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  • High-Speed Vision and its Application Systems

    Senoo Taku , Yamakawa Yuji , Watanabe Yoshihiro , Oku Hiromasa , Ishikawa Masatoshi

    … High-speed robot tasks, including dynamic manipulation and handling of soft objects, are explained and then book flipping scanning – an image analysis application – is explained followed by 1 ms auto pan/tilt and micro visual feedback, which are optical applications.</p> …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 26(3), 287-301, 2014


  • Automatic Page Turner Machine for High-speed Book Digitization  [in Japanese]

    TAMEI Miho , YAMADA Masahiro , WATANABE Yoshihiro , ISHIKAWA Masatoshi

    … A promising new approach for meeting this demand, called Book Flipping Scanning, has been proposed. … This is a new style of scanning in which all pages of a book are captured while a user continuously flips through the pages without stopping at each page. …

    Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan 31(7), 712-719, 2013-09-15

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  • High-Speed Document Digitization System  [in Japanese]

    YAMADA Masahiro , WATANABE Yoshihiro , ISHIKAWA Masatoshi

    … In recent years, the demand for high-speed, high-definition book-scanning technology is increasing. … In response to this demand, Dai Nippon Printing and the University of Tokyo have developed a book scanner that scans books at the rate of 250 pages per minute. …

    Journal of Printing Science and Technology 50(3), 267-271, 2013


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