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  • The Role of High Mobility Group Box-1 in Epileptogenesis

    Fu Li , Nishibori Masahiro

    … High mobility group box-1 (HMGB1) is a non-histone, DNA-binding nuclear protein belonging to the family of damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs). … Many hypotheses have been suggested especially about the relationship between HMGB1 and inflammation responses and blood-brain barrier disruption during epileptogenesis. …

    Acta Medica Okayama 73(5), 383-386, 2019-10

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  • Interleukin 1 upregulates microRNA-135b to promote inflammation-associated gastric carcinogenesis in mice.

    Tae Su Han , Voon Dominic Chih-Cheng , Oshima Hiroko , Nakayama Mizuho , Echizen Kanae , Sakai Eri , Yong Zachary Wei Ern , Murakami Kazuhiro , Yu Liang , Minamoto Toshinari , Ock Chan-Young , Jenkins Brendan J. , Kim Seong-Jin , Yang Han-Kwang , Oshima Masanobu

    Embargo Period 12 months

    Gastroenterology 156(4), 1140-1155, 2019-03

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  • MicroRNAs: potential targets and agents of endocrine disruption in female reproduction

    Sabry Reem , Yamate Jyoji , Favetta Laura , LaMarre Jonathan

    … Distinct microRNA expression patterns during the different stages of oocyte and embryo development suggest important regulatory roles for these small RNAs. … In addition to their direct effects on gene expression, these chemicals are widely implicated in the disruption of epigenetic pathways, including the expression and activity of miRNAs, thereby altering gene expression. …

    Journal of Toxicologic Pathology 32(4), 213-221, 2019


  • Timing of Australian flight attendant food and beverage while crewing: a preliminary investigation

    PERRIN Sally Lee , DORRIAN Jillian , GUPTA Charlotte , CENTOFANTI Stephanie , COATES Alison , MARX Lyla , BEYNE Karyn , BANKS Siobhan

    … Flight attendants experience circadian misalignment and disrupted sleep and eating patterns. … Food intake was distributed throughout shifts and across the 24 h period, with eating patterns incongruent with biological eating periods. …

    Industrial Health 57(4), 547-553, 2019


  • Biophysics in oviduct: Planar cell polarity, cilia, epithelial fold and tube morphogenesis, egg dynamics

    Koyama Hiroshi , Shi Dongbo , Fujimori Toshihiko

    … Planar cell polarity (PCP) is developed in the epithelium, and the disruption of the Celsr1 gene, a PCP related-gene, causes randomization of both cilia and fold orientations, discontinuity of the tube, inefficient egg transportation, and infertility. … We also mention about possible roles of the oviducts in egg shape formation and embryogenesis, sinuous patterns of tubes, and fold and tube patterns observed in other tubular organs such as the gut, airways, etc.</p> …

    Biophysics and Physicobiology 16(0), 89-107, 2019


  • Shared evolutionary origin of vertebrate neural crest and cranial placodes

    Horie Ryoko , Hazbun Alex , Chen Kai , Cao Chen , Levine Michael , Horie Takeo , 堀江 健生

    … Here we use a combination of lineage tracing, gene disruption and single-cell RNA-sequencing assays to explore the properties of the lateral plate ectoderm of the proto-vertebrate, Ciona intestinalis. … Both systems exhibit sequential patterns of Six1/2, Pax3/7 and Msxb expression that depend on a network of interlocking regulatory interactions4. …

    Nature 560(7717), 228-232, 2018-08


  • An evolutionarily conserved P-subfamily pentatricopeptide repeat protein is required to splice the plastid ndhA transcript in the moss Physcomitrella patens and Arabidopsis thaliana

    Ito Ayaka , Sugita Chieko , Ichinose Mizuho , Kato Yoshinobu , Yamamoto Hiroshi , Shikanai Toshiharu , Sugita Mamoru

    … Immunoblot analysis suggested that disruption of PpPPR_66 led to a complete loss of the chloroplast NDH complex. … This analysis indicated that splicing of the ndhA transcript was specifically impaired while mRNA accumulation levels as well as the processing patterns of other plastid ndh genes were not affected in the KO mutants. …

    The Plant Journal 94(4), 638-648, 2018-05


  • HMGB1 as a representative DAMP and anti-HMGB1 antibody therapy  [in Japanese]

    Nishibori Masahiro

    … <p>High mobility group box-1 (HMGB1), a representative damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs), has been reported to be involved in many inflammatory diseases. … The intravenous injection of anti-HMGB1 mAb inhibited translocation of HMGB1, BBB disruption, expression of inflammatory molecules and improved neurological symptoms of different kinds of disease models. …

    Folia Pharmacologica Japonica 151(1), 4-8, 2018

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  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the sterile inflammation after ischemic stroke  [in Japanese]

    Shichita Takashi

    … Since there is no pathogen in the brain, the inflammation will be triggered by some endogenous molecules which are called as danger associated molecular patterns (DAMPs). … HMGB1 exaggerates the disruption of blood brain barrier; …

    Folia Pharmacologica Japonica 151(1), 9-14, 2018

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  • Urbanization, Housing Problems and Residential Land Conflicts in Zambia

    Zulu Richard , Oyama Shuichi

    … <p>Disparity in the patterns of development between rural and urban areas in Zambia has resulted in very high rural-urban migration with a lack of corresponding effort to provide appropriate housing in the expanding urban regions. … A serious potential problem is the disruption of social order due to competition for urban residential land and the radical responses of urban residents to land requisition by administrative subrogation.</p> …

    Japanese Journal of Human Geography 69(1), 73-86, 2017


  • An Evolutionarily Conserved Plant RKD Factor Controls Germ Cell Differentiation

