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  • Integrative network analysis reveals biological pathways associated with Williams syndrome

    Kimura Ryo , Swarup Vivek , Tomiwa Kiyotaka , Gandal Michael J. , Parikshak Neelroop N. , Funabiki Yasuko , Nakata Masatoshi , Awaya Tomonari , Kato Takeo , Iida Kei , Okazaki Shin , Matsushima Kanae , Kato Toshihiro , Murai Toshiya , Heike Toshio , Geschwind Daniel H. , Hagiwara Masatoshi

    … In this study, we identified genetic clues underlying these complex phenotypes. … Weighted gene co‐expression network analysis was performed to identify specific alterations related to intermediate disease phenotypes. … Conclusions: Dysregulation of the mRNA/miRNA network involving genes outside of the 7q11.23 region is likely related to the complex phenotypes observed in WS patients. …

    Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 2018-10-25

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  • 仮想マシンによる大規模アドホックネットワークシミュレーション環境構築法

    小比賀 亮仁 , 篠田 陽一 , 岩井 孝法 , 里田 浩三

    … ,実環境と同じ環境で仮想マシン内のアプリケーションを実行するために,シミュレーションフレームワークとして必要なコンポーネントとアーキテクチャを提示する.我々の研究によって,数千台の仮想マシンが動作する大規模アドホックネットワークシミュレーションを実現することが可能となる.We suggest a mechanism to create a massive and complex ad hoc network simulation environment based on virtual machine …

    情報処理学会論文誌 59(10), 1814-1826, 2018-10-15


  • The Diffusion of Explicit and Tacit Knowledge in Complex Networks

    Zhu Bing , Wang Wenping

    Journal of advanced computational intelligence and intelligent informatics 22(6), 823-830, 2018-10

  • 潜在トピックに基づく複雑ネットワークの生成モデルに関する研究

    赤山 郁人 , 土方 嘉徳 , 倉持 俊也 , 酒田 信親

    システム制御情報学会論文誌 = Transactions of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers 31(10), 366-376, 2018-10

  • Field Investigations on River Bed Changes and Salinity Intrusion along Tien and Hau Rivers in Vietnamese Mekong Delta Considering Upstream Dams' Impacts

    BINH Doan Van , KANTOUSH Sameh , SUMI Tetsuya , MAI Nguyen Phuong , TRUNG La Vinh

    … Hydro-, sediment and salinity dynamics modelling of a complex river network in the VMD requires detailed bathymetric, turbidity, and salinity data. …

    京都大学防災研究所年報. B = Disaster Prevention Research Institute Annuals. B 61(B), 770-783, 2018-09


  • Hitchhiking Based Symbiotic Multi-Robot Navigation in Sensor Networks

    Ravankar Abhijeet , Ravankar Ankit A. , Kobayashi Yukinori , Hoshino Yohei , Peng Chao-Chung , Watanabe Michiko

    … Robot navigation is a complex process that involves real-time localization, obstacle avoidance, map update, control, and path planning. … A sensor network removes those constraints by enabling multiple robots to communicate with each other to exchange meaningful information such as their respective positions, goal and destination locations, and drastically improves the efficiency of symbiotic multi-robot navigation through hitchhiking. …

    Robotics 7(3), 37, 2018-09

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  • Retrograde Transport by Clathrin-Coated Vesicles is Involved in Intracellular Transport of PrPSc in Persistently Prion-Infected Cells

    Yamasaki Takeshi , Suzuki Akio , Hasebe Rie , Horiuchi Motohiro

    … To investigate these machineries, we focused on retrograde transport from endosomes to the transGolgi network, which is one of the pathways involved in recycling of molecules. … PrPSc was co-localized with components of clathrin-coated vesicles (CCVs) as well as those of the retromer complex, which are known as machineries for retrograde transport. …

    Scientific reports 8, 12241, 2018-08-16

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  • ステップ分解型媒介中心性による道路網の混雑度分布の分析

    鈴木 優伽 , 斉藤 和巳

    … 評価実験では,本指標の基本的性質や,本指標で求めた道路網上の混雑度の分布を分析し,混雑度の分布は各地域ごとに異なる傾向を持つことが分かった.また本指標が,ネットワーク構造等のデータ変動に比較的頑健であり,さらに,従来のネットワーク分析で用いられる他の統計指標とは異なる性質を持つことが確認できた.In recent years, researches on road networks using analytical methods of complex networks have been actively …

    情報処理学会論文誌数理モデル化と応用(TOM) 11(2), 87-98, 2018-07-26


  • 料理レシピ共有サイトにおける食材のアクティブ共起パターンの抽出

    菊地 悠樹 , 熊野 雅仁 , 木村 昌弘

    … 案法が抽出した食材の主要アクティブ共起パターンの妥当性を示す.さらに提案法を用いて,日本の料理レシピで使われる食材の組合せに関する季節変化の特徴を明らかにする.Due to the increasing popularity of cooking-recipe sharing sites and the success of complex network science, attention has recently been devoted to developing an effective network-based method of analyzing the characteristics of ingredient combinations used in …

    情報処理学会論文誌数理モデル化と応用(TOM) 11(2), 30-40, 2018-07-26


  • A molecular neuromorphic network device consisting of single-walled carbon nanotubes complexed with polyoxometalate

    Tanaka Hirofumi , Akai-Kasaya Megumi , Termeh Yousefi Amin , Hong Liu , Fu Lingxiang , Tamukoh Hakaru , Tanaka Daisuke , Asai Tetsuya , Ogawa Takuji

