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  • Effect of spatial development on convective heat transfer enhancement in a pipe with transverse vibration

    MITSUISHI Akihiko , TAKAHASHI Masahiro , SHIMURA Takaaki , IWAMOTO Kaoru , MURATA Akira

    … The main computational domain is sufficiently long to capture the spatial development of the vibration effect with the inflow-outflow boundary condition. … The flow structure in the present spatially developing configuration is governed mainly by the vibration frequency although the terminal heat transfer performance is approximately a function of the velocity amplitude of the vibration.</p> …

    Journal of Thermal Science and Technology 16(1), JTST0002-JTST0002, 2021


  • Scaling-up the Calcium-Looping Process for CO<sub>2</sub> Capture and Energy Storage

    Ortiz Carlos , Manuel Valverde José , Chacartegui Ricardo , Pérez-Maqueda Luis A. , Gimenez-Gavarrell Pau

    capture from fossil fuel combustion. … capture applications, the operating conditions for each application may involve remarkably different characteristics regarding kinetics, heat transfer and material multicycle activity performance. … capture CaL applications.</p> …

    KONA Powder and Particle Journal, 2021


  • Throat to Acoustic Speech Mapping for Spectral Parameter Correction using Artificial Neural Network Approach

    Subrata Kumer Paul , Rakhi Rani Paul , Nishimura Masafumi , Hamid Md. Ekramul

    … In throat microphone (TM), two skin attached piezo-electric sensors can capture speech sound signals from the tissue vibration. … The simulation results show a noticeable performance in the field of speech communication in adverse environments. …

    Proceedings of International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences (IEICES) (6), 238-242, 2020-10-22

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  • Applications of Different Turbulence Models in CFD Simulations of Mixed Flow Hydraulic Pump

    Muhammad Tahir Jamil , Yong Hai Yu , Ahmad Fiaz

    … The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a cost-effective tool for derivation of performance characteristics of pumps. … Turbulence models are used to capture the effect of turbulence and hence play vital role on accuracy of flow simulation. …

    Proceedings of International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences (IEICES) (6), 73-78, 2020-10-22

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  • Camera Calibration for Markerless 3D Pose Estimation and Practice in Badminton Video Processing  [in Japanese]

    宍戸 英彦 , 北原 格

    スポーツ科学の研究では,モーションキャプチャシステムによって抽出された選手動作の研究が盛んに行われており,マーカレスな選手位置情報の計測が期待されている.本研究では,2視点のカメラから撮影された画像情報を利用したマーカレス3次元骨格位置を推定する手法を提案する.従来の3次元位置を推定するためのカメラ校正手法では,多くの労力を必要とする強校正や推定精度が画像間の対応精度に依存する弱校正手法がある.本 …

    情報処理学会論文誌デジタルプラクティス(TDP) 1(1), 8-19, 2020-10-15


  • VISUALIZATION OF THE BEHAVIOR AND THE RESISTANCE MECHANISM OF NAILED SHEAR WALLS:−About sheathed shear wall, shin-kabe, hold down hardware−  [in Japanese]

    KATO Yuriko , ISODA Hiroshi , IMANISHI Tatsuya

    … In this test, 3 axis displacements of panel and frame were measured by motion capture systems. … The test results indicate the behavior of the panel on shear performance and strength of the hold down hardware quantitatively.</p> …

    AIJ Journal of Technology and Design (64), 934-939, 2020-10



    FUKASAWA Tsuyoshi , OKAMURA Shigeki , SOMAKI Takahiro , MIYAGAWA Takayuki , YAMAMOTO Tomohiko , MOROBISHI Ryota , FUJITA Satoshi

    … Its hysteresis model is expanded using the author's hysteresis model to capture the pinching phenomena and degrading stiffness due to the cyclic loading. … The seismic fragility assessment has been performed as one approach to clarify the seismic performance and is assessed through the seismic response against the major earthquakes exceeded the design basis ground motion. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (773), 921-931, 2020-07


  • A Bioinformatics Tool for the Prediction of DNA N6-Methyladenine Modifications Based on Feature Fusion and Optimization Protocol

