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  • Numerical simulation of stable propagation of mechanical signals by cylindrical origami

    Okuya Fuminori , Saito Kazuya , Kawahara Yoshihiro

    … Cylindrical origami is easily assembled from a single sheet and can have bistable properties with adjustable energy curves, such as by applying additional springs. … We numerically simulated these systems and confirmed their feasibility for transmitting signals as well as for creating diodes and logic gates.</p> …

    IEICE Communications Express 8(12), 518-523, 2019


  • Coin Flipping PUF: A Novel PUF with Improved Resistance against Machine Learning Attacks

    Tanaka Yuki , Bian Song , Hiromoto Masayuki , Sato Takashi

    … The proposed PUF utilizes the strong nonlinearity of the convergence time of bistable rings (BRs) with respect to variations in the threshold voltage. …

    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs 65(5), 602-606, 2018-05


  • Analysis of Reservoir Computing Focusing on the Spectrum of Bistable Delayed Dynamical Systems  [in Japanese]

    Kinoshita Ikuhide , Akao Akihiko , Shirasaka Sho , Kotani Kiyoshi , Jimbo Yasuhiko

    … In this study, we analyzed the relationship between the dynamical properties of the time-delay reservoir and the performance in terms of the spectra of the delayed dynamical systems, which might facilitate the development of the unified systematic optimization techniques for the time-delay reservoirs. … In addition, we propose a novel RC framework that performs well on distinct tasks without the task-wise optimization using bistable reservoir dynamics which can reduce complicated hardware management of the reservoirs.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 138(8), 1054-1059, 2018


  • Collective Dynamics in Networks of Bistable Time-Delayed Feedback Oscillators Coupled via the Mean Field

    Mikhail Prokhorov , Danil Kulminskiy , Vladimir Ponomarenko

    IEICE Proceeding Series (29), 642-645, 2017


  • Flip-flops using polarization bistable VCSEL with AND-gate functionality by two wavelength inputs

    Katayama Takeo , Nakao Kazuya , Hayashi Daisuke , Kawaguchi Hitoshi

    … We investigated all-optical flip-flop operations with AND-gate functionality by injecting data and set inputs with different wavelengths to a 1.55-µm polarization bistable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser. … Thus, this proposed method will simplify all-optical signal processing systems. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 13(5), 20160064-20160064, 2016


  • Natural Computing and Its Implementation with Optical Systems  [in Japanese]

    礒島 隆史 , 青野 真士

    レーザー研究 = The review of laser engineering : レーザー学会誌 43(6), 353-358, 2015-06

  • Programmable spin-state switching in a mixed-valence spin-crossover iron grid

    Matsumoto Takuto , Newton Graham N. , Shiga Takuya , Hayami Shinya , Matsui Yuta , Okamoto Hiroshi , Kumai Reiji , Murakami Youichi , Oshio Hiroki , 志賀 拓也 , 大塩 寛紀

    … Photo-switchable systems, such as discrete spin-crossover complexes and bulk iron–cobalt Prussian blue analogues, exhibit, at a given temperature, a bistability between low- and high-spin states, allowing the storage of binary data. … Grouping different bistable chromophores in a molecular framework was postulated to generate a complex that could be site-selectively excited to access multiple electronic states under identical conditions. …

    Nature Communications (5), 3865, 2015-05


  • Discussion of a stochastic cellular automaton model for the dynamics of bistable units with global and asymmetric local interactions (Special Issue on New Challenges in Complex Systems Science)

    Ohmori Shousuke , Yamazaki Yoshihiro

    理工研報告特集号 : ASTE : advances in science, technology and environmentology : special issue 11, 157-159, 2015-03

  • A novel four-wing strange attractor born in bistability

    Li Chunbiao , Pehlivan Ihsan , Sprott Julien Clinton , Akgul Akif

    … Attractor merging can exist in chaotic systems with some kind of symmetry, which makes it possible to form a four-wing attractor from a bistable system. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 12(4), 20141116-20141116, 2015


  • Hand positions can alter bistable visual motion perception  [in Japanese]

    SAITO Godai , GYOBA Jiro

    本研究では,stream/bounce刺激を用いて,自らの手を中心とする座標系情報が双安定性をもつ視覚運動知覚に及ぼす影響を明らかにすることを目的とした.遭遇点の真下に置いた自分の手掌の向きがその知覚を変容させるかを検討した結果,左右の手掌を合わせた条件のみで反発知覚の頻度がその他の条件に比べて有意に上昇した.この現象が手の視覚情報のみで生起するかを調べるためにラバーハンドを用いて検討したところ, …

    Technical report of IEICE. HIP 114(347), 51-54, 2014-12-01

  • 534 Approach to New Vibration Isolators Using Origami-Based Foldable Structures  [in Japanese]

