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  • A solution algorithm based on a branch and cut method for a route-length minimization problem in PCB inspection  [in Japanese]

    片桐 英樹 , 宇野 剛史

    電気学会研究会資料. IS 2018(21-34), 27-32, 2018-05-27

  • Discrete Optimization of Frame Structures via Mixed-Integer Second-Order Cone Programming  [in Japanese]

    KANNO Yoshihiro

    … <p>This paper presents a global optimization method for topology optimization of frame structures. … We suppose that candidate member cross-sections are predetermined, and attempt to minimize the compliance. … The global optimal solution is found by using an existing solver based on a branch-and-cut method.</p> …

    The Proceedings of Design & Systems Conference 2016.26(0), 2302, 2016


  • 航空乗務員スケジューリング問題に対する列生成アプローチ

    呉 偉 , 胡 艶楠 , 橋本 英樹 , 安藤 友人 , 白木 孝 , 柳浦 睦憲

    … In this paper, we consider the airline crew scheduling problem that calls for assigning the crew members in order to cover all the flights with the minimum total workdays under the constraints that the schedule of each crew member does not violate given constraints on the total working time, flying time, and the number of landings. … We formulate the problem as a set covering problem and apply an LP-based column generation approach to generate a candidate set of schedules. …

    IPSJ SIG Notes 2015-AL-151(3), 1-5, 2015-01-06

  • 1211 Discrete Optimization of Trusses by Using Mixed-Integer Second-Order Cone Programming  [in Japanese]

    KANNO Yoshihiro

    … This paper presents a truss topology optimization method for finding the minimum compliance design in which only a limited number of different cross-section sizes are used. … The global optimal solution is then computed by using an existing algorithm based on a branch-and-cut method. …

    Proceedings of the Optimization Symposium 2014.11(0), _1211-1_-_1211-3_, 2014


  • 2206 Design of Frame Structures with Negative Poisson's Ratio by Using Mixed Integer Programming  [in Japanese]

    KURETA Rui , KANNO Yoshihiro

    … Based upon the conventional ground structure method, the optimization problem is formulated as a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) problem that maximizes the output displacement when the displacement of the input node is prescribed. … The MILP problem is solved globally by using, e.g., a branch-and-cut method. …

    The Proceedings of Design & Systems Conference 2012.22(0), _2206-1_-_2206-6_, 2012


  • A branch and cut based method for energy system optimization problems

    Saeki Osamu , Yamada Satoshi , Tsuji Kiichiro

    エネルギーシステムにおける最適化問題には機器の起動・停止や設備の設置・非設置を検討する問題も多く存在する。起動・停止や設置・非設置は離散変数として定義されるため、一般的に多大な時間を必要とする混合整数計画問題となる。このような問題の解法には分枝限定法や切除平面法があるが、分枝限定法に切除平面法を組み込んだ分枝カット法が近年見直されている。本研究では、分枝カット法に内点法を適用した手法を示し、問題例 …

    Proceedings of the Conference of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology 2005(0), 67-67, 2005


  • STOCHASTIC PROGRAMMING PROBLEM WITH FIXED CHARGE RECOURSE(<Special Issue>the 50th Anniversary of the Operations Research Society of Japan)

    Shiina Takayuki , Tagaya Yu , Morito Susumu

    … The algorithm of a branch-and-cut method to solve the problem is developed by using the property of the expected recourse function. … The mathematical programming model defined in this paper is quite useful for a variety of design and operational problems. …

    Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan 50(4), 299-314, 2007

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  • The Branch-and-Bound Method : Pursuing Further Efficiency(<Special Issue>Mathematical Programming Approach Revisited-Toward Practical and Effective Problem Solving)  [in Japanese]

    YAGIURA Mutsunori , NONOBE Koji

    SYSTEMS, CONTROL AND INFORMATION 50(9), 350-356, 2006

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  • A Branch-and-Cut Approach for Minimum Length Triangulation

    KYODA Yoshiaki , IMAI Hiroshi

    点集合の3角形分割はコンピューターグラフィクス・CAD・数値計算の分野で有用な基本的データ構造であり, 計算幾何学では他の問題を解くための有効な道具ともなる。平面上のn点の3角形分割については, 最小角を最大にするなどの意味でできるだけ各3角形が正3角形に近いように分割する Delanay 3角形分割が有名で, 現在では計算幾何の代表的成果として計算誤差にも強いプログラムも広く存在する. 一方, …

    IPSJ SIG Notes 8, 17-24, 1996-07-26

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  • A Note on the Branch-and-Cut Approach to Decoding Linear Block Codes

    HORII Shunsuke , MATSUSHIMA Toshiyasu , HIRASAWA Shigeichi

    … LP decoding is based on the LP relaxation, which is a method to approximately solve the ILP corresponding to the ML decoding problem. … Advanced algorithms for solving ILP (approximately or exactly) include cutting-plane method and branch-and-bound method. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences 93(11), 1912-1917, 2010-11-01

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