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  • Compost Manufacturing by Use of Horse Droppings and its Effective Factors

    小野寺 香奈 , 太田 歩 , 佐藤 広大 , 根本 莉緒 , 本田 洋之 , 西村 順子

    八戸工業大学地域産業総合研究所紀要 = The Bulletin of Institute for Promotion of Community Industrial Activities Hachinohe Institute of Technology (17), 1-6, 2019-03-28

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  • Characteristics of Food Waste Composting with Various Particle Sizes of Sawdust

    Lee Chang Hoon , Ko Kwang-Kyun , Kim Seok-Cheol , Kim Sung Chul , Sung Jwakyung , Shinogi Yoshiyuki , Oh Taek-Keun

    … The objective of this study was to compare the composting properties in relation to the temperature, moisture content, nutrients and the compost maturation index (maturity) with the various particle size of sawdust. … The physico–chemical properties of food waste composting shown the standards of organic compost, but there is a potential possibility of salt stress in crops due to the higher salinity of food waste. …

    九州大学大学院農学研究院紀要 62(1), 123-129, 2017-02-24


  • Establishing a Method to Evaluate the Maturity of Liquid Fertilizer by Liquid Fertilizer Germination Index (LFGI)

    Halder Joshua Nizel , Kim Soo–Ryang , Kang Taek–Won , Yabe Mitsuyasu , Lee Myung–Gyu

    … The certification criteria of fertilizer and pollutant properties have been developed, but no certification method has been developed for testing the maturity of liquid manure fertilizer until now. … Meanwhile, the germination index is a well–known parameter when measuring the maturity of fertilizer. … Several methods are advised for measuring the germination of compost–based fertilizer. …

    九州大学大学院農学研究院紀要 61(2), 417-426, 2016-09-01


  • Influences of Manure Derived from Samegawa Village on N Mineralization and Physical Properties of the Soil in the New Paddy Field for Recycling Agriculture  [in Japanese]

    石井 洋平 , 大谷 穂菜美 , 関口 幸世 [他] , 上地 由朗 , Ishii Youhei , Honami Otani , Sachiyo Sekiguchi , Yoshiaki Kamiji

    本研究は福島県鮫川村にある「豊かな土づくりセンター」で作られた堆肥を利用した循環型農業を推進させるための基礎資料を得るため,新たに造成された水田I(750m2)と水田II(900m2)において,2011年から2013年の3年間に水稲コシヒカリの栽培試験を行い,成熟期における地上部乾物重,体内窒素,玄米収量を調査するとともに,土壌の窒素無機化特性を評価した。栽培試験1年目の成熟期地上部乾物重,玄米収 …

    東京農業大学農学集報 60(1), 44-49, 2015-06


  • Comparison of Two High-Yielding Rice Varieties, Kita-aoba and Tachijobu, for Hokkaido, Northern Japan, and Effects of Swine Compost Application on the Growth and Grain Yield of Tachijobu

    Hayashi Satoshi

    … The grain yield of two high-yielding rice varieties, Kita-aoba and Tachijobu, was examined in a field experiment by using swine compost at a rate of 0, 1 and 2 kg m<sup>-2</sup> … The grain yield of Tachijobu was also evaluated by applying compost at a rate of 0 or 2 kg m<sup>-2</sup> … A significant interaction between compost application and nitrogen fertilizer level was observed in grain yield and nitrogen uptake in Tachijobu in Exp. …

    Plant Production Science 18(4), 481-490, 2015


  • Nitrogen mineralization pattern in moist and air-dried Japanese paddy soils and the relationship between rice yields and nitrogen mineralization  [in Japanese]

    AZUMA Hideo , TAKAHASHI Shigeru , KATO Naoto

    全国116点の水田作土の湿潤土,風乾土を30℃恒温条件で湛水培養し,無機化窒素量を求めたところ,以下の結果を得た.1)湿潤土培養での窒素無機化パターンは,地域や土壌群によって異なり,東北日本海側・新潟地域では,培養7週目以降に急激な窒素の無機化がみられた.また,有機物施用により無機化窒素量は増加したが,堆肥施用区と稲わら施用区で無機化パターンが異なった.2)風乾土培養での窒素の無機化パターンは,地 …

    Japanese Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 86(3), 175-187, 2015


  • Classification and Evaluation of Maturity of Food Waste Composts and Animal Manure Composts by Application of Principal Component Analysis  [in Japanese]

    久保田 貴志 , 岩佐 博邦 , 斎藤 研二

    … 食品廃棄物堆肥及び家畜ふん堆肥の肥料成分特性を総合的に評価するために主成分分析法を用い,類型化するとともにCQI値(Compost Quality Index)による腐熟度評価を試みた。 …

