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  • Devising a Corporate Vision and Developing Human Resources  [in Japanese]

    Okubo Shinichi

    … <p>The Toppan Group was founded in 1900 with a view to taking advantage of the Erhöht relief printing method, a leading-edge technology of the day. … Therefore, we put emphasis on respect for the individual. …

    Annals of the High Performance Paper Society, Japan 56(0), 11-12, 2018


  • An optimization model for designing a theater stage focusing on the distance and the angle of the sight line from the audience to the performers  [in Japanese]

    Ogai Koki , Tanaka Ken-ichi

    … By analyzing the obtained local optimal solutions, when we place a large emphasis on the angle of the sight line, a facility with an elongated shape is placed at the edge of the region. …

    Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan 53(3), 1448-1455, 2018


  • Most Advanced Semiconductor Surface Cleaning : Current Problems and Future Prospects  [in Japanese]

    HATTORI Takeshi

    … This is one of the most significant problems in leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing. … Some current problems in the most advanced semiconductor surface cleaning and several possible solutions to overcome the shortcomings of water-based cleaning will be described and discussed with special emphasis on non-aqueous or dry wafer-surface cleaning technologies to prevent the pattern collapse problem. …

    Vacuum and Surface Science 61(2), 56-63, 2018


  • Arakawa and Gins : The Organism-Person-Environment Process : Eugene Gendlin  [in Japanese]

    ジェンドリン ユージン , 岡村 心平 [訳]

    … First, the author pointed that Arakawa and Gins used the word "persons" as a verb, and he introduce a new concept "inging" to emphasis that function of personing. … Thirdly, it is shown that there is a physical and direct means of accessing the implicit intricacy that is called a "felt sense." Finally, the author introduces TAE (Thinking at the Edge), which is a practice using felt sense to facilitate creative thinking and theorizing, and is shown in these examples.Translated by Shimpei OKAMURA …

    関西大学東西学術研究所紀要 = Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies, Kansai University (50), 381-393, 2017-04


  • Edge emphasis and noise suppression using Kalman filter  [in Japanese]

    桜井 優里 , 田邉 造 , 長保 龍 [他]

    電気学会研究会資料. CT 2015(96-104・107-115), 83-87, 2015-08-31

  • Effect of dynamic visual noise on the Mach bands illusion  [in Japanese]

    川添 裕治 , 長 篤志 , 甲斐 昌一 [他]

    電気学会研究会資料. PI = The papers of Technical Meeting on "Perception Information", IEE Japan, 2015(27-42), 35-39, 2015-03-02

  • Effect of dynamic visual noise on the Mach bands illusion  [in Japanese]

    KAWASOE Yuji , OSA Atsushi , KAI Shoichi , MIIKE Hidetoshi

    Under an illumination by using white LED lights blinking a band limited white noise, we experimented on an optical illusion, the Mach bands that are perceived at the initiation and termination of brig …

    Technical report of IEICE. HIP 114(483), 35-39, 2015-03-02

  • The Phenomenological Study on the Essence of the View of Victory and Defeat in Modern Budo  [in Japanese]

    藪崎 聡

    Emphasis on the aspect of game brings a serious problem hastily. …

    科学/人間 (44), 63-73, 2015-03


  • Technology Development and Strategic Trade Control: Open Market Approach and Military Technology Development  [in Japanese]

    SATO Heigo

    … Under the condition which sophisticated technology dispersed among hi-tech companies, research laboratories, and universities around the globe, even a major defense companies have to make an outreach beyond national border in order to keep their technological edge.<br>It is true that a strategic trade control is taken as a significant policy measure to prevent proliferation of WMD and related technologies. …

    International Relations 2015(179), 179_16-179_29, 2015


  • The present state and the future prospects of geriatric medicine in Japan : Through the clinical experiences of elderly patients  [in Japanese]

    野村 秀明 , 奥村 修一 , 関田 幹夫 , Hideaki NOMURA , Shuichi OKUMURA , Mikio SEKITA , 神戸常盤大学保健科学部医療検査学科(教育イノベーション機構) , ときわ病院外科 , ときわ病院外科

    … On the other hand, on facing the burst increased number of the old people, the present geriatric medicine is facing on the edge of being made a novel paradigm shift for the future. … On reflections of the modern medicine, especially the geriatrics, based upon his words, it could not be denied that it puts the excessive emphasis on the chronal human activity, not spatial or mental one. …

    神戸常盤大学紀要 = Bulletin of Kobe Tokiwa University (8), 1-8, 2015

    IR  Ichushi Web 

  • Compilation and validation of bathymetric data for the South China Sea with an emphasis on shallow region

