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    宮田 康好 , 松尾 朋博 , 光成 健輔 , 大庭 康司郎 , 酒井 英樹

    … and, administered medication, while nurses and case workers from a community health care institution provided mental and social support. … The Short Form Health Survey, SF-36, was used to evaluate quality of life (QoL). …

    泌尿器科紀要 = Acta urologica Japonica 66(4), 107-113, 2020-04

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  • An Elaboration of the Semantic Description of the Japanese Polysemous Verb "HIKU" from the Viewpoint of Cognitive Semantics  [in Japanese]

    崔 暁文

    … The case types in the semantic description include "Agent", "Instrument", "Patient", "Result of the change of Patient", "Source" and "Goal". … 3) Multiple word meanings of "HIKU" are related with the prototypical meaning by metaphorical and metonymic connections and they form a radial category. …

    人間文化創成科学論叢 (22), 67-76, 2020-03-31

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  • Functions of utterance-final "~to omotte" in interaction : when responding using "~to omotte" to a question  [in Japanese]

    伊藤 亜紀 , ITO Aki

    … (c) even under the case of (b), the recipients of utterance-final "~to omotte" accept it as an answer to their question. … Considering these common points, this form serves the following two functions: (1) by verbalizing their present thought, the recipients account for not having clear answers to the questions; …

    名古屋大学人文学フォーラム (3), 403-418, 2020-03-31

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  • Visualization of the Development of Students' Recognition in Cooperative Learning Lesson : The Application of Ontology  [in Japanese]

    坂本 將暢 , 丹下 悠史 , 柴田 好章 , 埜嵜 志保 , 徐 曼 , 向井 昌紀 , 石黒 慎二 , 水野 正朗 , 副島 孝 , 胡田 裕教 , 清水 克博 , 中島 淑子 , 花里 真吾 , 田中 眞帆 , ファウザン アーダン ヌサンタラ , 久川 慶貴 , 久留島 夕紀 , 小國 翔平 , 王 瀟 , 寺田 実智子 , SAKAMOTO Masanobu , TANGE Yushi , SHIBATA Yoshiaki , NOZAKI Shiho , XU Man , MUKAI Masaki , ISHIGURO Shinji , MIZUNO Masao , SOEJIMA Takashi , EBITA Hiroyuki , SHIMIZU Katsuhiro , NAKASHIMA Yoshiko , HANASATO Shingo , TANAKA Maho , Fauzan Ahdan Nusantara , HISAKAWA Keiki , KURUSHIMA Yuki , OGUNI Shohei , WANG Xiao , TERADA Michiko

    … For this case analysis, a social studies lesson of 3rd grade is selected. … Firstly, 3 hermeneutic case analyses are conducted based on interpretations. … Each case is characterized as follows: (1) Although students arrived at different conclusions, they used the same facts as grounds for their opinions. … (2) Some students made their own conclusions by reasoning, transforming the information into a quantitative form. …

    名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科紀要. 教育科学 66(2), 157-172, 2020-03-31

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  • Socialization of Parents and Living Conditions in Collective Housing : A Case Study of Collective House Kosumosu  [in Japanese]

    稲見 直子 , Inami Naoko

    … ArticlesHow do people form themselves in society? … In doing so, it reports on the results of a case study of Collective House Kosumosu (hereinafter, Kosumosu) based on data collected during observation and one-on-one interviews with three sets of parents. …

    年報人間科学 (41), 1-17, 2020-03-31

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  • Cooperation between Japan and Visegrad Group Countries on Subnational Level : The Case Study of Kantō Prefectures  [in Japanese]

    Matusiak Sylwia

    … If not, is there any possibility to form partnership in the future? …

    城西大学経済経営紀要 (38), 77-89, 2020-03-31

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  • The role of local Institute of Education in Principal Training in Contemporary China: A case study of Jilin Province  [in Japanese]

    殷 爽

    … On the other hand, for administrative training for principal, the level and form of involvement of educational administration influences whether training progresses steadily. …

    飛梅論集 (20), 65-79, 2020-03-29


  • The Awareness of Past and Present in Heian-Period bunjin: Kanshishū Prefaces as Discourse on Textual Heritage  [in Japanese]

    GERLINI Edoardo

    … Drawing on this new approach, which considers the "things of the past" as a tool to tie past cultures to present identities, I argue that rethinking "classical literature" as a form of "textual heritage" can offer new insights into the debate about the "crisis of classics" today. … In the case of Japanese Classical Literature of the Heian period, authors always produced texts―of which literary works were but a subset―through the reading and quoting of past masterpieces, in both direct and indirect manners. …

    第43回 国際日本文学研究集会会議録 = PROCEEDINGS OF THE 43rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON JAPANESE LITERATURE (43), 129-150, 2020-03-26


  • Sharing Things(1): Collaborative Agents in Free Improvisation

    ゴードン ジェラルド R.

