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  • Organic Matter Decomposition of Lignite and Coaly Shale in Soya Coal-Bearing Formations using Hydrogen Peroxide for Subsurface Cultivation and Gasification  [in Japanese]

    ARAMAKI Noritaka , TAMAMURA Shuji , Alam A.K.M. Badrul , YAMAMOTO Shinichi , SHIGEYOSHI Hachiro , KANEKO Katsuhiko

    … We propose a new gasification method that converts unused organic matter in sedimentary rocks to bio methane gas through the use of microorganisms, known as Subsurface Cultivation and Gasification (SCG). … SCG was devised based on the product ion of biogenic methane gas in subsurface environments completely without a mining process of coal. … In northern Hokkaido, several coal seams called Soya coal-bearing formations form the Tenpoku coalfield. …

    Journal of MMIJ 132(4), 71-79, 2016


  • Upper Eocene coal and coaly shale in the Central Myanmar Basin : Origin of organic matter and the effect of weathering


    Geochemical journal 48(3), 259-275, 2014

  • Upper Eocene coal and coaly shale in the Central Myanmar Basin: Origin of organic matter and the effect of weathering


    … Extensive coals and coaly shales were deposited at the western margin of the Central Myanmar Basin (CMB) during the Late Eocene. …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 48(3), 259-275, 2014


  • 2-2-1 Adsorption Characteristics of Coaly Shales : Study on CO_2 storage in Coal-bearing Formation  [in Japanese]

    NISHIIRI Yuki , SHIMADA Sohei , SAKIMOTO Naoto , OHGA Kotaro

    … CO_2 and CH_4 adsorption amount were measured for four coaly shales and a gas shale from Japan and the USA with the pressure up to 9MPa. … The largest adsorption amount of coaly shale exhibited that of coal with medium adsorption capacity. … Adsorption isotherms were well expressed by the modified DR and DA equations. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of The Japan Institute of Energy 20(0), 36-37, 2011


  • Deep Unmineable Coalbeds as Potential Gas Resources and CO_2 Sink in Japan  [in Japanese]

    KOIDE Hitoshi

    … Recent systematic exploration of oil and natural gas by Japan National Oil Corporation and other oil companies revealed that huge volumes of coal seams lie in the depths of Paleogene and Cretaceous sedimentary basins in central Hokkaido, off the Pacific coast of northeastern Honshu and northwest of Kyushu. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 85(2), 112-118, 2006-02-20

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  • Petroleum system in the Ishikari-Hidaka sedimentary basin : Geochemical interpretation of the Yufutsu oil/gas field  [in Japanese]

    TAKETOMI Hiroshi , NISHITA Hideki

    … The petroleum system of the Ishikari-Hidaka basin was investigated using the geochemical data and basin modeling of the Yufutsu oil/gas field. … In the Yufutsu field, gas and pale yellow-orange waxy condensate oil are produced from so called "Deep Reservoir", the Cretaceous granitic rocks and the conglomerate member of the Eocene Ishikari Group. …

    Journal of the Japanese Association for Petroleum Technology 67(1), 52-61, 2002-01

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  • On the Dry Sorting Machine, Leap-bound Picker; Sorting Mechanism and Application. (Part I).  [in Japanese]

    Park Charn Hoon , Bae Kwang Hyun , Son Byung Chan

    … consists of feeding chute, rotating elastic drum and splitter. … It was also manufactured so that the revolving speed of rotating elastic drum, the length and slope angle of feeding chute, and the drop length between chute tip and top of the elastic drum to be controlled easily.<BR>The principles of separation by the "Leap-bound picker" …

    RESOURCES PROCESSING 41(4), 165-174, 1994


  • Investigation of pore structure of coal measure rocks.  [in Japanese]

    UCHINO Kenichi , ICHINOSE Masatomo

    … The fundamental information on the pore structure of coal measure rocks contributes not only to study of physics of fluid flow through the rocks, but also to that of the mechanical properties such as water effect upon the strength of the rocks. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Engineering Geology 25(4), 195-205, 1984

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  • Graphitization of carbonaceous matter in sedimentary rocks

    MIKI Takashi

    … paper the present anthor's opinions concerning the carbonaceous matter in sedimentary rocks and their graphitization processes are briefly reviewed.<br>Carbonaceous matter contained in sediments and sedimentary rocks as a chief constituent of coal and coaly shale, and as dispersed fine-grained particles in non-coaly rocks show progressive change of …

    Journal of the Sedimentological Society of Japan 17to19(17-19), 111-120, 1983


  • Geological study on formation and development of Nishisonogi Coalfield  [in Japanese]

    KAMURA Yutaka

    … The present study is an attempt to work out the geology and geological structure, especially the stratigraphy and historical geology of the Tertiary of the marine region situated between the Sakito-Matsushima and Takashima Coalfields located in the sea west of the Nishisonogi Peninsula, Nagasaki Prefecture.<BR>No geological information on this area has been available up to the present, but geophysical prospecting and drilling investigations (Figs. …

    Mining Geology 32(174), 323-338, 1982


  • On the Apparent Resistivity Detection at the Mitsui-Sunagawa Coalmine in the Ishikari Coalfield

