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  • Tribological Behavioural of Bio-Oil Extracted from Peel Waste of Musa Aluminata Balbisiana

    Hamid H. A. , Omar Ghazali , Masripan N. A. B. , Hasan R.

    … <p>The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of applied loads and temperatures on the tribological properties of MBS oil, which is a bio-oil extracted from banana peel waste of Musa Aluminata Balbisiana, MBS. … Microscopic analysis revealed that, the above results is due to the formation of tribo-chemical film which existed as protective layer on sliding surface thus preventing metal to metal contacted each other, hence contributed to the favor of frictional reduction.</p> …

    Tribology Online 15(4), 251-258, 2020


  • Improvement in the<i> in vitro </i>Digestibility of Shrimp Meal by the Addition of Persimmon Peel

    Sangkaew Manisa , Koh Katsuki

    … <p>The present study was conducted to analyze the chemical properties of persimmon peel (PP) and the <i>in vitro </i>digestibility of shrimp meal (SM) diets containing PP. … The chemical composition and chitinase activity of dried PP was studied. …

    The Journal of Poultry Science, 2020


  • Material and Fracture Surface Examination of T-Joint for High Pressure Hydrogen Piping that Caused Hydrogen Leakage in a High Pressure Hydrogen Facility  [in Japanese]

    WATANABE Shogo , MATSUO Takashi , YOSHIDA Satoko , MATSUOKA Saburo

    Chemical composition analysis, microstructure observation and Vickers hardness measurement proved that 17-4PH of T-type joint was sound. … Fracture surface observation showed that semi-elliptical crack surface was covered with quasi-cleavage and that peel-like defects were formed on taper surface. … It was presumed from these points that hydrogen-leakage of T-type joint was caused by hydrogen-induced crack growth from peel-like defect in 150 MPa hydrogen gas.</p> …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 69(5), 395-400, 2020


  • Effect of plasma treatment on the peel bond strength between maxillofacial silicones and resins

    GÜNGÖR Merve BANKOĞLU , NEMLİ Seçil KARAKOCA , İNAL Ceyda Başak , BAĞKUR Meral , DİLSİZ Nursel

    … <p>The study aimed to investigate the effects of surface treatments, including plasma, on the peel bond strength between two maxillofacial silicones and two resins with and without thermocycling. … The peel bond strength values of the control and thermocycled groups were determined. … Polished specimens showed higher peel bond strength than ground specimens. …

    Dental Materials Journal 39(2), 242-250, 2020


  • Effect of MgO powder addition to alkali and alkaline-earth borosilicate glass paste on the acid durability and peel adhesion characteristics of Ag conductors formed with the glass paste

    TACHIBANA Yusuke , MATSUDA Akifumi , YOSHIMOTO Mamoru

    … <p>In this study, we investigated the influence of the addition of MgO powder to the alkali and alkaline-earth borosilicate (AEB) glass paste on acid durability and peel adhesion characteristics of Ag conductors formed on the alumina substrate with the AEB glass paste. … During the peel adhesion test of the Ag conductor on the alumina substrate in a H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub> …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 128(3), 142-148, 2020


  • The Absorption of Kitchen Waste Mixed-base Biochar on Malachite Green

    Lan Yibo , Wang Hongjie , Li Xiaodong , Jin Shi , Zhang Yuhong

    … <p>Kitchen waste mixed-base biochar (KW600, KW800, KW1000) was made of eggshell, banana peel, tea residue, cabbage and leftover rice. …

    Chemistry Letters 49(1), 20-23, 2020


  • Mechanism of Improvement of Reflow Resistance by Using Mesogenic Epoxy  [in Japanese]

    Yuki Nakamura , Tomoo Nishiyama , Yoshitaka Takezawa

    <p>絶縁材料をパワーモジュールに適用する場合,280 ℃のリフロー工程を通す必要があり,この熱衝撃で剥離しない耐リフロー性(耐熱衝撃接着特性)が要求される。一般的には,高T<sub>g </sub>かつ低α(線膨張係数)の芳香族多官能エポキシを用いることが多い。硬化過程で自己配列するメソゲンエポキシが低T<sub>g </sub>ではあ …