    叶 秀彩 , Jianhua Cai , Donghua Wang , Riqing Chen , Yuzhen Niu , Xiucai YE , Ran Su , Guobao Xiao , Leyi Wei

    … To sufficiently capture the characteristics of 6mA sites, we integrate the sequence-order information with nucleotide positional specificity information for feature encoding, and further improve the feature representation capacity by analysis of variance-based feature optimization protocol. … The experimental results show that using this feature protocol, we can significantly improve the predictive performance. …

    Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology (8), 502, 2020-06


  • 2-D Evaluation of Bred Tritium Using Neutron Imaging Plate

    Mukai K. , Ogino Y. , Yagi J. , Konishi S.

    … Tritium breeding performance of a fusion blanket is a key parameter for the self-sufficient fueling of a fusion reactor, and thus designed to validate the performance of a neutronics experiment. … In this article, 2-D distribution of the low quantity produced tritium was evaluated with a neutron imaging plate (NIP) with a Gd convertor by estimating the loss of neutrons via a capture reaction by Li. …

    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 48(6), 1831-1835, 2020-06


  • Gamma-ray spectra from thermal neutron capture on gadolinium-155 and natural gadolinium

    Tanaka Tomoyuki , Hagiwara Kaito , Gazzola Enrico , Ali Ajmi , Ou Iwa , Sudo Takashi , Das Pretam Kumar , Reen Mandeep Singh , Dhir Rohit , Koshio Yusuke , Sakuda Makoto , Kimura Atsushi , Nakamura Shoji , Iwamoto Nobuyuki , Harada Hideo , Collazuol Gianmaria , Lorenz Sebastian , Wurm Michael , Focillon William , Gonin Michel , Yano Takatomi

    … Natural gadolinium is widely used for its excellent thermal neutron capture cross section, because of its two major isotopes: Gd-155 and Gd-157. … We measured the gamma-ray spectra produced from the thermal neutron capture on targets comprising a natural gadolinium film and enriched Gd-155 (in Gd2O3 powder) in the energy range from 0.11 MeV to 8.0 MeV, using the ANNRI germanium spectrometer at MLF, J-PARC. …

    Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics 2020(4), 043D02, 2020-04-13


  • A Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Protein-Protein Interactions Extraction from Biomedical Literature

    Quan Changqin , Luo Zhiwei , Wang Song

    … The state-of-the-art text mining methods for PPI extraction are primarily based on deep learning (DL) models, and the performance of a DL-based method is mainly affected by the architecture of DL models and the feature embedding methods. … Pretrained word embedding and shortest dependency path (SDP) embedding are fed into a two-embedding channel model, such that the model is able to model long-distance contextual information and can capture the local features and structure information effectively. …

    Applied Sciences 10(8), 2690, 2020-04


  • MICS-Asia III: overview of model intercomparison and evaluation of acid deposition over Asia

    Itahashi Syuichi , Ge Baozhu , Sato Keiichi , Fu Joshua S. , Wang Xuemei , Yamaji Kazuyo , Nagashima Tatsuya , Li Jie , Kajino Mizuo , Liao Hong , Zhang Meigen , Wang Zhe , Li Meng , Kurokawa Junichi , Carmichae Gregory R. , Wang Zifa

    … In general, models can capture the observed wet deposition over Asia but underestimate the wet deposition of S and A, and show large differences in the wet deposition of N. … To improve the ability of models to capture the observed wet deposition, two approaches were attempted, namely, ensemble and precipitation adjustment. …

    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20(5), 2667-2693, 2020-03-04



    HARUHATA Masakazu , ARAI Makoto , IKEDA Kenichi

    … structure, and the type of structure is often reinforced concrete or steel-frame reinforced concrete.</p><p> In order to reuse a damaged building after a fire, it is necessary to grasp the damage range and depth of the damaged part concrete and secure the same performance as before the damage for the damaged area, the property of the building It is important in terms of value.</p><p> In this study, the core is drilled from the heating surface of concrete after single-sided heating using a gas furnace, in order to grasp the …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (769), 439-447, 2020-03


