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  • Caloric test  [in Japanese]

    Koizuka Izumi

    … The caloric response was first described by Robert Barany in 1906. … This test assesses the degree to which the vestibular system is responsive, and how symmetric the responses are responsiveness of the vestibular system and the symmetry of responses between the left and right ears. … Although it is not perfect, the caloric test is the best available method to deduce the function of each ear independently.</p><p></p><p> …

    Equilibrium Research 78(4), 288-294, 2019

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  • A case of vestibular disorder without hearing loss or tinnitus caused by otosyphilis  [in Japanese]

    Takimoto Yasumitsu , Imai Takao , Yamato Akiyuki , Masumura Chisako , Hara Hitoshi

    … hemagglutination assay (TPHA), the rapid plasma reagin test, and the fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (FTA-ABS) test, were positive. … On clinical neurological examination, the Romberg test was positive, and he had spontaneous nystagmus toward the left side and direction-changing positional nystagmus. … Caloric tests revealed no response on the right side, indicating canal paresis. …

    Equilibrium Research 78(3), 185-191, 2019

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  • Several unique ENG findings in a case of congenital nystagmus  [in Japanese]

    Yokota Jun-Ichi , Yamaguchi Yoko

    … 7) Both horizontal and vertical ETTs were preserved 8) Caloric nystagmus was induced bilaterally. … Visual suppression (VS) was also recognized bilaterally, with "augmentation" of caloric nystagmus during the VS test. …

    Equilibrium Research 78(3), 164-177, 2019

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  • Suppression of caloric nystagmus by virtual stare  [in Japanese]

    Masaki Yoshio

    … measurement underwent a caloric test, and nystagmus was recorded.</p><p></p><p> … the same place as that in the visual suppression test. … [Results] The mean slow-phase velocity of the caloric nystagmus decreased significantly during the load (stimulation) (p<0.01). …

    Equilibrium Research 78(1), 43-48, 2019

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  • Early Initiation of Post-Pyloric Feeding in Patients with Major Burns: Experience in Taiwan Formosa Water Park Dust Explosion Disaster

    Tseng Yu-Chen , Hsieh Tsai-Yuan , Lin Jung-Chun , Chen Bao-Chung , Chen Chun-Ting , Chou Yu-Ching , Dai Niann-Tzyy , Chen Peng-Jen , Huang Tien-Yu , Shih Yu-Lueng , Chang Wei-Kuo

    … This study is a "fortuitously controlled" study, and the authors were able to formulate and test whether EPF is better than DPF by comparing the two groups. … In conclusion, our findings indicate that the time from injury to the onset of post-pyloric feeding is crucial, and EPF allows for the administration of calculated caloric needs. …

    The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 247(2), 111-118, 2019

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  • Cerebellar ataxia with neuropathy and vestibular areflexia syndrome (CANVAS): a case report  [in Japanese]

    Maruta Kyoko , Aoki Mitsuhiro , Sonoda Yoshito

    … The Romberg test was positive. … The eye tracking test for the smooth pursuit and visually enhanced vestibulo-ocular reflex test demonstrated functional impairments. … Both the bithermal caloric test and the video head impulse testing showed sever hypofunction of the bilateral semicircular canal. …

    Rinsho Shinkeigaku 59(1), 27-32, 2019

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  • A Case of Unilateral Internal Auditory Canal Stenosis with Hearing Loss  [in Japanese]

    Wada Masaki , Inui Takaki , Haginomori Shin-ichi , Ayani Yusuke , Ichihara Takahiro , Ozaki Akiko , Inaka Yuko , Kawata Ryo

    Caloric test revealed severe canal paresis. …

    Practica Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica 112(1), 13-18, 2019

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  • Recognition of turn degree in vestibular disorder  [in Japanese]

    ISHIMARU Mikio

    … <p>Recently, conventional rotation test (CR-test) is not agreed with important examination for patients of vestibular disorder. … In the CR-test, the laterality of the vestibular disorder could not be known because the bilateral semicircular canals are stimulated at the same time when a head turns. … In the other hand, the unilateral semicircular canal is stimulated at the caloric test. …

    jibi to rinsho 64(1), 23-31, 2018

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  • Evaluation of a Caloric Eye Tracking Pattern Test (CETP) for differentiation between peripheral and central vestibular vertigo  [in Japanese]

    Endo Mayumi , Tunoda Reiko

    … Objectives: In 1975, Sakata et al., introduced the Caloric Eye Tracking Pattern Test (CETP), combining the caloric test with the eye-tracking test. … We performed CETP, with the eye tracking test (ETT) during caloric nystagmus. …

    Equilibrium Research 77(6), 532-540, 2018

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  • Clinical applications of furosemide-loading vestibular-evoked myogenic potential and the video head impulse test  [in Japanese]

    Seo Toru

    … Another is the video head impulse test (vHIT), which enables vestibular examinations to be performed easily and quickly. … The results of vHIT correspond with those of caloric testing in cases with vestibular neuritis. … On the other hand, the results of vHIT do not agree with those of caloric testing in cases with Meniere's disease. … Thus, vHIT cannot replace caloric testing in all patients with balance problems. …

    Equilibrium Research 77(4), 280-287, 2018

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  • Examination of the effectiveness of the Active Head Shaking Nystagmus Test for the diagnosis of vestibular neuritis  [in Japanese]

    Matsuyoshi Hidetake , Yamanisi Takahiro

    … The Head Shaking Nystagmus Test (HSNT) is an effective test for simply evaluating unilateral inner ear disorders. … For this reason, the present study compared the Active Head Shaking Nystagmus Test (AHSNT), which was performed by the patients themselves, with the air caloric test. … Consequently, the test was considered to be an effective and safe means of easily differentiating VN.</p> …

