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  • The Development Strategies of Poland and the Engine of Polish Economic Growth  [in Japanese]

    田口 雅弘 , 岡﨑 拓

    … However, in the long run, it cannot be denied that the industrialization of that time became the basis for the formation of the wide promising fields of the Polish industry. … In the medium and long term, the Polish economy cannot grow if it stays in the current subcontract production status of industrialized countries. …

    岡山大学経済学会雑誌 51(2-3), 15-37, 2020-03-19

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  • A Review on STEM Enrollment in Higher Education of Cambodia: Current Status, Issues, and Implications of Initiatives

    Kao Sovansophal , Shimizu Kinya

    … As Cambodia is undergoing a shift in her economic development trends in this regional and global industrial revolution 4.0, it has been emphasized that the nation has a great demand for graduates in STEM fields. … However, currently the country faces critical challenges in enhancing the uptake of students into these fields in higher education. …

    Journal of International Development and Cooperation 26(1-2), 123-134, 2020-03-01

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  • Utility of AI in dramatically evolving field of genomic medicine: Holding of the International Young BLS Forum to connect to the future  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYASHI Go , ISHII Shuhei , KIMURA Rie , YOSHIDA Miho , AZAMI Shiho , IZUO Yuka , KIKUCHI Ryosuke , TAKEURA Hisashi

    <p>2018年に若手技師国際化対応力向上ワーキンググループ(working group; WG)が発足し,このWGの最初の企画としてThe International Young BLS Forumが開催された。本フォーラムの目的は国内外の若手臨床検査技師(biomedical laboratory scientist; BLS)が臨床検査の未来像について国境を越えた論議を行うことで …

    Japanese Journal of Medical Technology 69(2), 215-223, 2020


  • Network Medicine: A Clinical Approach for Precision Medicine and Personalized Therapy in Coronary Heart Disease

    Infante Teresa , Del Viscovo Luca , De Rimini Maria Luisa , Padula Sergio , Caso Pio , Napoli Claudio

    … The rapidly growing disciplines of systems biology and network science are now poised to meet the fields of precision medicine and personalized therapy. … This approach could potentially explore developing novel drugs from natural compounds (i.e. polyphenols, folic acid) and repurposing current drugs, such as statins and metformin. …

    Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis 27(4), 279-302, 2020


  • The Future of Experimental Research in Accounting  [in Japanese]

    Sakaue Manabu , Taguchi Satoshi , Ueeda Masayuki , Hirose Yoshitaka

    <p>本稿は、まず会計研究における実験研究の位置づけと、さまざまな領域における実験研究の現状を紹介した上で、どのように未来を切り開いていくべきかについて、「未来志向」「因果関係」「総力戦」といった視点からその方向性を探っている。続いて、新たな方法論的な試みとして注目を集めている事前登録制度やオンライン労働市場を利用することの意義について検討をおこない、それぞれが再現可能性を高め外的妥当 …

    Journal of Innovation Management 17(0), 21-37, 2020


  • Current status and future vision of nutrition support team at the neurological hospital  [in Japanese]

    Bokuda Kota , Hayashi Kentaro , Shimizu Toshio

    <p>神経変性疾患を中心とした神経難病患者の栄養障害は疾患および嚥下障害,呼吸障害,運動麻痺,筋強剛,不随意運動,運動失調など種々の症状や疾患およびその病期によるエネルギー代謝の変容などのため患者ごとに多様である.神経難病患者の栄養療法には多専門職種の知識・経験の共有に基づいた個々の患者に対するオーダーメイドのサポートが必要である.しかしながら外科・内科領域と比して,脳神経内科領域では …

    Rinsho Shinkeigaku, 2020


  • Mitigation of Shielding-Current-Induced Fields (SCIFs) in HTS Magnets for Accelerator Systems:– On cosine-theta dipole magnet for rotating gantry as an example –  [in Japanese]

