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  • An overview of Molang Kadu phonology  [in Japanese]

    藤原 敬介

    … Compared with Setto Kadu, it is characteristic that voiced obstruents are phonemic. … Voiced obstruents of Molang Kadu are generally derived from corresponding implosive stops reconstructed for Proto-Luish. …

    京都大学言語学研究 (39), 47-65, 2020

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  • Distribution of Closure Voicing Ratio in the Murayama Dialect of Yamagata Japanese  [in Japanese]

    Matsuura Toshio

    … <p>This paper reports that phonetic realization of voiced geminates in the Murayama dialect of Yamagata Japanese. … Whether closure voicing ratio is long or not in voiced geminates in Tohoku dialects is controversial. … Moreover, the result demonstrates that closure voicing ratio of underlying voiced geminate is longer than that of derived one for one speaker. …

    Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan 22(2), 141-150, 2018


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