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  • Enhanced silver diamine fluoride therapy using the PILP method —A nanoindentation study

    NURROHMAN Hamid , HABELITZ Stefan , SAEKI Kuniko , SADR Alireza , GOWER Laurie B. , PAZDERNIK Vanessa , TAGAMI Junji , MARSHALL Sally J. , MARSHALL Grayson W.

    … One hundred forty micrometer deep artificial caries lesions were treated with (A) 38% SDF solution and (B) 38% SDF containing poly-L-aspartic acid (pASP). … Hydrated artificial lesions had a low reduced elastic modulus (0.3 GPa) and nanohardness (0.02 GPa) region extending about 100 μm into the lesion, with a gradual linear increase to about 168 μm where the values plateaued to around 18 GPa/1.0 GPa. …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2020


  • Suppression of root caries progression by application of Nanoseal<sup>®</sup>: A single-blind randomized clinical trial

    MIYAJI Hirofumi , KATO Akihito , TANAKA Saori

    … application on root caries progression. … Adult patients (<i>n</i>=129, mean age: 66.4±10.1 years) with root caries were randomly allocated into three groups: high-frequency (HF, <i>n</i>=43; … Measurements of fluorescence laser values of carious lesions using a DIAGNOdent™ Pen (D-value) were performed for each subject before intervention (baseline) and at 3 and 6 months. …

    Dental Materials Journal 39(3), 444-448, 2020

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  • Hydrolytic degradation of different infiltrant compositions within different histological zones of enamel caries like-lesions

    NÓBREGA Marina Tavares Costa , DANTAS Eugênia Lívia de Andrade , ALONSO Roberta Caroline Bruschi , ALMEIDA Leopoldina de Fátima Dantas de , PUPPIN-RONTANI Regina Maria , SOUSA Frederico Barbosa DE

    … <p>This study evaluates the effects of resin infiltrant composition and caries histological zone on the hydrolytic degradation of resininfiltrated artificial bovine enamel caries (RI-AEC). … Following caries infiltration, samples were cut perpendicularly, and transverse microhardness were analyzed (at two histological zones: surface layer and lesion body) before and after 21 days of water immersion. …

    Dental Materials Journal 39(3), 449-455, 2020


  • Caries removal by Er,Cr:YSGG laser and Air-rotor handpiece comparison in primary teeth treatment: an <i>in vivo</i> study:Caries removal by Er,Cr:YSGG laser and Air-rotor handpiece

    Johar Smriti , Goswami Mridula , Kumar Gyanendra , Dhillon Jatinder Kaur

    … The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare caries removal by Er,Cr:YSGG Laser and conventional method using Air-rotor handpiece in primary teeth. … 25 children with at least two class I carious lesions on primary teeth with Diagnodent readings not differing more than ± … Time taken for caries removal was recorded using a timer. …

    LASER THERAPY 28(2), 116-122, 2019


  • Detection of enamel subsurface lesions by swept-source optical coherence tomography

    SUZUKI Sumiyo , KATAOKA Yu , KANEHIRA Masafumi , KOBAYASHI Mikihiro , MIYAZAKI Takashi , MANABE Atsufumi

    … <p>This study aimed to non-destructively analyze the progression of subsurface enamel caries using swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT), a recently developed imaging analysis modality. … Artificial enamel caries at various stages of demineralization were created in bovine tooth enamel using a modified lactic acid gel system. … SS-OCT can potentially be used to evaluate the progression of incipient enamel carious lesions.</p> …

    Dental Materials Journal 38(2), 303-310, 2019

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  • Comparison of the micro-tensile bond strengths of four different universal adhesives to caries-affected dentin after ER:YAG laser irradiation

    DÖNMEZ Nazmiye , GÜNGÖR Ayça Sarıalioğlu , KARABULUT Barış , SİSO Şeyda Hergüner

    … The carious lesions were irradiated using an Er:YAG laser. … The results of this study suggested that universal adhesives applied both with self and total etch technique can be used for adhesive restorations to caries-affected dentin after Er:YAG laser irradiation. … If lasers are preferred as a caries removal method, choosing a dentin bonding agent containing MDP may be recommended in clinical practice due to the property of increasing the bonding strength.</p> …