    Koi Satoshi , Hisanaga Tetsuya , Sato Katsutoshi , Shimamura Masaki , Yamato Katsuyuki T , Ishizaki Kimitsune , Kohchi Takayuki , Nakajima Keiji

    … Members of the RKD subfamily of plant-specific RWP-RK transcription factors have been implicated in egg cell formation in Arabidopsis based on their expression patterns and ability to cause an egg-like transcriptome upon ectopic expression [1]; … Targeted disruption of MpRKD had no effect on the gross morphology of the vegetative and reproductive organs but led to striking defects in egg and sperm cell differentiation, demonstrating that MpRKD is an essential regulator of germ cell differentiation. …



  • CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene knockout in the mouse brain using in utero electroporation

    Shinmyo Yohei , Tanaka Satoshi , Tsunoda Shinichi , Hosomichi Kazuyoshi , Tajima Atsushi , Kawasaki Hiroshi

    … Here, we report a highly efficient procedure for brain-specific disruption of genes of interest in vivo. … Furthermore, we found that Cas9-mediated targeting of the Satb2 gene induced abnormalities in axonal projection patterns, which is consistent with the phenotypes previously observed in Satb2 mutant mice. … Introduction of pX330-NeuN using our procedure also resulted in the efficient disruption of the NeuN gene. …

    Scientific Reports (6), 20611, 2016-02-09


  • Lipopolysaccharide-induced blood-brain barrier disruption: roles of cyclooxygenase, oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and elements of the neurovascular unit

    Banks William A. , Gray Alicia M. , Erickson Michelle A. , Salameh Therese S. , Damodarasamy Mamatha , Sheibani Nader , Meabon James S. , Wing Emily E. , Morofuji Yoichi , Cook David G. , Reed May J.

    … Background: Disruption of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) occurs in many diseases and is often mediated by inflammatory and neuroimmune mechanisms. … Inflammation is well established as a cause of BBB disruption, but many mechanistic questions remain. … Methods: We used lipopolysaccharide (LPS) to induce inflammation and BBB disruption in mice. … BBB disruption was measured using 14C-sucrose and radioactively labeled albumin. …

    Journal of Neuroinflammation (12), 223, 2015-11-25


  • Danger peptide receptor signaling in plants ensures basal immunity upon pathogen‐induced depletion of BAK1

    Yamada Kohji , Yamashita‐Yamada Misuzu , Hirase Taishi , Fujiwara Tadashi , Tsuda Kenichi , Hiruma Kei , Saijo Yusuke

    … Pathogens infect a host by suppressing defense responses induced upon recognition of microbe‐associated molecular patterns (MAMPs). … BAK1 disruption stimulates the release of PROPEP3, produced in response to Pep application and during pathogen challenge, and renders PEPRs necessary for basal resistance. …



  • A Study on Disruption Patterns of Water Film Splashed into Air Flow  [in Japanese]

    MATSUZAKI Yu , NAKANO Susumu , TORIYAMA Harumi , TAKEDA Youichi , SATOU Kunihiro

    … As a fundamental study on disruption of a water film formed on a blade surface of low pressure stages of steam turbines, disruption patterns splashed from a plate edge which is set in parallel air flow are observed by a high speed camera. … Disruption patterns of the water film change by Mach number of air flow and relative Weber number which is expressed by the water film depth taken as the reference length. …

    Journal of the Gas Turbine Society of Japan 43(6), 451-457, 2015-11

  • Justice and Environmental Governance: A Case Study of an African-Brazilian Mining Community  [in Japanese]

    ONO Nana

    … <p>This paper attempts to examine the limitations of the legitimacy of environmental governance based on environmental justice.</p><p>In Brazil, environmental disruption is beginning to be managed strictly, although the racial discrimination that began in the colonial era still strongly affects both developmental patterns and environmental conservation policy. …

    Journal of Environmental Sociology 21(0), 74-89, 2015

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  • Induced Stress and The Great East Japan Eathquake : Review of Biopsychosocial and Evidence Related Issues Three Years After The Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster(Special Lecture)

    Sugita Mineyasu , Day Stacey B.

    … Methods of study included both analysis of information and synthesis exploring the patterns of psychic behavior and potential for healing and growth. … Variables related to loss of family, aloneness, mass death, material loss, quality of life, dependence, health as well as the issues surrounding technology-radiation, power, disruption of society, conflict (bullying among children), and stress. …

    Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine 55(1), 64-79, 2015

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  • DESIGN THINKING IN HUMAN INTERACTION:Alternative Interaction Design

    HSU Fong Chi , YANG Yang Yu Fu

    … 2.they exhibit functional disruption; … However, it can actively promote behavioral patterns of interaction among people. …

    Bulletin of Japanese Society for the Science of Design 61(3), 3_87-3_96, 2014


  • Diurnal expression of <i>CONSTANS-like</i> genes is independent of the function of cycling DOF factor (CDF)-like transcriptional repressors in <i>Physcomitrella patens</i>

    Ishida Tetsuya , Sugiyama Takumi , Tabei Nobumitsu , Yanagisawa Shuichi

    … We found that the diurnal expression patterns of <i>PpDof3</i> …

    Plant Biotechnology 31(4), 293-299, 2014


  • Anti-high Mobility Group Box-1 Antibody Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury  [in Japanese]

    Okuma Yu , Date Isao , Nishibori Masahiro

    … High mobility group box-1 (HMGB-1), which is recognized as a representative of danger-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs), plays an important role in triggering inflammatory responses in many types of diseases. … Anti-HMGB-1 mAb may provide a novel and effective therapy for TBI by protecting against blood brain barrier disruption and reducing the inflammatory responses induced by HMGB-1.<br> …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 134(6), 701-705, 2014

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