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  • Statistical analysis of dispersal and deposition patterns of volcanic emissions from Mt. Sakurajima, Japan

    Poulidis Alexandros P. , Takemi Tetsuya , Shimizu Atsushi , Iguchi Masato , Jenkins Susanna F.

    … Mt. Sakurajima (Japan) provides us with a rare opportunity to study such activity, due to its eruptive behaviour and dense observation network. … Climatological and topographic effects are suspected to impact the deposition of volcanic ash away from the vent: for sampling stations located close to complex topographical elements, sharp changes in the deposition patterns were observed, with ash deposits for neighbouring stations as close as 5 km differing as much as an order of magnitude. …

    Atmospheric Environment 179, 305-320, 2018-04

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  • Atomic switch networks as complex adaptive systems

    Scharnhorst Kelsey , Carbajal Juan , Aguilera Renato , Sandouk Eric , Aono Masakazu , Stieg Adam , Gimzewski James

    … Using a dense unorganized network of synthetic synapses it is shown that a complex adaptive system can be physically created on a microchip built especially for complex problems. … Wide ranging prospective applications include understanding and eventually predicting future events that display complex emergent behavior in the critical regime. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 57(3S2), 03ED02, 2018-02-20


  • データベース分割を目的としたデータ仮想化によるデータベースの仮想統合

    齋藤 和広 , 米田 信之 , 渡辺 泰之 , 黒川 茂莉 , 村松 茂樹 , 小林 亜令

    … クをおおむね解消できることが明らかとなった.特に,12種のクエリのうち11種で,3つの手法適用前のデータ仮想化ではDB分割前の環境と比較して通信ボトルネックにより平均2010倍遅延していたが,3つの手法を適用することで平均1.8倍の遅延に改善された.As a scale of an integrated DB that has big data increasing day by day such as facility logs about telecommunication infrastructures gets bigger, its resource planning is more complex and its maintenance cost is …

    情報処理学会論文誌 59(2), 372-383, 2018-02-15


  • Extraction of three-dimensional silver nanostructures with supercritical fluid

    Taguchi Natsuo , Takeyasu Nobuyuki , Kawata Satoshi

    … In a previous report, a self-growing approach was proposed for fabricating complex silver nanostructures, where silver dendrites were grown at silver nanoseeds in silver ion solution owing to plasmonic heating with ultraviolet light. … Silver nanostructures were immobilized without damage in an agarose skeleton network. …

    Appl. Phys. Express 11(2), 025201, 2018-01-23


  • ソーシャルネットワークにおける影響力推定手法の有効性と手法間の関係の分析 (コミュニケーションクオリティ)

    竹村 隼平 , 津川 翔

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 117(386), 17-22, 2018-01-18

  • A Study on the Effect of a Source Circuit on Switching Surges (高電圧研究会 雷・サージ解析・高電圧一般)

    Ametani A. , Xue H. , Cervantes M. , Kocar I. , Noda T.

    電気学会研究会資料. HV = The papers of technical meeting on high voltage engineering, IEE Japan 2018(1-11・13・14・16-25・27-40), 39-43, 2018-01-18

  • Unique functions of an autonomous asynchronous cooperation useful to a problem-solving environment (PSE)

    早勢 欣和 , 川田 重夫

    … In our paper, assume that an asynchronous cooperation system consists of network-linked computers and software packages. … Several software packages deploy to network-linked computers to autonomously work toward common goals to solve a problem. … The behavior of an AAC is complex and hardly predictable, even if any software does not have randomness. …

    日本計算工学会論文集 2018(1), 20181004-20181004, 2018


  • Recent progress in mathematical modelling of complex systems

    Aihara Kazuyuki

    … <p>In this paper, I review recent progress in studies on mathematical modelling of complex systems from a general viewpoint. … First, I explain our theoretical platform composed of (1) advanced control theory of complex systems,(2) complex networks theory, and (3) nonlinear data analysis and data-driven modelling, that has been developed for mathematical modelling of complex systems. …

    Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, IEICE 9(2), 149-154, 2018


  • Sequential Convolutional Residual Network for Image Recognition

    HWANG Wonjun

    … <p>In this letter, we propose a sequential convolutional residual network, where we first analyze a tangled network architecture using simplified equations and determine the critical point to untangle the complex network architecture. … Although the residual network shows good performance, the learning efficiency is not better than expected at deeper layers because the network is excessively intertwined. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E101.D(4), 1213-1216, 2018


  • Visual Analysis of Geometry Constrained Large-Scale Network

    YAO Zhonghua , WU Lingda , SUN Yang

    … <p>Due to the structure complexity, it is difficult to display structure of large-scale network fully. … To solve the problem, this paper research on network simplification and accelerating drawing. … Specific research content includes accelerated network layout based on quadtree and community geometric constrain, aiming to provide overall situation perception of network topology. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E101.B(4), 1000-1009, 2018