    TANAKA Toshio , MATSUBUCHI Seijiro

    … Exact knowledge of subcrops location of coal seam under thick soil is quite necessary for the effective trenching exploration. …

    Mining Geology 20(99), 14-20, 1970


  • Industrial Mineral Resources in the Ube District, Yamaguchi Prefecture (1st report) : The Clay Resources in the Western Area of Ube  [in Japanese]

    SUGAKI Asahiko , SHIMA Hiromi , TANAKA Naobumi

    … Tertiary and Quarternary sediments, Kotogawa conglomerate and Uve coal-bearing formations and Kotozaki formation, are distributed widely in the western area of Ube district. … In these formation, seven clay or clayey shale beds are found, and named succesively from lower to upper stratiformations A, B, C, D, E, F, and G-bed for convenience. …

    Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University 20(2), 207-218, 1969-12


  • The Incendivity of Rubbing Friction between Steel and Rock

    ABE Atô , KINOSHITA Shigenori , NAKAJIMA Iwao

    … The work described here was conducted to investigate the possibility of the ignition of firedamp by rubbing friction between steel and rock. … The apparatus used was almost as similar as that in the study made by Thomas and Datey. … Coal, brick and sedimentary rocks from various coal measures of Hokkaido were used at about 6.5% methane-air mixture condition in every experiment. …

    Journal of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Japan 83(953), 1077-1082, 1967


  • Grindability of Coal:Effect of Crystalline Mineral Matter in coal on the Grindability

    Maruyama Toshihiko

    … The grindability of high ash coal seems to be influenced by the mineral matter in coal as well as coal petrographic constitution etc. … It is discussed in this paper on the gridability of the high ash coals, especially how crystalline minerals in coal have influence on the grindability. … Each coal after sieving into 16×30 U. …

    Journal of the Fuel Society of Japan 45(12), 843-850, 1966


  • Relation of Geological Condition and Character of Coal in the Sorachi District, Ishikari Coal Field.

    Shibaoka Michio

    石狩炭田空知地区では, 炭層の消長は堆積時の盆地基盤の動きに左右されたことがわかつているが, 同じ原因が炭層の石炭組織学的構成や灰の混合状態などをも左右している。<BR>他方石炭化度を支配した要因の解析はむつかしいが, 一定の興味ある傾向がみられる。

    Journal of the Fuel Society of Japan 41(10), 823-839, 1962


  • Dense-Media Separation Process to Lignite in Nakayama Colliery

    NAKAYAMA Hiraku , TAIRA Tadashi

    … The coal seam in a Nakayama Colliery of Yamagata Prefecture consists of a lignite and a coaly shale, but this Nakayama lignite is inferior somewhat to other lignite in the washability chracteristics.<BR>A piston jig was installed in this coal preparation plant seven years ago for the purpose of washing The minus 80mm lignite, but the performance of the separation of this separator was unsatisfactory.<BR>Therefore, a drum type separator …

    Journal of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Japan 77(879), 819-822, 1961


  • Hardness of Macerals in Kayanuma Coal

    Sanada Yuzo , Kimura Hideo , Honda Hdemasa

    茅沼炭12種について組織別の硬度を測定した。同一炭種では炭質頁岩がもつとも硬くついでミネラルドリットが硬く, エクヂニットドリット, ビトリットはもつともやわらかい。炭質頁岩, ミネラルドリットの硬度は含有鉱物量に左右される。ビトリヅトは均質なるゆえに硬度のバラツキ範囲はせまく, 炭素含有量との間に, 一般の石炭現象と類似の傾向が認められるが厳密には一致せず, 特殊な条件の下で火成岩の作用により石 …

    Journal of the Fuel Society of Japan 40(3), 187-190, 1961


  • <Original Papers>Uranium in Lignite seam in Ouchi District  [in Japanese]

    岡 好良 [他] , 菅野 卓治 , 堀津 多三郎 , Yoshinaga OKA , Takuji KANNO , Tasaburo HORITSU

    … The distribution of uranium and its content in lignite, sandy tuff and coaly shale were studied by chemical analysis, radioactivity measurement and autoradiographic method. … In the eastern part of the district, there is also a large deposit of limestone, and the ground water is suspected of contain in bicarbonate ion. … There are several partings of uraniferous sandy tuff in the coal seam. …

    Bulletin of the Research Institute of Mineral Dressing and Metallurgy, Tohoku University 15(2), ????, 1960-01


  • Problems on the Prospecting of the Coal Seams of Taira District:Part II. Theories of Sedimentation of the Coal-bearing Complex, and Causes of Deterioration of Coal or Coal Seams

    ASANO Goro

    … The Iwaki Coal-bearing Beds of the Taira-Yoshima District contain the following six coal seams or groups of seams, named in ascending order : the second Kaso group, the first Kaso group, Honso group, Nakaso, Joso and Funtanso. …

    Mining Geology 6(21), 169-182, 1956


  • On the Dense Media Separation of Fine Coal in Tagawa Coal Mine

    HORTUCHI Takeshi

    Coal seam in Tagawa colliery, Yamagata Prefecture, is composed of coal, bone coal, coaly shale and shale. …

    Journal of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Japan 71(807), 491-498, 1955


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