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  • A case of ezetimibe-effective hypercholesterolemia with a novel heterozygous variant in <i>ABCG5</i>

    Nakano Yujiro , Yoshiura Koh-ichiro , Ogawa Yoshihiro , Yamada Tetsuya , Komiya Chikara , Shimizu Hitomi , Mishima Hiroyuki , Shiba Kumiko , Tsujimoto Kazutaka , Ikeda Kenji , Kashimada Kenichi , Dateki Sumito

    … Since ABCG5 and ABCG8 play pivotal roles in the excretion of neutral sterols into feces and bile, patients with sitosterolemia present elevated levels of serum plant sterols and in some cases also hypercholesterolemia. … She had been misdiagnosed with familial hypercholesterolemia at the age of 20 and her serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels had remained about 200–300 mg/dL at the former clinic. …

    Endocrine Journal 67(11), 1099-1105, 2020


  • Canagliflozin Prevents Diabetes-Induced Vascular Dysfunction in ApoE-Deficient Mice

    Rahadian Arief , Fukuda Daiju , Salim Hotimah Masdan , Yagi Shusuke , Kusunose Kenya , Yamada Hirotsugu , Soeki Takeshi , Sata Masataka

    … </b></p><p><b>Result: </b>Canagliflozin decreased blood glucose (<i>P</i><0.001) and total cholesterol (<i>P</i><0.05) levels. … Canagliflozin also reduced the expressions of NADPH oxidase subunits such as NOX2 and p22phox in the aorta and reduced urinary excretion of 8-OHdG, suggesting a reduction in oxidative stress. …

    Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis 27(11), 1141-1151, 2020


  • The Anti-atherogenic Activity of Beauveriolide Derivative BVD327, a Sterol <i>O</i>-Acyltransferase 2-Selective Inhibitor, in Apolipoprotein E Knockout Mice

    Ohshiro Taichi , Imuta Satoshi , Hijikuro Ichiro , Yagyu Hiroaki , Takahashi Takashi , Doi Takayuki , Ishibashi Shun , Tomoda Hiroshi

    … absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) analysis and inhibitory activity toward the two SOAT isozymes, SOAT1 and SOAT2. … (<i>p.o.</i>)) significantly decreased atherosclerotic lesions in the aorta and heart (25.4 ± 6.9 and 20.6 ± 2.9%, respectively) in apolipoprotein E knockout (<i>Apoe</i><sup>−/−</sup>) mice fed a cholesterol-enriched diet (0.2% cholesterol and 21% fat) for 12 weeks. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 43(6), 951-958, 2020

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  • Clinical Characteristics and Treatment of Patients With Diabetes Mellitus Over 60 Years of Age (Cross-sectional Survey With JDDM Data)  [in Japanese]

    Fukumoto Yoshihide , Oishi Mariko , Arai Keiko , Yagi Noriharu , Shirabe Sinichirou , Sugimoto Hidekatsu , Okuguchi Fuminobu , Maegawa Hiroshi , Japan Diabetes Clinical Data Management Study Group

    <p>JDDM参加施設に通院中の60歳以上の2型糖尿病(35,655症例)の臨床像と治療内容をI群(60歳代)・II群(70歳代)・III群(80歳代)・IV群(90歳代)に層別し比較した.BMIは高年代群ほど低下したがIV群でも22.8±3.4であった.平均HbA1cはI群で7.0±0.9 %,II群で6.9±0.8 %,III群・IV群は6.9±0.9 %であった.LDL-C・HD …

    Journal of the Japan Diabetes Society 63(4), 179-187, 2020

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  • Effects of dietary cholestyramine and conjugated bile acids supplementation on the enzyme activities involved in taurine biosynthesis and gallbladder bile acid levels in bluegill <i>Lepomis macrochir</i><i>us</i>  [in Japanese]

    Goto Takanobu , Kikuchi Takuya , Harada Taichi , Yanagisawa Motonori , Kuwahara Takuya , Tanaka Yuu , Ichihashi Akito , Endou Naoki

    <p>胆汁塩とタウリンの生合成の関係を調べるため,ブルーギルにコレスチラミン,およびタウリンまたはグリシンの抱合したコール酸を与えて,胆のう胆汁酸,筋肉アミノ酸と肝臓の酵素活性を分析した。<br>コレスチラミンでは,その投与量に依存して胆のう胆汁酸量は著しく減少したが,タウリン生合成の要であるシステインスルフィン酸脱炭酸酵素の活性は変化せず,それに代わってアラニントランスア …

    Aquaculture Science 67(2), 183-189, 2019


  • Dietary Fat Influences the Expression of Genes Related to Sterol Metabolism and the Composition of Cecal Microbiota and Its Metabolites in Rats

