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  • Melting Behaviour of Iron Ore Pellet Bed under Nut Coke Mixed Charge Conditions

    Gavel Dharm Jeet , Adema Allert , van der Stel Jan , Kwakernaak Cees , Sietsma Jilt , Boom Rob , Yang Yongxiang

    … <p>The melting and dripping behaviour of an iron ore pellet bed mixed with nut coke are investigated through a series of quenching, melting and dripping experiments. … The iron carburisation level of the pellet shell is found to control the melting temperature of the pellet bed. …

    ISIJ International 60(3), 451-462, 2020


  • Development of Innovative CNT/Extra Super Duralumin composite materials  [in Japanese]

    FUJIWARA Chihiro , NIWA Shunta , MATSUMURO Akihito

    … As our research objective, we came up with the idea of the development of an Extra Super Duralumin (ESD) based composite material with Carbon Nanotube (CNT), which has been well known as unprecedented excellent characteristics. … In this study, pellet-plate type specimens consisted of our CNT/ESD composite materials were fabricated using compression sintering method with commercial single wall carbon nanotube and ESD powder of dozens of micrometers of particle size powder. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), J04417P, 2019



    Ado M. , Wang Q. , Ibrahim S.A.

    … The sample was prepared for TEM by crushing the pellet into powder using isopropanol and collecting the suspension on carbon coated copper grid. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 1216, 2019


  • Recycling of Blast Furnace Sludge to the Blast Furnace via Cold-Bonded Briquettes: Evaluation of Feasibility and Influence on Operation

    Andersson Anton , Gullberg Amanda , Kullerstedt Adeline , Wedholm Anita , Wikström Jenny , Ahmed Hesham , Ökvist Lena Sundqvist

    … Traditionally, the dry dust is recycled via the sinter or, in the case of pellet-based BF operation, via cold-bonded briquettes and injection. … As the BF sludge mainly consists of iron and carbon, this residue is of interest to recycle together with the BF dust. …

    ISIJ International 59(10), 1786-1795, 2019


  • CO<sub>2</sub> Emission and Cost Analysis in Asparagus <i>Fusekomi</i> Forcing Culture with Wood Pellet Boiler  [in Japanese]

    Jie Zeng , Kumano Takahiro , Yamagata Sadamu , Fujii Masahiko , Kamide Mitsushi , Araki Hajime

    … emissions and high costs, and an alternative heating system with low carbon emission is therefore required for winter cultivation of asparagus. … Hot water was produced by using wood pellet boiler. … Scale of the wood pellet boiler in the present examination, prototype boiler, was excessive for the asparagus production in 9 m-length bed, and suitable scale of wood pellet boiler asparagus production should be installed in future.</p> …

    Japanese Journal of Farm Work Research 54(1), 3-13, 2019


  • 3-5-4 Research on pellet stove improvement  [in Japanese]

    HIROSE Yuta , MATSUMURA Yukihiko

    … <p>Pellet stoves use wood pellet as fuel. … The wood pellet is made from sawdust which occurs when making wooden products. … So wood pellet is carbon neutral and useful for solving the environmental problems such as depletion of fossil fuel and global warming. … It is a good idea to use pellet stoves instead of devices which use fossil fuels. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of The Japan Institute of Energy 28(0), 102-103, 2019


  • Preparation of carbon nitride films from g-C<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub> by ion-beam-assisted deposition

    TANAKA Ippei , NISHIMIYA Takumi , OHGITA Gaku , HARADA Yasunori

    … <p>Carbon nitride has noteworthy properties including high hardness levels. … It is important to clarify the effect of ion impact on the growth of crystalline carbon nitrides on the synthesis of super-hard carbon nitrides. … In this study, we investigated the structure and composition of a carbon nitride film prepared using graphitic carbon nitride as the evaporation source for the IBAD. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 6(3), 18-00547-18-00547, 2019


  • Verification of Carbon Density Profile Measurements with Charge Exchange Spectroscopy Using Hydrogen and Deuterium Neutral Beams

    IDA Katsumi , YOSHINUMA Mikirou , KOBAYASHI Tatsuya , FUJIWARA Yutaka , CHEN Jun , MURAKAMI Izumi , KISAKI Masashi , OSAKABE Masaki , LHD Experiment Group

    … <p>Verification of carbon density profile measurements with charge exchange spectroscopy of CVI (Δ<i>n </i>= 8 - 7, <i>λ</i> … This is a key issue in the study of the comparison of the carbon density profile between hydrogen and deuterium plasma, because the hydrogen neutral beams are injected in the hydrogen plasma and the deuterium neutral beams are injected in the deuterium plasma. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 14(0), 1402079-1402079, 2019


  • Use of Carbon-based Nanomaterials on the Cold Agglomeration of Iron Ore Fines

    Dutra Flávio de Castro , Resende Valdirene Gonzaga de , Dias Anderson

    … The use of carbon-based nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes and graphite nanoplatelets) as additives to the binder (liquid sodium silicate) promoted the increase of the mechanical strength of the agglomerate to about 285%. … Subsequently, the increase in the mechanical strength of the agglomerate (mini-pellet) was related to the dispersion capacity of the nanomaterials in the sodium silicate.</p> …

    ISIJ International 59(4), 660-664, 2019


  • Effect of Li<sub>3</sub>BO<sub>3</sub> addition to NASICON-type single-phase all-solid-state lithium battery based on Li<sub>1.5</sub>Cr<sub>0.5</sub>Ti<sub>1.5</sub>(PO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>3</sub>