    … With this serving as something of a case study in post-humanist ontology, my examination expands in order to more generally explore how human and non-human agents intra-act in collaborative becoming, and how this awareness provides potential ways for exceeding the human-centered constructs that delegitimize the body in general and individual becoming bodies in particular. … As well, I argue that bodies can only be understood as individuals in both form and time. …

    梅花女子大学文化表現学部紀要 = Baika Women's University Faculty of Cultural and Expression Studies Bulletin (16), 45-52, 2020-03-20

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  • Algorithm to Convert System Specification Written in Natural Language to Logical Description for Test Case Generation  [in Japanese]

    青山 裕介 , 黒岩 丈瑠 , 久代 紀之

    … In the system test case design, the last phase of development, input items and confirmation items for tests are extracted from a natural language specification, and test cases are created by assigning the items to concrete values. … We also developed an algorithm that converted specification written in the semi-formal description to test cases in the form of the decision table to generate test cases without human-errors. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 61(3), 521-534, 2020-03-15


  • Japanese University Students' Hungarian Language Learning Experiences: A Multiple Case Study

    Tanabe Julia

    … This paper illuminates four Japanese university students' experiences of Hungarian language learning, during study abroad, in the form of a multiple case study. … Data were collected in the form of in-depth and follow-up interviews about students' Hungarian language learning. …

    Hiroshima Studies in Language and Language Education (23), 177-192, 2020-03-01

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  • On Expanded Meaning of N (Moraic Nasal) in Japanese : A case from ranuki phenomena  [in Japanese]

    平地 祐章

    … In such cases, however, a form with moraic nasal N is more acceptable than ranuki in most contexts, according to surveys conducted in this study. …

    千葉大学人文公共学研究論集 = Journal of studies on humanities and public affairs of Chiba University (40), 1-21, 2020-03


  • An Empirical Analysis on Impacts of the Internet Traffic on Personal Consumption in Japan  [in Japanese]

    小林 稔

    … by the Internet traffic, too.In this paper, the present conditions of the Internet and the mobile communications were surveyed and also the impact that increase of the Internet traffic gave to personal consumption was considered through the analysis by the original measurement model.Specifically, the impact was considered through analyzing each case in detail after having regarded the amount of sale of the different retail trade of the form as personal consumption, for example electronic commerce, department store, …

    和光経済 = Wako Keizai 52(3), 1-13, 2020-03


  • A Place to Remember: The Erasure of Pasar Johar's Collective Memory

    Nurmaraya Hasna , Lukito Nurliani Yulia

    … It is important to preserve the whole story of the building, the architectural form, and the memory related to the building as well as the society so that all of those aspects can be passed down to the next generation. … This study appoints Pasar Johar Semarang as a study case since it is a heritage building that experienced some changes and misfortunes such as fire incident in 2015. …

    Evergreen 7(1), 72-78, 2020-03

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  • On the Survival of Higher Education as an Organization: Self-discipline  [in Japanese]

    藤村 正司

    … This paper looks at the case of National University Corporations (NUCs) in Japan. … As a result of such coerced isomorphism, the mid-term plans of 86 National Universities are virtually identical despite the variable strengths and institutional missions of each national university.Thirdly, the National University Corporation Law as a form of discipline defines only general outlines of university structure and governance. …

    大学論集 (52), 1-17, 2020-03

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  • Introduction to This Special Topic "Reconsidering Local Knowledge and Beyond"

    KANEKO Morie , SHIGETA Masayoshi

    … This paper considers African local knowledge by establishing two themes: social relations that form African local knowledge and the relationship between African local knowledge and livelihood activities. … While continuing to accumulate several case studies based on long-term fieldwork, we have also begun to work with residents to create new technologies and techniques based on these findings. …

    African study monographs. Supplementary issue. (59), 1-9, 2020-03

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  • Does "Third Route" in Continuing Education System Promote Social Movement? : The Case of Singapore's SkillsFuture Initiatives  [in Japanese]

    佐藤 幸代 , SATO Yukiyo

    … At this stage, this can be interpreted as the government's strong attempt to maintain "legitimacy of meritocratic elitism," which they use as a means of uniting multi-ethnic citizens to form national identity as Singaporeans. …

    名古屋高等教育研究 (20), 131-150, 2020-03

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  • Sense of time in outsider's approach "being with" and "walking with" in disaster recovery : A case study of the support activities in Saka Town, Hiroshima Prefecture after 2018 Western Japan heavy rains  [in Japanese]

    立部 知保里 , 頼政 良太 , 内藤 悠 , 宮本 匠 , Tatebe Chihori , Yorimasa Ryota , Naito Yu , Miyamoto Takumi , タテベ チホリ , ヨリマサ リョウタ , ナイトウ ユウ , ミヤモト タクミ

    … This case study was conducted in Saka Town, Hiroshima Prefecture, which suffered from the 2018 Western Japan heavy rains. … In this case study, we introduce examples of salon activities and "Hukkou Juku", a form of seminar and workshop as the approach of our Support Team to address these problems. …

    災害と共生 3(2), 1-14, 2020-03

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  • Contemporary Discourses of Urban Entrepreneurialism and Event-led Regeneration in Tokyo : A Case Study Approach

    Grace Gonzalez Basurto

    … The article examines Tokyo's current form and function as an 'entrepreneurial city'. …

    研究論集 = Journal of inquiry and research (111), 151-164, 2020-03

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  • A Study on the Answering Process of the Listening Comprehension Test Using Items on the "Quick Response" Portion of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test  [in Japanese]

    板橋 貴子

    … By going through the recorded utterances, this report clarifies how the correct answer was selected as well as why the wrong answers were chosen.The results showed even higher level Japanese learners could not choose the correct answer, because they misunderstood the meaning of 'Te-form' words in the subordinate clause, or failed to pay attention to case particles and mistook the agent of verbs. …

    国際交流基金日本語教育紀要 = The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Education Bulletin (16), 17-28, 2020-03

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