    SOGABE Yusuke , AMEMIYA Naoyuki

    … <p>In HTS magnets for accelerator systems, the behaviour of shielding-current-induced fields (SCIFs) is complicated because they are required to generate precise magnetic fields at different load ratios. … To mitigate influence of the SCIF on dipole and sextupole components of the magnetic field, we applied current adjustment and combined with HTS sextupole correction coils. …

    TEION KOGAKU (Journal of Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan) 55(2), 109-116, 2020


  • Current Status of Adjuvant Therapy for Glioblastoma and Potential Novel Therapies  [in Japanese]

    Yamasaki Fumiyuki , Nishibuchi Ikuno

    <p> 本邦の膠芽腫の補助療法は, 放射線治療, テモゾロミド, ベバシズマブ, 交流電場腫瘍治療システムが挙げられる. 補助療法の標準治療は放射線60Gyとテモゾロミドの同時併用とそれに引き続いたテモゾロミドの維持療法で, オプションとして交流電場腫瘍治療システムが追加される. NCCNのガイドラインでは, 高齢者やKPS<60の状態が悪い患者では, 寡分割照射による放射線治療が推奨 …

    Japanese Journal of Neurosurgery 29(3), 188-197, 2020


  • Current status and future perspectives in cardiovascular and neural toxicity testing using human iPSC technology  [in Japanese]

    Kanda Yasunari

    … In addition to drug safety issue, developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) testing, which has been discussed at OECD, is focusing on iPSC technology by providing mechanistic data at the cellular and molecular levels.</p><p>Thus, iPSC technology is becoming a promising tool for various safety/toxicology fields. … In the symposium, I would like to provide an overview of current status of the use of iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and neural cells in toxicity testing and discuss future perspectives.</p> …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 3-S29-1, 2020


  • New animal behavioral pharmacology using wireless power supply and implantable sensors  [in Japanese]

    Yanai Kazuhiko , Yoshikawa Takeo , Sagara Kenichi , Sasaki Shu

    … <p>Current animal behavioral studies have much room for improvement. … For researchers, especially those in the fields of pharmacology and toxicology, the technique may provide a valuable tool for predicting the effectiveness and safety of new compounds in humans. … The current embedded type sensor has a built-in battery and is therefore large, and cannot be individually identified, so that simultaneous measurements cannot be made in multiple animals at the same time. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 1-LBS-08, 2020


  • <b>Land Use Transition and Possibility of Climate Change Adaptation by Rice Farmers around the Industrial Estate in Bangkok's Urban Fringe</b>

    Yokota Shigehiro , Aihara Yuhei , Thaitakoo Danai

    … Industrial land uses in particular are being mixed with farmlands, including paddy fields and orchards. …

    Urban and Regional Planning Review 7(0), 22-42, 2020


  • Re-classification of previously identified toxigenic <i>Fusarium</i> and <i>Gibberella</i> strains based on PCR detection using species-specific primers  [in Japanese]

    Sugiura Yoshitsugu

    <p> 最近のフザリウム分類によれば,フザリウム・アジアティカムと狭義のフザリウム・グラミネアラムが日本産小麦と大麦に赤カビ病を起こすことが知られている.本論文では過去に同定されたフザリウム・ロゼウムKU-117菌株とジベレラ・ゼアエ8菌株について種特異的プライマーを用いたPCR検出で再分類した.その結果,KU-117菌株はフザリウム・アジアティカムに分類された.ジベレラ・ゼアエ菌株の …

    JSM Mycotoxins 70(1), 15-18, 2020


  • Analysis of the change of direct current potential difference and diameter distribution of thin pure titanium wire subjected to tensile and fatigue loads for fracture prediction  [in Japanese]

    SAKAMOTO Junji , TAKAGI Yusuke , UEMORI Takeshi , TADA Naoya

    … <p>Pure titanium thin wires have been used for medical fields. … In order to investigate a fracture prediction method for a pure titanium thin wire, we performed tensile and fatigue tests and a finite element analysis to analyze the changes of direct current potential difference and diameter distribution of the pure titanium thin wire during tensile and fatigue tests. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(882), 19-00351-19-00351, 2020


