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  • On the motion of slightly rarefied gas induced by a discontinuous surface temperature

    Taguchi Satoshi , Tsuji Tetsuro

    … The motion of a slightly rarefied gas in a long straight two-dimensional channel caused by a discontinuous surface temperature is investigated on the basis of kinetic theory with a special interest in the fluid-dynamic description. …

    Journal of Fluid Mechanics (897), 2020-08-25


  • Suppression of class I compensated cell enlargement by xs2 mutation is mediated by salicylic acid signaling

    Fujikura Ushio , Ezaki Kazune , Horiguchi Gorou , Seo Mitsunori , Kanno Yuri , Kamiya Yuji , Lenhard Michael , Tsukaya Hirokazu

    … Enhancement of post-mitotic cell expansion triggered by impaired cell proliferation in Arabidopsis is an important process for leaf size regulation, and is known as compensation. … This suggests a key interaction between cell proliferation and cell expansion during leaf development. … however, the molecular basis of compensation remains largely unknown. …

    PLoS Genetics 16(6), e1008873, 2020-06-25


  • Genomic adaptations to aquatic and aerial life in mayflies and the origin of insect wings

    Isabel Almudi , Joel Vizueta , Christopher D. R. Wyatt , Alex de Mendoza , Ferdinand Marlétaz , Panos N. Firbas , Roberto Feuda , Giulio Masiero , Patricia Medina , Ana Alcaina-Caro , Fernando Cruz , Jessica Gómez-Garrido , Marta Gut , Tyler S. Alioto , Carlos Vargas-Chavez , Kristofer Davie , Bernhard Misof , Josefa González , Stein Aerts , Ryan Lister , Jordi Paps , Julio Rozas , Alejandro Sánchez-Gracia , Manuel Irimia , Ignacio Maeso , Fernando Casares

    … We discover an expansion of odorant-binding-protein genes, some expressed specifically in breathing gills of aquatic nymphs, suggesting a novel sensory role for this organ. … Globally, this comprehensive genomic and transcriptomic study uncovers the genetic basis of key evolutionary adaptations in mayflies and winged insects. …

    Nature Communications 11(1), 2631, 2020-05-26


  • The Development Strategies of Poland and the Engine of Polish Economic Growth  [in Japanese]

    田口 雅弘 , 岡﨑 拓

    … However, in the long run, it cannot be denied that the industrialization of that time became the basis for the formation of the wide promising fields of the Polish industry. … However, new investments did not lead to expansion of export, and cumulative debt increased. … In addition, export has improved significantly due to the expansion of production by foreign-affiliated companies. …

    岡山大学経済学会雑誌 51(2-3), 15-37, 2020-03-19

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  • ENVIRONMENT AND CHARACTERISTICS OF HOME TYPE HOSPICES:A study of care environment provided at home type hospices Part 1  [in Japanese]

    NAKASHIMA Tomomi , YAMAGUCHI Kentaro

    … If we assess the reason and duration of occupancy of such facilities on the basis of disease type, cancer-centric home type hospices mostly accept patients in need of medical care, and most residents remain in the facility for a short duration, usually <1 year. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (768), 253-263, 2020-02


  • Closed-form expression for cross-channel conformal blocks near the lightcone

    Wenliang Li

    … Based on the nonperturbative pole structure in spin of Lorentzian inversion, we propose the natural basis functions for cross-channel conformal blocks. … In this new basis, we find a closed-form expression for crossed conformal blocks in terms of the Kampe de Feriet function, which applies to intermediate operators of arbitrary spin in general dimensions. … Our results for the lightcone limit also shed light on the complete analytic structure of conformal blocks in the lightcone expansion. …

    Journal of High Energy Physics 2020(1), 55, 2020-01-10


  • Analysis of flow and acoustic radiation in reed instruments by compressible flow simulation

    Yokoyama Hiroshi , Kobayashi Masanori , Iida Akiyoshi

    … <p>Direct aeroacoustic simulations of flow and sound around an instrument with an oscillating reed were performed on the basis of compressible Navier–Stokes equations along with experiments with an artificial blowing device. … It was found that compression and expansion occur inside the mouthpiece, where the flow separation occurs after the spreading of the air jet from the reed channel exit along the inner wall of the mouthpiece. …

    Acoustical Science and Technology 41(5), 739-750, 2020


  • Expansion of high temperature creep test data for failure evaluation of BWR lower head in severe accident

    YAMAGUCHI Yoshihito , KATSUYAMA Jinya , KAJI Yoshiyuki , OSAKA Masahiko , LI Yinsheng

    … The parameters related to the failure evaluation were improved on the basis of the expanded creep database.</p> …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 7(3), 19-00560-19-00560, 2020



    SHIMADA Tomonori , WATANABE Yasuharu , OKABE Hirokazu , IWASAKI Toshiki , NAKASHIMA Yasuhiro

    … Using the numerical-computation model developed on the basis of the experiments performed so far, the effects of river width and riverbed slope on the levee breach phenomenon have been studied. … A steep-slope riverbed develops, not depending upon the river width, but on the levee breach expansion in the longitudinal direction, whereas a gentle riverbed develops remarkable depressions, and wider river width causes flooding close to direct overflow. …

    Journal of JSCE 8(1), 71-78, 2020


  • Ford Foundation's Formulation Process of the Plan of Educational Aid to Africa and the Cold War in Africa in 1950s  [in Japanese]

