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  • Ultra-high dynamic range quantum measurement retaining its sensitivity

    Herbschleb E. D. , Kato H. , Makino T. , Yamasaki S. , Mizuochi N.

    … Here, we demonstrate a non-adaptive algorithm for increasing this range, in principle without limit, for alternating-current field sensing, while being able to get arbitrarily close to the best possible sensitivity. …

    Nature Communications (12), 2021-01-12


  • Trend and forecast of advanced technology field : The current state and expectation of sleep business  [in Japanese]

    坂本 泉 , 開本 亮 , 高石 静代 , 近成 涼香

    情報の科学と技術 = The journal of Information Science and Technology Association 71(1), 36-42, 2021

  • Current status and issues in community dentistry and oral health: Review of the activities of the Monitoring and Reporting Committee for the field of oral health in the Japanese Society of Public Health  [in Japanese]

    MIURA Hiroko , TAMAKI Yoh , HASHIMOTO Yuriko , HANIOKA Takashi , MURAMATSU Masumi , MOTOHASHI Yoshiko , MORITA Manabu , OZAKI Tetsunori , FUKUDA Hideki , KATO Kazuo , TAKEUCHI Noriko , WATANABE Isao , OJIMA Miki , KAMIBAYASHI Koji , SHIBATA Tomiko , TANO Rumi

    <p><b>目的</b> 公衆衛生モニタリング・レポート委員会口腔保健分野での2015年以降のモニタリング活動で得られた成果・知見を体系的に整理し,今後の歯科保健活動の推進に資する資料として提示する。</p><p><b>方法</b> 公衆衛生モニタリング・レポート委員会口腔保健分野のグループ活動の年次報告内容を中核 …

    Nihon Koshu Eisei Zasshi(JAPANESE JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH), 2021


  • Design and Investigation of Silicon Gate-All-Around Junctionless Field-Effect Transistor Using a Step Thickness Gate Oxide

    Zhang Wenlun , Wang Baokang

    … <p>We design a silicon gate-all-around junctionless field-effect transistor (JLFET) using a step thickness gate oxide (GOX) by the Sentaurus technology computer-aided design simulation. … We demonstrate the different gate-induced drain leakage (GIDL) mechanism of the traditional inversion-mode field-effect transistor (IMFET) and JLFET. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics, 2021


  • Review and future perspective of AsiaFlux

    Guirui YU , HIRANO Takashi

    … AsiaFlux ( was established in 1999 as the Asian arm of FLUXNET, the worldwide flux network, to develop collaborative research and data sets on the cycles of carbon and water in key ecosystems in Asia, to organize workshops and training on current and related global change themes, and to cultivate next generation scientists to be informed leaders with skills and perspectives. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 77(1), 1-1, 2021


  • Aerosol Droplet Surface Measurement Methods

    MOTT Derrick M. , FUKUYAMA Mao , HIBARA Akihide

    … To capture the state of the field at this key time, we have collected and described some of the most relevant and influential studies, with a focus on those that have had the most impact. … This review will present and describe the most used analytical techniques for studying the surface tension of micrometer-sized aqueous droplets, with a focus on historical trends and how the current techniques are posed to revolutionize the field.</p> …

    Analytical Sciences 37(1), 61-68, 2021


  • Flow Corrosion Behavior of X100 Pipeline Steel in Simulated Formation Water

    LI Wensheng , FU Anqing , TIAN Yan , JU Yafeng , XUE Menghan , YIN Chengxian , ZHANG Qiuli

    … When the fluid flow velocity changes between 0.5–2.0 m/s, X100 steel is controlled by activation, and as the flow velocity increases, the self-corrosion current <i>I</i><sub>corr</sub> … when the impact angle increases from 30° to 90°, the self-corrosion current <i>I</i><sub>corr</sub> … CFD simulations show that at different flow velocities and impact angles, the velocity field distribution on electrode surface is different. …

    Electrochemistry 89(1), 59-66, 2021


  • Influence of Partial Electrical Conducting Wall on Electrodynamic Flow Control

    NAGATA Yasunori , YAMANE Eisuke , NORII Takumi , KOUCHI Toshinori , YANASE Shinichiro

    … <p>The electrodynamic flow control effect using an applied magnetic field has a potential of innovative technology for aerodynamic force control of atmospheric entry vehicle because of no requirement of mechanical devices. … If the induced electric current is bypassed via exposed electrodes, the electromagnetic field could be changed. … As a result of the MHD simulation, flow field could be changed by the vehicle surface condition. …



  • Anomalous Electron Transport in Hall Thrusters: Electric Field Fluctuation Measurement

    KUWABARA Naoya , CHONO Masatoshi , MORITA Taichi , YAMAMOTO Naoji

    … Numerous studies have shown that high-frequency (on the order of MHz) fluctuations in both the electric field and plasma density are one of the causes of the anomalous transport. … Here we focus on electric field fluctuations in the azimuthal direction inside a Hall thruster, and measure floating potential difference between two Langmuir probes. …



  • Experimental Verification of 2-Degree-of-Freedom Deadbeat Control with Disturbance Compensation for PMSM Drive System Using FPGA

