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  • Combination Therapy of Hypofractionated Radiotherapy and Surgical Resection for Canine Intranasal Tumors

    Untreated canine intranasal tumors have a poor prognosis. The median survival time of dogs with intranasal tumors when treated with hypofractionated radiotherapy alone does not typically exceed one ye …

    麻布大学雑誌 = Journal of Azabu University (32), 11-17, 2021-03-31


  • A quantitative model used to compare within-host SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, and SARS-CoV dynamics provides insights into the pathogenesis and treatment of SARS-CoV-2

    Kim Kwang Su , Ejima Keisuke , Iwanami Shoya , Fujita Yasuhisa , Ohashi Hirofumi , Koizumi Yoshiki , Asai Yusuke , Nakaoka Shinji , Watashi Koichi , Aihara Kazuyuki , Thompson Robin N. , Ke Ruian , Perelson Alan S. , Iwami Shingo

    … Here, using a mathematical model in combination with published viral load data, we compare within-host viral dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 with analogous dynamics of MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV. … Furthermore, combining a therapy that promotes cytotoxicity and one that blocks de novo infection or virus production synergistically reduces the AUC with early treatment. …

    PLOS Biology 19(3), 2021-03-22


  • Combination therapy of EGFR-TKI and cytotoxic chemotherapy  [in Japanese]

    神田 慎太郎

    腫瘍内科 = Clinical oncology 27(3), 269-273, 2021-03

  • Cytotoxic Effects of Arsenite in Combination With Gamabufotalin Against Human Glioblastoma Cell Lines

    袁 博 , Xu Kang , Shimada Ryota , Li JingZhe , 林 秀樹 , 岡﨑 真理 , 高木 教夫

    … In comparison with U-251 cells, U-87 cells were highly susceptible to the two drugs, alone or in combination. … G2/M cell cycle arrest was induced by each single drug, and further augmented by their combination in U-87 cells. …

    Frontiers in oncology (11), 1-14, 2021-03


  • A Case of Anti-SRP Antibody-Positive Polymyositis Associated With Early Sigmoid Cancer  [in Japanese]

    松原 加歩 , 山本 徹 , 百留 亮治 , 荒木 亜寿香 , 平原 典幸 , 田島 義証

    53 歳男性。全身倦怠感と体重減少、筋力低下を主訴に来院し、精査にて抗SRP抗体陽性多発性筋炎と診断された。スクリーニングの大腸内視鏡検査でS状結腸にIpポリープを認め、ポリペクトミーが施行されたが、病理検査にて中分化管状腺癌(深達度sm, 6,000μm, ly3)であったため、追加治療として腹腔鏡下S状結腸切除術を施行した。術後経過良好であったが、腫瘍切除後も筋炎の改善はみられず、高用量ステロ …

    島根大学医学部紀要 (43), 41-46, 2021-03

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  • A Novel 89Zr-labeled DDS Device Utilizing Human IgG Variant (scFv): "Lactosome" Nanoparticle-Based Theranostics for PET Imaging and Targeted Therapy

    Lim Melissa Siaw Han , Ohtsuki Takashi , Takenaka Fumiaki , Kobayashi Kazuko , Akehi Masaru , Uji Hirotaka , Kobuchi Hirotsugu , Sasaki Takanori , Ozeki Eiichi , Matsuura Eiji

    … This system coupled with the cell penetrating peptide (CPP)-modified and photosensitizer (e.g., 5, 10, 15, 20-tetrakis (4-aminophenyl) porphyrin (TPP))-loaded Lactosome particles for photochemical internalized (PCI) driven intracellular siRNA delivery and the combination of 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) photodynamic therapy (PDT) offers a promising nano-theranostic-based cancer therapy via its targeted apoptosis-inducing feature. …

    Life 11(2), 158, 2021-02-18


  • Clinical effect of saikokaryukotsuboreito for infantile disease  [in Japanese]

    岩間 正文 , 青山 重雄

    漢方と最新治療 30(1), 47-52, 2021-02

  • Combination therapy of PD-1 inhibitor and CTLA-4 inhibitor for renal cell carcinoma  [in Japanese]

    五十嵐 大樹 , 加藤 廉平 , 小原 航

    臨床泌尿器科 = Japanese journal of clinical urology 75(2), 102-108, 2021-02

  • Association of FDG PET/CT-derived parameters with tumor markers and survival rate in Hepatocellular carcinoma