    Journal of Networkpolymer,Japan 40(5), 223-228, 2019


  • Improvement Effect of Physical Properties of Diglycidylether ofBisphenol-A Modified by Epoxy Terminated Macroglycols  [in Japanese]

    SATO Nobuya , MURAI Yuuta , YAMADA Eisuke , OGINO Tsuyoshi , MIZUTANI Mitsuki , SHIMIZU Hiromi

    <p>ポリオキシテトラメチレングリコール( PTMG) 或いはポリカプロラクトングリコール( PCL) の両末端をそれぞれグリシジルエーテル化した新規な両末端エポキシ化マクログリコール( E-glycol) を,ビスフェノールA型ジグリシジルエーテル( DGEBA) に添加し,三級アミン系触媒型硬化剤を用いた硬化物の諸物性とE-glycolの化学構造,分子量及び添加量の関係を検討した。 …

    Journal of The Adhesion Society of Japan 55(10), 351-359, 2019


  • Development of photocatalytic plate for water treatment using titanium oxide  [in Japanese]

    AONO Yuya , TAMURA Kenichi

    … The titanium oxide film formed on the plate surface has adhesive strength that does not peel off even at a water pressure of 2.6 times at the time of the river flooding. … The plate was irradiated with sunlight and water treatment performance was evaluated by Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD). …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), G0900001, 2018


  • Fabrication of Conductive Patterns on Organic Film with Copper Nano-Ink  [in Japanese]

    Minamihara Satoshi , Kawato Yuichi , Arimura Hidetoshi

    … The peel strength of electrodeposited copper on the photo-sintered copper film reached 10 N・cm<sup>-1</sup>, which was good adhesion to polyimide. …

    Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging 21(6), 594-599, 2018


  • "Cool-off" Function and Heat Resistance of an Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Bearing a Mesogenic Group

    Yamaguchi Satoshi , Nakanishi Ryu , Nanchi Minoru , Kawahara Shin'ichiro , Murakami Hiroto

    … Remarkably, peel modes of <b>MesP</b> …

    Chemistry Letters 47(3), 344-346, 2018


  • Improvement Effect of Physical Properties of Epoxy Resins Modifiedby Polyurethane Resin and Polyurethane Elastomer Blends  [in Japanese]

    SATO Nobuya , SUGIKI Tomoya , YAMADA Eisuke

    <p>エポキシ中にて,それぞれ合成したポリウレタンエラストマー( PUE) と高ハードセグメント含有ポリウレタン( ポリウレタン樹脂:PUR) の混合物を調製し,その混合比率及び添加量と新規なPUs( PUR/PUE混合物)変性エポキシ硬化物の各種物性との関係を検討した。PUEは分子量2000のポリオキシテトラメチレングリコール( PTMG),4,4'-ジフェニルメタンジイソシアナート …

    Journal of The Adhesion Society of Japan 53(8), 262-267, 2017


  • Study of 165 clinical cases of chemical peels for acne performed in our facility  [in Japanese]

    Sekiguchi Chisako , Chikenji Hiromi , Tosa Mayumi

    当院では2000年より一般的な治療に反応しない痤瘡に対しケミカルピーリングを積極的に行ってきた.ケミカルピーリングを施行した231例のうち痤瘡患者は184例で,グリコール酸,サリチル酸によるケミカルピーリングを施行した.そのうち継続施術した165例中57例が著効,81例が有効と判定し,合わせて約84%に効果が認められた.18例に紅斑,乾燥などの副作用が認められたが,その中の半数以上は継続できた.疾 …

    Journal of the Japan Organization of Clinical Dermatologists 34(3), 355-360, 2017