    NISHIO Akira , INOISHI Atsushi , KITAJOU Ayuko , OKADA Shigeto

    … The pellet of Li<sub>1.5</sub>Cr<sub>0.5</sub>Ti<sub>1.5</sub>(PO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>3</sub> …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 127(1), 18-21, 2019


  • Preparation of carbon nitride films using ion-beam deposition  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Ippei , Nishimiya Takumi , 原田 泰典

    … phase in the amorphous carbon matrix has been obtained by low energy nitrogen implantation into graphite and unbalanced magnetron sputtering. … These results indicate that ion impact is important for the growth of super-hard carbon nitride. … It is important to clarify the effect of ion impact on the growth of crystalline carbon nitride for the synthesis of super-hard carbon nitride. …

    The Proceedings of The Manufacturing & Machine Tool Conference 2018.12(0), D15, 2018


  • Observation of the Spatial Profile of Deuterium/Hydrogen Ratio Using Bulk Charge Exchange Emission

    YAMASAKI Kotaro , IDA Katsumi , YOSHINUMA Mikirou , KOBAYASHI Tatsuya

    … The number of fitting parameters for the subtracted spectral signal is reduced from 12 to 3 by assuming that the bulk ion temperature and velocity are the same as those of the carbon ions (C<sup>6+</sup>). … The initial result observed in Large Helical Device (LHD) plasma indicates that D/H ratio is constant in radial direction and is the same as that observed from passive spectroscopic measurement when the tangential NBI or the pellet injection are absent.</p> …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 13(0), 1202103-1202103, 2018


  • Breakages of Recycled Carbon Fibers Extracted from Waste Prepreg at Pelletizing with PP - Its Influence on Strength of Molded Composite -  [in Japanese]

    OKUBO Kazuya , FUJII Toru , ITOKAWA Koki

    … <p>The purpose of our study is to investigate the influence of fiber breakages of recycled carbon fibers at pelletizing on a tensile strength of the composite. … The recycled carbon fibers used in this study were obtained by extracting from a wasted prepreg by pyrolysis method in a muffle furnace under air condition at 600℃ for 30, 90 and 180 min, respectively. …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 67(4), 424-429, 2018


  • Fate of Nitrogen and Sulfur during Reduction Process of Carbon-containing Pellet Prepared by Vapor Deposition of Gaseous-Tar and the Influences of the Hetero Elements on the Reduction Behavior and Crushing Strength

    Mochizuki Yuuki , Tsubouchi Naoto , Akiyama Tomohiro

    … <p>Influences of the vapor deposition (VD) atmosphere on the nitrogen/sulfur contents in carbon-containing pellet and the crushing strength during preparation by VD method of coke oven gas (COG) tar against cold-bonded pellet (CP) are first investigated using a flow-type quartz made fixed-bed reactor and a tensile and compression crushing machine. …

    ISIJ International 58(3), 460-468, 2018


  • Formability of Hybrid Molding using Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Sheet and Resin Pellet  [in Japanese]

    藪谷 祐希 , 森澤 諭 , 赤出 英里

    三重県工業研究所研究報告 (42), 44-49, 2017

  • The effect of fiber length distribution of fiber-reinforced polypropylene composites injection-molded on the mechanical properties  [in Japanese]

    Harima Issei , Yamada Hiroaki , Kajioka Nobuyoshi , Takagaki Yuki , Tou Kazuhisa , Matsuda Yushi , Moriwaki Kenji , Ogawa Junichi , Hamada Hiroyuki

    … In addition, since the used resin materials are required to have performance in such areas as high rigidity, high strength, impact resistance, etc., generally, fiber reinforced composite materials using glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc. …

    Seikei-Kakou 29(10), 384-388, 2017


  • Ignition Characteristics of Pulverized Woody Biomass  [in Japanese]

    UEJIMA Mitsuhiro , INOUE Tooru

    … <p>The woody biomass, which is so-called carbon neutral fuel, is expected to become more important fuel in the boilers. … Wood -pellet and pulp and were used for pulverized biomass fuels, and propane was used for gas fuel. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Environmental Engineering 2017.27(0), 204, 2017


  • Reaction Mechanism of Ferrosilicon Synthesis Using Waste Plastic as a Reductant

    Farzana Rifat , Rajarao Ravindra , Sahajwalla Veena

    … Initially Bakelite bearing pellet showed faster reaction rate compared to graphite due to volatiles generation and less crystalline nature of Bakelite derived carbon. … however Bakelite bearing pellet showed lower dependency on temperature compared to graphite. … Activation energy for graphite and Bakelite pellet is 238.07 kJ/mol and 140.29 kJ/mol respectively. …

    ISIJ International 57(10), 1780-1787, 2017


  • Cold Strength and High Temperature Behaviors of Self-Reducing Briquette Containing Electric Arc Furnace Dust and Anthracite

    Wu Shengli , Chang Feng , Zhang Jianliang , Lu Hua , Kou Mingyin

    … This research aims at dealing with EAFD by pyrometallurgy through mixing it with anthracite to be used as carbon-containing briquettes in RHF. … The effect of the briquetting parameters on the green pellet strength was investigated in this paper. …

    ISIJ International 57(8), 1364-1373, 2017


  • Optimization of Granulation Process for Cathode Material of Coin Type Li Primary Batteries  [in Japanese]

    Hashimoto Tatsuya , Watano Satoru

    … Basically positive electrode material is composed of conductive material, such as carbon black, binder and manganese dioxide. … One possible way of reducing binder amount is to use expanded graphite with binding ability, instead of using carbon black. … However, as expanded graphite shows low density, it is difficult to disperse expanded graphite into pellet. …

    Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan 54(7), 473-477, 2017


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