    Dental Materials Journal 38(2), 218-225, 2019


  • <i>In vivo</i> antimicrobial activity of silver diammine fluoride on carious lesions in dentin

    Karched Maribasappa , Ali Dena , Ngo Hien

    … effect of silver diammine fluoride (SDF) and SDF + potassium iodide (KI) application on bacteria present in deep carious lesions. … efficacy in five patients, each of which had five carious lesions. …

    Journal of Oral Science 61(1), 19-24, 2019

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  • Microhardness of bovine enamel after different fluoride application protocols

    OLIVEIRA Marcia Regina Cabral , OLIVEIRA Pedro Henrique Cabral , OLIVEIRA Luiz Henrique Cabral , HORLIANA Anna Carolina Ratto Tempestini , CÉSAR Paulo Francisco , MOURA Sandra Kiss , BUSSADORI Sandra Kalil

    … <p>The aim of the present study was to evaluate microhardness, mineral recovery and the enamel surface after the application of topical fluoride to artificial dental caries. … Twenty-five bovine enamel blocks were prepared for artificial caries-like lesions and randomly divided into five groups (<i>n</i>=5): untreated (C control), 1.23% acidulated phosphate fluoride gel (APG), 2% neutral fluoride gel (NFG), 1.23% acidulated fluoride mousse (AFM) and fluoride varnish (5% Duraphat, DFV). …

    Dental Materials Journal 38(1), 61-67, 2019


  • 9-year follow-up case of a pedodontic patient with caries lesions in multiple teeth  [in Japanese]

    長岡 守

    日本ヘルスケア歯科学会誌 = The journal of the Japan Health Care Dental Association 19(1), 34-39, 2018

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  • Radiolucent Lesions in Intracoronal Dentin of Unerupted Premolars:Report of Three Cases  [in Japanese]

    KUBOTA Fumie , ISHII Hanako , ISHII Kaori , KYOGOKU Emi , KUBA Youichi

    … <p>Radiolucent lesions within intracoronal dentin located adjacent to the amelodentinal junction of unerupted developing teeth is a rare phenomenon, with most cases noted in molars and premolars, and more often in mandibular as compared to maxillary teeth. …

    The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Dentistry 56(4), 450-459, 2018

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  • Anti-demineralization Effect of Zinc Glass-containing Glass Ionomer Cement on Root Dentin  [in Japanese]

    Haruhiko HASEGAWA , Toru SHIIYA , Yasuo MIAKE , Koki HIDAKA , Yuichi KUNIMATSU , Masato ISHIZAWA , Tomotaro NIHEI , Yoshiharu MUKAI

    … The mineral profiles and integrated mineral loss (IML) of lesions in each group were analyzed by dedicated software. … Elements (Ca, P, F, Zn) incorporated into the demineralized dentin of C10 were detected on the cut surface by EPMA.</p><p> Results: Compared to the other two groups, the C10 group showed higher mineral volume% in the surface layer and in the lesions, indicating that IML of C10 was significantly lower than for the other groups (p<0.05). …

    The Japanese Journal of Conservative Dentistry 61(6), 361-367, 2018

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  • Simplified Prediction Model for Accurate Assessment of Dental Caries Risk among Participants Aged 10-18 Years

    Kim Jung-Min , Choi Jun-Seon , Choi Yoon-Hyeong , Kim Hee-Eun

    … <p>Dental caries assessment needs to be targeted at specific age groups, as many risk factors are related to patient age. … Pre-teen and teenage patients, who are still at risk of occurrence of new carious lesions, need more individualized caries management strategies. … Therefore, this study aimed to identify caries-related risk factors and develop a simplified risk prediction model for dental caries. …

    The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 246(2), 81-86, 2018

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  • Assessing the physical and pathological traits of human skeletal remains from cemetery localities at the Rakhigarhi site of the Harappan Civilization


    … The dental health of the subjects appeared to be good as the overall prevalence of oral pathologies (caries and antemortem tooth loss) was generally low. … Although various pathologies have been identified, we could not find any specific lesions suggestive of leprosy and tuberculosis in these skeletons. …