  • Deposition-Temperature Dependence of Vortex Pinning Property in YBa<sub>2</sub>Cu<sub>3</sub>O<sub>7</sub>+BaHfO<sub>3</sub> Films

    Horide Tomoya , Torigoe Kenta , Kita Ryusuke , Nakamura Ryota , Ishimaru Manabu , Awaji Satoshi , Matsumoto Kaname

    … <p>Improvement of critical current density (<i>J</i><sub>c</sub>) in magnetic fields is required in YBa<sub>2</sub>Cu<sub>3</sub>O<sub>7</sub> …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 61(3), 449-454, 2020


  • Vascular Surgery in Japan: 2014 Annual Report by the Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery  [in Japanese]

    Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery Database Management Committee Member , NCD Vascular Surgery Data Analysis Team

    <p>2014年に日本で行われた血管外科手術について,日本血管外科学会データベース管理運営委員会が集計結果を解析し,アニュアルレポートとして報告する.【方法】NCDの血管外科手術データに基づき,全国における血管外科手術動向およびその短期成績(術死,在院死亡)を解析した.【結果】2014年にNCDに登録された血管外科手術は113,296件であり,1,002施設からの登録があった.このデー …

    Japanese Journal of Vascular Surgery 29(1), 15-31, 2020


  • Polytechnic Science and Well-being  [in Japanese]

    ARIMA Yusuke

    … These are components of well-being which has been one of the main subjects in various scientific fields. … The current study can be expected to be a beginning of well-being research in polytechnic science. …

    Journal of JSEE 68(1), 1_105-1_110, 2020


  • Current status and issues around the process of health promotion program implementation by the municipal office of health and welfare: Survey results of all municipalities of six prefectures  [in Japanese]

    OHSO Motonori , TSUSHITA Kazuyo , KONDO Naoki , TABUCHI Takahiro , AIDA Jun , YOKOYAMA Tetsuji , TOMATA Yasutake , TSUJI Ichiro

    <p><b>目的</b> 健康日本21(第二次)の目標を達成するため,各自治体は健康課題を適切に評価し,保健事業の改善につなげることを求められている。本研究は,健康日本21(第二次)で重視されるポピュレーションアプローチに着目して,市町村における健康増進事業の取組状況,保健事業の企画立案・実施・評価の現状および課題について明らかにし,さらなる推進に向けたあり方を …

    Nihon Koshu Eisei Zasshi(JAPANESE JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH) 67(1), 15-25, 2020


  • Study on the Effect of Transient-Electromagnetic Fields on Hatching of Silkworm Eggs

    Haji Yuki , Masugi Masao

    … <p>This paper presents an effect of transient-electromagnetic fields (or pulsed electromagnetic fields) on the hatching of silkworm eggs. … In our experiment, transient-electromagnetic fields by spark discharges were applied to silkworm eggs. … The pulse width of discharge current (800 A) and the temperature were set to 3µs and 20°C, respectively. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 140(2), 103-104, 2020


  • Characteristic Comparison and Further Experimental Verification of Spark Discharges derived from Different Two Spark Resistance Formulae  [in Japanese]

    Taka Yoshinori , Fujiwara Osamu

    … This type of the ESD/EMC issues would come from a steep transient electromagnetic near fields generated by spark discharges between micro-gaps. … In this study, a spark current is derived for an electric dipole sparking model in closed forms from the above spark resistance formulae to show the characteristics of spark discharges theoretically. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 140(2), 72-79, 2020


  • On superspecial abelian surfaces over finite fields II

    Xue Jiangwei , Yang Tse-Chung , Yu Chia-Fu

    … <p>Extending the results of the current authors [Doc. … This complements our earlier results and completes the explicit calculation of superspecial abelian surfaces over finite fields.</p> …

    Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan 72(1), 303-331, 2020


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