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  • Study on Upset Forging with Rocking Motion by Using Multiple Linear Actuators  [in Japanese]

    廣田 健治 , ヒロタ ケンジ , Kenji HIROTA

    … In order to reduce forging load, we focused on the reduction of contact area with forging dies and proposed a new method with the flexible rocking motions created by using multiple linear actuators. … The reduction of load increased with increasing the rocking angle and its frequency. …

    福岡工業大学総合研究機構研究所所報 (2), 31-34, 2020-04-18


  • Stability of a phosphonic acid monolayer on aluminum in liquid environments

    Hiwasa Noboru , Utsunomiya Toru , Ichii Takashi , Sugimura Hiroyuki

    … After exposing the as-prepared alkyl- and fluoroalkyl-SAM surfaces to water at 40 °C for 2 h, the contact angle decreased from more than 100° to less than 20°. … Thermally annealed SAMs showed larger water contact angles after exposing to water, indicating that the desorption of the molecules was depressed. …

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 59(SD), 2020-03-01


  • Evaluation of Gravity Dependence of Contact Angle and Surface Tension for Water  [in Japanese]

    長沼 菜摘 , 野川 健人 , 丸尾 裕一 , 佐藤 直人 , 登尾 浩助

    明治大学農学部研究報告 69(2), 73-79, 2020-02

  • Production of High Flux Poly(Ether Sulfone) Membrane Using Silica Additive Extracted from Natural Resource

    Mulyati Sri , Muchtar Syawaliah , Yusuf Mukramah , Arahman Nasrul , Sofyana Sofyana , Rosnelly Cut Meurah , Fathanah Umi , Takagi Ryosuke , Matsuyama Hideto , Shamsuddin Norazanita , Bilad Muhammad Roil

    … The effects of silica addition to the membrane system were evaluated through the analysis of change in chemical structure using ATR-FTIR, surface morphological change using AFM, and surface hydrophilicity using water contact angle measurement. … Silica loading also promotes hydrophilic property as shown by the decrease in water contact angles from 82 degrees to 52-60 degrees due to the presence of polar groups in some residual silica in the membrane matrix. …

    Membranes 10(1), 17, 2020-01


  • Applications of Functional Surfaces by Texture  [in Japanese]

    MORONUKI Nobuyuki

    <p>This article introduces applications of textured or micro-structured surfaces in various fields. Typical example is frictional properties of the floors because a decrease in dynamic friction …



  • A New Criterion for Decision-Making in Mesh Simplification of 3D-Scanned Objects Used in Discrete-Element Modelling

    Katagiri Jun , Koyanaka Shigeki

    … value, we performed a series of angle-of-repose DEM simulations using particles with different <i>R</i><sub>p</sub> … The simulated repose angle converged to a constant value when the <i>R</i><sub>p</sub> … Its precise shape approximation reproduced the rotational resistance due to interparticle moment transmission that occurred upon contact of nonspherical particles. …



  • Effects of Varying Temperature and Gravity on Impact Crater and Time Scales When a Drop Impacts onto a Wetted Surface

    DINC Murat , GRAY Donald D.

    … This study includes simulations of a spherical water drop impacting an upward facing wetted surface for a case in which the flow is known to remain axisymmetric (Reynolds number = 6690, Weber number = 139, layer depth/drop diameter = 0.837, and contact angle = 0°) for different gravity and buoyancy conditions (different drop and layer temperature) based on some of the planets and asteroids in our Solar System. …

    International journal of microgravity science and application 37(2), 370204, 2020



    NAGASHIMA Taisuke , TACHIBANA Kazuki , YANO Masataka , OHASHI Yoshimitsu

    … The contact area of the timber connection under moment action or in rocking motion has embedment stiffness with triangular stress distribution. … This research found out that decompression angle of shear wall depends on the spring back effect by tendons.</p><p> 5. … The equations before uplift consider initial stress distribution of the interface, the spring back effect by the incline angle of wall top and the embedment stiffness under triangular stress distribution. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 85(770), 539-549, 2020


  • The Relationship between the Step Side Knee Joint Movement and Elbow Valgus Torque  [in Japanese]

    UCHIDA Tomoya , FURUKAWA Hiroyuki , MATSUMOTO Shintaro , KOMATSU Minoru , TSUKUDA Michiru , DONJO Hiroyuki , OKUBO Satoshi , FUJITA Kenji

    … The participants divided by the qualitative assessment of stride knee motion, then compared elbow valgus torque and flexion angle of step knee joint between both groups.</p><p><b>Result</b>: There was significant greater flexion knee joint angle at maximum external rotation and ball release and greater joint torque of elbow and less ball speed for the forward movement group.</p><p><b>Conclusion</b>: This group showed inadequate bracing the knee of step leg. …

    Physical Therapy Japan 47(2), 105-112, 2020


  • PDMS Soft Skin Device with Deformable Micro-Diaphragm Array Fabricated with Rapid Substrate-Releasing Process

    Mitsui Hideyuki , Kashiwazaki Hiroshi , Mineta Takashi

    … When a droplet was placed on the surface in the rough state, a large contact angle of approximately 140° was obtained, close to the Cassie mode with air in the concave-deformed PDMS micro-diaphragms, which indicated a high surface hydrophobicity. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 32(2), 289-296, 2020


  • Tactile Sensor with High-Density Microcantilever and Multiple PDMS Bumps for Contact Detection

