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  • Mixing States of KOSA and Related Climatic Implications: On the Basis of Individual Particle Analysis  [in Japanese]

    MATSUKI Atsushi , IWATA Ayumi , ZHANG Daizhou , KOJIMA Tomoko , YAMADA Maromu , TOBO Yutaka

    Earozoru Kenkyu 35(1), 5-13, 2020


  • Macro-micro interaction mechanism between FRPC pile and sand under horizontal bidirectional load

    CAO Xiaolin , Dai Guoliang , Gong Weiming

    … Based on the particle image velocity measurement (PIV) technique, this paper studies the interaction between sand soil and FRPC pile by applying bidirectional horizontal load on the FRPC model pile embedded in sand soil. … DH3816 Strain Collecting Instrument was used to collect pile side strain, and image processing software PIVview2C was used to get displacement cloud picture. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 8(7), 251-255, 2020


  • Vertical Structure and Dynamical Properties during Snow Events in Middle Latitudes of China from Observations by the C-band Vertically Pointing Radar

    CUI Ye , RUAN Zheng , WEI Ming , LI Feng , GE Runsheng

    … Generating cells (GCs) were found near the cloud top in each event. … and the reflectivity-weighted particle fall speed (<i>V<sub>z</sub></i>) for the 2 regions. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II, 2020


  • Improving the Observation Operator for the Phased Array Weather Radar in the SCALE-LETKF System

    Amemiya Arata , Honda Takumi , Miyoshi Takemasa

    … The observation operator provides a functional relationship between equivalent radar reflectivity factor (<i>Z</i><sub>e</sub>) and hydrometeor mass density (<i>W</i>) of each precipitation particle category. … This study performs a radiation code calculation with the parameters regarding particle size distribution of graupel consistent with the cloud microphysics scheme in the SCALE model. …

    SOLA 16(0), 6-11, 2020


  • A Study of Cumulonimbus in Generating and Developing Stage Observed by Ka-Band Cloud Radar and Multi-sensor  [in Japanese]

    中北 英一 , 新保 友啓 , 大東 忠保 , 山口 弘誠

    … For these disasters prediction, it is significant to analyze flow structure in a cumulonimbus cloud before raindrop generation. … This implies that strong updraft lifted up the cloud particles and particle size grew up in the developing cell. …

    京都大学防災研究所年報. B = Disaster Prevention Research Institute Annuals. B 62(B), 399-431, 2019-09


  • The impact of solar radiation on polar mesospheric ice particle formation

    Nachbar Mario , Wilms Henrike , Duft Denis , Aylett Tasha , Kitajima Kensei , Majima Takuya , Plane C. M. John , Rapp Markus , Leisner Thomas

    … Mesospheric ice cloud formation is believed to initiate heterogeneously on small aerosol particles (r<2 nm) composed of recondensed meteoric material, so-called meteoric smoke particles (MSPs). … Based on these measurements we presented a new activation model which largely reduced the uncertainties in describing ice particle formation. …

    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19(7), 4311-4322, 2019-04


  • STUDY ON INFLUENCE OF COMPUTATIONAL GRID RESOLUTION IN NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF UNSTEADY FLOW THAT TARGETS FLOW FIELD AROUND A ROOF:Fundamental study on prediction method of separation flow around building (Part 2)  [in Japanese]

    YAMADA Shinichi , YAMANAKA Toshio

    … Therefore, if the velocity fluctuation affecting the evaluation value such as turbulence intensity can not be resolved since the grid resolution is too coarse, the accuracy of each evaluation value cloud decrease extremely, even if calculation results close to the true values are obtained at all time steps. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (756), 179-186, 2019-02


  • Aerosol and Cloud Retrieval Algorithms Using EarthCARE Satellite-Borne Lidar Data  [in Japanese]

    NISHIZAWA Tomoaki , KUDO Rei , HIGURASHI Akiko , OIKAWA Eiji , OKAMOTO Hajime

    … <p>Earth Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation Explorer (EarthCARE) is a joint Japanese-European satellite observation mission to understand interaction between cloud, aerosol, and radiation processes in the earth climate. … Four sensors of 95GHz cloud profiling radar, broadband radiometer, multi-spectral imager (MSI) and 355nm high spectral resolution lidar (ATLID) are installed on the satellite. …

    Journal of The Remote Sensing Society of Japan 39(3), 215-224, 2019


  • Cloud Observation by Using the EarthCARE Multi-Spectral Imager (MSI)  [in Japanese]

    Y. NAKAJIMA Takashi , SUZUKI Tsuneaki , M. NAGAO Takashi , ISHIDA Haruma

    … The CLAUDIA-2 algorithm and the CAPCOM algorithm have been implemented in the JAXA data analysis system for cloud discrimination and for cloud property retrieval, respectively. … A synergistic use of cloud profiling radar and imager is also described herein. …

    Journal of The Remote Sensing Society of Japan 39(3), 207-214, 2019



    Wang Shuntan , Fang Sheng , Li Xinpeng , li Hong

    … For each scenario, three exposure pathways are taken into account, which includes the immersion external exposure, the inhalation exposure and the direct exposure from radioactive cloud in the environment. … The lagrangian particle model micro swift and spray (MSS) have been used to investigate the applicability of the ARCON96 code. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 1334, 2019


  • 1-4 Radiation properties of cement clinker particle clouds in furnaces  [in Japanese]

    TSUKASAKI Seiya , SUAMI Akira , KOBAYASHI Nobusuke , NAKAGAWA Tsuguhiko , ITAYA Yoshinori