    OKUDA Shunsuke

    … As a result, the Foundation tried to establish the basis of research on Africa in the U.S. in cooperation with foreign countries, especially with Britain, to define the problems of African countries. … Then, not only Department of State but other non-governmental actors recommended Foundation to concentrate on aid to British Africa which already had the basis of higher-education and research. …

    International Relations 2020(199), 199_49-199_64, 2020


  • High Pressure Rheology of Lubricants (Part 4):―Proposal of Liquid State Equation and Estimation of High Pressure Density―  [in Japanese]

    KANEKO Masato

    … <p>The physical properties of lubricant under high temperature and high pressure include high pressure viscosity, high pressure density, bulk modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion, etc. … However, almost no discussion has been made on the liquid state equation, which is the basis of the high pressure physical properties of these lubricants. …



  • Binaural Ambisonics: Its optimization and applications for auralization

    Otani Makoto , Shigetani Haruki , Mitsuishi Masataka , Matsuda Ryo

    … Among them, Higher-Order Ambisonics (HOA) based on spherical harmonics expansion enables the capture and reproduction of a directivity pattern of incoming sound waves. … On the basis of HOA, three-dimensional auditory space can be presented to a listener typically via a spherical loudspeaker array. …

    Acoustical Science and Technology 41(1), 142-150, 2020


  • Evaluation of discontinuity treatment in intrusive polynomial chaos for uncertainty quantification of a nozzle flow in CFD

    MIYAJI Koji , INOUE Takumi

    … <p>Stochastic flow simulation methods based on the polynomial chaos expansion (PCE) are developed and verified to quantify the propagation of a geometric uncertainty of a quasi-one dimensional flow in a supersonic wind tunnel. … Two major numerical techniques in our intrusive PCE are the multi-wavelet (MW) basis and the multi-element (ME) PCE, in order to properly deal with discontinuous responses of output variables, which are caused by the shock wave and its jump at started/unstarted mode change. …

    Journal of Fluid Science and Technology 15(1), JFST0002-JFST0002, 2020



    YAMAGISHI Yoshihiro

    … He also proposed that the transition of Toryo master carpenters could be organized into three periods of establishment, growth, and expansion. … In other words, such change in situation allowed more carpenters to work on an equal basis. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (763), 1979-1986, 2019-09


  • Multipole-based distance-dependent screening of Coulomb integrals

    Andreas Irmler , Fabian Pauly

    … We derive a new estimate for two-electron repulsion integrals (ERIs), when evaluated within a local atomic basis set. … It is based on the multipole expansion and provides a rigorous upper bound of an ERI for well-separated charge distributions. … Using Gaussian basis functions, we show that the estimate allows us to accelerate the construction of the exchange matrix by up to a factor of two without introducing further approximations. …

    The Journal of Chemical Physics 151(8), 084111, 2019-08-29


  • Fragility Function Development and Seismic Loss Assessment of Expansion Joints

    Otsuki Yu , Kurata Masahiro , Skalomenos Konstantinos , Ikeda Yoshiki , Akazawa Motoki

    … The objective of this paper is to provide quantitative information on the seismic damage probability of common expansion joints and the associated repair costs. … The designer and engineer can refer to this information as a basis for decision making in the selection of expansion joints. …

    Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 48(9), 1007-1029, 2019-07-25


  • Implementation of hyperfine coupling in all-electron mixed basis approach

    Terada Hiroyuki , Kanno Shota , Ohno Kaoru

    … evaluate hyperfine interaction (HFI) (both the isotropic, Fermi contact term and the anisotropic, dipole interaction term) of spin-polarized atoms and molecules, we newly implement the cubic harmonics routines for calculating HFI in the all-electron mixed basis code, TOMBO, in which both plane waves (PWs) and atomic orbitals (AOs) are used as basis functions, and AOs are restricted inside the non-overlapping atomic spheres and composed of the numerical radial function on a logarithmic radial mesh and analytic cubic …

    Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 52(16), 160001, 2019-07-24


  • Study on Ocean Wave Generation by the Linear Basis Expansion of Bessel Function  [in Japanese]

    奥山 悦郎 , 箕浦 宗彦

    日本船舶海洋工学会講演会論文集 Conference proceedings, the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (28), 189-192, 2019-06

  • The Actual Use of Noun Modification Structures in Story Description by Intermediate and Advanced Learners of Japanese : Based on a New Classification Basis for the Acquisition of Noun Modification Structures  [in Japanese]

    徐 乃馨

    小出記念日本語教育研究会論文集 = Papers of the Japanese Language Teaching Association in honor of Professor Fumiko Koide (27), 21-36, 2019-03-31

  • Classification of lesion types and their seasonal variations in zonate leaf blight of Camellia sasanqua in Kagoshima  [in Japanese]

    奥田 絢子 , 曽根 晃一 , 畑 邦彦

    … In order to investigate the patterns of damage due to outbreak of zonate leaf blight of Camellia sasanqua, we observed in the field to classify types of lesions on the basis of morphological criteria and studied seasonal variations in the occurrence of each type. … Therefore, it's suggested that different types of lesions play different roles in expansion cycle of this disease. …

    鹿児島大学農学部演習林研究報告 (44), 1-16, 2019-03

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