    千葉県農林総合研究センター研究報告 (5), 117-123, 2013-03


  • A Simple Method for Evaluating the Maturity of Animal Manure Compost by Using the Difference between the EC of Fresh Manure and Oven-dried Compost  [in Japanese]

    山田 尚美 , 瀧澤 秀明 , 増田 達明 [他] , 榊原 幹男

    家畜ふん堆肥の腐熟度を判定するため、現物で測定したEC(電気伝導度)値と乾燥後に測定したEC値との差(EC差)の利用の可能性について検討した。乳牛及び豚のふんの堆肥化処理条件を変え、堆肥を製造した。堆肥化処理開始から112日後まで経時的に試料を採取し、有機物分解率及び現物と乾物のEC、アンモニア態窒素濃度を調査した。その結果、EC差は、有機物分解率及び現物と乾物のアンモニア態窒素濃度差と相関が高か …

    愛知県農業総合試験場研究報告 = Research bulletin of the Aichi Agricultural Research Center (44), 125-130, 2012-12


  • Integration of Compost Maturity Indices Using Principal Component Analysis  [in Japanese]

    HASE Takahito , KAWAMURA Kiyoshi

    近年,生ごみなどコンポスト資材となる有機性廃棄物は多様化しており,その品質評価の重要性が増している。腐熟度はコンポストの重要な品質の一つであるが,汎用的に適用できる単一の腐熟度指標や複数の腐熟度指標を適切に組み合わせて評価する標準的な方法は確立されていない。本研究では,単一指標の開発という従来のアプローチに代わり,複数の腐熟度指標の組み合わせやその統合指標を構成する手法について検討した。<b …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management 23(4), 181-191, 2012-07-31

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  • Effect of interseeding cover crops and fertilization on weed suppression under an organic and rotational cropping system. 1. Stability of weed suppression over years and main crops of potato, maize and soybean

    Uchino Hiroshi , Iwama Kazuto , Jitsuyama Yutaka , Ichiyama Keiko , Sugiura Eri , Yudate Toshiko , Nakamura Satoshi , Gopal Jai

    … The number and dry weight of weeds were measured at the maximum plant height stage of main crops and main crop yields were recorded at their physiological maturity. … In addition, input of compost and fermented organic fertilizer had positive effects on the main crop yield and weed suppression. …

    Field Crops Research 127, 9-16, 2012-02-27

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  • Investigation of maturity indices of food waste compost  [in Japanese]

    UMEMOTO Hideyuki , HATANAKA Hakuei , MORIMOTO Eiji , KITADA Keiu , SHIMADA Yoshiaki , YONEBAYASHI Koyo

    学校給食・豆腐加工・魚加工残さおよび籾殻を原料とする堆肥について腐熟度指標を解析し,次の知見を得た.1)コマツナ発芽率と高い相関を示す腐熟度指標を検討したところ,抽出性炭素および揮発性有機酸が適していた.2)生ごみ堆肥を加熱乾燥すると,発芽阻害要因である抽出性炭素および揮発性有機酸が大きく減少し,発芽阻害効果が低く評価されるとともに,アンモニア態窒素,pHおよびECも低下した.このため,生ごみ堆肥 …

    Japanese Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 83(6), 664-672, 2012

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  • Evaluation of pressed shredded empty fruit bunch (EFB)-palm oil mill effluent (POME) anaerobic sludge based compost using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) analysis

    Baharuddin Azhari Samsu , Rahman Nor' Aini Abdul , Shah Umi Kalsom Md , Hassan Mohd Ali , Wakisaka Minato , Shirai Yoshihito

    … The maturity of the composting material after 40 days of treatment was detected by the appearance of the nitrate band at 1376 cm-1 and the results corresponded to the final C/N ratio of 12.4. … Solid state 13C CP/MAS nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) was also used to reveal the characteristic changes of pressed-shredded EFB-POME anaerobic sludge based compost. …

    African Journal of Biotechnology 10(41), 8082-8089, 2011-08-03


  • Effects of continuous applications of bark compost with different levels of maturity on physicochemical properties of soil in Komatsuna (Brassica rapa L. Perviridis) culture house  [in Japanese]

    石黒 泰 , 澤頭 勇次 , 北村 怜 [他] , 西村 直正 , 福井 博一

    本研究では,腐熟度を判定した一次発酵終期の完熟前バーク堆肥と二次発酵期の完熟バーク堆肥を1作あたり2,4および8t・10a-1連用してコマツナを9連作し,土壌孔隙率,飽和透水係数,全炭素量,CECなどの土壌理化学性に及ぼす影響について検討した.コマツナの生育は,完熟前バーク堆肥あるいは完熟バーク堆肥,およびそれらの施与量の影響を受けなかった.土壌孔隙率(気相率+液相率)は,バーク堆肥施与量が増加す …