    Hosomi Ryota , Matsudo Anna , Sugimoto Koki , Shimono Takaki , Kanda Seiji , Nishiyama Toshimasa , Yoshida Munehiro , Fukunaga Kenji

    … Therefore, the aim of this research was to investigate the effects of different dietary fats on liver mRNA expression levels of genes related to cholesterol and bile acid (BA) metabolism, as well as to investigate cecal microbiota composition and bacterial metabolites composition in rats. … Menhaden oil diet increased the fecal BA excretion compared with soybean oil and lard diets. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 68(11), 1133-1147, 2019

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  • Diosgenin Supplementation Prevents Lipid Accumulation and Induces Skeletal Muscle-Fiber Hypertrophy in Rats

    KUSANO Yuri , TSUJIHARA Nobuko , MASUI Hironori , SHIBATA Takahiro , UCHIDA Koji , TAKEUCHI Wakako

    … The present study used rats fed high-cholesterol (Chol) diets supplemented with or without 0.5% Dio for 6 wk to investigate the effects of dietary Dio on lipid metabolism. … Dio supplementation significantly increased serum high-density lipoprotein Chol concentrations and fecal Chol content, and significantly decreased fecal bile acid content compared rats fed a high-Chol diet alone, showing that dietary Dio may facilitate excretion of Chol rather than bile acids. …

    Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 65(5), 421-429, 2019

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  • Unripe and Discarded Satsuma Mandarin (<i>Citrus Unshiu</i> MARC.) Improves Lipid Metabolism in Rats

    Hase-Tamaru Shizuka , Okushima Ayaka , Miyata Yu , Nakayama Hisayuki , Aramaki Sadayuki , Miyata Yuji , Nagata Yasuo , Tanaka Kazunari

    … Hepatic triglyceride and cholesterol levels were also significantly lowered. … Fat excretion into feces was not affected by UMS feeding. …

    Food Science and Technology Research 25(5), 705-713, 2019


  • Intracellularly Degradable Polyrotaxanes for Therapeutic Applications  [in Japanese]

    Tamura Atsushi

    … β-CDs have been reported to have therapeutic effects on various diseases, such as Niemann-Pick type C (NPC) disease, a family of lysosomal storage disorders characterized by the lysosomal accumulation of cholesterol. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 139(2), 143-155, 2019

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  • Malondialdehyde-modified LDL-related variables are associated with diabetic kidney disease in type 2 diabetes

    Furukawa Shoko , Suzuki Hiroaki , Fujihara Kazuya , Kobayashi Kazuto , Iwasaki Hitoshi , Sugano Yoko , Yatoh Shigeru , Sekiya Motohiro , Yahagi Naoya , Shimano Hitoshi , 鈴木 浩明 , 小林 和人 , 岩﨑 仁 , 矢藤 繁 , 関谷 元博 , 矢作 直也 , 島野 仁

    … This study aimed to elucidate the association between the stage of diabetic nephropathy and serum malondialdehyde-modified LDL (MDA-LDL) and the ratio of MDA-LDL to LDL-cholesterol (MDA-LDL/LDL).Methods and resultsThis retroactive cross-sectional study used data from 402 patients with type 2 diabetes. …

    Diabetes research and clinical practice (141), 237-243, 2018-07


  • Prostaglandin E receptor subtype 4 regulates bile acid synthesis and its activation protects against hypercholesterolemia

    Ying Fan , Cai Yin , Wong Hoi Kin , Chen Xin Yi , Vanhoutte Paul M , Xu Aimin , Tang Eva Hoi Ching

    … <p>The liver plays a central role in maintaining cholesterol homeostasis by regulating de novo cholesterol biosynthesis, reverse cholesterol transport and bile acid synthesis. … Prostaglandin E receptor subtype 4 (EP4) knockout mice develops sponstaneous hypercholesterolemia but the detailed mechanisms by which EP4 affects cholesterol homeostasis remains unexplored. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO3-6-11, 2018


  • Diet-induced mislocalization of the ATP-binding cassette transporters is involved in the development of cholesterol crystal in bile from gallstone disease model mouse

    Yamazaki Yasuhiro , Ono Chiaki , Saegusa Kazuki , Ohnishi Ayumi , Kurokawa Junko

    … <p>The cholesterol gallstone disease (CGD) is one of the most common and expensive digestive diseases. … The pathophysiological conditions that predispose to CGD are the formation of lithogenic bile evoked by cholesterol supersaturation or relative increase concentration of cholesterol in bile. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO3-5-14, 2018


