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  • The effectiveness of co-ordination training -The effect on the physical strength, health and living behavior of children  [in Japanese]

    小野 覚久 , 縄田 翔吾 , 髙橋 美紗江

    … The decline in the athletic ability of young children is also associated with the decline in the ability of daily activities such as communication ability, and the main factor is the decrease in exercise play, their companions, and places where they can exercise. …

    足利短期大学研究紀要 = MEMOIRS OF ASHIKAGA JUNIOR COLLEGE 41(1), 23-30, 2021-03-15


  • Collaboration Between Regular Class Teachers and Parents of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Have Behavior Problems  [in Japanese]

    岡村 章司

    特殊教育学研究 = The Japanese journal of special education 58(4), 219-233, 2021-02

  • Training Preserves Teachers' Classroom Management Skills : Trials as a Part of Teacher Education Curriculum  [in Japanese]

    寺坂 明子

    本稿は,行動理論にもとづいた,問題を起こりにくくする「能動的な」学級経営方略のトレーニング方法を,学級経営方略に関するこれまでの研究知見と教室内での教師行動の観察データを元に提案するものである。わが国では学級経営に関する研究が乏しく,特に教室内での行動のマネジメントに焦点を当てた学級経営法とそのトレーニング方法は皆無である。しかしながら,学習や行動で困難を抱える子どもはどのクラスにも存在するといっ …

    大阪教育大学紀要. 総合教育科学 = Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University. Educational science 69, 313-326, 2021-02

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  • 2021-01-07

    Liu Wenwen , Wu Xiaoyan , Huang Kun , Yan Shuangqin , Ma Liya , Cao Hui , Gan Hong , Tao Fangbiao

    Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine 26(1), 2021-01-07


  • Estimating model of sedentary behavior with tri-axial accelerometer in elementary school children

    Hikihara Yuki , Tanaka Chiaki , Oshima Yoshitake , Ohkawara Kazunori , Ishikawa-Takata Kazuko , Tanaka Shigeho

    … <p>Several recent studies reported that a lack of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) in combination with a high degree of sedentary behavior (SB) is associated with health problems including overweight and obesity in children, as well as psychosocial stress. …

    The Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine 10(2), 119-126, 2021


  • Care for children's mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan

    Usami Masahide , Itagaki Kotoe , Yoshida Yukino , Namekata Saori , Takahashi Momoka , Harada Ikuhiro , Hakoshima Yuki , Inazaki Kumi , Yoshimura Yuta , Mizumoto Yuki , Sasaki Shoko , Sunakawa Hikaru , Toguchi Yusuke , Tanese Syuichi , Saito Kiyoshi , Shinohara Rena , Kurokochi Toshinari , Sugimoto Kaori

    … Japanese society will face several challenges regarding children's mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. … In order to develop healthy minds in children, it is important to view the changes in children's minds in a positive light and promote their healthy emotional development while correctly fearing COVID-19. … This sense of social stagnation and uncertainty is likely to increase feelings of insecurity and isolation among children. …

    Global Health & Medicine, 2021


  • INVESTIGATION INTO INDOOR ENVIRONMENTS AND HOME DAMPNESS:- Indoor Temperature and Humidity in Relation to Dampness Index Proposed by Authors -  [in Japanese]

    HASEGAWA Kenichi , KAGI Naoki , SAKAGUCHI Jun , SHINOHARA Naohide , SHIRAISHI Yasuyuki , MITAMURA Teruaki

    … Although the specific indoor dampness factors related to such issues have yet to be fully explored, there are clear and urgent needs for improved architectural techniques and optimized occupant behavior patterns that can prevent or eliminate excessive dampness inside buildings. … Furthermore, if the underlying structures linking dampness to adverse health effects could be more closely estimated through epidemiological surveys, prevention methodologies for serious problems related to indoor dampness might be discovered. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 86(780), 197-204, 2021


  • Previous experiences of Japanese children with parents who have a mental illness, and their consultation situation at school: A survey of grown-up children  [in Japanese]