    ISHIDA Sachiko , UCHIDA Hiroshi , HAGIWARA Ichiro

    … It is confirmed by numerical simulation that these designs successfully provide the bistable folding behavior and therefore, the structure with additional linear springs can work as a vibration isolator around the region that the total spring stiffness of the whole structure reaches the relative minimum value that is close to zero. …

    Dynamics and Design Conference : D & D 2014, "534-1"-"534-9", 2014-08-25

  • Damping filter method for obtaining spatially localized solutions

    Teramura Toshiki , Toh Sadayoshi

    … Spatially localized structures are key components of turbulence and other spatiotemporally chaotic systems. … From a dynamical systems viewpoint, it is desirable to obtain corresponding exact solutions, though their existence is not guaranteed. … The first target is a steady solution to the Swift-Hohenberg equation, which is a representative of bistable systems in which localized solutions coexist and a model for spanwise-localized cases. …

    Physical Review E 89(5), 2014-05-14


  • Exploiting Electronic Paper Display Update Scheduler in Extremely Low Power Mobile Platforms  [in Japanese]


    昨今の省電力技術への期待の高まりの背景の下,電源を遮断しても表示を保持できるディスプレイである電子ペーパが注目されている.電子ペーパを利用するとシステムのアイドル時の消費電力を大幅に下げられるため,超低消費電力な端末を実現できる可能性がある.一方で,電子ペーパのような不揮発性ディスプレイでは,電源を遮断しても表示を保持できる安定した状態間を切り替える必要があり,書換え時に大きな電力を要する.そのた …

    IEICE technical report. Computer systems 113(497), 169-174, 2014-03-15

  • Stochastic resonance in a unidirectional network of nonlinear oscillators driven by internal noise

    Kazuyoshi Ishimura , Katsuro Komuro , Alexandre Schmid , Tetsuya Asai , Masato Motomura

    IEICE Proceeding Series (46), 89-92, 2014


  • Vibration isolators using nonlinear spring characteristics of origami-based foldable structures  [in Japanese]

    ISHIDA Sachiko , UCHIDA Hiroshi , HAGIWARA Ichiro

    … It is confirmed by numerical simulation that these designs successfully provide the bistable folding behavior and therefore, the structure with additional linear springs can work as a vibration isolator around the region that the total spring stiffness of the whole structure reaches the relative minimum value that is close to zero. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 80(820), DR0384-DR0384, 2014


  • E-1-5 Low power bistable MEMS actuator based on electret film  [in Japanese]

    ASHIZAWA Hisayuki , MITSUYA Hiroyuki , ISHIBASHI Kazunori , SUGIYAMA Tatsuhiko , HASHIGUCHI Gen

    … We report the first step to build a mobile, low-power MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) switch using two comb-drive actuators with a movable component. … Switching from one state to the other required only a voltage pulse (with an energy of 36 nJ) and thus, bistable actuation was achieved with low-power consumption. …

    The Proceedings of the Conference on Information, Intelligence and Precision Equipment : IIP 2014(0), _E-1-5-1_-_E-1-5-3_, 2014


  • Phase ordering in coupled noisy bistable systems on scale-free networks

    秦 重史 , Hata Shigefumi , 中尾 裕也 , Nakao Hiroya

    Physical Review E 88(No. 5), 052806, 2013-11


  • Design and Synthesis of Rotaxanes Aimed at the Development of Actuating and Locomotional Functions  [in Japanese]

    SAITO Nozomi

    Bistable rotaxanes possessing two or more station moieties have attracted particular interests, because they can switch on/off and change the molecular lengths in response to external stimuli. … In addition to the molecular-level properties of these molecules in solution, properties in nano-, micro-, and macroscale of the molecular-integrated systems recently have attracted attentions. …

    Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 71(2), 158-159, 2013-02-01

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  • An Approach to Logical Behavior of Memory Devices in Coupled MEMS Resonators

    YAO Atsushi , HIKIHARA Takashi

    … We focus on logical behavior of electrostatically excited MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) resonators with nonlinear characteristics. … A MEMS resonator exhibits bistable and hysteretic responses at large amplitude excitation. …

    IEICE technical report. Nonlinear problems 112(363), 75-80, 2012-12-17

  • A Study on Read and Write Operations of Memory Device of Nonlinear MEMS Resonator  [in Japanese]

    YAO Atsushi , HIKIHARA Takashi

    … (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)デバイスの1つであるMEMS共振器が周波数応答にヒステリシス特性を有する場合,強制励振下で,2種類の安定周期振動が生じる.Badzeyらはこの2種類の安定周期振動を有する非線形MEMS共振器を,機械的な1ビットのメモリ素子として使用することを提案した.本報告ではこの提案を受け,非線形MEMS共振器を用いたメモリの読出し操作を意味する2種類の安定周期振動の変位測定を,共振器の櫛歯電極のキャ …

    IEICE technical report. Nonlinear problems 112(6), 7-11, 2012-04-12

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