    Equilibrium Research 77(3), 152-157, 2018

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  • Equilibrium Function in Patients with Large Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome (LVAS)  [in Japanese]

    Tachibana Kiyomi , Iwasaki Shinichi , Yamasoba Tatsuya , Kashio Akinori , Ogata Erika , Akamatsu Yusuke , Igarashi Kazunori , Hoshi Yujiro , Sakata Aki , Fujimoto Chisato , Egami Naoya

    … We assessed the equilibrium function in LVAS patients who underwent CI at our institution between January 1999 and December 2016, by the caloric reflex test and/or measurement of the cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potential (cVEMP). … Among the 26 ears of the 13 patients included, the caloric reflex test was conducted for 21 ears of 11 patients, while cVEMP measurement was conducted for 23 ears of 12 patients. …

    Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 121(6), 791-798, 2018

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  • A case of aortitis syndrome with bilateral canal paresis  [in Japanese]

    Fujiwara Keishi , Homma Akihiro

    … A monothermal caloric test showed bilateral canal paresis. … The results of a video head impulse test revealed decrease in the gain of the vestibule-ocular reflex and appearance of catch-up saccade bilaterally, indicating bilateral canal paresis.</p><p></p><p> … Bilateral canal paresis was demonstrated by vHIT, as well as the caloric test.</p> …

    Equilibrium Research 77(2), 64-68, 2018

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  • Therapeutic effect of vestibular rehabilitation by physiotherapist intervention on unilateral peripheral vestibular disorders  [in Japanese]

    Abe Yasushi , Fushiki Hiroaki , Tsunoda Reiko , Maeda Yusuke , Kinoshita Osamu , Endo Mayumi , Nishimura Nobuko

    … The typical procedure for VR in the clinic consisted of medical examinations, self-reporting of symptoms using a questionnaire (Dizziness Handicap Inventory, [DHI]), a balance test using posturography, walking test (Timed Up and Go Test, [TUG]), and VRT sessions. … The tests included a head and eye movement test, caloric test, and head impulse test (HIT). …

    Equilibrium Research 77(1), 30-37, 2018

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  • Examination of the hearing, taste and smell function in patients with chronic dizziness following minor trauma  [in Japanese]

    Soma Keiko , Kunihiro Takanobu

    … nystagmus test, an ENG evaluation (eye tracking test, optokinetic nystagmus test, caloric test), a stabilometer test, standard pure tone audiometry, a speech discrimination test, taste test (electrogustometry, filter-paper disk assay using taste solutions), and a smell test (intravenous olfaction test, …

    Equilibrium Research 76(2), 63-71, 2017

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  • A case of Ramsey-Hunt syndrome with frequent changes in the direction of nystagmus  [in Japanese]

    Shindo Susumu , Numakura Akane , Itoh Akinori , Shibasaki Osamu , Mizuno Masahiro , Matsuda Han , Inoue Tomoe , Ikezono Tetsuo

    … However, the caloric test is not suitable for repetitive evaluations of vestibular function because it is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and tends to cause nausea.<br> … The video Head Impulse Test (vHIT), a novel semicircular canal function test that was developed in 2009, is suitable for repetitive evaluations of vestibular function. …

    Equilibrium Research 76(2), 57-62, 2017

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  • A Case of Inferior Vestibular Neuritis Detected by cVEMP and vHIT

    Shiraishi Ko , Seo Toru , Kobayashi Takaaki , Kitano Mutsukazu , Koizumi Toshizo , Saito Kazuya , Doi Katsumi

    … <p>More than 100 years have passed since the establishment of caloric testing, and it remains an important examination for the evaluation of vestibular function, especially the functioning of the lateral semicircular canal. … One is the test for vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (VEMP) and the other is the video head impulse test (vHIT). … The caloric test yielded normal results. …

    Practica oto-rhino-laryngologica. Suppl. 148(0), 12-13, 2017


  • One-and-a-half syndrome followed by the acquired pendular vertical nystagmus, brachial myoclonus and olivary hypertrophy caused by a pontine hemorrhage  [in Japanese]

    Yokota Jun-Ichi , Amakusa Yayoi

    … In the eye tracking test (ETT), the pursuit was dysmetric intermingled with a catch-up saccade both horizontally and vertically. … Furthermore, the ice water caloric stimulation almost failed to induce caloric nystagmus, though the fast phase of nystagmus to the left was slightly induced. …

    Equilibrium Research 76(6), 674-683, 2017

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  • Diagnostic criteria for vestibular neuritis  [in Japanese]

    Murofushi Toshihisa

    … Conventionally, in order to prove peripheral vestibular disorders, caloric tests have been used. … However, caloric tests cannot clarify disorders of the inferior vestibular nerve with preservation of the superior vestibular nerve function. … Additionally, the head impulse test should be considered as a new diagnostic tool for vestibular neuritis. …

    Equilibrium Research 76(4), 310-315, 2017

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  • The evaluation and treatment of pancreatic endocrine insufficiency in pancreatic disease  [in Japanese]

    YANAGIMACHI Miyuki , SATO Eri , TANDO Yusuke , MATSUMOTO Atsufumi , MATSUHASHI Yuki , DAIMON Makoto , NAKAMURA Teruo

    … insulinogenic index (II), HOMA-B, serum C-peptide, 24-hour urinary C-peptide, C-peptide index (CPI), secretory unit of islet transplantation (SUIT), glucagon stimulation test. … In the case of insulin therapy for pancreatic diabetes mellitus, sufficient caloric intakes, pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy, and adjustment of insulin preparation are necessary to avoid hypoglycemia.</p> …

    Suizo 32(4), 679-686, 2017

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