    Takahashi Arata , Ito Kazuya , Yoshimoto Kantaro , Yokoyama Tomoki

    … <p>This paper presents a new control system for permanent magnet synchronous motors composed of a 2-degree-of-freedom deadbeat control with a disturbance compensation method using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). … The purpose is to achieve quick response and improve the tracking accuracy of motor current and the robustness against parameter variations. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 10(1), 76-83, 2021


  • Analysis and control of vapor bubble growth inside solid-state nanopores

    PAUL Soumyadeep , HSU Wei-Lun , MAGNINI Mirco , MASON Lachlan R. , ITO Yusuke , HO Ya-Lun , MATAR Omar K. , DAIGUJI Hirofumi

    … As an external electric field was applied, the localized Joule heating inside the nanopore initiated the homogeneous bubble nucleation. … The bubble dynamics was analyzed by measuring the ionic current variation through the nanopore during the bubble nucleation and growth. …

    Journal of Thermal Science and Technology 16(1), JTST0007-JTST0007, 2021


  • Method of Predicting for Charge Voltage Due to Ion Flow on Insulated Wire with Grounded Core Conductor under HVDC Overhead Transmission Line  [in Japanese]

    Shiina Takeo , Miyajima Kiyotomi

    … The equation was derived from the relationship between electric field and charge voltage on the surface of the insulated wire. … The equation allows us to assess the charge voltage of an insulated wire in the steady state by using input parameters such as electric field and ion current density at the ground level. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 141(1), 13-20, 2021


  • Trends and Activities of Researches in the Field of Electromagnetic Compatibility  [in Japanese]

    Ishigami Shinobu

    … Since then, researches and investigations related to this field have been conducted actively in the committee. … In this report, trends and current activities in the research field of electromagnetic compatibility are summarized.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 141(1), 8-9, 2021


  • Numerical Calculation of Low-frequency Magnetic Field on Three-dimensional Orthogonal Equidistant Grid by Barnes-Hut Tree Method Executed in Reverse Order  [in Japanese]

    Hamada Shoji

    … is the number of infinitesimal source current elements. … The calculation time, accuracy, and required memory capacity were investigated by calculating the field distribution generated by the Helmholtz coil and solenoid-like coil. … It is concluded that this method is efficient and practical for magnetic-field calculation on three-dimensional orthogonal equidistant grids.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 141(1), 24-33, 2021


  • Rise Time Properties of Partial Discharge Current Pulse Waveforms in SF<sub>6</sub> Gas with Picosecond Order and Its Formation Mechanism  [in Japanese]

    Ohtsuka Shinya , Kotsubo Toshikatsu

    … <p>This paper described partial discharge (PD) current waveforms in SF<sub>6</sub> … gas measured with a super high frequency wideband measurement system (SHF_PDPW system) with changing the electrode system to control the electric field utilization factor in order to statistically clarify the steeped pulse properties of the negative PD current pulses with a few tens picosecond order at the rising part, <i>i.e.</i> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 141(1), 40-47, 2021


  • Study of LAAS Sensitivity Using Back Surface Electric Field

    Kosugi Keita , Uchida Hidekazu

    … LAAS with a back surface electric field (BSF), which increases the number of photoexcited carriers, and LAAS without BSF were prepared. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines 141(1), 14-20, 2021


  • Trend and forecast of advanced technology field ~ The current state and expectation of sleep business ~  [in Japanese]


    … <p>In this research, we focused on "sleep quality", analyzed the problems in the current sleep business, and aimed to predict the expected services in the future. … First of all, regarding the issues in the current sleep business, we grasped the market related to the sleep business, the overview of the sleep business, the players of the sleep business, specific examples of the sleep business, created a factor map that affects sleep, and researched and analyzed. …

    The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association 71(1), 36-42, 2021


  • Endoscopy and Barrett's Esophagus: Current Perspectives in the US and Japan

    Oda Manami , Kalloo Anthony , Mizukami Kazuhiro , Murakami Kazunari , Sawa Akira

    … We focused on the gaps and reviewed recent evidence and trends as well as the background of gaps between the US and Japan as two of the leading countries in the field of medical research. …

    Internal Medicine, 2021



    TERANISHI Masaki

    … Many neural network constitutive models have been proposed by many researchers, where their inputs are the current total strain and past variables, and their output is the current stress. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (778), 1565-1573, 2020-12


  • Attitudes toward and current status of disclosure of secondary findings from next-generation sequencing: a nation-wide survey of clinical genetics professionals in Japan

    Tsuchiya Mio , Yamada Takahiro , Akaishi Rina , Hamanoue Haruka , Hirasawa Akira , Hyodo Maki , Imoto Issei , Kosho Tomoki , Kurosawa Kenji , Murakami Hiromi , Nakatani Kaname , Nomura Fumio , Sasaki Aiko , Shimizu Kenji , Tamai Mariko , Umemura Hiroshi , Watanabe Atsushi , Yoshida Akiko , Yoshihashi Hiroshi , Yotsumoto Junko , Kosugi Shinji

    … In Japan, however, the current status of and attitudes of clinical genetics professionals toward reporting them are unclear. … According to the survey findings, 40% and 70% of the respondents stated in the 2013 and 2019 surveys, respectively, that they had an SF policy in the field of intractable diseases, indicating that SF policy awareness in Japan has changed significantly in recent years. …

    Journal of human genetics (65), 1045-1053, 2020-12


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