  • Betulin attenuates atherosclerosis in apoE-/- mice

    Wang Yiping , Gui Yuzhou , Yan Hong , Gao Fei , Xi Cong

    Cholesterol efflux was assessed using [<sup>3</sup>H]-cholesterol efflux assay. … The hepatic, intestinal and fecal cholesterol were also analyzed in the mice.</p><p>Results: In RAW264.7 cells, betulin (0.1-2.5 μg/mL) dose-dependently ameliorated oxLDL-induced cholesterol accumulation and enhanced cholesterol efflux. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO1-2-18, 2018


  • Combined Lowering Effect of Phytosterol Esters and Tea Extracts on Lipid Profiles in SD Rats

    He Wen-Sen , Pan Rui-Rong , Li Ling-Ling , Cui Dan-Dan , Wang Hui-Hui , Mao Guang-Hua , Chen Xiao-Qiang

    … <p>The present study was conducted to determine the effect of oral administration of phytosterol esters (PS, 308 mg/kg·d), tea extracts (TE, 300 mg/kg·d) and their combination on serum, liver and fecal lipids of SD rats induced by high-cholesterol diets. … The combination of PS and TE decreased both serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and produced an additive effect on serum LDL-C level reduction. …

    Food Science and Technology Research 24(5), 875-882, 2018


  • Luminal plant sterol promotes brush border membrane-to-lumen cholesterol efflux in the small intestine

    Nakano Takanari , Inoue Ikuo , Takenaka Yasuhiro , Ikegami Yuichi , Kotani Norihiro , Shimada Akira , Noda Mitsuhiko , Murakoshi Takayuki

    … <p>Plant sterols are used as food additives to reduce intestinal cholesterol absorption. … They also increase fecal neutral sterol (FNS) excretion irrespective of the absorption inhibition. … Intestine-mediated reverse cholesterol transport, or trans-intestinal cholesterol efflux (TICE), provides the major part of the increase of FNS excretion. …

    Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 63(2), 102-105, 2018

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  • Oral Fat Tolerance Test for Sitosterolemia and Familial Hypercholesterolemia: A Study Protocol

    Nomura Akihiro , Tada Hayato , Nohara Atsushi , Kawashiri Masa-aki , Yamagishi Masakazu


    Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis 25(8), 741-746, 2018

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  • Associations between Lifestyle-Related Diseases and Transporters Involved in Intestinal Absorption and Biliary Excretion of Cholesterol

    Yamanashi Yoshihide , Takada Tappei , Suzuki Hiroshi

    … It is a well-known fact that the impaired cholesterol homeostasis is closely related to the development of various lifestyle-related diseases such as fatty liver, diabetes, and gallstone as well as dyslipidemia leading to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 41(1), 1-10, 2018

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  • Effect of Endurance Physical Exercise with Tea Catechin in a Short Term on Body Composition and Urinary C-peptide and Blood Lipid Components  [in Japanese]

    岡田 昌己

    … Body composition (body weight, body fat ratio,body fat mass, lean body mass, and muscle mass) and blood lipid components (total cholesterol,HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and triglycerides( TG)) were measured at 7:00 AM every day.Total urine samples for 24 hours were collected between 7:00 AM and 7:00 AM. …

    駒沢女子大学研究紀要. 人間健康学部・看護学部編 = The faculty journal of Komazawa Women's University (1), 31-38, 2018

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  • Comparisons of Increasing Calcium Channel Blocker dose and Adding Thiazide Diuretic in Hypertensive Patients Given Medium-dose Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker and Amlodipine

    Ohira Takehiro , Ishimitsu Toshihiko , Yabe Akihisa , Furuichi Masahito , Ueno Yasuhiko , Onoda Shou , Nagase Akihiko , Murayama Yoshiki , Satonaka Hiroshi , Tojo Akihiro

    … As for the laboratory data, hemoglobin A1c (+0.2%, p=0.013), serum nonHDL cholesterol (+12 mg/dL, p=0.047) and serum uric acid (+0.8 mg/dL, p=0.001) were significantly higher in the thiazide period than in the high-dose CCB period. … On the other hand, urinary albumin excretion (-28.8%,p=0.026) and estimated glomerular filtration rate (-5.8%,p=0.012) were significantly lower in the thiazide period than in the high-dose CCB period. …

    Dokkyo Journal of Medical Sciences 44(3), 209-216, 2017-10-25

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  • Mechanisms of Inhibition of Cholesterol Absorption by Green Tea Catechins

    Kobayashi Makoto , Ikeda Ikuo

    … <p>Several studies have shown that green tea catechins reduce serum and liver cholesterol concentrations and increase the fecal excretion of neutral steroids originating from cholesterol in experimental animals. … Furthermore, we have found that green tea catechins, particularly, their galloyl esters, could reduce the lymphatic absorption of cholesterol in rats. …

    Food Science and Technology Research 23(5), 627-636, 2017


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