    Myssayev Altay , Myssayev Ayan , Ideguchi Reiko , Kudo Takashi

    … Several types of therapy performed before the introduction of FDG PET showed some relationships but few for FDG parameters. … Relationships between AFP, PIVKA II, and therapy were only found between log AFP and the number of transarterial chemoembolizations. … Based on the present results and previous findings, the combination of FDG parameters with serum AFP and PIVKA II levels may be useful for predicting the outcomes of patients with HCC. …

    Acta medica Nagasakiensia 64(3), 81-90, 2021-02


  • Real-Time Fluorescence Image-Guided Oncolytic Virotherapy for Precise Cancer Treatment

    Yano Shuya , Tazawa Hiroshi , Kishimoto Hiroyuki , Kagawa Shunsuke , Fujiwara Toshiyoshi , Hoffman Robert M.

    … including molecular dynamics of cancer cells, resulting in greater precision therapy. … Cell-cycle imaging with the fluorescence ubiquitination cell cycle indicator (FUCCI) demonstrated that combination therapy of an oncolytic adenovirus and a cytotoxic agent could precisely target quiescent, chemoresistant cancer stem cells (CSCs) based on decoying the cancer cells to cycle to S-phase by viral treatment, thereby rendering them chemosensitive. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(2), 879, 2021-01-17


  • Fact-Finding Investigation of Blood Pressure Abnormality in Combination Therapy with Ramucirumab and Paclitaxel, and Discussion as a Predictor of Effectiveness  [in Japanese]

    鳥山 陽子 , 森田 真樹子 , 松尾 圭祐 , 江崎 瞳 , 谷口 潤 , 尾之江 剛樹

    日本病院薬剤師会雑誌 = Journal of Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists 57(1), 93-100, 2021-01

    Ichushi Web 

  • Effect of motor imagery coupled with voluntary movement on excitability of spinal excitability and its impact on accuracy in movement  [in Japanese]

    Tsuruta Natsuki , Fukumoto Yuki , Todo Marina , Tani Makiko , Suzuki Toshiaki

    <p>実運動と運動イメージの併用が運動の正確性と脊髄運動神経の興奮性にどのように影響するか検討した。KVIQ3以上である健常者8名 (平均年齢20.1歳) を対象に実施した。安静F波測定後, 20%MVCのピンチ力に調節する練習中のF波を測定し, 直後にピンチ課題を与え, 予め規定した20%MVCのピンチ力値と, 被験者が実行し発揮したピンチ力値の誤差を絶対値で算出した。続いて, 運動 …

    Japanese Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology 49(2), 45-53, 2021


  • Treatment Strategy for Infantile Hemangiomas: From the Perspective of A Clinical Dermatologist  [in Japanese]

    Amano Fukiko

    <p>乳児血管腫は自然消退する腫瘍であるが,消退後の残存病変が問題であり,修正手術を必要とする症例が少なからずある.当クリニックではロングパルスダイレーザー(595 nm)とプロプラノロール内服あるいは両者の併用で積極的に治療介入し,局面型は1才以下で,腫瘤型は2才台で早期に確実に消退させている.残存病変を軽くするためには,発症初期から治療を開始して腫瘤の増大を抑制することが重要だと思 …

    Nippon Laser Igakkaishi, 2021


  • Issues with providing home visiting nursing for children dependent on tracheostomy positive pressure ventilation: a review of Japanese literature  [in Japanese]

    Nashiki Emiko , Tamura Naoko , Ushikubo Mitsuko

    本研究は,気管切開下の人工呼吸器(TPPV)を装着した児への訪問看護に関する国内文献検討を行い,訪問看護における課題を明らかにすることを目的とした。医学中央雑誌 Web(Ver.5)を用いて,検索語は「人工呼吸器or人工呼吸療法or気管切開or TPPV」,「小児or 医療的ケア児」, 「在宅看護or訪問看護」とし,小児の訪問看護が制度化された1994 年以降を対象期間とした。結果,分析対象論文は …

    Ann Gunma Health Sci 41(0), 19-27, 2021


  • The Optimal Dose of Tacrolimus in Combination Therapy with an Anti-TNFα Antibody in a Mouse Colitis Model

    Murakami Yuki , Ando Katsuyoshi , Ueno Nobuhiro , Kashima Shin , Moriichi Kentaro , Tanabe Hiroki , Okumura Toshikatsu , Fujiya Mikihiro , Konishi Hiroaki , Isozaki Shotaro , Sugiyama Yuya , Kobayashi Yu , Sasaki Takahiro , Kunogi Takehito , Takahashi Keitaro

