mikio , SUZUKI Shoji , TAKIGUCHI Takashi , AKIBA Toshimitsu , KONOSU Masaru , AOKI Hiroyuki , TANIMURA Yukiyoshi

    … In order to secure the energy stability of the machine, the size of the magnet was chosen rather large and the maximum flux density in the yoke small.<br> … The bumps are rather large and seem to come from the mechanical stress in the yoke. … Various auxiliary circuits, controlling system and performance of the betatron will be described in the second part of this report which will soon appear in this Journal. …

    OYOBUTURI 30(8), 553-560, 1961


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