    Uehara Katsuto

    … It was found that small-scale bathymetric features observed along the shelf edge in gebco08 bathymetry are bounded by survey lines and were likely to be a spurious figure generated when applying a high-order interpolation scheme. …

    九州大学大学院総合理工学報告 35(2), 7-13, 2014-02

    IR  DOI 

  • Effect of Scene Emphasis by Pseudo Displacement of Viewing Distance in Stereoscopic Image

    Ishii Tatsuro , Kim Dae Woong

    … In the examinati on, we verified whether the stimuluscaused change of viewing distance, emphasis of the scene, and is recognized as montage. … Regarding the pattern evaluation,the images that wireframe or plane is extended from edge of the pseudo screen are suitable for th e display method. …

    International Journal of Asia Digital Art and Design Association 18(2), 12-17, 2014


  • Compilation and validation of bathymetric data for the South China Sea with an emphasis on shallow region

    Uehara Katsuto

    … It was found that small-scale bathymetric features observed along the shelf edge in gebco08 bathymetry are bounded by survey lines and were likely to be a spurious figure generated when applying a high-order interpolation scheme. …

    九州大学大学院総合理工学報告 35(2), 7-13, 2013-12

    IR  DOI 

  • Plasma Etch Challenges for Nanoscale ULSI Device Fabrication : Modeling and Simulation of Surface Roughening and Rippling during Plasma Etching of Si  [in Japanese]

    ONO Kouichi , TSUDA Hirotaka , NAKAZAKI Nobuya , TAKAO Yoshinori , ERIGUCHI Koji

    … This paper presents a numerical and experimental study of surface roughening during plasma etching of Si in Cl<sub>2</sub>, with emphasis being placed on modeling, analysis, and control of plasma-surface interactions concerned. …

    Hyomen Kagaku 34(10), 528-534, 2013-10-10

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  • Search of Error Diffusion Coefficients and Edge Enhancement Coefficients for Computer-Generated Holograms using GA  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Ken-ichi , Abe Shun-ichiro

    … It is known that image quality is further improved when the error-diffusion method with edge emphasis, which changes the threshold pixel by pixel, is applied. … However, there was no investigation concerning the optimization of both of the error diffusion coefficients and the edge emphasis coefficients so far. …

    The Journal of the Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan 42(5), 698-705, 2013


  • Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine

    Sykova Eva , Forostyak Serhiy

    … The discovery of stem cells has opened new possibilities for the treatment of these maladies, and cell therapy now stands at the cutting-edge of modern regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. … Here, we briefly review the main achievements and trends in cell-based therapy, with an emphasis on the main types of stem cells: embryonic, mesenchymal stromal and induced pluripotent cells. …

    LASER THERAPY 22(2), 87-92, 2013


  • Application of Error Diffusion Method with Edge Enhancement for Kinoform  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Ken-ichi , Kawaguchi Koshiro , Matsuo Hiroki

    … In this paper, the edge emphasis error diffusion method is applied to Kinoform. … The edge emphasis random dither is a method to control the size of the quantization error by moving the starting point on the complex plane in the appearance according to the complex value that corresponds to Fourier spectrum of the input image. …

    The Journal of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers 67(4), J142-J147, 2013


  • A030 A Simulation of Kinematic Deviations of Boring Processes on CNC Machining Centers

    THASANA Wiroj , TAKAHASHI Atsushi , YOSHIDA Arata , SUGIMURA Nobuhiro , TANIMIZU Yoshitaka , IWAMURA Koji

    Emphasis is given to the modeling and analysis of the machining process of the single point tools. …

    Proceedings of International Conference on Leading Edge Manufacturing in 21st century : LEM21 2013.7(0), 141-146, 2013


  • 2A1-J02 Analog-digital circuit for motion detection based on the retina(Robot Vision (1))  [in Japanese]

    MIYAUCHI Yuki , UEDA Ryuji , NISHIO Kimihiro

    … Analog circuits generate edge signal. … The simulation result with the simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis (SPICE) and the proposed circuit is a simple structure. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2013(0), _2A1-J02_1-_2A1-J02_4, 2013


  • Rarefied gas flow around a sharp edge induced by a temperature field

    Taguchi Satoshi , Aoki Kazuo

    … The former is known as the thermal edge flow and the latter, typically observed in the Crookes radiometer, may be called the radiometric flow. … The flow features are clarified for a wide range of the Knudsen number, with a particular emphasis placed on the structural similarity between the two flows. …

    JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS (694), 191-224, 2012-01-17


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