    Anthropological Science 126(2), 111-120, 2018

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  • Diagnosis of Dental Caries Using Optical Coherence Tomography  [in Japanese]

    Shimada Yasushi , Nakagawa Hisaichi , Matsuura Chihiro , Hayashi Juri , Sadr Alireza , Nakashima Syozi , Sumi Yasunori , Tagami Junji , Yoshiyama Masahiro

    … <p>Detection of carious lesions remains to be diagnostically challenging, dentists need an imaging technology that can noninvasively and reliably quantify the extent of caries. … Dental radiographs do not have the sensitivity for early lesions, and by the time the lesions are radiolucent they have often progressed well into dentin. …

    Nippon Laser Igakkaishi 39(1), 19-27, 2018

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  • Infective Endocarditis Associated with Atopic Dermatitis:Report of a Case and Review of Reported Cases

    Aoyagi Shigeaki , Oda Takeshi , Wada Kumiko , Nakamura Eiji , Kosuga Tomokazu , Yasunaga Hiroshi

    … He had a history of balloon valvuloplasty for a stenotic bicuspid aortic valve, and had dental caries but no invasive dental procedure before the onset of IE. … On admission, skin lesions of AD with itching and scratches were found on the neck, trunk, and extremities. …

    International Heart Journal 59(2), 420-423, 2018

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  • Comparison of enamel remineralization potential after application of titanium tetra fluoride and carbon dioxide laser

    Fekrazad Reza , Najafi Ahmad , Mahfar Ramona , Namdari Mahshid , Azarsina Mohadese

    … The samples underwent a demineralization regimen for 7 days to produce artificial initial caries. … The hardness of enamel blocks with white spot lesions was measured, and the samples which had the mean hardness change of 65-90%, were selected, and randomly divided into 5 groups (N=15): G1: control; … CO2 laser irradiation before TiF4 application could not remineralize the white-spot lesions. …

    LASER THERAPY 26(2), 113-119, 2017

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  • Alternative methods to visual and radiographic examinations for approximal caries detection

    Abogazalah Naif , Ando Masatoshi

    … <p>A shift in caries prevalence from occlusal surfaces to approximal surfaces has been demonstrated by epidemiological studies. … Two recent meta-analyses evaluated the performance of visual examination and radiography for carious lesion detection, and reported low sensitivity but high specificity for early approximal caries detection. … This suggests that the conventional methods have a higher risk of failing to detect approximal lesions. …

    Journal of Oral Science 59(3), 315-322, 2017

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  • Hyperglycemia simultaneously induces initial caries development and enhances spontaneous occlusal surface wear in molar teeth related to parotid gland disorder in alloxan-induced diabetic rats

    Nishimoto Taiki , Kodama Yasushi , Matsuura Tetsuro , Ozaki Kiyokazu , Taniguchi Yoshihiko

    … Diabetes and salivary gland dysfunction are major factors that induce dental caries in experimental animals, but there are no reports analyzing the association of dental caries and salivary glands in an animal model of diabetes mellitus (DM). …

    Journal of Toxicologic Pathology 30(1), 47-55, 2017

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  • A 10 year follow-up case of siblings with numerous caries lesions  [in Japanese]

    林 浩司 , 白川 さおり

    日本ヘルスケア歯科学会誌 = The journal of the Japan Health Care Dental Association 17(1), 48-56, 2016

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  • Observation of Carious Lesions on Undecalcified Tooth Sections with Silver Staining Method for Protein Gel Electrophoresis

    Kuwada-Kusunose Takao , Suzuki Kunihiro , Fuse Megumi , Matsumoto Takashi , Kusunose Alisa , Niimi Toshihide , Tamamura Ryo , Okada Hiroyuki , Sakae Toshiro

    … In this study, we attempted to observe the carious lesions of enamel and dentin with the silver staining method. … When undecalcified ground sections of teeth were stained with the staining method, carious lesions on dentin showed layer staining pattern, and the staining patterns seemed to be corresponding to the histological zone of the carious lesions. …

    Journal of Hard Tissue Biology 25(1), 15-20, 2016

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