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  • A Note on the Spectral Mapping Theorem of Quantum Walk Models

    MATSUE Kaname , OGURISU Osamu , SEGAWA Etsuo

    … In particular, we provide the spectral mapping theorem of <i>U</i> … without the spectral decomposition of <i>T</i>. …

    Interdisciplinary Information Sciences 23(1), 105-114, 2017


  • Reciprocity Theorems and Their Application to Numerical Analysis in Grating Theory

    NAKAYAMA Junichi , TAMURA Yasuhiko

    … We discuss a problem how to obtain a numerical diffraction efficiency (NDE) satisfying the reciprocity theorem for diffraction efficiencies, because diffraction efficiencies are the subject of the diffraction theories. … The former satisfies the reciprocity theorem for diffraction efficiencies, but the latter does not. … Using such the decomposition formula, we then obtain another new formula that decomposes the conventional energy error into two components. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E100.C(1), 3-10, 2017


  • Uniformization of Cyclic Quotients of Multiplicative A-singularities

    Sasaki Kenjiro , Takamura Shigeru

    … A resolution of Cn/G gives a decomposition of the monodromy (a higher-dimensional fractional Dehn twist) of a degeneration Ad−1/Γ → C into subtwists along the exceptional set (it seems that T. … (2) For a certain family of subgroups of GL(n, C), we show that if one subgroup of this family is small, then all subgroups of this family are small (equi-smallness theorem). …

    Journal of mathematical sciences, the University of Tokyo 23(3), 675-726, 2016-06-24


  • 熱方程式の解の分解定理に付随するBergman空間 (再生核の応用についての総合的な研究)

    中川 勇人 , 伊藤 健太郎

    数理解析研究所講究録 1980, 234-239, 2016-01

  • On decay properties of solutions to the Stokes equations with surface tension and gravity in the half space

    SAITO Hirokazu , SHIBATA Yoshihiro

    … We next shift the integral path in the representation formula of the Stokes semi-group to the complex left half-plane by Cauchy's integral theorem, and then it is decomposed into closed curves enclosing λ<sub>±</sub> … We finally see, by the residue theorem, that the low frequency part of the solution to the Stokes equations behaves like the convolution of the (<i>N</i> …

    Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan 68(4), 1559-1614, 2016


  • 確率分布の<i>γ</i>-分解について

    竹内 宏行

    <p>確率分布の規準化は,分布より期待値・分散という情報を取り去る作用をもつ.本論文では期待値・分散,及びそれ以外の情報への分解のひとつとして規準化を特徴づけ,そのような方法一般をγ-分解として定義する.このとき確率分布に対応する鞍点のsp-曲率はγ-分解を与えることが明らかにされる.統計量の漸近正規性を評価する場合,sp-曲率によるγ-分解が極めて自然である理由が示される.サンプルサ …

    日本統計学会誌 45(2), 231-245, 2016


  • Skew Cyclic Codes over $\mathbb{F}_{q}+v\mathbb{F}_{q}+v^{2}\mathbb{F}_{q}$

    SHI Minjia , YAO Ting , ALAHMADI Adel , SOLÉ Patrick

    … by a decomposition theorem. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E98.A(8), 1845-1848, 2015


  • 非圧縮固体解析への離散Helmholtz分解

    今村 純也 , 棚橋 隆彦

    任意のベクトル場はHelmholtz分解に基づいてスカラーポテンシャル<i>φ </i>とベクトルポテンシャル<b><i>ψ </i></b>を用いて表示される;i.e.<b><i> u </i></b>=<i>grad</i><i& …

    理論応用力学講演会 講演論文集 63(0), 149, 2014


  • 柳井先生と多変量解析

    高根 芳雄

    … The various topics covered include constrained principal component analysis, extensions of Khatri's lemma, the Wedderburn-Guttman theorem, ridge operators, decompositions of the total association between two sets of variables, and ideal instruments. … A common thread running through all of them is projectors and singular value decomposition (SVD), which are the main subject matters of a recent monograph by Yanai, Takeuchi, and Takane (2011). …

    行動計量学 41(2), 73-82, 2014


  • Convergence of Aluthge iteration in semisimple Lie groups

    TAM Tin-Yau , THOMPSON Mary Clair

    … We extend the λ-Aluthge sequence convergence theorem of Antezana, Pujals and Stojanoff in the context of real noncompact connected semisimple Lie groups. …

    Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan 66(4), 1127-1131, 2014


  • A decomposition theorem of the Möbius energy I: Decomposition and Möbius invariance

    Ishizeki Aya , Nagasawa Takeyuki

    … An alternative proof of the Möbius invariance is given using the decomposition. … Furthermore the invariance of each part of decomposition is discussed. …

    Kodai Mathematical Journal 37(3), 737-754, 2014


  • Some Results on Generalized Quasi-Cyclic Codes over $\mathbb{F}_q+u\mathbb{F}_q$

    GAO Jian , FU Fang-Wei , SHEN Linzhi , REN Wenli

    … By the Chinese Remainder Theorem, structural properties and the decomposition of GQC codes are given. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E97.A(4), 1005-1011, 2014


  • An Efficient Beamforming Algorithm for Large-Scale Phased Arrays with Lossy Digital Phase Shifters

    TANAKA Shunji , MITANI Tomohiko , EBIHARA Yoshio

    … In this paper the problem is first formulated as a discrete optimization problem, which is then decomposed into element-wise subproblems by the real rotation theorem. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E97.B(4), 783-790, 2014


  • エントロピーと非加法性 (パターン認識・メディア理解)

    田中 勝

    本報告では,くり込まれたγ一対数尤度との縮約を用いてエントロピーが与えられ,正規化することで共形エントロピーが定義される.このエントロピーとツァリスエントロピーは簡単な関係で結びついている.また,ここで定義されたエントロピーは,τ-対数関数の積に関する恒等式が2種類存在するために,それに応じて2種類の非加法性をもつことができる.どちらが適切かは実験によって決められるべきであるが,共形性を重視すれば …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 113(196), 39-46, 2013-09-02

  • エントロピーと非加法性 (情報論的学習理論と機械学習)

    田中 勝

    本報告では,くり込まれたγ-対数尤度との縮約を用いてエントロピーが与えられ,正規化することで共形エントロピーが定義される.このエントロピーとツァリスエントロピーは簡単な関係で結びついている.また,ここで定義されたエントロピーは,τ-対数関数の積に関する恒等式が2種類存在するために,それに応じて2種類の非加法性をもつことができる.どちらが適切かは実験によって決められるべきであるが,共形性を重視すれば …

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 113(197), 39-46, 2013-09-02

  • エントロピーと非加法性

    田中 勝

    … We define a divergence and then give a generalized Pythagorean theorem. … It is also considered that an orthogonal decomposition of a vector space RΩ. … Using this orthogonal decomposition, the Cramer-Rao inequality is derived directly. …

    研究報告コンピュータビジョンとイメージメディア(CVIM) 2013-CVIM-188(7), 1-8, 2013-08-26



    Kato Hiroyuki

    … Since the periodic stochastic process does not have a spectral density, it can not be directly represented as a moving average according to the Wold decomposition theorem. … First, we point out that the theorem originally proved by Slutzky (1937) is not satisfactory in the sense that the moving average process constructed by him does not converge to any processes in <i>L</i><sup>2</sup> …

    Journal of the Japan Statistical Society 43(1), 1-16, 2013-06-01

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  • Compressed Sensing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using the Multi-step Fresnel Domain Band Split Transformation

    ITO Satoshi , ARAI Hirotoshi , YAMADA Yoshifumi

    … Methods: As a sparsifying function, we used the Fresnel domain band split transformation (FREBAS), a method to decompose images with highly directional representation and optional scaling of the decomposition. …

    Magnetic resonance in medical sciences : MRMS 11(4), 243-252, 2012-12-01

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  • The Fermionic Minus-Sign Problem for the Ground State, Revisited with Higher Order Suzuki--Trotter Decompositions

    WANG Xiaoxing , MATUTTIS Hans-Georg

    … A theorem by Yoshida which states that the discretization error for the Suzuki--Trotter (ST) decomposition is one order smaller than for the corresponding approximated Hamiltonian has long been overlooked with grave consequences for the accuracy of algorithms which use decomposition schemes. …

    J Phys Soc Jpn 81(10), 104002-104002-17, 2012-10-15