    … In contrast to AI hardware, neuromorphic hardware is based on neuroscience, wherein constructing both spiking neurons and their dense and complex networks is essential to obtain intelligent abilities. … In this report, we present molecular neuromorphic devices, composed of a dynamic and extremely dense network of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) complexed with polyoxometalate (POM). … We show experimentally that the SWNT/POM network generates spontaneous spikes and noise. …

    Nature Communications 9, 2693, 2018-07-12

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  • Cellomics approach for high-throughput functional annotation of Caenorhabditis elegans neural network

    Aoki Wataru , Matsukura Hidenori , Yamauchi Yuji , Yokoyama Haruki , Hasegawa Koichi , Shinya Ryoji , Ueda Mitsuyoshi

    … In this study, we proposed a novel cellomics approach enabling high-throughput and comprehensive exploration of the functions of a single neuron or a subset of neurons in a complex neural network on a particular behavior. … elegans neural network, which is necessary for constructing neuroanatomically grounded models of behavior. …

    Scientific Reports 8(1), 2018-07-10

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  • Inelastic Neutron Scattering Study of the Spin Dynamics in the Breathing Pyrochlore System LiGa<sub>0.95</sub>In<sub>0.05</sub>Cr<sub>4</sub>O<sub>8</sub>

    Tanaka Yu , Wawrzyńczak Rafal , Le Manh Duc , Guidi Tatiana , Okamoto Yoshihiko , Yajima Takeshi , Hiroi Zenji , Takigawa Masashi , Nilsen Gøran J.

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 87(7), 2018-06-29


  • Controlling Cell Fate Specification System by Key Genes Determined from Network Structure

    Kobayashi Kenji , Maeda Kazuki , Tokuoka Miki , Mochizuki Atsushi , Satou Yutaka

    … 2018-06-13.Network structures describing regulation between biomolecules have been determined in many biological systems. … Recently, it has been proved mathematically that key nodes for controlling dynamics in networks are identified from network structure alone. …

    iScience 4, 281-293, 2018-06-29

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  • 許可型ブロックチェーンのプロファイル情報に基づいたボトルネックの特定

    稲垣 達氏 , 上田 陽平 , 小原 盛幹

    … Identifying software and hardware bottlenecks, which limit scalability and performance, is challenging due to its complex architecture, which is distributed, replicated, event-driven, cryptography-intensive, and modular. … Our approach identifies software and hardware bottlenecks by extracting queue lengths of a conceptual layered queueing network (LQN) from profiles of threads sampled from the target application. …

    情報処理学会論文誌プログラミング(PRO) 11(2), 21-21, 2018-06-26


  • General formulation of long-range degree correlations in complex networks

    Fujiki Yuka , Takaguchi Taro , Yakubo Kousuke

    … We provide a general framework for analyzing degree correlations between nodes separated by more than one step (i.e., beyond nearest neighbors) in complex networks. … Furthermore, as a baseline to determine the existence of intrinsic long-range degree correlations in a network other than inevitable correlations caused by the finite-size effect, the functional forms of these probability distributions for random networks are analytically evaluated within a mean-field approximation. …

    Physical Review E 97(6), 062308, 2018-06-11

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  • Social dynamics of financial networks

    Kobayashi Teruyoshi , Takaguchi Taro

    … Recurrent interactions between agents play an essential role in the organization of a dynamic complex system. … A dynamic network model based on random pairwise matching accurately explains the observed daily dynamical patterns. …

    EPJ Data Science 7, 15, 2018-06-07

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  • Texture Classification Based on Complex Network Model with Spatial Information

    Thewsuwan Srisupang , Horio Keiichi

    … This paper proposes a method for image texture classification based on a complex network model. … Recently, a complex network model has been used for texture analysis and classification. … In experiments, the feature properties under the traditional complex network model and those with the proposed method are analyzed by using the Brodatz, UIUC, and Outex databases. …

    International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control 14(3), 1113-1121, 2018-06

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  • 距離の価値変化に着目した企業間取引ネットワーク構造変動に関する人工社会実験

    小粥 勇作 , 松村 嘉之

    システム制御情報学会研究発表講演会講演論文集 62, 5p, 2018-05-16

  • Onboard software of Plasma Wave Experiment aboard Arase: instrument management and signal processing of Waveform Capture/Onboard Frequency Analyzer

    Matsuda Shoya , Kasahara Yoshiya , Kojima Hirotsugu , Kasaba Yasumasa , Yagitani Satoshi , Ozaki Mitsunori , Imachi Tomohiko , Ishisaka Keigo , Kumamoto Atsushi , Tsuchiya Fuminori , Ota Mamoru , Kurita Satoshi , Miyoshi Yoshizumi , Hikishima Mitsuru , Matsuoka Ayako , Shinohara Iku

    … Since electric and magnetic field signals are processed by the different CPUs, we developed a synchronized observation system by using shared packets on the mission network. … The OFA continuously measures the power spectra, spectral matrices, and complex spectra. …

    Earth, Planets and Space 70, 2018-05-04

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  • Statistical analysis of dispersal and deposition patterns of volcanic emissions from Mt. Sakurajima, Japan

    Poulidis Alexandros P. , Takemi Tetsuya , Shimizu Atsushi , Iguchi Masato , Jenkins Susanna F.

    … Mt. Sakurajima (Japan) provides us with a rare opportunity to study such activity, due to its eruptive behaviour and dense observation network. … Climatological and topographic effects are suspected to impact the deposition of volcanic ash away from the vent: for sampling stations located close to complex topographical elements, sharp changes in the deposition patterns were observed, with ash deposits for neighbouring stations as close as 5 km differing as much as an order of magnitude. …

    Atmospheric Environment 179, 305-320, 2018-04

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