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  • A Report on an ICT-supported English Listening Class  [in Japanese]

    ENOMOTO Akira

    … specifically, e-learning, to provide focused training on a specific matter and to secure more learning opportunities inside and outside the class, and a CALL system, to make the teaching contents more analytical and understandable. …

    ARELE: Annual Review of English Language Education in Japan 29(0), 273-288, 2018


  • Blended Learning for Medical Interpreters : Review of the Practices  [in Japanese]

    大野 直子

    … 近年e ラーニングと対面型授業を組み合わせたブレンディッドラーニングが注目されてきている。 … This paper provides an overview of the healthcare interpreting course design in blended learning and e-learning, by searching courses through a literature review and website search. …

    教育研究 (59), 183-188, 2017-03


  • Proposal of Agile-Oriented Approach Aimed at Developing Quality Assurance System of e-Learning Design Materials in University Collaboration  [in Japanese]

    Nemoto Junko , Takahashi Akiko , Takeoka Atsue

    … In the e-Learning development process in a corporation among Universities,we referred agile development process as a way of sharing the quality assurance framework and procedure. … We selected Scrum method in Agile process and used it to review the working process. … The training placed as a Sprint Review was successfully implemented and participants mostly accepted our proposed approach and products and they provided essential ideas to proceed the project.</p> …

    Computer & Education 42(0), 19-24, 2017


  • A Practice of Peer Assessment Learning in an Asynchronous e-Learning Course for Undergraduate Career Education and the Change of Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy  [in Japanese]

    Kuwahara Chiyuki , Kita Toshihiro , Goda Yoshiko , Suzuki Katsuaki

    … <p>This paper reports a case study of an asynchronous e-learning course for undergraduate career education based on questionnaire survey of career decision making self-efficacy. … The authors set up an asynchronous e-learning course using Moodle. … Each lesson consisted of video-on-demand contents, resources, and forum modules. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education 34(3), 238-250, 2017


  • A Design Case of Self-study E-learning System for Deaf Students  [in Japanese]

    Nagamori Yusuke , Nishioka Yoshiya , Nakajima Mizuki

    … The aim of this design is to develop E-learning system for selfstudy specialized for deaf students. … It is for reduce eyes movement and more comfortably learning.<br>Further we performed the evaluation experiment for this design. …

    Annual Design Review of Japanese Society for the Science of Design 20(1), 1_36-1_41, 2015


  • Learning strategies in interactive graduate school lessons using an e-learning system  [in Japanese]

    大西 英雄 , 細羽 竜也 , 岡光 京子 [他] , 金井 秀作 , 近藤 敏 , 今泉 敏

    … The aim of this study was to construct and evaluate learning strategies and a learning system, which enhance the effects and the efficiency of learning by the use of web based training (WBT). … The system allows class contents to be uploaded to an Internet server, and to be simultaneously accessed by both the teacher and students using PCs. … The class contents were graduate-school level (Faculty of Health and Welfare). …

    Humanity and science 11(1), 137-149, 2011-03


  • Development of an e-Learning System for Thai Using Flash  [in Japanese]

    SIHAKRIANGKRAI Nattaporn , SIHAKRIANGKRAI Nattapong , TSUKIE Nobuhiro , MURAKAMI Hiroshi , NISHIBE Toshitaka

    … This paper describes an e-Learning System for Thai using Flash. … It is said that the pronunciations of the vowel and the consonant are difficult in the learning of Thai. … Then, this system implements the learning contents by Flash which are consist of pronunciation function and review function of memo by longhand for the pronunciation of the vowel and the consonant. …

    IEICE technical report 110(313), 7-12, 2010-11-20

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  • The evaluation of a distance e-Learning system using Web cameras in graduate school education  [in Japanese]

    大西 英雄 , 網島 ひづる , 金井 秀作 [他] , 近藤 敏 , 今泉 敏 , 細羽 竜也 , 古屋 泉 , 細川 淳嗣


    Humanity and science 9(1), 111-120, 2009-03

    IR  Ichushi Web 

  • The construction of an e-Learning system for learning cost accounting  [in Japanese]

    Tomita Yoshiaki , Park Wonhee

    … In ubiquitous society, e-Learning have spread rapidly. … Among most enterprises which utilize e-Learning, they have adopted learning contents in business field. … We will report the challenges of antecedent research and also report about an improvement in e-Learning system that we constructed. …

    Abstracts of Annual Conference of Japan Society for Management Information 2009s(0), 11-11, 2009


  • A Novel Method to Make Digital Content Using Teacher Tracking System

    ZHENG Guang , OE Shunichiro

    … Therefore, the student can study or review the whole lesson by it, the panorama of the whole blackboard also provide the overall sense of the class to the student. … Our digital contents also can be published in internet, so the student can study in anywhere and anytime. …

    The Journal of the Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan 38(5), 781-790, 2009


  • The development of lecture archives and content delivery network system using digital images  [in Japanese]

    Shinohara Yasunori , Nagahama Taizo , Yamashiro Shingo , Matsuda Kazuya , Matsushita Munetaka , Kawamura Kyohei , Kiyozumi Ryosaku