    … In this study, radiation properties of cement clinker dust particle cloud was measured spectroscopically in cold and hot models as an example of dust suspending in the furnaces. … The properties were evaluated in the term of extinction efficiency to ignore the effect of particle concentration. …

    Proceedings of Conference on Coal Science 56(0), 8-9, 2019


  • 2-7 Study on the flame propagation velocity of the ammonia/pulverized coal mixing combustion in a turbulent field of a constant volume vessel  [in Japanese]

    HASHIMOTO Nozomu , XIA Yu , HADI Khalid , HASHIMOTO Genya , FUJITA Osamu

    … In this study, the turbulent spherical flame propagation characteristics of ammonia / coal particle cloud mixture were investigated. … Experimental results revealed that in some conditions, the flame propagation velocity of the mixture of ammonia / coal particle cloud / oxidizer is higher than that of the mixture of ammonia / oxidizer or that of the mixture of coal particle cloud / oxidizer. …

    Proceedings of Conference on Coal Science 56(0), 60-61, 2019


  • Status of SuperKEKB Vacuum System during Phase-2 Commissioning  [in Japanese]

    SUETSUGU Yusuke , SHIBATA Kyo , ISHIBASHI Takuya , SHIRAI Mitsuru , TERUI Shinji , KANAZAWA Ken-ichi , HISAMATSU Hiromi

    … The electron cloud effect was observed in the positron ring during Phase-1, but it was suppressed by additional countermeasures applied before Phase-2.</p> …

    Vacuum and Surface Science 62(6), 324-331, 2019


  • Research on Communication Scheduling Algorithm for Smart Home in Internet of Things Under Cloud Computing

    Zhang Jie , Wang Mantao

    … In this paper, a communication scheduling algorithm for smart home in Internet of Things under cloud computing based on particle swarm is proposed. … Firstly, the initial value of communication scheduling objective function of smart home and particle swarm is set, and the objective function is taken as the fitness function of particle. …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 23(1), 124-128, 2019


  • An MTConnect-Compatible Platform For Secured Machine Monitoring Through Integration Of Fog Computing, Cloud Computing, And Communication Protocols

    Parto Mahmoud , Dinar Mahmoud , Kurfess Thomas

    … The goal of this work is to demonstrate an approach for development of a platform compatible with MTConnect that performs high frequency data acquisition from machines, processes collected data, and securely interacts with Internet and web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for cloud computing and web interactions. …

    Proceedings of the International Symposium on Flexible Automation 2018(0), 329-336, 2018



    NAKAKITA Eiichi , NIIBO Tomohiro , SATO Hiroto , YAMAGUCHI Kosei , OHIGASHI Tadayasu

    … This kind of localized rainfall was often triggered by a suddenly-generated and rapidly-developed isolated cumulonimbus cloud. … For risk detection of localized rainfall, some researchers found that Ka-band cloud radar can detect cells in 20 minutes before X-band radar can. … This study aims to analyze cumulonimbus cloud in the earlier stage using Ka-band cloud radar in some aspects. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B1 (Hydraulic Engineering) 74(4), I_55-I_60, 2018


  • Evolved Magnetic Tape Media  [in Japanese]

    SATO Masahide

    … utilizing ICT such as cloud service and big data. …

    NIHON GAZO GAKKAISHI (Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan) 57(5), 612-615, 2018


  • Visualization of Particle-cloud Formation by Shock-wave Passage over Particle Layers  [in Japanese]

    SAKAMURA Yoshitaka , OSHIMA Motohiro , MUROTANI Takuya , SUGAUCHI Kazuki , SHIMURA Kei , MATSUO Akiko

    … <p>In order obtain better understanding of the mechanisms of particle entrainment due to a propagating shock wave, we visualized particle-cloud formation process in a shock tube facility by the shadowgraph technique coupled with a high-speed video camera. … Temporal evolutions of the height of particle cloud were then obtained from the shadowgraph images. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Hokuriku-Shinetsu Branch 2018.55(0), F014, 2018


  • Evolution of Mesoscale Convective System Properties as Derived from Himawari-8 High Resolution Data Analyses

    PUTRI Nurfiena Sagita , IWABUCHI Hironobu , HAYASAKA Tadahiro

    … <p> Two case studies of the mesoscale convective system (MCS) in the Indonesian region were conducted by applying an improved "Grab 'em Tag 'em Graph 'em" (GTG) tracking algorithm and the Integrated Cloud Analysis System (ICAS) algorithm to Himawari-8 AHI infrared data. … The cloud top height (CTH) of deep convective part in the first case was larger than that in the second case, while the temporal evolution of CTH was similar between the two cases. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 96B(0), 239-250, 2018


  • Variation of Aerosol Hygroscopicity Parameter <i>κ</i> Measured at Tsukuba during Winter and Early Spring  [in Japanese]

    ZAIZEN Yuji , ORIKASA Naruhiro , TAJIRI Takuya , AOKI Teruo , NIWANO Masashi

    Cloud condensation nuclei (CCN5) concentrations and critical diameters (Dc5) at 0.5% supersaturation were continuously measured and corresponding hygroscopicity parameter (<i>κ</i>5) were calculated at Tsukuba during between January and March, 2016. … In the periods just after the occurrence of new particle formation events, the <i>κ</i>5 values were widely ranged (0.01–0.6), however, they tended to concentrate into a narrow range of 0.05–0.15 as the particles grew larger. …

    Earozoru Kenkyu 33(1), 5-11, 2018


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