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  • The Poetry of Motoring: Romanticism on the Road  [in Japanese]


    … Like the Romantic poets, early motorists relished the bodily sensations of moving through the world, feeling the wind, rain, sunshine, and the undulation of the ground; … by comparison, freedom and independence seemed more available to pedestrians and motorists. …

    Essays in English Romanticism 43(0), 31-45, 2019


  • ON THE ROLE OF THE HUMAN FIGURE IN THE FORMATION OF THE MODULOR THEORY:A study of the human figure depicted in Le Corbusier's Modulor, part1  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Akira , YAMANA Yoshiyuki

    … In this paper, by tracing mutual adjustments between theory and bodily expression (part and posture) at each stage of the formation of the theory, we argue that there was a deliberate transition in graphic representation. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 84(759), 1271-1277, 2019


  • Toward Orchestrating Whole Bodily Degrees of Freedom  [in Japanese]

    Ishiguro Akio , Fukuhara Akira


    Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan 37(2), 121-125, 2019


  • TAOYAKA-III: A Six-Legged Robot Capable of Climbing Various Columnar Objects

    Ito Kazuyuki , Aoyagi Ryushi , Homma Yoshihiro

    … These tasks would be very difficult for conventional robots, because most must first assess the shape of the object and control many bodily degrees of freedom in order to climb. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 31(1), 78-87, 2019


  • Nishida's Understanding of the Historical Body and the Transcendence of the Body  [in Japanese]

    SUGIMOTO Koichi

    … This implies, on the one hand, that he has creative freedom, which other animals do not possess. … However, on the other hand it is precisely because of this freedom that man cannot but come into conflict with the external world and suffer from the contradiction between the self and the world. … Another of Nishida's remarkable ideas on the body is that the human being cannot be defined merely as a bodily being, but that it is connected to the dimension of that which transcends the body. …

    Studies in THE PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION 33(0), 15-28, 2016


  • The Child's Right to an Open Future and Religion  [in Japanese]

    柴嵜 雅子 , シバサキ マサコ , Masako Shibasaki

    … In 2012 a German court ruled that circumcision for non-medical reasons is unlawful because it violates a boy's right to bodily integrity. … Moreover, the irreversible mark infringes on his religious freedom. …

    国際研究論叢 = OIU journal of international studies : 大阪国際大学・大阪国際大学短期大学部紀要 28(1), 77-90, 2014-10


  • 1A1-V01 Decentralized-Controlled Amoeboid Robot with High Deformability Inspired by Plasmodium of True Slime Mold(Robotic systems based on autonomous decentralized architecture)  [in Japanese]


    … However, systematic design methodology for controlling soft robots with a large number of bodily degrees of freedom has not yet been established. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2014(0), _1A1-V01_1-_1A1-V01_3, 2014


  • Ghostly Images and Death Images in Jude the Obscure : A Struggle between Mind and Body  [in Japanese]

    TANIYAMA Tomohiko

    … Jude and Sue have negative emotions towards the presence of body and try to achieve an ideal comradeship without bodily sexual emotion or a sexual relationship. … He, therefore, often forgets his bodily presence, and indulges himself in fancy as if he has become a spiritual being without a body. … As the body is an object of sexual desire and gender restriction, she attempts to erase it to gain her freedom. …

    English review (27), 65-95, 2013-03


  • An Introductory Study of the Problems of Judgment in Ethics (2) On the Relation between Narrative and the Power of Judgment  [in Japanese]

    Yahata Hideyuki

    … e. the one of nature and the one of freedom) in the same field of experience: (2)it subsumes some contingent elements under a new order: (3)it is led by a sort of feeling of pleasure: (4)it has a foundation on our bodily nature: (5)it contains two different viewpoints (i. …

    Memoirs of the Faculty of Education, Kumamoto University. The humanities (60), 17-26, 2011


  • 513 Driving at Resonance Point of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom System by Decentralized Control : Realizing Gait Patterns of Quadrupeds Using Natural Vibration  [in Japanese]

    HIRATSUKA Tomohiro , KURITA Yutaka , OURA Yasunori , MATSUDA Shigekatsu

    … At first, We make experimental apparatus imitated bodily structure of quadruped and evidence that it has natural vibration mode similar to the gait patterns (trot, pace, gallop) of quadruped animals. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2010(0), _513-1_-_513-6_, 2010


  • 20614 Relationship between Bodily Motion and Dynamic Movement of Pivot Leg in Martial Arts  [in Japanese]

    ABE Masatatsu , HASEGAWA Hiroaki , HASHIMOTO Takao , HOKARI Masaki

    … Furthermore, the force of pivot leg was measured by a 6 degree-of-freedom force sensor, and the movements of KERI-ASHI(moving leg during KERI motion)were measured by using accelerometer. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2008.14(0), 149-150, 2008


  • A4 Effective Bodily Motion on High Impact Force for Punching Motion  [in Japanese]

    HATAKEYAMA Takaaki , HASEGAWA Hiroaki , HASHIMOTO Takao , DOKI Hitoshi , HOKARI Masaki

    … Furthermore, the force of pivot foot was measured by a 6 degree-of-freedom force sensor. …

    The Proceedings of Joint Symposium: Symposium on Sports Engineering, Symposium on Human Dynamics 2006(0), 27-31, 2006


  • A philosophic inquiry into the aging of human beings  [in Japanese]

    Sekine Masami

    … This paper examines (1) Cicero's thoughts on aging, (2) the life-span developmental theory in an attempt to find a method for defining aging, and (3) the problem of freedom, in which the human body is regarded as an existential being. … The main limitation is a dimension of existence whereby our bodily freedom is lost as a direct result of aging, and the body exists as a subjective extension. …

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences) 50(5), 569-580, 2005


  • Development of the Measurement Device in Six Degrees of Freedom for Analyzing Abutment Tooth Movement  [in Japanese]

    Imamura Yoshiharu

    … In this study, the original analysis system in six degrees of freedom was developed to measure the movement of the abutment tooth of the removable denture. … The original analysis system in six degrees of freedom was very useful to determine the movement of abutment tooth of the partial denture. … Inclination, rotation, bodily movement of the abutment tooth with the Ap and the As were the largest among the clasps. …

    The Journal of the Kyushu Dental Society 53(1), 111-126, 1999

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  • Nichirin-no-tsubasa : Through the Performative Body  [in Japanese]

    Taneda Wakako

    「日輪の翼」を芸能性と身体性の両面からみていくと、老婆らの神への恭順と身体技法はかならずしも合致せず、それは折口信夫の「しじま」と「もどき」の身体的表現としてたえず意味を転倒し、還流させるダイナミックな動きをもっている。とくに、サンノオバは芸能的であり、そのためジェンダー規範においても脱領域的な指向性をもつ欲望の主体である。文字の文化に見放された老婆らは、その見返りにたえず規範を「もどく」自由をも …

    Japanese Literature 47(9), 53-62, 1998


  • Anxirty Neurosis among Psychiatric Outpatients(Anxiety and Psychosomatic Disease : Introduction, Symposium at the 22 nd Annual Congress of the Japanese Psychosomatic Society)  [in Japanese]

    Mizuno Nobuyoshi

    … As to situations at onset, overwork by overestimating their bodily strength was seen in 7 male cases. … Thus we can assume that these patients have a dependence-independence conflict, and that they had enjoyed "freedom"which was depended on their parents or bodily strength in premorbid days. …

    Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine 21(6), 493-498, 1981

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