    … At present, universities in Japan face a very large change due to the decrease of the enrollment by such factors as declining birth rate, corporatization of national universities in Japan and the external review. … In order to keep the number of students, universities in Japan have improved the learning environment. … One such way many universities in Japan have done this is by introducing the e-learning system. …

    Research bulletin of Tokushima Bunri University (74), 55-60, 2007-09

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  • Creating e-Learning contents and its problems  [in Japanese]

    奥 聡一郎 , 海老根 秀之 , Lisa Gayle Bond , 林 裕 , 小林 桂一郎 , 長谷川 裕一

    … The purpose of the present paper is to review some procedures and characteristics of creating the contents of an e-Learning program, which has been adopted for improving the quality of pre-university education for advancement in English language ability for students of the College of Engineering. …

    Bulletin of Institute of Science and Technology, Kanto Gakuin University (35), 49-55, 2007-03


  • The Ubiquitous Plant House for Observational Learning in Science Education  [in Japanese]

    WATANABE Kenzi , YAMADA Shigenori , OTANI Makoto , OKAZAKI Yasuhisa

    E-learning system was developed for preparation and review before and after a lecture. … We made sure that a lecture slide and a practice problem for artificial intelligence can be learned by e-learning. … After that, students fill out a structured notebook by the pace of themselves while reading a lecture slide of e-learning. …

    IEICE technical report 106(583), 59-62, 2006-03-02

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  • Practice of the Class Blended by Little Lecture and Most e-Learning  [in Japanese]

    MIYAJI Isao , YOSHIDA Kouji

    E-learning system was developed for preparation and review before and after a lecture. … We made sure that a lecture slide and a practice problem for artificial intelligence can be learned by e-learning. … After that, students fill out a structured notebook by the pace of themselves while reading a lecture slide of e-learning. …

    IEICE technical report 106(583), 49-52, 2006-03-02

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  • Supporting Weak-Point Awareness for e-Learning Contents Using Simple Test Function (<Special Issue>Studies on Practical Use of e-Learning)  [in Japanese]

    MATSUURA Kenji , KANENISHI Kazuhide , MIYOSHI Yasuo , YANO Yoneo

    E-Learning system should offer the total learning space that presents preparation, in-class learning and review opportunities. … Keeping coherence is very important to reflect mutually on each learning process according to the prior learning activities. …

    Japan Journal of Educational Technology 29(3), 251-259, 2006

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  • A Study of How Elementary School Students Acknowledged our Science e-Learning Site : The Effectiveness of the "Science Net" as a form of Blended Learning  [in Japanese]

    KITAZAWA Takeshi , KATO Hiroshi , AKAHORI Kanji

    … This paper describes how elementary school students acknowledged our science e-learning site, "Science Net," … in order to analyze the effectiveness of the site as a form of blended learning. … The authors examine the relationship between the consequent effectiveness of learning via post-questionnaires and the frequency and purposes of students' … The results show that the contents of "schedules of lessons" …

    Journal of Science Education in Japan 30(1), 37-47, 2006

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  • The Digital Contents for E-Learning System (Script) : Focus on teaching the basic structure of English  [in Japanese]

    Takano Hideyuki

    … 本論考は、大学で英語を学ぶ準備段階にある学生にE-learning教材を提供し、基本的な文法項目を復習する支援を目的とした聴覚教材である。 …

    Kaetsu University research review 48(1), 133-168, 2005-04

  • Development of Multimedia Contents for High Technical Skill  [in Japanese]

    NAGASHIMA Takashi , YOKOYAMA Junichi , MATSUDA Shinichi , NAKAHIRA Katsuko T. , FUKUMURA Yoshimi

    … New multimedia contents of high technical skill are proposed, which has utilized e-learning with the multimedia like a video record consisting from actual high skill worker's technique. … So, the follower was easily able to learn by review himself for the multimedia until full understanding. … Employing those contents on the training for Japanese Skills Competition, members of our team are successfully gotten to short period coaching. …

    IPSJ SIG Notes 78, 81-87, 2005-02-18

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  • Spontaneous Learning Activation Spiral Education Method Utilizing Web-Based Coordinated Education Activation System CEAS  [in Japanese]

    ARAKAWA Masahiro , UEKI Yasuhiro , FUYUKI Masahiko

    … Aiming to promote students spontaneous learning and to improve education quality and level for mass education at college level in Japan, an educational method named the Spontaneous Learning Activation Spiral Education Method is proposed. … preparation and review studies in an integrated way. …

    Japan Journal of Educational Technology 28(4), 311-321, 2005

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  • <Report>The Information Education to the Students Belonging to the Department of Liberal Arts at a Women's College  [in Japanese]

    NAKAHIRA Katsuko

    … In this report, based on the experience of giving an e-Learning course for the information processing using an e-Text to the students belonging to the department of liberal arts at a women's college, we investigate the influence of computerizing each process of study on both the lecturer and the students. … The contents of the course are equivalent to those of the subject "Information" that is planed to be taught in the senior high school. …

    Waseda review of education 16(1), 109-124, 2002

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