  • Enhanced Root System Development Responses of a Newly Identified Mutation Gene Promoting Lateral Root Development to Various Nitrogen Conditions in Rice

    Lucob-Agustin Nonawin , Hasegawa Tomomi , Jinno Kyosuke , Suralta Roel R. , Niones Jonathan M. , Kano-Nakata Mana , Yamauchi Akira , Inukai Yoshiaki

    … Lateral roots (LRs), which largely constitute the root system, allow the entire root system to expand to a larger area to efficiently capture water and nutrients from the soil. … We evaluated the root performance of this mutant under various nitrogen (N) regimes, including 30, 60, and 120 mg N corresponding to low, standard, and high N conditions, respectively. …

    農学国際協力 (18), 48-55, 2020-03

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  • Exergy Analysis of Coal-Fired Power Plants in Ultra Supercritical Technology versus Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

    Wahid Abdul , Mustafida Ratna Dwi , Husnil Amalia Yuli

    … This study evaluates and compared the performance of coal-fired power plants in ultrasupercritical (USC) versus integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC). … The IGCC system is modeled and simulated with post-combustion capture and both used sub-bituminous coal from the Indramayu PLTU. … The highest exergy loss in the gasifier, H2S Removal and Carbon Capture for IGCC and in Boiler, Steam Turbine system, and condenser for USC. …

    Evergreen 7(1), 32-42, 2020-03

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  • PERFORMANCE MONITORING ON PORTFOLIO OF STRUCTURES IN LARGE-SCALE EARTHQUAKE DISASTERS:Applicability of extended correlation anomaly detection  [in Japanese]

    YAOYAMA Taro , HIDA Takenori , TAKADA Tsuyoshi

    … In ECAD, the covariance structure corresponding to each discretized frequency is modelled as a co-spectrum matrices among time-series data, in order to capture correlation anomalies in the frequency domain. … The experiment shows (i) the good applicability of ECAD and its superiority to CAD even in the case of different excitations to structures, and (ii) the ability of ECAD to capture changes of natural frequencies.</p><p> Finally, we demonstrate ECAD by using actual strong motion observations. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (767), 39-49, 2020-01


  • Short-and long-term performance of leadless pacemaker  [in Japanese]

    Mohri Takato , Katsume Yumi , Soejima Kyoko , Sato Toshiaki , Togashi Ikuko , Ueda Akiko , Miwa Yosuke , Hoshida Kyoko , Nonoguchi Noriko , Tashiro Mika , Momose Yuichi

    <p> 恒久ペースメーカ植込み時の合併症や課題の多くは経静脈リードに関連している。Leadless pacemaker(LPM : リードレスペースメーカ)植込後早期の良好な治療成績は報告されているが,本研究ではLPM植込み後の電気的指標を計測し長期成績を評価した。<br>方法 : 当院にてLPMを植込んだ徐脈性不整脈患者を,植込み後最長5年間経過観察した。<br&g …



  • Development and evaluation of identification devices for vermin capture systems  [in Japanese]

    YOKOSEKI Junsuke , HOSHINO Yukinobu

    <p> </p>

    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 36(0), 345-350, 2020


  • Performance Evaluation of an Electrospun Nanofiber Mat as Samplers for the Trap of Trace Heavy Metals in Atmospheric Particles and Its Application

    DENG Guozhe , DENG Xiaoyan , DENG Jianjun , LU Xiaoting , KANG Xuejun , SONG Yuan

    … In this paper, we report on a different filter to capture trace heavy metals in atmospheric particulates. …

    Analytical Sciences 36(12), 1453-1459, 2020


  • Defect Detection in Concrete Structures Using Sensor Fusion of Force Sensor and Camera  [in Japanese]

    LOUHI KASAHARA Jun Younes , MINATO Shinji , MORO Alessandro , WOO Hanwool , YAMASHITA Atsushi , ASAMA Hajime

    … However, being able to capture data only during the short impact time, force sensor alone does not allow for acceptable defect detection. … Therefore, in this study, the detection performance of defects was improved by considering the position of the crack on the concrete surface and the sample position obtained from a camera image in addition to the response of the force sensor of the impact hammer. …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering 86(12), 975-981, 2020


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