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Development of Local Redeposition Technology with Si-DLC for Restoration of Peeling Point on DLC film  [in Japanese]

    TAKAMATSU Hajime , TANAKA Ippei , KOUSAKA Hiroyuki , FURUKI Tatsuya

    … For this purpose, we overcoated a new layer of Si-DLC film by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), on a pre-coated layer of Si-DLC on a steel disk, so that we investigate the effect of cleaning process before peel-off load of the new layer was investigated. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2017(0), S1110206, 2017


  • Immobilized Monolayer Nanoparticles in a Microfluidic Device for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Measurement

    Hase Takumi , Ishigaki Soichiro , Shibusawa Kazuki , Hamanaka Sakuya , Yabuki Yuki , Tamano Yuki , Tsukada Kosuke

    … <p>Microfluidic devices are powerful bioapplication tools for cellular experiments in particular, as they can regulate physical and chemical parameters such as the flow rate, shear stress, oxygen, and molecular concentrations in a culture medium to mimic physiological and pathological microenvironments <i>in vitro</i>. … When this SERS plate was installed in a microfluidic device, the nanoparticles did not peel off even after long-term fluid immersion. …

    Advanced Biomedical Engineering 6(0), 122-128, 2017

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Promotion of New Foodstuffs and Rural Industry:Development of the Shiikuwasha (<I>Citrus Depressa Hayata</I>) Industry through Research on Functional Food Components  [in Japanese]

    OHTA Hideaki , MUSOU-YAHADA Ayumi

    … Synephrine, a well-known enhancer of lipid metabolism, is also present in the fruit peel. … these are found in the peel, with nobiletin predominating. …

    Journal of Food System Research 24(2), 121-127, 2017


  • Fluid Molecular Bonding of the Aluminum Plates and EPDM  [in Japanese]

    NEMOTO Masashi , AKAIKE Hisashi , TAKAGI Kazuhisa , HIRAHARA Hidetoshi , MORI Kunio

    Peel strength at 0.1 wt% for the ACP concentration shows the weakest value and does interfacial failure. … Peel strength at 155 °C for crosslinking temperature was about 2-times higher than at 170 °C. …

    NIPPON GOMU KYOKAISHI 89(11), 323-329, 2016


  • The Influence to Polyamide Reverse Osmosis(RO)Membranes of Slime Control Agent for RO Membranes, "KURIVERTER® IK–110"  [in Japanese]

    Endou Yoshihiko , Kawakatsu Takahiro

    … Kurita's brand new slime control agent "KURIVERTER IK–110" has the characteristic effect called "Peel off ability". … This chemical can remove the biofilm on RO membranes without stopping plant operation. …

    MEMBRANE 41(1), 44-47, 2016


  • Selective Electroless Plating on UV-modified Polymer Film Surface Patterns to Form Copper Mesh as a Transparent Electrode

    HORIUCHI Yoshio , SUZUKI Yohei , NOH Joo-hyong , HONMA Hideo , TAKAI Osamu , CORDONIER Christopher E. J.

    … The reactions of surface modification were considered based on chemical and elemental analysis using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and surface energy analysis. … After annealing the electrolytic plated film, the vertical peel strength between the PEN film and copper deposit was enhanced. …

    Electrochemistry 84(12), 971-977, 2016


  • Efficiency of Crude Extract from Pummelo Peel on Controlling the Growth of <i>Colletotrichum gloeosporioides</i> (Penz.)


    … <p>The objective of this research was to investigate the antifungal efficiency of pummelo peel extracted with different solvents on <i>Colletotrichum gloeosporioides</i>. … Chemical compounds of the crude extracts were analyzed by GC-MS and HPLC and inhibition the growth of <i>C. … of pummelo peel extracted with dichloromethane, ethanol, hexane and ethyl acetate were 19.16, 52.81, 65.58, and 95.61%<i>, </i>respectively<i>.</i> …

    International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development 6(2), 17-22, 2015


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