  • Interaction of Arachidic Acid Langmuir Monolayers with Trivalent Ions La<sup>3+</sup> and Fe<sup>3+</sup> Studied by Vibrational Sum-Frequency Spectroscopy

    Hue Nguyen Thi , Binh Nguyen The , Tuan Nguyen Anh

    … solution bind to the carboxylic headgroups of AA molecules enhances the ordering structure of AA monolayers as well as that of the OH network at the interfacial layers.</p> …



  • A Sol-gel Integrated Dual-readout Microarray Platform for Quantification and Identification of Prostate-specific Antigen

    LEE SangWook , LEE Jong Hyun , KWON Hyuck Gi , LAURELL Thomas , JEONG Ok Chan , KIM Soyoun

    … The antibody easily penetrates the sol-gel macropore fluidic network structure, making possible high affinities. … Here we report a useful method for a means for discovery of biomarkers in complex body fluids. …

    Analytical Sciences 34(3), 317-321, 2018


  • A Self Psychological Therapy Tool Based on Psychodrama Methodology

    SUTO Hidetsugu , MAEDA Jun

    … <p>In the last decade, diversification of communication systems is increasing with the information technology development, and our human relationships are getting more and more complex. … The proposed tool aims to provide similar effects with creating social network diagram, which is a basic technique of psychodrama. …

    SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration 11(1), 26-31, 2018


  • Crystal Formation of a Coordination Cage through Spherical Particles Derived from a Tripodal Ligand Containing Adamantane Moiety and Silver(I) Salt

    Tominaga Masahide , Ando Hisanori , Ohara Kazuaki , Itoh Tsutomu , Yamaguchi Kentaro

    … In the complex, two ligands are linked with three metal centers, where counter anions are coordinated to the silver atoms. … The crystals are formed through the spherical particles and their fused network aggregates consisting of the complexes.</p> …

    Chemistry Letters 47(3), 315-317, 2018


  • Recognition of Slab Identification Numbers Using a Fully Convolutional Network

    Lee Sang Jun , Kwon Wookyong , Koo Gyogwon , Choi Hyeyeon , Kim Sang Woo

    … The recognition of SINs is a challenging problem due to complex background of factory scenes and low quality of characters in SINs. … The proposed algorithm employs a fully convolutional network (FCN) with deconvolution layers to integrate the recognition processes and improve the performance in processing time and accuracy. …

    ISIJ International, 2018


  • High-strength Lightweight Bird's Nest-like Mullite Whisker 3-D Network

    Chen Xudong , Li Tiehu , Zhao Tingkai , Li Hao , Dang Alei

    … <p>Mullite whisker 3-D network with controllable size can be obtained via direct sintering from coal gangue and bauxite in lithium chinastone-MnO<sub>2</sub>-CaCO<sub>3</sub> … complex catalyst. … The possible formation mechanism of "bird's nest"-like mullite whisker 3-D network structure was also discussed.</p> …

    Chemistry Letters 47(2), 243-246, 2018


  • An Evolving Network Model for Power Grids Based on Geometrical Location Clusters

    XING Yun-Feng , CHEN Xiao , GUAN Ming-Xiang , LU Zhe-Ming

    … <p>Considering that the traditional local-world evolving network model cannot fully reflect the characteristics of real-world power grids, this Letter proposes a new evolving model based on geographical location clusters. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E101.D(2), 539-542, 2018


  • Deep Relational Model: A Joint Probabilistic Model with a Hierarchical Structure for Bidirectional Estimation of Image and Labels


    … <p>Two different types of representations, such as an image and its manually-assigned corresponding labels, generally have complex and strong relationships to each other. … During maximum likelihood (ML) -based training, the network attempts to capture the latent complex relationships between two visible variables with its deep architecture. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E101.D(2), 428-436, 2018


  • Early Detection of Performance Degradation from Basic Aggregated Link Utilization Statistics


    … <p>The growth of Internet traffic and the variety of traffic classes make network performance extremely difficult to evaluate. … Even though most current methods rely on complex or costly hardware, recent research on bandwidth sharing has suggested the possibility of defining evaluation methods that simply require basic statistics on aggregated link utilization, such as mean and variance. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E101.B(2), 508-519, 2018


  • Future Nationwide Optical Network Architecture for Higher Availability and Operability Using Transport SDN Technologies

    UEMATSU Yoshihiko , KAMAMURA Shohei , DATE Hiroki , YAMAMOTO Hiroshi , FUKUDA Aki , HAYASHI Rie , KODA Katsutoshi

    … <p>An optical transport network is composed of optical transport systems deployed in thousands of office-buildings. … To achieve high-speed and large-capacity transport systems cost-effectively, system configuration, applied devices, and the manufacturing process have recently begun to change, and the cause of failure or performance degradation has become more complex and diversified. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E101.B(2), 462-475, 2018