    … <p>An attempt to use combination therapy with anti-tumor necrosis factor α (TNFα) antibodies and tacrolimus (TAC) has been tried to induce remission in ulcerative colitis (UC). … However, the optimal dose of TAC in combination therapy with anti-TNFα antibodies (TAC + anti-TNFα therapy) remains unclear. … We examined the efficacy of various doses of TAC + anti-TNFα therapy in a mouse colitis model. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 44(4), 564-570, 2021


  • A case of an infant with unilateral lambdoid synostosis difficult to distinguish from positional plagiocephaly  [in Japanese]

    Kimoto Yuki , Harada Atsuko , Utsugi Reina , Okamoto Toyoko , Kyutoku Shigeo , Ueda Koichi

    <p>片側ラムダ縫合早期癒合症(以下ULS)は,乳児期早期には変形が軽度のため,頭位性斜頭(以下PP)との鑑別が困難なことがある.今回生後2か月時に頭位性斜頭と臨床的に診断したが,生後7か月時にULSの特徴(対側頭頂部の突出,同側耳の下方偏位と突出)が顕在化した症例を経験した.ULSとPPの鑑別では,特に低月齢児では,両者の特徴を念頭において頭蓋形状を注意深く経時的に観察することが重要 …

    Nervous System in Children 46(1), 50-55, 2021


  • A Case Report of Bursitis, Bacteremia, and Disseminated Infection of <i>Mycobacteroides</i> (<i>Mycobacterium</i>) <i>abscessus</i> subsp. <i>massiliense</i>

    Oka Keisuke , Kiyoi Hitoshi , Yagi Tetsuya , Morioka Hiroshi , Eguchi Motoki , Sato Yoshitaka , Tetsuka Nobuyuki , Iguchi Mitsutaka , Kanematsu Takeshi , Fukano Hanako , Hoshino Yoshihiko

    Combination therapy (imipenem/cilastatin, amikacin, and clarithromycin) was administered for a month. …

    Internal Medicine, 2021


  • Past and present of childhood kidney disease: advances in treatment based on the pathogenesis of pediatric IgA nephropathy  [in Japanese]

    Kawasaki Yukihiko

    <p>IgA 腎症は,小児期に発症しやすい代表的な慢性糸球体腎炎である.近年,その発症に IgA1 ヒンジ部の糖鎖不全が関与していることが判明した.これらの遺伝的背景がある中,抗原刺激により活性化された T 細胞や B 細胞により産生された IgA1 糖鎖不全免疫複合体が糸球体に沈着し,補体,マクロファージやメサンギウム細胞の活性化を介して炎症が惹起され,糸球体障害が進展する.自然経過 …

    Japanese journal of pediatric nephrology, 2021


  • Glucose-lowering effects of 7-day treatment with SGLT2 inhibitor confirmed by intermittently scanned continuous glucose monitoring in outpatients with type 1 diabetes. A pilot study

    Kurozumi Akira , Okada Yosuke , Tanaka Yoshiya

    … <p>The present study used intermittently scanned continuous glucose monitoring (isCGM) in 10 patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) to evaluate the efficacy and safety of 7-day outpatient treatment with the combination of intensive insulin therapy and sodium-glucose transporter 2 inhibitor (SGLT2-I). …

    Endocrine Journal 68(3), 361-369, 2021


  • A case of adult-onset type II citrullinemia triggered by entering a nursing home with a good response to medium-chain triglyceride oil therapy  [in Japanese]

    M.D. Koda Kazuma , M.D. Akaogi Mariko , M.D. Sekiya Hiroaki , M.D. Otsuka Yoshihisa , M.D. Yoneda Yukihiro , M.D. Ph.D. Kikuchi Atsuo , M.D. Ph.D. Kure Shigeo , M.D. Kageyama Yasufumi

    <p>症例は知的障害のある49歳女性.福祉施設入所後から高アンモニア血症による夜間の異常行動,意識障害を繰り返した.入所前はフライドチキンなどの高蛋白・高脂質を好む食嗜好があった.血清アミノ酸分析のシトルリン異常高値から尿素サイクル異常症を疑い,遺伝子検査によりシトリン欠損症(成人発症II型シトルリン血症)と診断した.低糖質食療法のみでは治療効果は不十分であり,中鎖脂肪酸(medium …

    Rinsho Shinkeigaku 61(3), 200-203, 2021


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