    <p><b>目的</b> 精神疾患のある親をもつ人を対象とし,小・中・高校時代の体験および学校での相談状況を把握することを目的とした。</p><p><b>方法</b> 精神疾患のある親をもつ人の会に参加したことのある240人を対象とし,ウェブ上のアンケート調査を実施した。小・中・高校時代の体験,学校での相談状況,子 …

    Nihon Koshu Eisei Zasshi(JAPANESE JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH) 68(2), 131-143, 2021


  • The Telehealth Program for Kindergarten and Nursery Teachers in Charge of Children with Behavioral Problems

    Inoue Masahiko , Takagi Asuka

    … <p>This study provided a telehealth program for kindergarten and nursery teachers in charge of children with, or suspected of having, developmental disabilities. … We examined teacher participation, behavior intervention plans (BIP), practice, and improvement of children's behavior. …

    Yonago Acta Medica 64(1), 143-146, 2021

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  • Interventions for Students with Problem Behaviors: A Workshop Incorporating Applied Behavior Analysis for Japanese Teachers

    Inoue Masahiko , Kishimoto Tomohiro , Fukuzaki Toshiki

    … <p><b>Background </b>We conducted a workshop-style program based on applied behavior analysis (ABA) for Japanese teachers in charge of children with developmental disabilities who had behavioral problems. …

    Yonago Acta Medica 64(1), 98-106, 2021

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  • Analysis of sweet snack eating habits and lifestyle using a health check for toddlers  [in Japanese]

    SASAKI Kemal , HIRASAWA Akiko , YAMAZAKI Yoshihisa , ISHIKAWA Midori

    <p><b>目的</b> 乳幼児健康診査(乳幼児健診)では,生活習慣に関する問診が行われている。乳幼児健診の受診率は極めて高いため,問診結果を活用した地域診断が可能である。本研究では,幼児期における菓子や甘味飲料(甘い間食)の習慣的な摂取と生活習慣との関連性について,問診結果を活用して分析した。</p><p><b>方法< …

    Nihon Koshu Eisei Zasshi(JAPANESE JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH) 68(1), 12-22, 2021


  • A Comprehensive Assessment of Hand Washing: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) and Hand-Washing Behaviors among Primary School Students in Northeast China

    HAO Ming , HE Jiabei , ZENG Yi , HAN Wei , SAI Akira , YAMAUCHI Taro

    … Globally, the most common cause of death of children is infectious diseases, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. … In China, infectious diseases, especially diarrhea, are still some of the most serious public health problems, simultaneously suggesting that effective hand washing may help prevent these diseases. … However, its effectiveness has remained unclear in terms of the difficulty in measuring children's hand-washing behavior. …

    Sanitation Value Chain, 2021


  • Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Miki Yusuke , Miyawaki Dai , Goto Ayako , Hirai Kaoru , Harima Yuji , Sakamoto Shoko , Inoue Koki

    … Background : Irritability is one of the most important reasons for which children get referred to child mental health services. … Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD) is a diagnostic category characterized by severe and chronic irritability in children, and is associated with long-term adverse outcomes. …

    Osaka City Medical Journal (66), 1-11, 2020-12


  • Features of Elementary School Student Daily Lives Behaviors in Different Seasons in Snowing Regions as Shown in Time-use survey  [in Japanese]

    小野 恭子

    … Home economics education focuses on cultivating the capacity to live independently, through having children identify their own issues based on their own actual lives, think of solutions, and carry them out. … Nor, as well, can the teachers constructing the classes be said to have a full understanding of the children's lifestyles. … While time spent working was unaffected by the snowfall period for children in rural villages,those at schools in residential areas spent no comparable time working. …

    弘前大学大学院地域社会研究科年報 (16), 21-35, 2020-03-25


  • Essential Function of Motherhood : Gender-free Parenting with Parent-Child Interaction Therapy  [in Japanese]

