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  • Factors influencing success and failure of confessing one's love  [in Japanese]

    小島 奈々恵 , 大田 麻琴 , 高本 雪子 [他]

    Love is a high interest issue for university students, and confessing one's love is an important trigger to start a love relationship. … The purpose of this study was to find the factors influencing success and failure of confessing one's love. …

    Hiroshima psychological research (6), 71-85, 2006

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  • The Woodblock-Printed Text of the Zhaoming pusa jing照明菩薩經in Li Shengduo's Collection  [in Japanese]

    林 敏 , Min Lin

    … A survey of the original textThis information about original text is based on the photocopies (No.10-23) of "Dr. Tōru Haneda羽田亨 Depiction of the Collections of Xiyu Unearthed Historical Documents" stored at Haneda Museum. … But as I had no access to the photos myself, I had to rely on Prof. Toshinori Ochiai's 落合俊典 own handnotes. …

    仙石山論集 = Sengokuyama Journal of Buddhist Studies (1), 79-113, 2004-09-30

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  • Virginia Woolf's Debt to Jealousy : Virginia Woolf vs Katherine Mansfield  [in Japanese]

    Tezuka Yuko

    … Although Virginia Woolf confessed more than once in her diary that she was jealous of Katherine Mansfield, we are likely to be perplexed by this confession, besides which, few critics have ever thought much of it. … Presumably the reason for that is that Woolf is now acclaimed as a great feminist writer, while Mansfield is viewed as a minor author of short fictions. …

    Virginia Woolf Review 12(0), 12-26, 1995


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