    Fujihashi Tomoya , Suga Fumitoshi , Araki Ryoma , Kido Jyun , Abe Takashi , Sohgawa Masayuki

    … <p>In the study, we investigated a detection method of partial contact of an object owing to curved or uneven surface of the contact object by a tactile sensor. … It was possible to detect a contact position because the resistance change in the strain gauge on the cantilever under each bump significantly depended on the contact/non-contact state of each bump. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 32(2), 297-304, 2020


  • Measurement method for longitudinal displacement of wheel/rail contact point using strain gauges put on wheels

    HONDO Takatoshi , NOGUCHI Yoshinao

    … <p>This paper describes a measurement method for longitudinal displacement of wheel/rail contact point in a railway vehicle using a wheelset to measure the wheel/rail contact forces, which is generally used for the sake of the running safety evaluation in Japan. … The clarification of phenomenon related to the wheel/rail contact has very important role to discuss the curving performance and the running safety of railway vehicles. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal, 2020


  • Model Description on the Interface Deformation after the Release of the Pinned Contact Line  [in Japanese]

    ITO Takahiro , FUJII Souichiro , TSUNEYOSHI Tatsuya , TSUJI Yoshiyuki , KATOH Kenji , WAKIMOTO Tatsuro

    … <p>Contact line can be easily stuck (pinned) on the defects or boundary of the different wettability regions. … The contact line remains to be trapped until the contact angle increases beyond the advancing angle or decreases below the receding angle. …



  • Processing of transparent superhydrophobic films using cerium oxide particles with different aspect ratios

    HIROSAWA Takuya , ISOBE Toshihiro , MATSUSHITA Sachiko , NAKAJIMA Akira

    … Both sliding angles and contact angles increased concomitantly with increase of the ratio of rod-like ceria. … The trend of the contact angle increase was rationalized by the increase of the pore structure in the film. … The sliding angle increase was accountable by consideration of the depth of droplet penetrating into the surface obtained by assuming normal pillar-array structure models calculated from the packing of particles with a high aspect ratio.</p> …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 128(4), 210-216, 2020


  • Investigation of Shear Stress between Roll Interfaces in a High-accuracy Roll-Type Stamping Transfer System

    Tokonami Makoto , Yamada Shunsuke , Kashiwagi Makoto , Iwase Eiji

    … However, the accuracy of the roll-type stamping transfer method is insufficient for tiny devices, such as Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) sensors, integrated circuits, and surface-mounting chips, because of the shear stress that occurs at the contact of the two rolls. … The low shear stress improves the misalignment angle by 2 degrees, with a high roll rotational speed, which enables the development of a hybrid sensing system for flexible and rigid devices at a large-scale.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines 140(4), 79-83, 2020


  • Thermal-induced hydrophilicity enhancement of titanium dental implant surfaces

    Toffoli Andrea , Parisi Ludovica , Tatti Roberta , Lorenzi Andrea , Verucchi Roberto , Manfredi Edoardo , Lumetti Simone , Macaluso Guido M.

    … The selected surface gain in wettability after the treatment was assessed through contact angle measurement, chemistry modifications through x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) analysis, and microtopography through scanning electron microscopy (SEM). …

    Journal of Oral Science 62(2), 217-221, 2020


  • Parametric modeling of sports prostheses based on the flat spring design formulas

    HASE Kazunori , TOGAWA Hiroto , KOBAYASHI Satoshi , OBINATA Goro

    … However, it is quite challenging to represent the mechanical phenomena during the takeoff action with sports prosthesis because the contact point to the ground moves based on the direction and deformation of the prosthesis. … The purpose of this study is to propose a parametric model of sports prosthesis based on the flat spring design formulas to represent the deformation and rolling contact with the ground with a reasonable computational cost. …

    Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering 15(1), 19-00446-19-00446, 2020


  • Phase-field lattice Boltzmann simulation of minute droplet onto isotropic porous media  [in Japanese]

    SUGIMOTO Makoto , KANEDA Masayuki , SUGA Kazuhiko

    … A static droplet on a sphere is represented by the reasonable position and shape of the contact line. … As the droplet size becomes smaller, the effect of the porous surface becomes remarkable in the threshold contact angle and infiltration ratio at higher contact angle. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(883), 20-00014-20-00014, 2020


  • Washing Effect of Microbubble Mixture on the Soiled Model Attached on a Metal Surface  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYASHI Takaki , USHIDA Akiomi , KOURAKATA Itaru , SETO Kouichi , HIWATASHI Tadashi , SATO Taisuke , NARUMI Takatsune

    … For understanding the experimental results, particle diameter change against elapsed time and static contact angle of interface between solid surface and droplet of test fluids was discussed. … Moreover, static contact angle of microbubble mixtures was lower than that of tap water alone. … Correlation between washing effect and contact angle was obtained. …



  • Distinct element analysis of mechanism of rock fragmentation induced by TBM cutting rock mass with a couple of cross joints

    Jiang Mingjing , Fu Cheng , Sun Ruohan

    … <p>In this study the Distinct Element Method (DEM) with a size-dependent bond contact model was employed to investigate the fracture mechanism induced by TBM cutting in rock mass with a group of cross joints, where the effect of joint inclination angle under two cutters was analyzed. … The peak normal thrust decreases gradually with the decrease of joint angle α. …

    Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication 8(5), 155-158, 2020


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