    國吉 知子 , Tomoko KUNIYOSHI

    … is a modified version of my lecture "Mothers in the Modern Family," which was the last lecture of the Women's Institute 2019 Series Seminar titled "Roles of Motherhood." First, to understand the current situation of parents and children, I showed the results of my questionnaire to kindergarten teachers, and indicated the mothers' feeling of difficulty incoping with their children's behavior problems in Parent‒Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) …

    女性学評論 = Women's studies forum (34), 1-20, 2020-03

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  • Assessment of Nutritional Status of Children Under-Five in Families of Adolescent Mothers in Indonesia 2013

    FUADA Noviati , LATIFAH Leni , YUNITAWAT Dyah , ASHAR Hadi

    … <p>Early marriage has became a worldwide problems and so does nutritional status of children under five. … That many studies on the factors associated with the nutrition status of children under five. … This article aims to discuss factors related to nutritional status in children under five. … Research design Cross-Sectional with logistic analysis (chi-square test) to 978 samples. …

    Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 66(Supplement), S425-S431, 2020


  • About the current conditions of school students with unilateral hearing loss in individual classes and resource rooms at regular schools and/or schools for the deaf in Niigata prefecture.  [in Japanese]

    Kuwahara Katsura , Sato Takako

    <p>要旨: 新生児聴覚スクリーニング検査 (Newborn Hearing Screening: 以下「NHS」) により早期発見が可能となり片耳難聴に対しても早期支援が必要と考えられ, 現在の状況を把握するため新潟県内の難聴特別支援学級や難聴通級指導教室を設置する小・中学校及び聴覚特別支援学校 (聾学校) 18校で指導を担当する教員を対象にアンケート調査を行った。16校から回答があ …

    AUDIOLOGY JAPAN 63(6), 525-530, 2020


  • Relationship between atopic dermatitis and children's mental and behavioral health: The Hokkaido Study  [in Japanese]

    MINATOYA Machiko , SUYAMA Satoshi , KISHI Reiko

    <p><b>目的</b> 小児期のアトピー性皮膚炎は,かゆみによる睡眠障害,外遊び・水泳などの行動制限などに加え,学業,人間関係など生活に幅広く関係する可能性が示唆されている。子どもの皮膚アレルギー疾患やかゆみと,勉学や生活の質の関係の検討はされているが,まだ十分とはいえない。とくに我が国での幼少期,未就学児での検討は少ない。そこで本研究では,小児期のアトピー性 …

    Nihon Koshu Eisei Zasshi(JAPANESE JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH) 67(10), 745-751, 2020

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  • Effects of the "Social and Emotional Learning of 8 Abilities at the Nursery School" (SEL-8N) Program on Preschool Children's Social Behavior  [in Japanese]

    Yamada Yohei , Koizumi Reizo

    <p> 本研究の目的は,幼稚園児の社会性を育成する幼児対象のSEL-8N(Social and Emotional Learning of 8 Abilities at the Nursery School)プログラムの効果を検討することであった。私立幼稚園に在籍する幼児265名に対して,学級単位でのSEL-8Nを8か月間,全13回(各回15―20分)実施した。一方,統制群は同系列の私 …

    The Japanese Journal of Educational Psychology 68(2), 216-229, 2020


  • Survey on the Role of Teachers in Team Teaching in Special Needs School for Children with Physical Disabilities:Focusing on Jiritsu-Katsudo Main Curriculum  [in Japanese]

    TAKEUCHI Hiroki , KOYAMA Mizuki , OZEKI Takeshi , OCHIAI Yukiko , UTSUMI Yukari , ANDO Takao

    <p>肢体不自由特別支援学校ではTTが日々の授業形態として採用されている。TTによる指導の効果が挙げられる反面、教員間の連携や人間関係の課題が指摘されている。本研究では、肢体不自由特別支援学校のTTにおいて複数の授業者がどのような役割を果たしているのかを授業の計画・実施・評価の各段階に着目し、明らかにすることを目的とする。結果として、肢体不自由特別支援学校では教師と児童生徒の数が近く、 …

    Japanese Journal of Disability Sciences 44(1), 87-97, 2020

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