    Horticultural research (Japan) 10(3), 341-348, 2011-07-15


  • Effects of Continuous Applications of Bark Compost with Different Levels of Maturity on Physicochemical Properties of Soil in Komatsuna (<i>Brassica rapa</i> L. Perviridis) Culture House  [in Japanese]

    Ishiguro Yasushi , Sawagashira Yuji , Kitamura Ryo , Nishimura Naomasa , Fukui Hirokazu

    本研究では,腐熟度を判定した一次発酵終期の完熟前バーク堆肥と二次発酵期の完熟バーク堆肥を1作あたり2,4および8 t・10 a<sup>−1</sup>連用してコマツナを9連作し,土壌孔隙率,飽和透水係数,全炭素量,CECなどの土壌理化学性に及ぼす影響について検討した.コマツナの生育は,完熟前バーク堆肥あるいは完熟バーク堆肥,およびそれらの施与量の影響を受けなか …

    Horticultural Research (Japan) 10(3), 341-348, 2011


  • Composting of Food Waste and Mixed Poultry Manure Inoculated with Effective Microorganisms

    PARK Keumjoo

    … Composting was performed for 24 hrs using steam from a firewood boiler (450MJ/hr) which heated the composting mass in order to maintain the temperature of the compost between 60 and 80°C. … Parameters monitored over this period included the nutrient content, heavy metal content, maturity and stability indices etc. … The NaCl content of the food waste compost increased with composting time but was less than 1.0% (d.b). …

    Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food 4(4), 106-111, 2011


  • Research on high-quality compost manufacturing in Niseko transportation, Kucchan-cho I. Composting system and the quality of compost  [in Japanese]

    田中 尚道 , 古谷 和之 , 森谷 太一 , 神田 靖範 , 柏 秀和 , 駒井 功一郎

    Compost with good quality was not able to be manufactured though the method of the composting also had tried and erred along with it. … The counterattack machine and the high-speed fermentation plant also became complete being equipped, and if the fermentation method was established, the base that manufactured compost with good quality was in order. …

    近畿大学資源再生研究所報告 = Annual report of the institute of resource recycling of Kinki University (8), 21-26, 2010-03-01


  • Study on evaluation of maturity of compost from food wastes by analyzing odor ingredient  [in Japanese]

    市岡 高男 , 片山 貴幸 , 吉岡 理

    Annual report of Mie Prefecture Health and Environment Research Institute (12), 51-56, 2010

  • Possibility of Shortening the Maturity Period of Wood Compost while using Wood Vinegar and Waste Molasses as Fermentation Accelerators

    Sato Naoki , Roy Kingshuk

    木質系資材は堆肥化過程において時間がかかるという問題が指摘されている。これまでに堆肥化装置の利用や大規模な堆肥化により時間の短縮をする研究が行われているが,普及という点で課題が残る。そのため本研究では,木材チップと落ち葉に,発酵鶏糞,米糠,菜種油粕を副資材として加えた原料に,発酵促進剤として木酢液や廃糖蜜を利用することで,小規模で機械を使わない木質系資材の堆肥化時間短縮の有用性を検討した。その結果 …

    Papers on Environmental Information Science ceis24(0), 161-166, 2010


  • Composting of forest leaf litter in Satoyama preservation activities : Changes in chemical and biological characteristics of forest leaf litter with difference in composting years and the effects on plant growth  [in Japanese]

    Ichikawa Takahiro , Ichikawa Asuka , Urakawa Rieko

    近年わが国では,里山保全活動の一環として落ち葉かきの実施と堆肥づくりが再び行われはじめている。本研究では里山における落ち葉堆肥の堆肥化年数の違いによる化学的・生物的性質の変化を把握するとともに,植物の生育に及ぼす影響について明らかにすることを目的とした。落ち葉かき直後の落ち葉と堆肥化1年後の有機物について,重量含水率や窒素含有率,C/N比,腐植化を示す指標(A_<600>),水抽出態溶 …

    Japanese Journal of Forest Environment 52(1), 11-18, 2010

    J-STAGE  References (48) Cited by (1)

  • Effect of maturity of compost on the quality and δ15N value of low trass tomato fruits  [in Japanese]

    中野 明正 , 上原 洋一

    … The nitrogen concentration of compost decreased mainly within 90 days after composting, after that the concentration remained at the same level for 360 days after composting. … Tomato production at the early stage would correlate closely with easily extractable nitrogen in the compost, such as ammonium nitrogen with only a maure application. …

    Bulletin of the National Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science (8), 157-163, 2009-03


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