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  • Influence of Li-salts on Cycle Durability of Sn-Ni Alloy Anode for Lithium-ion Capacitor

    NAKAMURA Yusuke , NARA Hiroki , AHN Seongki , MOMMA Toshiyuki , SUGIMOTO Wataru , OSAKA Tetsuya

    … <p>Tin-nickel (Sn-Ni) alloy is a promising candidate as an anode for the lithium-ion capacitor (LIC) because it is superior in volumetric energy density compared with that of the graphite anode. … The LIC with LiTFSI delivered its initial capacity up to ∼400 cycles, which is 4 times longer than the LIC with LiPF<sub>6</sub>. … The reason for the capacity decay in the LiPF<sub>6</sub> …

    Electrochemistry 88(2), 74-78, 2020


  • Anode properties for lithium ion battery of surface-modified carbon materials using pressure-pulsed chemical vapor infiltration technique  [in Japanese]

    大澤 善美 , 長谷川 達郎 , 近藤 裕保 , 横山 翔大 , 畑 陽子 , 安倍 顕 , 糸井 弘行

    … Large irreversible capacity was observed in the original core carbons in PC/EC/DEC (2:1:1 vol.%) electrolyte, however, irreversible capacity was reduced by coating with 3 mass% pyrocarbon, which would be attributed to the low crystallinity of pyrocarbon. … Under the condition of high current density of 450 - 600 mA/g, capacities of the pyrocarbon-coated samples were higher than those of the original core carbons. …

    愛知工業大学研究報告 = Bulletin of Aichi Institute of Technology (54), 84-89, 2019-03-31


  • Disk Flutter in Helium condition  [in Japanese]

    口脇 勇 , 西田 辰彦 , 半谷 正夫

    … For high capacity hard disk drive (HDD), Helium is widely used to reduce disk flutter which deteriorate positioning accuracy largely. … In order to know Helium effect, we studied disk flutter in Helium condition using laser doppler vibrometer (LDV). … In this paper, we changed Helium density, pressure and disk thickness, and then measured disk flutter. …

    The Proceedings of the Conference on Information, Intelligence and Precision Equipment : IIP 2019(0), 2B02, 2019


  • Study on promotion board of nucleate boiling with an additive manufacturing surface by metal 3D printers  [in Japanese]

    ARAI Taiki , TOH Hidemi , FUJIMOTO Masanori , GONTANI Hajime

    … <p>In recent years, the heat density of mechanical products has been increased for the reason of downsizing and high performance. … Boiling cooling has been taken notice, which has capacity to transport a large amount of heat. … However, it is clear that the modeling surface becomes a smooth surface or irregular surface depending on the lamination condition. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Hokuriku-Shinetsu Branch 2019.56(0), E011, 2019


  • Incorporating suction in to the interpretation of plate load tests on unsaturated soils

    Tang Yi , Vo Thanh , Taiebat Hossein A. , Russell Adrian R.

    … The new plate load test results are interpreted using a bearing capacity equation, applicable when non-uniform χs profiles prevail in the soil, where χs is the contribution of suction to the effective stress. … The interrelation between χs, strength and bearing capacity is shown. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 7(2), 352-359, 2019


  • Study of Adaptive Hybrid Traffic Simulation  [in Japanese]

    ONO SHIHO , FUJII Hideki , YOSHIMURA Shinobu

    … In a mesoscopic model, a car agent acts according to macroscopic variables such as traffic density, traffic capacity and free flow speed of road segment. … The result shows that the difference of two models is increased under the condition that right-turn cars frequently give over the right-of-way to oncoming cars.</p> …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 4N3J703-4N3J703, 2019


  • Assessment of HDL Cholesterol Removal Capacity: Toward Clinical Application

    Toh Ryuji

    … <p>While there is a controversy regarding the causal relationship between high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and cardiovascular disease (CVD), recent studies have demonstrated that the cholesterol efflux capacity (CEC) of HDL is associated with the incidence of CVD. … Third, the condition of endogenous cholesterol donors would not be accounted for in the CEC assays. …

    Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis 26(2), 111-120, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Electrochemical Properties of Large-Discharge-Capacity Air Electrodes with Nickel Foam Sheet Support for Lithium Air Secondary Batteries

    HAYASHI Masahiko , SAKAMOTO Shuhei , NOHARA Masaya , IWATA Mikayo , KOMATSU Takeshi

    … The cell incorporating the air electrode with carbon loaded into the three-layer stack of nickel-foam sheets with total thickness of 3 mm showed a rather large discharge capacity of about 80 mAh/cm<sup>2</sup> … electrocatalyst could be cycled under the condition of large cut-off capacities of 10 mAh/cm<sup>2</sup> … at current density of 0.2 mA/cm<sup>2</sup>.</p> …

    Electrochemistry 86(6), 333-338, 2018


  • Cell performance enhancement with titania-doped polybenzimidazole based composite membrane in intermediate temperature fuel cell under anhydrous condition

    KYAW ZAY YA , KUMAZAWA Keisuke , KAWAMURA Go , MUTO Hiroyuki , MATSUDA Atsunori

    … nanoparticles and their influence on the fuel cell power generation characteristics were investigated under anhydrous condition at 150°C. … TiO<sub>2</sub>/PBI membrane retained high conductivity values at the higher temperatures as a result of its high doping level and high water retention capacity. … (2 wt %)/PBI composite membrane showed the best performance with a power density of 434 mW cm<sup>−2</sup>. …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 126(10), 789-793, 2018


  • Fundamental study for magnetic analysis based on the edge element FEM in three dimensions  [in Japanese]

    SUKIGARA Akane , KURAHASHI Takahiko

    … <p>Magnetic recording system require to increase capacity of memory, record at high speed and reduce power consumption. … In recent years, a microscopic magnet is used on magnetic disc and accurate position control of magnetic head is performed in magnetic recording system, which make it possible to increase capacity of memory and record at high speed. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Hokuriku-Shinetsu Branch 2018.55(0), C011, 2018


  • Effect of wall heat insulation on wall heat transfer mechanism in rapid compression and expansion environment  [in Japanese]

    HARADA Yuji , TANAKA Tatsuya , NAKAO Yusuke , FUKUBE Tugio , AOKI Osamu , YAMASHITA Hiroyuki

    … <p>Heat insulation by a wall material which has low heat capacity and heat conductivity is one of the effective ways to reduce heat transfer. … In this study, wall heat transfer mechanism under wall temperature fluctuated condition by heat insulation was investigated by simultaneous measurement of wall heat flux and flow behavior in wall boundary layer in RCEM. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 84(858), 17-00458-17-00458, 2018


  • Influence of Activated Condition on the Structure of Diatomite-templated Carbons and Their Electrochemical Properties as Supercapacitors

    LI Aijun , CHUAN Xiuyun , YANG Yang , CAO Xi , HUANG Dubin , YANG Zaiqiao

    … The structure, pore parameters, and electrochemical capacity of diatomite-templated carbons after activation were investigated to evaluate the influence of activated condition. … at current density of 1 A g<sup>−1</sup> … and capacitance retention could maintain at more than 70% at current density of 20 A g<sup>−1</sup>, indicating they had good electrochemical properties. …

    Electrochemistry 85(11), 708-714, 2017



    HATTORI Shinichi , TERASAWA Koki , HAYASHIMOTO Kazuya , KAMADA Toshiro

    … <p>In this study, using electromagnetic pulse method, effective input condition for evaluating initial defects of post-installed adhesive anchor bolt which are difficult to be detected by visual inspection is discussed. …

    Cement Science and Concrete Technology 71(1), 248-255, 2017


  • Large-Scale 3D Electromagnetic Field Analysis for Estimation of Stator End Region Loss in Turbine Generators

    Motoyoshi Kenta , Kometani Haruyuki , Sora Nobuyuki , Maeda Susumu

    … <p>Improving the energy efficiency and increasing the power density of indirectly hydrogen-cooled turbine generators used in high efficiency combined-cycle power plants is important due to global warming and increasing power demands. … When the output current is increased for achieving high power density, the stray load loss at the stator end region increases due to leakage flux from the armature and field coils. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 6(6), 340-345, 2017


  • Fabrication of Vessel for Water Purification Filter Using Sediment in Joumine Reservoir, Tunisia  [in Japanese]

    FUJI Masayoshi , TAKAI Chika , TSUCHIMOTO Junzo , IRIE Mitsuteru , TARHOUNI Jamila

    … <p>Sediment occupies the storage capacity of reservoirs and reduces the sustainability of the surface water resource. … The best sintering temperature was 900°C from the viewpoint of density, porosity and crystal structure. … Suitable sintering condition was 900°C for more than 1 hour. …

    Journal of Arid Land Studies 27(1), 33-39, 2017


  • RELATIONS OF HEAT RADIATION EFFECT AND SHIELDING EFFECT BY OPENING OF THE MAGNETIC SHIELD PLATE:No. 2 Examination about the effects of opening of the magnetic shield plate around the electric power line  [in Japanese]

    KUBO Naoya , NISHIMURA Kazunori , KIYOTA Nobuyoshi

    … However, the shielding structure reduces the cooling capability and degrades the current carrying capacity of the cable. … The rise in temperature of the cable surface was calculated by models same as the experiment, and the authors defined the calculating formula to evaluate a heat radiation effect with the opening.<br> In addition, by the experiment circuit and opening conditions same as the above, the authors measured the magnetic flux density. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 82(731), 11-17, 2017


  • The Effect of Using Multiple Code Rates on NVM-based Storage Systems

    Theodore Antonakopoulos , Stelios Korkotsides

    IEICE Proceeding Series (24), A4-3, 2016


  • Coordinated Ramp Metering for Minimum Waiting Time and Limited Ramp Storage

    JEON Soobin , JUNG Inbum

    … This study proposes a novel density-based ramp metering method. … Furthermore, when ramp metering is performed based on freeway congestion, additional congestion and over-capacity can occur in the ramp. … To solve these problems faced with existing methods, the proposed method uses the density and acceleration data of vehicles on the freeway and considers the ramp status. … The Traffic Information and Condition Analysis System was developed to control the VISSIM simulator. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E99.A(10), 1843-1855, 2016


  • Effect of Acidic Additives on Peak Capacity and Detectivity in Peptide Analysis Using Nano-Flow LC/MS with Low-Density ODS Modified Monolithic Silica Capillary Columns

    KOBAYASHI Hiroshi , SUKEGAWA Mayu , FUJIMURA Koji , KUBO Takuya , OTSUKA Koji

    … <p>This report describes the relation between peak capacity and mass spectrometric detectivity on peptides analysis with low-density octadecylsilylated monolithic silica capillary columns for several acidic additives in mobile phase using a nano-flow LC/MS. As the acidic additives, trifluoroacetic acid (TFA), 3,3,3-trifluoropropionic acid (TriFPA), formic acid (FA), acetic acid (AA), and cyanoacetic acid (CAA) were evaluated. …

    CHROMATOGRAPHY 37(3), 133-139, 2016


  • Studies to evaluate the impact of tamper on the depth of improvement in dynamic compaction

    Kundu Saptarshi , Viswanadham B.V.S.

    … Ground improvement techniques are widely adopted in geotechnical engineering practices for improving the strength, density, and/or reducing drainage characteristics of the soil. … In general, the ultimate goals of dynamic compaction are to increase the bearing capacity of the soil, and decrease the total and differential settlements within a specified depth of improvement. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 2(59), 2033-2037, 2016


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